Burn Out (2018) - Trailer (French)

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Directed by : Yann Gozlan
Produced by : 2425 Films, WY Productions
Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 43 min
French release: 03/01/2018
Production year: 2017
Tony is a promising superbike racer. He has devoted his entire life to his passion and his dream is finally about to come true: becoming part of a top-notch professional team. But everything unravels the day his ex-girlfriend contracts a debt with a dangerous mobster from her housing project. To save the endangered mother of his son, Tony has no other choice than to use his racing talent to do perilous drug runs on his bike for the thug.
More info: en.unifrance.org/movie/43270/burn-out




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Comments 80
Bub Buddy
Bub Buddy Day ago
cell phone memeber
Bub Buddy
Bub Buddy Day ago
l like your movie on Netflix
Andrea Mascagni
Andrea Mascagni 11 days ago
Y MhwjJam
Hamza حمزه
Hamza حمزه 26 days ago
Whats name the move
splinter 26 days ago
Great Film , good to see they even squeezed in a H2
Vladimir Panev
Vladimir Panev Month ago
The best motorcycle movie hands down and the chick dam
Rosa Cordova
Rosa Cordova 2 months ago
Please someone tell me the name of the song that appears in the 49:21 minute when Tony's boss gives him drugs to not fall asleep while driving please tell me
Voltnara x
Voltnara x 26 days ago
Rosa Cordova light asylum -dark allies
Rosa Cordova
Rosa Cordova 2 months ago
Amigos una pregunta en la película en la escena 49:21 cuando el jefe de Tony le da drogas para no dormir mientras conducía aparece una canción quisiera saber el nombre de la canción porf
Voltnara x
Voltnara x 26 days ago
Alexander Perez light asylum -dark allies
Voltnara x
Voltnara x 26 days ago
Rosa Cordova light asylum -dark allies
Alexander Perez
Alexander Perez Month ago
Oye esta muy padre también la busco:(
Jay Lay
Jay Lay 3 months ago
Why only 2 hours? Just leave earlier and don’t speed🙄
Arvin Bhowaneedin
Arvin Bhowaneedin 3 months ago
C du lourd ca
Light 3 months ago
What do you think of the end of the movie, guys? Que pensez-vous de la fin du film les gens? Je veux vos points de vue svp.
Media Hub 0.01
Media Hub 0.01 4 months ago
I am from India I watched this movie on Netflix. In 2019 it's a amazing movei. And also Ducati Pinagale 😁😍
arhai zad
arhai zad 6 months ago
Please produce part 2. I hope honda cbr1000 will become the hero
vladu adelin
vladu adelin 6 months ago
0:34 what kind of helmet is that ?
Nikolas Gunadi
Nikolas Gunadi 4 days ago
Arai RX7
Nymczok 3 months ago
Motor helmet
Arielz 6 months ago
just watched it with english subtitles and it was fantastic! F*ck yeah1!!!!
Henry Lopez
Henry Lopez 6 months ago
Me gustaria k subieran la peli completa para berla
gui gui 009
gui gui 009 7 months ago
Como chama o filme
Mendi 22
Mendi 22 7 months ago
I need born out 2
Nymczok 3 months ago
This movie is not good for an sequel. It would be hard to make a sequel out of this
lorena Van Den hoek
lorena Van Den hoek 9 months ago
i had to watch it in french i dont like it but i really wanted to see this its a good movie
Unique Trainers Rare Trainers
Worth watching 😊
Debora Correa
Debora Correa 9 months ago
DARK SHADOW 10 months ago
bad ending
Bruc3y 11 months ago
He didn’t even fuck his girlfriend hahahaha
ViolentScorl 9 months ago
Bruc3yy They had a fucking child together. Obviously they got it on at least once. But it’s mot a Hollywood flick where the people scream „fuck“, „shit“ or „bitch“ every five seconds, or there’s random sex scenes just for the hell of it.
ItsM7md 11 months ago
I can't fucking believe it, I'm Arabic, my uncle married a French women, and Manon was his daughter, I can't believe that I just realized that she's an actor after 14 years of knowing her what is wrong with me I can't believe my cousin is an actor help I'm having a heart attack-
Boudourene Mustapha
Boudourene Mustapha 11 months ago
Sam Shepherd
Sam Shepherd 11 months ago
Makes me think Ducati motorcycle is a bad vehicle if you're a drug mule
Awesome Dude2
Awesome Dude2 11 months ago
He made two kids into orphans in the end of the film
Raúl Pérez
Raúl Pérez 11 months ago
100% R E C O M E N D A D A !!!
Matteo Tironi
Matteo Tironi 11 months ago
what is it the last motorbike that this dude was driving?
Eli Twist
Eli Twist 10 months ago
Matteo Tironi pretty sure it’s a Ducati monster 821
Sgt.Speed 11 months ago
This movie was fucking shit. Bikes were the main part of the movie and they couldn't even get the sounds right , and the story was crap. Only good part was the end
Ilias Markos
Ilias Markos 11 months ago
Its like the "Getaway " but replacing a car with a bike
Enrique Chavez
Enrique Chavez 11 months ago
But me is very very beautiful
broli m
broli m 11 months ago
this movie is good! Makes me want to get a bike
Shrek Year ago
We need more movies like this
Kalon Brown
Kalon Brown Year ago
Don’t get the ending 🤷🏽‍♂️
Kalon Brown
Kalon Brown 11 months ago
broli m Oh, okay thanks for explaining. I thought it was just one of those dumb movie endings lol.
broli m
broli m 11 months ago
Tyji Brown he missed the thrill of doing the runs so they signaled he will get back into it
Franco Diaz
Franco Diaz Year ago
Intagram del actor?
Lilith Luna Lou
I was surprised when I heard a goth song in the film when it flicks through all the days and nights of him losing it on the drug runs. I shazamed it on my old phone got a new one now I completely forgot the song. Someone help!!!
N S 11 months ago
Light Asylum - Dark Allies ruvid.net/video/video-e_yqi-RwjzU.html
Candy Nosugar
Candy Nosugar Year ago
Nu am văzut comentarii în română, așa că am zis sa fiu prima. I JUST LOVE THIS MOVIE. THAT'S ALL.
lpn1V Year ago
Best movie yet
n40798 Year ago
There were two parts about the plot I didn't understand: Why did the gangsters want Tony to unnecessarily attract the attention of the police by speeding through the toll both? And why did Miguel even care that Tony killed Jordan? Tony made the deal with Miguel to work for 2 months but then Jordan wanted to take advantage of Tony after the deal with Miguel was over, that's why Tony killed Jordan. That means that Jordan was undermining Miguel's dealings. If Jordan was working against Miguel, I would think that Miguel would be happy that Tony killed Jordan, so why was Miguel angry?
ViolentScorl 9 months ago
n40798 First and foremost: I liked the movie! The atmosphere of racing was really captured well, the soundtrack was cool and the cinematography was awesome, high-standard even. But i was wondering why they had Tony do the drug runs through the toll booth, and always had the same meeting/starting place+the exact same route. It’s a miracle the police didn’t catch up to it after the first month! To your second question I suppose Miguel didn’t know that Jordan wanted to pressure Tony into working with them longer. So yeah, if Tony had told Miguel immediately and emphasised the killing was self-defense (which it was definitely _not_ , even though I can understand it, Tony was emotionally-unstable and acted accordingly to protect his family) he might have gotten off lightly (MIGHT, because Miguel is still a Mafioso, and Tony still killed his deputy!). But in the end Tony bashed in Jordan‘s head and helped Miguel‘s enemies, AND lied to Miguel the entire time. Itself no wonder Tony almost got killed mob-style.
እኔ ማነኝ
I liked this movie,but wasn't good at the end. I worried about his life, even if it's movie!
Gimme the puh
Gimme the puh 9 months ago
Dude that means the movie was that good.WAKE UP
R J Year ago
Great movie.
Lord Cheka
Lord Cheka Year ago
pure shit i hate the ending he risk his life for his stupid ex... and ended his dreams at the end he got his family back but is not racing again neither as a pro
Dave Year ago
La negra es una ducati monster?
scentmachines Year ago
Great movie great motorcycles!
SkylineZ Year ago
This is the movie “Drive” replaced by motorcycles and French people. Overall great movie, I liked the ending it was clever and unique.
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks Month ago
@NeoGeo12 Drive also sucked horribly, so hopefully this movie does not. The "driving" scenes were best case stylish, worst case recycled nonsense, and too many slow motion shots of Ryan Gosling collar popping his weirdo jacket to hipster music (tbh if it was one scene, it was too much). It probably wasn't until about half way through the movie that I realized it was going to suck. Too much posturing & style, not enough substance & delivery. Blah
NeoGeo12 Year ago
Drive was directed by a European film maker.
Leo Ironwolf
Leo Ironwolf Year ago
Let Dastaan Joseph teach him how to ride
gooni goo goo
gooni goo goo Year ago
some ones film school project. bad acting...really bad acting and absolute zero budget.
Surviive Year ago
Needed more Ducati’s 😂 Seriously though, the reason we all watched was for the motorcycles. If they do a part 2, they should incorporate more bike scenes. That was the strength of the movie, the script itself was just ok.
CafeNightster Year ago
It's actually a great movie, kinda thought it was going to be cheesy like Torque or Wild Hogs.
Raphael nau
Raphael nau Year ago
I don't know what kind of movie is that! Not good.
Coffe Year ago
Why do the ktm exc sound like a four stroke when it is a twostroke?
Geovanny Córdova
Alguien que me explique el final de la película por favor
Jordan Cordoba
Jordan Cordoba 6 days ago
Yo creo que el final, el sigue trabajando la ruta con el negro que se quedó con la zona, es lo que pienso.
german juarez
german juarez Year ago
En el final, él al ya haber dejado atras la vida de tener que entregar droga, toda esa adrenalina y accion que le causaba no la pudo dejar atras, entonces es que sale a la calle, para volver a sentir todo eso, andar a alta velocidad por la calle, escapar de la policia etc
boni dj
boni dj Year ago
@Geovanny Córdova ok cuando proximamente la vea me lo dejo en asuntos pendientes lo de escribirte para contarte el final siempre y cuando me entere yo tambien no me pase igual que te paso a ti jejeje asi que un saludo muy afectuoso y hasta la proxima geovanny cordova
Geovanny Córdova
@boni dj Gracias, en Netflix está, pero la verdad no le entendí el final y me quedé con la intriga.
boni dj
boni dj Year ago
Yo no te puedo explicar el final de esta peli pero dentro de dos dias la vere si te parece te escribo en un par de dias y te cuento de todas formas descargatela de emule o en la pagina de mejortorrent yo me la he descargado
TheDirt BikeRider
When they use a 2 stroke and use the 4 stroke sound😂
Media Hub 0.01
Media Hub 0.01 4 months ago
V4 engine
Francesco Polvere
Francesco Polvere 7 months ago
LOL when he use the ktm
MRN3 Gaming
MRN3 Gaming Year ago
though the same, damn, i was hyped for 2-stroke sound and then i heard 4-stroke.
Pablo Ribeiro
Pablo Ribeiro Year ago
TheDirt BikeRider yhea just watched it! It’s a Bike’s movie how tf they did that
lauro guerra
lauro guerra Year ago
How does it end though i didn't understand why he ran from the cops at the end
Scrap Maker9090
He is seeking the adrenaline rush he got from running drugs. Simply weekend racing no longer satisfies his need for thrill.
Pe psi
Pe psi Year ago
o kurwa ale gównoi
Mighty Murph
Mighty Murph Year ago
I watch it with subtitles on Netflix and it was really dope, Bra-fucking-vo
8 Ball
8 Ball Year ago
Au DD J'la passe, la détaille, la pé-cou, la vi-sser, des regrets d'vant ton bébé
alessandro l
alessandro l Year ago
Can somebody please tell me if they are going to make a burn out 2 ? I absolutely loved this movie
JDMEXforme Year ago
Just watched it. Its english dubbed. Really good flick.
Odio Tutti
Odio Tutti Year ago
A friend of mine requested me to watch this & i'm glad he did what a fantastic movie full of actions .
Alexis Ribas Homebox
Worst Movie ever maid in history
9 Tails
9 Tails Year ago
Alexis Ribas Homebox You don't know how wrong you are.
Alexis Ribas Homebox
Worst Movie ever maid in history
Tome k
Tome k Year ago
Film made for 50 bucks..
Jacub81 Year ago
The best kind
pablono100 Year ago
Great film
Bryan Varela
Bryan Varela Year ago
Excelente pelicula, alguien sabe el modelo de la moto roja?
Luis Alonso
Luis Alonso Year ago
bryan varela DUCATI PANIGALE 1299 😍🏍🏍 😍
Torben Elgårdsson
Muito bom esse filme 👍
Antonio Delgado
Noneofyerbiz Year ago
Yet another incredibly disappointing Netflix waste of time. *Spoiler* They can't afford to do a proper car chase sequence at the end so the hero literally crashes the bike 3 seconds in and then gets rescued from the trunk. I know car chases are expensive, but they make the difference between something like this and Baby Driver.
Noneofyerbiz 11 months ago
@N S I know what you mean, "Baby Driver" only has an 86 on Metacritic.
N S 11 months ago
And Baby Driver was ridiculously over the top and stupid. So your point is invalidated.
Jacub81 Year ago
It’s a French film. You have to use imagination with tv and films anyway so what’s the problem?
PupsPanda Year ago
Guilherme A. de Oliveira
The producers should have used the song Addicted To Speed by Paul Oakenfold in the trailer or as part of the action scenes! It's a song that captures what this film is about! Awesome!
Gerard Cardona
'Drive' motorcycle version?
Stefano De Gaetano
absolutely. When i realized that this was a motorcycle version of drive, i thought that nothing could be compared to drive. But this film is almost good as drive. Proper sounds, the main actor is not even that bad, proper soundtrack. a strong 7,5-8/10
bensaid badis
bensaid badis Year ago
Exactly hhhhhhh
Francis Lopez
Francis Lopez Year ago
Buena peli, me recordó a la primera Transporter, pero en moto.
zaku08 Year ago
One of the best motorcycle action flicks since Place Beyond The Pines.
zaku08 Year ago
@Pablo Ribeiro i mean if thats what keeping you from watching a decent movie then idk.
Pablo Ribeiro
Pablo Ribeiro Year ago
Yhea a 2 Stroke with a 4 Stroke Sound wtf
Noneofyerbiz Year ago
Beyond the Pines? You mean the movie that suckers you into thinking it's a motorcycle heist flick and then kills the main character in the first 45 minutes?
Wen Delon
Wen Delon Year ago
Just watched it, and fucking amazing. Also i hate his gf.
Comments are turned off
This seriously needs a proper DVD/Blu Ray release!
Leo Toledo
Leo Toledo Year ago
delpiero Year ago
we need more bad ass motorcycle"s movie like this, fantastic
Mort0x Year ago
dellpiero yeah, one of the best movies I have ever seen
Pablo Oliva
Pablo Oliva Year ago
Great movie ending could have been a bit stronger
Mort0x Year ago
Pablo Oliva agree
naninhososa Year ago
It’s a great movie and I hope they don’t make a part 2 or do a remake here in the US.
umutcan bektas
umutcan bektas 9 months ago
this film is good I hope so make part 2 I want to watch more
Mort0x Year ago
naninhososa 100% agree
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