Burning Questions: The Slushy Maker

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Create a slushy from your favorite drinks in minutes!
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The "scientists" at Vat19 (Jon and Joey) attempt to answer your burning questions about the Slushy Maker. Can you make a beer slushy, a salsa slushy, a wine slushy, or even a slushy made out of ink?
With the Slushy Maker, you can create an icee, slurpee, slushy -- it doesn't matter what you call it -- in minutes from nearly any of your favorite drinks.
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Aug 18, 2017




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Comments 80
Vat19 7 months ago
We just released a new Burning Questions video! ruvid.net/video/video-atbg1DeOOek.html
Liammoz 20 hours ago
What legend
CaptainGauge 8 days ago
Gloria Lolesio
Gloria Lolesio 10 days ago
Hi my name is Gloria can i please bae
Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed 24 days ago
Who is fast break 383,i see him on almost or all of your burning questions videos
Mia Isabella García Santiago
Vat19 I love it
Maaz Mansoor
Maaz Mansoor 2 hours ago
what about your slush mug
Just because you can, dosen't mean you should.
Sabina Malin
Sabina Malin Day ago
What if you put sushi in slus
TerraByte Studios
2:32 yes
prod. by 666cxre
BryThesavage Yeeters
When ever I have my slushy maker I go to this video
Sheila D.N Silveira
The fast break383 is in every burning question
Pixelated Travis
Pixelated Travis 2 days ago
Why did they say that hotdog+cheese is bad? It looks tasty to me! ;)
Olivia Brynnie
Olivia Brynnie 2 days ago
More burning question videos
Hu DaMan2
Hu DaMan2 2 days ago
New RUvidr support my channel please
Solar _Heymarz
Solar _Heymarz 2 days ago
I died of laughter at the lemon one
Narong Say
Narong Say 3 days ago
What happened if you mix with everything
Alex Jialiang Liu
Mun Pooh
Mun Pooh 3 days ago
Please please call me e one day for for a challenge please
Levan Tserediani
Levan Tserediani 3 days ago
when someone blows an air horn in your ear at 2:40
pleb scope
pleb scope 3 days ago
Car crash karaoke be trying sound smart with them big words
The Canadian Boi
The Canadian Boi 3 days ago
“Mmm, Nom-Noms.”
Bonus Johan
Bonus Johan 3 days ago
1:51 That actually looks good
Unicorn girl Girl
They should make 'will it slush' a series
Slime Boy
Slime Boy 4 days ago
Ahmad Almasry
Ahmad Almasry 5 days ago
CMKR11 5 days ago
2:32 best montage ever
Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC 5 days ago
It is the sluhy mug 2.0
Lollylol 6 days ago
I love it from 2:32 till 2:43
Power Bros
Power Bros 6 days ago
2:32 lol😂😂😂😂
Fire 2710O
Fire 2710O 6 days ago
3:43 is trick shot
Real Ricardo Milos
3:18 is me when i'm home alone for 5 minutes
yeeyef 7 days ago
Wait... I can’t sip lean in slushee form 🥺
Fshy Boi
Fshy Boi 7 days ago
@ 2:34
demon_jason none
demon_jason none 7 days ago
I like the part when that guy tried the lemon juice then made funny faces and the skushy lemon too! 😂😂😂😂
Lane Keller
Lane Keller 8 days ago
I was repeating this part 2:38 about over 20 times because it’s so funny
mr fasafes
mr fasafes 8 days ago
Jadapinkett_Sith is legend 2:28
Mark Jav The Bloxxer
3:07 for fastbreak383 question
gordon thickman plays
0:36 relatable
elmarica pekeur
elmarica pekeur 8 days ago
the man with blonde hair looks like calvin harris
Bloxxed 9 days ago
2:35 When you call your teacher mom
ouuuytr su tart version
My burning question is. Can it do energy drinks?
Fran Man
Fran Man 9 days ago
I’m just as late too don’t worry
Vaporizer 9 days ago
2:38 when you step on a lego
IcyPlays 9 days ago
God this seems fake but It’s doesn’t seem fake Mind blowing.
Shadow Trap
Shadow Trap 9 days ago
car.crash.karaoke: Whatever the HELL they said. Vat19: Uuh.... Yes..?
Ant Gamin
Ant Gamin 9 days ago
This is prob Jamie the boss
꧁꧂ ꧁꧂
꧁꧂ ꧁꧂ 9 days ago
2:16 when the teacher writes like a million things and you didn't listen so your just like that
Yuki animations
Yuki animations 10 days ago
I just love how they but the effects when he drank the lemon juice and lemon slushy
VlogNiteツ 11 days ago
Alia Alia
Alia Alia 11 days ago
I think fastbreak383 is a big fan of yours
DDTech Videos
DDTech Videos 11 days ago
DDTech Videos
DDTech Videos 11 days ago
Depress the freezing temperature
andy19il 11 days ago
If you put mberry and lemon juice together in a slushy, will it be sweet?
andy19il 11 days ago
If you put mberry and lemon juice together in a slushy, will it be sweet?
OmerKing 916
OmerKing 916 12 days ago
My favorite product!
DDTech Videos
DDTech Videos 12 days ago
Ryce Gabriel Major
Ryce Gabriel Major 13 days ago
The lemon slushy one is my favorite
Leandro Diehl
Leandro Diehl 13 days ago
Does the slushy can also can slush and taste Salty things
Jolande Schofield
Jolande Schofield 14 days ago
Does chocolate sauce slush😁
Joshua 14 days ago
Agatha C
Agatha C 14 days ago
Simply Stella
Simply Stella 14 days ago
Boi dose it work with sods or pops because i tired it it didn’t work but idk if i am doing it right?
Just XD
Just XD 15 days ago
Funny how they made an ad for a two year old video
Daniel Castaneda
Daniel Castaneda 15 days ago
y'all gay
Gacha Shadow_chan
Gacha Shadow_chan 16 days ago
"One of those was the right way" My stupid ass: Welp time to learn karate
samuel powless
samuel powless 16 days ago
How many times has fastbreack383 been on there 🤔2667219864718746878786776638768287684787868964361 times
Joana Jimenez
Joana Jimenez 16 days ago
Your hair looks a cheezit but you are the best
Joana Jimenez
Joana Jimenez 16 days ago
Your hair
Minecraft Fan
Minecraft Fan 16 days ago
Slushy maker WITH MBERRYS!
IR - 06SS - Macville PS (1466)
This would be so helpful for Alexei if he had cherry juice, he’d have unlimited cherry slushies R.I.P 😭😞
Bendy the wisher
Bendy the wisher 17 days ago
Astrid Kerner
Astrid Kerner 17 days ago
2:37 lmao so hard XD
broskietstar 17 days ago
Me: Dangit he didn’t answer my burning question Fastbreak383: he loser
ᴅᴠᴀ 17 days ago
*OBJECTION* Joey didn't even eat the hotdog correctly So I call bs u-u
Joselyne Celis
Joselyne Celis 19 days ago
2:42 You need an mberry?
Charlie Northcott
Charlie Northcott 19 days ago
How are you such a big Dick
Kattz Channel
Kattz Channel 19 days ago
Wait doesn't Jon like sour things 😂
Elemental Dragons
Elemental Dragons 19 days ago
people who ask questions to vat 19 : oh come on, how come l never get in!? fast break383: pathetic
Elemental Dragons
Elemental Dragons 19 days ago
2:06 this guy REALLY needs an M-berry tablet
FastBreak383 19 days ago
The reason why I’m in every burning questions video is because I get paid to be in them
Cody Tibbott
Cody Tibbott 20 days ago
The one nerd 🤪
noodlearms 42o
noodlearms 42o 20 days ago
0:51 . Why "believe it or not" salsa has a slush like consistency
Rose Minnie Muffin
Rose Minnie Muffin 20 days ago
"Not so much a slushy as a fizzy and also... kind of a messy" True dat
NotAri 20 days ago
Bruh when Jon took a sip of that lemon slushee it hit diffrent 😳
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