Burning Questions: Spitballs

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How many spitballs (like Orbeez) does it take to fill a bathtub? The "scientists" at Vat19 answer this question... and tons more from you (our amazing fans!) in this episode of Burning Questions.
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Comments 80
Vat19 5 months ago
We just released a new Burning Questions video! ruvid.net/video/video-atbg1DeOOek.html
Anh Thu Nguyen
Anh Thu Nguyen 2 days ago
lol 101010/10
hmmm mm
hmmm mm 19 days ago
Mythical _
Mythical _ 21 day ago
y do u make nearly every product so expensive?
Hoang Long Tran Ngoc
pickle boy savage
pickle boy savage 2 months ago
I'm getting a snthasyther
Jamie: it took approximately... that many to fill it up Me: pun city!
ii_SkullAce 11 hours ago
1:02 Muy Caliente! *Very Hot*
Hei Cua
Hei Cua 15 hours ago
why is FastBreak383 is always in the burning questions? Any ideas?
I'm thinking tho
Keegan.P Russ
can i use them as glasses?
Jack 1152
Jack 1152 3 days ago
3:27 "we couldn't find a straw" LITERALY A GIANT STRAW
Flunkyvs Lacky
Flunkyvs Lacky 4 days ago
they are orbeez
LaraNoob 123
LaraNoob 123 5 days ago
Can you spit a spit ball?
abby unger
abby unger 5 days ago
i love your Videos I can watchThem all day
Leo Toti
Leo Toti 6 days ago
Can you make it with foodcoloring
Sparkle Duckies
Sparkle Duckies 7 days ago
3:02 when there is outbreak but online school exsists
I like grapes
I like grapes 7 days ago
3:02 when I’m home alone and I sneeze and hear a “bless you”
lemonWedge 8 days ago
if u have trybophobia then skip this part 0:21
Pixel Hive
Pixel Hive 8 days ago
1:52 here a legend
alice 4theroblox
alice 4theroblox 9 days ago
3:02 when ur moms pulling out of the drive way and you can’t find your shoes
Charlie Ichtchenko
2:08 Put that into a stress ball and sell it
saint dill pickle
was there an episode of burning questions without Fastbreak383?
Mahnoor Sarwar
Mahnoor Sarwar 9 days ago
Aren't these spitballs orbeez
Mimi Harb
Mimi Harb 9 days ago
Irish wristwatch
Jaecob Fhyllps
Jaecob Fhyllps 9 days ago
can we put it in the toilet
Matteo Tumaneng
Matteo Tumaneng 10 days ago
Can spitballs blend to other things well when it is lit on fire?
makrel null
makrel null 10 days ago
VAT19 is super cool❤
LachieVid’s Transport and Unboxing’s
2:00 thats the same blender they used in the gummy bear burning questions! That means when this video was made it was 6 years old and if they still have it it would be 10 years old!
Lionel Guillen
Lionel Guillen 12 days ago
Attempt 1:irishwishsash Attempt 2:Irish wrist wa Attempt3:give up irishwishsash
Cool Jamie
athmakuri madhavi
athmakuri madhavi 13 days ago
Does spitballs melt??
Adrian lul
Adrian lul 13 days ago
Hannah 14 days ago
I wonder are they spitballs actually made of ppl’s spit??
ʟ ɪ ʟ ɢ ᴠ ʟ ᴠ x ʏ
This was my first vat19 video and after it, i got addicted to their videos and its pretty amazing that the quality of the videos has improved so much
Levi’s Gaming Channel
john moran
john moran 15 days ago
cool 🤩
Coach Potatoes
Coach Potatoes 15 days ago
I thought the spitballs was going to go inside Joey’s nose holes
You know what? Never freaking mind
How you not find a straw but have a paintball gun
Grim Playz
Grim Playz 15 days ago
Keauntae Gray
Keauntae Gray 15 days ago
Nvm those are orbese
Keauntae Gray
Keauntae Gray 15 days ago
One word nasty
Charlotte Burns
Charlotte Burns 15 days ago
Joey when he comes up from the spitball bath looks like adam without glasses
choco - strawberry
choco - strawberry 16 days ago
Vat19: don't try this at home Homeless people: cha cha real smooth
Nur Abu Mandil
Nur Abu Mandil 16 days ago
The Name: Irish WristWatch Jamie: Irishwrishwash
RichardGaming189 16 days ago
1:07 Water simulation with show particles on be like
Yu seng New
Yu seng New 16 days ago
Irish wishwash Irishe Iwish wishwash says......
PrincesAngle 16 days ago
Your stuff is so expensive
Tara Jalali
Tara Jalali 16 days ago
How old is the not a cat cat?
Lizandro Morales
Lizandro Morales 16 days ago
3:04 john: ah ah ah ahhhhhhhh then the glass broke Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL 😂
Wolfy 465
Wolfy 465 17 days ago
3:02 😂😂😂
Rome0r3o animations
3:48 voice crack
Clay Baker
Clay Baker 17 days ago
3:49 voice crack
thegamingfoxfanjames198 slm agk
Good thing this was not jamie
bouncy-lunch773 fortnite
3:45 that voice crack thoe
I’m not KirzoHD
I’m not KirzoHD 18 days ago
AriesStormTiger 27
AriesStormTiger 27 18 days ago
About every burning question... FastBreak383 FastBreak383 FastBreak383 and finally, FastBreak383
Magic Gatcha girl
Magic Gatcha girl 19 days ago
vat19 percents burning questions 𝙵𝚊𝚜𝚝 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚔 383 𝚑𝚊𝚜 𝚓𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚝
hmmm mm
hmmm mm 19 days ago
The rein of fastbreak383 continues xD
Tasha Saffar
Tasha Saffar 20 days ago
1:29 is like. The coronavirus coming out of its hiding spot to get people sick 🤒
Phuoc Nguyen
Phuoc Nguyen 20 days ago
Every burning questions have an pun city
DiY FrAnCiE 20 days ago
What if can u squish spitballs
The hall of video games.
the burning question is that could you burn it
baby yoda content
However its spit balls but can you spit in it
3:49 #vOiCeCrAcK
FairyTale Gacha
FairyTale Gacha 22 days ago
3:02 that moment when you realize light bulbs ARENT magic
Cece Jean
Cece Jean 23 days ago
him: holy sh- me: o-ok then.. him: -moley me: oh 😂
I’mCheZy 23 days ago
Did anyone notice how the fire is on the tv?
Wolfry 99
Wolfry 99 23 days ago
Ita irish -wrist- watch
Watermelon- Cake
Watermelon- Cake 24 days ago
They are Obese
Jordyn Drew
Jordyn Drew 24 days ago
Carbood On WiiU
Carbood On WiiU 24 days ago
고은임 25 days ago
What if you put a snicy star dust in the hard candy coten candy maker?
sheryshi 27 days ago
Why does joey always get the bath videos?
Joroland Cordova
Joroland Cordova 27 days ago
When your best friend getting your attention but your filming a video then he want your attention so bad 3:47
Joroland Cordova
Joroland Cordova 27 days ago
Num Kitty
Num Kitty 28 days ago
No those r orbeez
tracy ann salazar
tracy ann salazar 28 days ago
is it fun to swim on
Chang Tang
Chang Tang 28 days ago
Is that baby Cristal
Juvia Playz
Juvia Playz 28 days ago
This is called orbeez
Nini and Joshua’s toy reiveiws
They can’t find a straw but they can find a tube,paint ball gun, and a huge slingshot
Chonky Boi
Chonky Boi 29 days ago
shouldve changed the title to "leather chair with coat asmr"
Carolyn Ke
Carolyn Ke Month ago
I really wish that burning questions can come back
dragonknight YT
dragonknight YT Month ago
Turn it in to 3:02 and set the speed to 0.25 I CANT STOP LAUGHING IT SOUND LIKE HORSE
Emmanuel Fortes
Emmanuel Fortes Month ago
Anomis Diaz
Anomis Diaz Month ago
How dont they have straws there vat19
Luccio Brillantes
Can spitballs burn
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