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We've got all the #FAILS you need to start the week right! Tickle your funny bone by watching these #funnyfails and trying not to laugh LOL. Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library of #fail clips and we've put together a list that will get you through the week with a laugh 😆 Which #fail made you LOL the hardest?
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Apr 20, 2020




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Comments 100
Rosa M
Rosa M 21 hour ago
A squirrel I can eat but a coyote I can’t beat lol
Nava Angel
Nava Angel 2 days ago
Make more
Nava Angel
Nava Angel 2 days ago
So funny 😂
Alystaire Gledhill
You better subscribe!😂😂😂
Toni Cantrell
Toni Cantrell 2 days ago
Let's be honest... We all clicked on this for the title and thumbnail..
Adam Thiab
Adam Thiab 4 days ago
star wars the clone wars
Laura Baker Warren
this vid is SOOOOOO FUNNY i love this vid
Ygor master
Ygor master 4 days ago
Colin Forrest
Colin Forrest 5 days ago
Olivia Adams
Olivia Adams 5 days ago
Uzumaki Hyuga
Uzumaki Hyuga 6 days ago
Fakin dead
SuperRobotnikJoseph #supereggmanjoseph
22:28 Being the most unique in this video
14:40 she just called a goat a horse
Barts Mediathek
Barts Mediathek 9 days ago
yeah, 4 clips on repeat.. this sucks.. ^^
Jose Juan Moran S.
adult swim
Nature and Physics
Best Melissa McCarthy impression at 7:10!
Colin Crotty
Colin Crotty 9 days ago
That sfx at 6:42 sounds like that one sound sfx that plays whenever Thomas the Tank Engine makes that one “oh no” face
luciano guevara
luciano guevara 9 days ago
muy bueno
Billie’s Eyelash
lmao hungry hungry hippos
Ed Dunne
Ed Dunne 9 days ago
too many repeats. lazyness.
Butterfly Girll
Butterfly Girll 10 days ago
0:28 lol
MrNick33180 10 days ago
14:44 She calls it a horse!
Paul Nonatus E. Bautista
Lesson no 1: put your VR in a padded room.
May Chang
May Chang 12 days ago
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Ha Ha Ha
Eunice Wambura
Eunice Wambura 12 days ago
"tell this horse to stop" XD
Charles W
Charles W 12 days ago
Some of these aren’t even fails wtf...
Oliver Skolaski
Oliver Skolaski 12 days ago
14:45 I know a girl like that
Karen Oulanyah
Karen Oulanyah 13 days ago
19:36 oop, windows error
jason philips
jason philips 13 days ago
why do large people insist on swinging on ropes they cant hold on too surly a face full of mud cant be that tasty
Mossy Hollows
Mossy Hollows 15 days ago
7:32 - me when my dad told me i could get robux
Gabryelly Sanção
Gabryelly Sanção 17 days ago
Gabryelly Sanção
Gabryelly Sanção 17 days ago
Amelia Mallows
Amelia Mallows 17 days ago
lynyrd skynyrd
Barbara England
Barbara England 17 days ago
Why were there so many repeats? Just make the thing shorter.
Tuvstarr 15 days ago
good I was not the only one noticing that.
Ms. Legend
Ms. Legend 18 days ago
The first few seconds.. OWWW!! 0:01
Valerie Utsey
Valerie Utsey 18 days ago
Unakho Ketile
Unakho Ketile 19 days ago
why do you do these kind of things
Anime Girl024
Anime Girl024 20 days ago
14:40 that a goat 😂😂😂😂
Crazy kid
Crazy kid 22 days ago
Dogs sure do love tp
Наталья Бойкова
Запуганные люди,какие -то,всякой херни пугаются.
DASIA DAWSON 24 days ago
2:48 thats the roblox dying sound
Jeeves Schadauer
Jeeves Schadauer 25 days ago
So many repeats how is a channel this big making so many mistakes
Oleg Diachenko
Oleg Diachenko 26 days ago
21:14 And his name is John Sena
Clash Legacy
Clash Legacy 27 days ago
13:40 even his fall was slow lol
Игорь Глухих
точно.сша жиреет. в 3 из 5 роликов люди толстые
Johannes Oviedo
Johannes Oviedo 27 days ago
saturday night live
Anime Queen
Anime Queen 28 days ago
at 2:28 poor ratatouille took the wrong way and he never made his dreams come true XD
Der RaEuBeR
Der RaEuBeR 28 days ago
1:32 :D SCAV´s ? HERE ? No Way Man ! :D
Bry rrpeppe
Bry rrpeppe 29 days ago
Eowp wwppobyu
Luana Beatriz Kopias
Sou brasileira e amo muito seus videos. 😍
0:31 Point number 1) Always listen to your Daughter, that's enough for now.
Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds Month ago
Dad you better turn that thing off and get outta there lmao
Obscure Developer
Dead mouse! Did you see it?
Depressed Yoshi
Depressed Yoshi Month ago
That squirrel was ready to throw some hands
Mr Thong Bernard
i have subcsribed and like
Snahl Hug
Snahl Hug Month ago
4:48 that radio scream. 😦? 📻 😂😂
Олег Котов
Позор человечества!!!
Samantha Barboza
jojo siwa
PontregemerYT Month ago
Jens-Christian Barrett
Seriously!? Can you insult us more or have a lower opinion of your viewers. since you need to show some of the videos more than once? What.., you think we are that stupid or have that short of an attentions span and memory, that we cant remember that "far" in the to past!????? NOT COOL, NOT COOL AT ALL!
Milorad Novakovič
Pierre-romain M
Pierre-romain M Month ago
Funny????So sad a life you have to call these funny.....
Gujarat Dairy farm
DPZ Jägermeister_NukeZz
irgendwie war kein einziger clip lustig :/ bin wohl langsam abgehärtet was das angeht 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
hoangnamcuc honguyentrung offline
agents of shield reaction
Can i have 1k sub before 2021
I'm in shape... Unfortunately, it's the shape of a potato.
Hoa Ngoc
Hoa Ngoc Month ago
El potrancas MTB
2:02 cundo ya estas de mala copa con tu cañita de 500ml hahahaha
Fathin Adrianto
Fathin Adrianto Month ago
jobabe Month ago
The destruction of toilet paper has taken on a completely different meaning these days.
Time Developer
Time Developer Month ago
*Вот смотрю я на это и задаюсь вопросом "Почему у них всё такое хрупкое?"* *В России, ты хрен что сломаешь, а если и сломаешь, то нужно приложить серьёзные усилия.*
Maryna Mohammed
Maryna Mohammed Month ago
You got me way too funny 🤣😂😉🙂🤠
Ayad Orator
Ayad Orator Month ago
JVMES Official
JVMES Official Month ago
there's always that one person in the background who screams and makes it worse
Mocking69 Month ago
Jishnu Banerjee
Jishnu Banerjee Month ago
34:00, She is very angry; irrigated.
NoLife Gaming
NoLife Gaming Month ago
*the dog's name is meatball*
Bridie Harrison
Bridie Harrison Month ago
10:34 omg I thought she broke her neck!!!
Banks Clover Baywatch
"Its my turn." She was like *nope you ain't getting a turn*
Jxmar Month ago
6:05 that water😍😍😍
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming Month ago
3:13 the shameless people are laughing instead of helping😤😤 God has sent corona to vanish these people
Can i have 1k sub before 2021
Wife to her husband: Wake up. Some thieves have broken into our house. I think they are now eating the food I made last night. Husband: Oh! Let's better call the ambulance then.
Can i have 1k sub before 2021
I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad. The fly didn’t stand a chance.
Masshole From dallas
Salma Sawa
Salma Sawa Month ago
Plz like this funny videos
tortugaazul2018 aj
hahahahahahahahah XD
Mike Arneson
Mike Arneson Month ago
Those zip lines are all sponsored by your local orthopedic surgeons, specializing in torn rotator cuffs and broken butts!
Mike Arneson
Mike Arneson Month ago
That one guy was Tarzan the uncoordinated man!
Annette de Lourdes González Pérez
Me Muero de la risa
BryanYRN Month ago
14:30 traumatised kid
CAIPING Cui Month ago
My god..That is intrestly sastifying to watch others fail
sara parkside
sara parkside Month ago
4:50 when my mum catches me getting snacks a 3 am
Sandi Snow
Sandi Snow Month ago
Why do they have ti have so many repeated items um in here???
Kiera Linger
Kiera Linger Month ago
van halen
Yoszko Month ago
What a waste of time ...
Fatima Moncada
Fatima Moncada Month ago
He's like the wind, he's more like a FART 💩
Dani Nuñez
Dani Nuñez Month ago
darkdave1985 2 months ago
PEACH TEA__ plays
PEACH TEA__ plays 2 months ago
me dio pena con lo del minuto 1´.23 pobre abuelita a estaba haciendo un tutorial awwww
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i love these video's keep up the good work
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