BURNOUT and the FASTEST Way to Recover

Kati Morton
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Aside from making time for exercise, eating a proper diet, and getting enough sleep each night, there are other things we need to consider and incorporate into our life to help us recover from burnout. Some things to consider are how long of a break or vacation we need to take to give our brain time to heal? Have you ever come back from a vacation and felt totally rested? Or maybe you come back just as stressed out. Think about this for a bit, and also consider the type of break you need. Maybe you need to sit around and do nothing for 7 days, or maybe you like to get outside and hike or bike, or perhaps you prefer to see the world and experience different cultures. Take some time to consider what types of breaks you need and how often you need them.
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Comments 80
Nea Rauhala
Nea Rauhala 24 days ago
I can take a one 10minute break at my work... I work with special needs children so our lunch too is with them
Ellie_Bells 498
Ellie_Bells 498 27 days ago
Got brunt in socailizing :')
Wenther Xx
Wenther Xx Month ago
Me who went away from everything..for one month to heal from everything that is happening in my life, but still burnt out: he- Teachers: *where tf is YOuR 5 notebooks, 140 page long hoMework?!*
Mercurial Pierrot
I have an MA degree and work at a nonprofit for minimum wage and do the duties of an entire department due to staffing cuts. It's been a year...with no hope of being paid an appropriate wage. On top of that my parents house burned down, my friend and my grandfather died, my husband is dealing with PTSD and I've only been intimate once in the past 3-4 years. I just can't anymore.
Greg Rhodes
Greg Rhodes Month ago
That makes so much sense.
Greg Rhodes
Greg Rhodes Month ago
K Maturova
K Maturova Month ago
So is there a good channel about real burnout? I am at home for 2 months, I am exhausted and I have difficulty to do anything. I used to be really fit and I loved my job. These American channels don't seem to have any answers for burnout.
Meeral Kay
Meeral Kay Month ago
Hey Kati, even with the breaks my emotional fatigue isn't going away. What would you recommend doing?
Anastasia Dorovskihh
Thank you Kati Helpful advice! Keep up the good work!
Aubrey 3 months ago
I can't afford to do any of these and I don't have any money so the solution is obviously to overthrow the dominant economic paradigm.
lucky Tjandrawinata
lucky Tjandrawinata 3 months ago
What if i dont have money to have break? If i dont work i dont get money.
jrg305 3 months ago
Ideas: 1) exercise maybe 4-5 days a week with resistance some but mostly aerobic 2) prioritize eating regular healthy meals for calorie needs 3) prioritize working with a therapist weekly 4) spoil yourself doing something fun 5) pursue your actual passions in free time or professionally 6) mix up your life routine from time to time or make it consistent if you're too mixed up 7) laugh. Find shit to laugh at. They should offer tickle services or absurdity services. I'm sure whatever is released here is antiburnout chemically. 8) find emotionally filling relationships, not draining ones. As someone who doesn't have the luxury of vacation time or sick days, these things keep me going.
James Corcoran
James Corcoran 4 months ago
My personal self care technique is building and using my music studio. It seems to annoy my parents that that’s the majority of what I spend my money on, but honestly life is too short to spend it on anything other than that. As long as I at least have some survival money each month I’m good. Hahaha
Moon Shine
Moon Shine 4 months ago
After burning out senior year of high school I became severely depressed and have been for the past 3 years. Please don't let this happen to you. It's not worth it. I have developed many other physical health conditions because of this and my family has spent almost $800,000 in medical bills and doctors visits which have only made me sicker. I know in my heart this could have been avoided had I taken care of myself in school instead of slowly killing myself with the workload and stress.
LW On the Rez
LW On the Rez 4 months ago
When I’m feeling burned out, it seems like no amount of personal time is enough. Maybe the solution is just to go ahead and do a small amount of personal time each day until things feel more balanced.
Don't Worry be Happy
Ms_Gen_Xodus 7 months ago
I've been off work since late July and need to get back sooner, rather than later due to financial needs. I don't feel anywhere near ready to return to work, like, I still am waking several times a night, suffering stress related illnesses. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely feeling better than when I had my mental breakdown in late July, but am not ready to go back yet. Is there a way to speed up the process simply, like by cutting back on carbs or similar technique? My landlords insists on getting paid regardless of what my mental health situation is, could use some help getting back to full health, faster.
redharp 7 months ago
Thanks for the series, it has offered me some good insight, but I can't help but notice that your solutions and general tone is primarily applicable to cushy corporate jobs (ie mid to high salary) and nearly impossible for low wage hourly workers. I don't take for granted that I can implement these solutions but it feels out of touch with the majority of laborers. You should really look at the angle of burnout from the systemic socio-economic boot stepping on the necks of so many as I feel that is the actual problem with this current corporate-socialism "capitalism" of the day. LIke I said I can do these things as a comfortable tech worker, but these videos feel so out of touch with my generation.
volgg 7 months ago
I suffered from a burnout during my job. I had a comfortable wage, living in the hotspot in a great city. But I was just not spiritually charged i guess. So, i decided to make a big decision to quit my job, sold my condo and went back to school to learn more in a completely new city in a different country. Best move ever.
Alexis Reid
Alexis Reid 8 months ago
I landed in an epileptic seizure then over the course of a couple days I was relatively ask are you a hundred percent 2 months be for that I had a seizure and doms set in on the weekend if that seizure how could I be a hundred percent I make youtube videos I don't what to permote my channel but I have 7 subscribers between all that I have to deal with the aftermath left mentally by my ex landlord choosing to take her to a human rights trivial of court and my grandma and aunt don't see my point in fighting for a Comunity the trans community me I vape to get my mind off things
bm 9 months ago
I think that I need at least a month to rest. Therapy doesn't work. Exercise, meditation, yoga, you name it. Or is it only in my head? I sometimes feel guilty about it because there's nothing bad in my life
Piettro Chen
Piettro Chen 9 months ago
I love you and your videoo OMG !Shout out from Taiwan
N Kh
N Kh 9 months ago
Mine is: Dancing, listening to good healthy music, drawing, journaling, practicing mindfulness meditation, going out with family or friends, and sometimes alone quiet time and rest. I am also looking for new ways of self care :)
HRD Heather 77
HRD Heather 77 9 months ago
I need a break from corrupted humanity. vile and evil ppl who seek to destroy me! Just kidding. haha
Klubba 9 months ago
Thanks kati. This series has really made me realize how miserable i have been. Thanks for helping me figure out life. Much love
Darija 9 months ago
Your videos make me refreshed and recharged!
Darija 9 months ago
great topic!
I'm about to embark on a quest to heal my 3 years running burnout by ditching the apartment and living rent free in a camper in national forests. Nothing to do but listen to the birds chirp and pick up odd jobs every once in awhile.
Staci b
Staci b 9 months ago
I work hard and then try to get a week off of work every month and a half or so. I set my schedule to where I get Tuesdays and Thursdays off so I always look forward to those days. This last week I was up North seeing my boyfriend and that was fantastic! I loved almost every second of it!
kpatrick141 10 months ago
i did all of these and i still feel like a living corpse
Becky Levesque
Becky Levesque 10 months ago
Sometimes it takes a step back. I know for me when I burn out I sleep a lot. I do make time for healthy meals and other activities that I enjoy. For self-care I love writing, washing my face each morning and night and drinking water.
s l
s l 10 months ago
I've been burnt out for so long that I feel like I want a break for the rest of my life tbh
framenoodles Month ago
Same 😪😔
Kelly 10 months ago
Whats an epileptic personality?
Kami Mikuta
Kami Mikuta 10 months ago
The background music reminds me of the sims lol
thomas zamazal
thomas zamazal 10 months ago
This is a hard one for me, I run a small farm so most of the time I work 7 days a week. I used to take off rainy days but then I found a way to work on those too. Now every 2-3 weeks I try to at least take a few days off because when burnout happens I know I'll end up taking Moe then that off. But thank you for this video I see I still have some adjusting to do lol.
WolfmoonWoman 10 months ago
I am so burnt out right now. 😭 I have been working the same job for almost four years now and I only make $9.45 an hour. My schedule also varies from week to week making it impossible to plan anything or take some time for myself. Plus my job is at a very busy retail store. So it is fast paced and stressful. I work 8 hour shifts with only 30 minute lunch breaks bc we are short staffed. And my main boss is always stressed out which leaks onto the rest of us. I have decided to look for a new job. I don't know if it will be better but I have to try. At this point I am very unhappy. 😢 I can't remember what it was like to wake up happy in the mornings and I feel I have nothing to look forward to anymore. I have to try and find my happiness again.
Pat Ndebele
Pat Ndebele 10 months ago
Y'all, okay. I got a question. So, I had good grades, good enough to get into university. But 2 months ago shit hit the fan. I haven't gone to one class for 2 months and have skipped my classes pretty often. As expected I'm pretty much failing 2 classes from being a good student. I've been through this for 4 years but every year it gets worse. I have come to terms with the fact i probably won't go to university, but I was wondering if any one had some advice to help me break this cycle.
sparklingfacet 10 months ago
I love this! I am more introverted, but reaching out with a phone call or text can be like a mini vacay too!
Lara P
Lara P 10 months ago
Hi Kati, can you do a video about tachyphylaxis? Thank you for all that you do to educate people about mental health♥️
Samantha Istfan
Samantha Istfan 10 months ago
Such a helpful video Kati! As a recovering perfectionist, I am still in the early stages of ALLOWING myself to rest when I need it. When I do rest, it can be a huge struggle to quiet the voice in the back of my head that's always got a list of "more productive" things I "should" be doing. I appreciate the reminder that taking breaks is a necessary part of being a healthy human! I think a lot of Americans are so entrenched in a capitalistic mindset that we believe we are only worth as much as we can work or produce. It's really unhealthy.
Laraland99 10 months ago
Hey Kati, I’m a little confused. I’ve been told it’s good to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I’ve also been told to only eat when I’m hungry. What do I do if I’m not hungry in the mornings?
Liz H
Liz H 10 months ago
Can you do a video on the impact Child sexual abuse has on sexuality. I was sexually abused by both men and women and im now in my 30s and experiencing real serious confusion about my own sexual identity and im pretty sure its related to the abuse but im not sure.
TK 10 months ago
Liz H I’m sorry to hear u had to go through that & I hope you are able to see a good therapist to process through everything. I don’t think Kati has a video specifically on this but I will link some videos that may be helpful! ruvid.net/video/video-DJdrYzOuxfU.html ruvid.net/video/video-LabfE6BQ7dI.html ruvid.net/video/video-AWPYJR7p-50.html ruvid.net/video/video-JAMwyyybA7I.html
Donna G
Donna G 10 months ago
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson 10 months ago
Hi Kati, I'm currently recovering from what I'd like to call a cognitive burnout or a stress related fatigue syndrome that happened almost 2 and a half years ago, and I'm finally getting back to a some of the capabilities I had before the "burnout"(without getting crippled by depression, anxiety or fatigue). Resulting from not having worked for almost 2 years, regular check ups with doctors, and a lot of C.B.T. (Cognitive behavioral therapy) and now finally being able to do some rehabilitative work training for 2h a day. But I find it a little hard to talk about in English. In Swedish we use the word "Utmattningssyndrom" which translates to fatigue syndrome, but as that is something else and this being more closely related to "burnout" (or a more severe version of it (or even occupational burnout as the symptoms seem to be similar) it's a little hard to discuss in English as you don't seem to have a clear diagnosis for this. It falls under F43.8A in the ICD-10 as "Other reactions to severe stress" and since I personally know a fair few who also have been diagnosed with the same, it makes it even stranger to me that we don't hear more Americans talk about it, where the discussion seem to stop at "burnout". So I would love to hear you talk about this form of "burnout" more, as you in the US aren't know for your pristine working conditions and I can't be the only one of your followers who suffers from this. Also, thanks for your great work.
Natalie Brown
Natalie Brown 10 months ago
Ugh i wish you were my therapist
Snowh Mon
Snowh Mon 10 months ago
Hello Kati, I was wondering if there is any relationship between procrastination and taking a break?
Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer 10 months ago
I like to find a pleasant, picturesque spot and sit there for a while, preferably one surrounded by nature. Or lay in bed reading for a day or two.
Keith Makan
Keith Makan 10 months ago
When she said "totally rested" I laughed
Anna McNeill
Anna McNeill 10 months ago
This was needed and helpful. Thanks 🙂
Twisted Pneuma
Twisted Pneuma 10 months ago
Kati, Relationship Question I've been in a 7 year relationship that has been very rocky, overall I 100% believe we are not a good match, I know neither of us are as happy as we could be and all the rest. We have broke up on and off, I think we both know it won't work. Thing is, when I previously kicked him out, I instantly missed him. But I still feel the same. What the hell is going on with me, what do I do?
Ambika Dagan
Ambika Dagan 10 months ago
Please make a video about the deadly sins. Could you please make a video about pride, haughtiness and vanity. There are many people who are suffering from it.
Olivia Clink
Olivia Clink 10 months ago
Great video! I love the idea of doing series of videos on a topic like this! Also, your videos have always been amazing, you are so relatable and authentic! I love that as you have become more comfortable in front of the camera and you stay authentic and empathetic to others! QUESTION: Is generational PTSD a thing? Can parents pass on their PTSD to their children if they are not treated? For example Holocaust victims, people involved in natural disasters such as Katrina etc. my mother may have had PTSD our family kind of lived crisis to crisis, I have PTSD now due to other traumas. But I often wonder if my Mom's untreated PTSD played a role too. Did it make me less aware of danger? Did it make me less able to pull it together? What are your thoughts?
Misu C.
Misu C. 10 months ago
Oh my, I missed a lot this kind of videos! Saludos desde Argentina!
chen shahaf
chen shahaf 10 months ago
My therapist gave up on me when my meds gave me hell, she didnt care about that the changes in the medications made me go crazy and said i cant help u anymore, and she "fired" me as a paitent. Now i dont want to go to another therapist. Can u do a video about why a terapisyt gives up on u
Mel Nisbet
Mel Nisbet 10 months ago
I try to make sure I get some decent nature time each week. If I don't, I definitely notice my underlying stress increases. I also try to get some alone, quiet time each day. As a highly sensitive person, this helps me recharge my batteries to continue with this crazy thing we call life.
Michelle Chee
Michelle Chee 10 months ago
Kati!! How do I develop a secure attachment from being an anxious-preoccupied attached personality? I recently (today) I found out why I act the way I do and it was harsh. It would be great to hear how to recover from this! Thank you!!
Jean Francois Parent
Jean Francois Parent 10 months ago
I want to kill myself and honestly I just don't know what to do
Sergio Robles
Sergio Robles 3 months ago
i am in the same boat. my wife thinks i am weak working two jobs and telling her how burnt i am.
Sarah 10 months ago
some of the things i like to do to prevent/help burnout are dancing every day, drawing, writing, and engaging in stimulating conversations
Renee S
Renee S 10 months ago
As someone with a lot of anxiety, how can I get the most out of small breaks & longer ones?
CelestialRainbow27 10 months ago
I think the issue is many people can’t take the break they need or they don’t think they can. Few people can just take a month off. Bills need to be paid or young kids need to be cared for & not everyone has people who can help with these things. House chores can stack up to if you don’t do it & add to stress. Also like me many feel guilty or irresponsible taking the break they can’t forget all the things that need to be done. Many are stuck in jobs that don’t pay back what you put in but they have to do that job to feed their family. I think this video is a little too simplistic & generalised. Needs more specific practical ways for people who can’t just take a month off or take breaks every 45 mins (like people who waitress, work in a store, factory line work ect) or even take the weekend off. I was surprised how short this video was being as it’s the most important video. Maybe this is why people get burned out - sometimes there is no quick solution or some people have it tough but we don’t like to admit life is often not fair or easy. I know the intention is good but you may just be adding to the guilt or misery of people who genuinely can’t follow the advice in this video. Yes many can follow the advice which it’s great if you can but many are stuck in situations where they just can’t follow this advice. Think we need a longer more detailed video on this. Thanks 🙏🏻
10blackbutterfly 10 months ago
I see a lot of people joking about getting fired or they couldn't take a break every 45 minutes. I used to have the same reaction when a therapist told me this years ago. However, I eventually tried it back then and still use it now. The type of job you have will mean you may have to be creative with how you take a break. For example when i worked in retail i couldn't go anywhere every hour. Instead I would take 5 mins every hour to be mindful. How's my breathing, drink some water, stretch. I work in an office now I still try to do the same thing. But now it includes a walk around the building, chatting with a coworker, stepping outside for fresh air. 5 mins is all I allow myself until lunch. So all jokes aside try it for a day or two it will help.
Hippie 10 months ago
I been watching your videos now for a while I just started Theraphy I was in the hospital twice in the last couple months wondering is normal for frist few therapy sessions More about your therapist getting to know you and your story
Ross E.
Ross E. 10 months ago
Just yesterday on my day off, I went for a long bike ride in the sunshine. Went to the park & Down town to the Mall. It was awesome! 😁❤️ It was worth it even though I had a flat tire the next day 😂. Other things I like to do are go out and watch a movie, or take long walks, and listen to music while I'm walking, eat out. Meditation is a daily thing for me. Sometimes I'll spend a long time drawing...I write poetry quite often. I'm lucky enough to have vacation time where I can take a week off every other month. When I do that, I mostly just veg out, sleep in... play video games. I'll take a trip to a local park even, or go to a local event. I used to never do these things, and it seemed like my life revolved around work too much, so I started really questioning what I wanted out of life.
Michael Salamone
Michael Salamone 10 months ago
With the way you talk about burnout . A break every 45 minuets is okay for some of us as clients making $20.00 a week in a program .
Grace Eventide
Grace Eventide 10 months ago
Thank you! My candle is burnt at both ends so I needed this video 💖
Nellie Guerrero
Nellie Guerrero 10 months ago
Hi Katie My question is Is it ok for the therapist to call and see how you're doing??
dean adams
dean adams 10 months ago
Yeah i don't see why not????? I mean we're all people, who are neighbors, and it's normal to check on people once in awhile
Amanda McQueen
Amanda McQueen 10 months ago
I'm going on a week long cruise with plans to poolside lounge, as well as outdoors excursions, before starting a new and hopefully less stressful job. I hit major burnout with my last inpatient oncology nursing job. Is this the only recovery video you have on recovery? Seems short compared to the causes vids.
Tony 10 months ago
A struggle I have is that there is so many things to do or sort out that if I take a break for a day or whatever it feels like I'm wasting time when I could (should?) be getting things done. So the break is spent worrying rather than recovering. I understand the benefit of the break but it's not enough to change the negative feeling that I should be getting on with what needs to be done.
Randy R
Randy R 10 months ago
I told myself at the first of the year that i would take one day a week to not worry about the sales and survival. But haven't been able to do that yet. I have forgotten what a vacation is, fun or a social event is. Disability barely pays the rent. My working on videos is one way for me to unwind. Then i feel like i have completed something . Have not been able to work since Jan 2014. Am still looking for a counselor and three other doctors.
goddess mayumi
goddess mayumi 10 months ago
Thank you for the free therapy haha
Amber p
Amber p 10 months ago
I'm on a 2 week vacation to California right now. I'm from North Carolina. I fly home Thursday
Camilo 10 months ago
for me; burn out for taking care of my family ill sister (multiple sclerosis, final state 38 years old), Bipolar type 1 father with personality disorder, neurotic obsessive mother, hard drug addict brother... well and myself bipolar type 2, social anxiety "Erythrophobia" (paroxetine help me with Erythrophobia; excessive blushing)... For me works work out (punch and kick a heavy bag, push ups, Calisthenics - PULL UPS ), play videogames and a beer'
Katelynn Abernathy
Katelynn Abernathy 10 months ago
As a student, summer is incredibly important and is a great time to heal from burn out. Personally, swimming, painting, and sleeping helps alot. Taking a break is definitely important after an entire semester of sleep deprivation lol
Chris Moon
Chris Moon 10 months ago
My fav things to do is take a "time out" about 10 minutes of it's something light that's causing me stress. If I get TOO stressed out, I'll stay in and watch good movies for a few days and eat "better for me" foods until I feel like I can get back out and be social again. I love you for saying "it all depends on what recharges you, and how much time you need"! You're so right! Every circumstance is different, sometimes a few minutes helps, sometimes a whole week is needed! Thank you Kati!
Marina Olmedo
Marina Olmedo 10 months ago
I totally agree with this, we all need a break 💕
Maddie L.
Maddie L. 10 months ago
Kati, you're incredible! Yes, taking breaks is so, so important. Thank you so much for sharing!! Your videos are always so helpful and have the greatest tips.
Spartan 10 months ago
Came From Roosterteeth, Loving this channel, Just good.
Rachael Brown
Rachael Brown 10 months ago
#katifaq Hey Kati! I have been struggling with depression more than usual lately and feel so defeated. I try talking to my parents about going back to counseling and they tell me the same answer every time which is "I know, I'm trying" before I can finish what I am saying so I gave up asking. My sister has a lot of mental illness and it feels like they only see her problems cause they are always checking in on her. What should I do? Please help.
Love Me
Love Me 10 months ago
Sex. Sex is good.
Collector Tee
Collector Tee 10 months ago
Have you ever done a video about how to stay positive or improve yourself when you live in a really crummy situation that you can't change right away? I am on meds, going to therapy, exploring new hobbies, and taking it as easy as possible, but the weight of the hard things seems like too much to balance. Would love to hear your thoughts on a situation like that.
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