Bunny Girl Senpai: A Show That's (Not) About Bunny Girls

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I'm back to talk about the Bunny Girl show that has nothing to do with Bunny Girls.
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Dec 7, 2018




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Comments 100
Gigguk 2 years ago
Just finished the Anime from the point where I made this video. I am sorry Kaede, I was wrong and will pledge my life to protecting your smile.
Ivan Tempest
Ivan Tempest 5 days ago
You better be lol
anbu te
anbu te 10 days ago
good, now watch the movie
Raka A.
Raka A. 20 days ago
Damn right
Grill Simon
Grill Simon Month ago
@Gigguk why dose every anime you explain sound so nice and sick 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hanhsammy Month ago
a 7 hours ago
(Fun Fact I started watching this anime on May 6th which is the day Sakuta meets Mai). Even though this video is two years old, if I hadn't watched this I wouldn't of found my favourite anime to date, and the one I've invested the most time in. I watched this video because I accidentally went down a RUvid rabbit hole of Attack On Titan memes which eventually brought me to Gigguk and I saw this video on the right and without even looking at the title I thought 'hmm this could be interesting' as I was looking for a new anime to watch after my 2 month hiatus on Crunchyroll. Now this is odd for me to click on this because I've never been too into any anime that doesn't include fighting and or violence, but will I ever regret clicking on it, absolutely not. After clicking on it and seeing what the title was referring to, I was amazed by the animation style, and the weird but interesting plot and after finishing the video, I watched more Gigguk reviews for another hour, and then went on Crunchyroll and decided to see what the fuss was about. And I'm glad to say even if your not too big into anime like me you should 100% watch this. I was instantly pulled in by the first arc (Yes I'm going to call them arcs deal with it) which covered topics of love, loneliness, and just other totally normal insecurities and turned them into life changing problems, so basically no matter your age, you will be able to relate with this show (maybe not about the celebrity girlfriend part). And although the first arc was undoubtedly my favourite, all arcs were good in there own respective ways. And I will confess I did watch all of show in one night and instantly regretted it and cried myself to sleep because there was no more left, until I realised there was a goddamn movie 2 days later (which is also well worth your time if your interested) that covers the sort of competition between both of Sakuta's loves. After all that I thought the only thing left for me to do was read the manga (which isn't even fully up-to-date yet) until I'd finished all the content Bunny Girl Senpai had to offer. Well I read the manga. However boy I was wrong about the manga being the only thing left! There is tones more content everywhere you look whether it be Reddit, Discord servers, Art, Fan-Fics, and even Nsfw if that suits your needs. Not to mention the entire original adaptation of the story with the introduction of the light novels (which I haven't actually read yet but definitely want to) which includes an entire (correct me if I'm wrong) five extra volumes for you to read with more coming in the future. I am a little bit sad that only volumes 1-3 are available in English but I'm not too worried as you can read summaries of the plots of each chapter of something like Reddit (Notably r/SeishunButaYarou). Now to conclude if your wondering if there will be a Season 2 I can gladly assure you that you probably will of forgotten about this anime by the time it will supposedly come out, which with a combination of common sense and maths should be at around mid 2023. This is of course a hypothetical, because the creators of Bunny Girl Senpai have to actually renew the licence first, and that's saying that Cloverworks even want to make a Season 2. However I suppose because of how much praise it got and is getting it's more a matter of when they do it rather than if. Of course if we're saying they are going to go off 5 volumes again like they did last time we will have to wait till august for them to have enough content for them to make a season 2. So realistically we will just have to wait and see although all the original voice actors are still definitely active and well.
Logan B
Logan B 18 hours ago
The thing I also really liked about this one is that it wasn’t really a fantasy-fulfilling harem or anything. Sure, like 2 of the girls ended up liking Sakuta, but it made sense when they did. It’s a pseudo-romance anime that doesn’t focus on the main guy being this weird loser turned giga-chad. He kinda stays a weird loser throughout the entire show, occasionally helping his struggling friends/acquaintances deal with their issues and struggling with his own, which is incredibly relatable for literally anyone who has gone through puberty.
AsianGamer308 23 hours ago
best anime :yep:
James T Kirk
James T Kirk Day ago
This show was so genuinely touching, I thoroughly enjoyed it the entire way through and was satisfied that I'd finally found a good anime after binging like four in a row that were bad. And then I reached the end and it made me actually cry. Instant 10/10 score for me. The interesting premise, the realistic character reactions, and the relationship between the MC and her being realistic while also ideal really got me. If anyone has any recommendations for other anime with a similar relationship (realistic while also goals) I'd love to hear them.
Nguyễn Xuân Bách
ah, the Oregairu vibes that i'm looking for
e b
e b Day ago
I know why it is called bunny girl senpai its because if he dreams of bunny girl shell disappear
Kaimine08 Day ago
Rascal does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is the first light novel of the "Rascal does not dream of" series. Despite that, they have atleast 4 or 5 light novel series with 2-3 episodes per light novel all with different variations of it such as Rascal does not dream of siscon idol or Rascal does not dream of Logical Witch or Rascal does not dream of Sister Home Alone. You could say the same with titles like "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" in which only the first light novel is actually called that with iterations after that having different names. It's just so happens that Rascal does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is just the first light novel listing
Indian Anime Senpai
Dear Lord, I do
The ending song slaps
Isbrando Garcia
Isbrando Garcia 2 days ago
I like bunny girls and girls
Matheus Arouca
Matheus Arouca 2 days ago
I need a bunny girl as a teacher like... right now.
hendrix 3 days ago
instantly dislike this vid, the title got me pissed
Ricky Sanchez
Ricky Sanchez 4 days ago
The fucking OUTRO THO
Puneet Maheshwari
Outro- Gigguk- "see u " His gf along with him - "nxt time" Gigguk- "STF--" LMAOOOO That doesn't count in domestic violence right?
Xhaust 5 days ago
Completed it, including the film. The film special (which plays after the series) is sooo saaaaaaaad and traumatizing.
Kaiden825 6 days ago
I just finished it and I loved it now I need to see the movie
Benny 6 days ago
idk why but I just loved this vid thx mate made my day :D
Greg Gorman
Greg Gorman 6 days ago
Well put.
LEGEND GAMING 6 days ago
They should have made a dubbed version of it
Alp Bykn
Alp Bykn 6 days ago
I wacthed the anime just for sakutas and mais relation ship but damn
Anthony Buggs
Anthony Buggs 6 days ago
I already watched this, but I just want to reiterate that this show is fucking awesome
Alissa Golbus
Alissa Golbus 7 days ago
Felix 8 days ago
So, the story is all about overcome puberty syndrome, thats sound kind of the plot of persona 6.
philip joseph banaag
We came for Bunny girl's Came out Crying.
codaah. 8 days ago
Sick olo
Sick olo 8 days ago
I'm so watching this now thanks i thought it was a henti at first like highschool dxd
Caspar Freiberg
Caspar Freiberg 10 days ago
Just binged the show and the movie in one day and fuck me It pulled strings i never knew i had
Abir Hossain
Abir Hossain 10 days ago
gigguk is best among the trash taste members, his contents are sooo perfect man
SL Beast
SL Beast 10 days ago
i just finished watching the movie of this anime,and you know what this is the best anime i've ever seen.don't you go "your name"anime is the best,i've seen it before this anime.but "Bunny Girl Senpai"is the best you have to watch this if you don't don't watch anime.yes i said it.
Mcjason Delossantos
the music for this anime just hits me straight in the gnards man, it gets me everytime. T-T
JJAG3 10 days ago
My little sister just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I’ve started relating to this show so much more as I think back on it. I need to be a good big brother for her
Aagney Ashok Ammanchy or the AAA
Bunny girl senpai and steins gate were very similar in some moments during the time travels
Ideology 14 days ago
quantum mechanics are dope
faifto 14 days ago
u got me at maaaaais imouto
Good Vlog Ph
Good Vlog Ph 14 days ago
Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai: MASTERPIECE
mtthw 15 days ago
A1 Pictures is the only anime studio im in love with
Flameo Hotman
Flameo Hotman 15 days ago
the title's definitely a clickbait, cause rascal DOES dream of bunny girl senpai
Luke Parnitzke
Luke Parnitzke 15 days ago
Spot on at the end there my guy I’m a socially awkward looser right now in high school... about it turn 17, and I’m sure I’ll still be a socially awkward loser when I’m an adult! 😅
Luke Parnitzke
Luke Parnitzke 15 days ago
I just finished the anime and the movie... I loved it so much 😭😢🥰
Kent Lg
Kent Lg 15 days ago
And then gigguk watched the movie and depression hit like a train
Yeet Me
Yeet Me 15 days ago
6:32 7:57 thank me later
Jan 18 days ago
Ive watched this vid 2 years ago and Ijust recognize wtf, that ending was smooooth :D
FedoraMan 18 days ago
1:30 I said exactly what he said in my head aswell
Jiornno Jiovanna
Jiornno Jiovanna 18 days ago
This videos gotta be the funniest one hes made, Its just so funny oml 😭🤣
Mr Bigman
Mr Bigman 18 days ago
i got baited to but damn shits great
Hugo Amkreutz
Hugo Amkreutz 18 days ago
legit my favorite anime every
Kold Jrive
Kold Jrive 19 days ago
Kaede is best girl. change my mind.
Felix 19 days ago
Bunny 🐇🐰
spongeebob squaretypants
JobberMichael 21 day ago
yassir ajebal
yassir ajebal 21 day ago
I think the title is from mc first impression of mai
Wesley Pardo
Wesley Pardo 22 days ago
leanbox 22 days ago
I love bunny girl
Leonard John Quillano
I love this anime one of the best for me!
Marco Di Palo
Marco Di Palo 22 days ago
Did he watch the movie I wonder
Jorge Contreras
Jorge Contreras 23 days ago
I know I’m commenting like in the four of us thing ever came out I mean well it’s has been out for like two years but how did he mention that she got hit by a car
Shi nigami
Shi nigami 24 days ago
6:26 honestly He kind shows a bit of signs showing he’s an INTP (Logicians) who are very awkward in conversations and we end up saying stuff that might piss people off.
Gabriel Grenier-McDermott
I love this show so fucking much. Mad feels only scratches the surface of how much reflection on society and individuals personality this show had me go through, and yes the depression, it always had a happy ending more or less but for some reason I still felt deeply broken inside after each arc. Probably because they where all more realistic or pragmatic endings that resolved the conflict in a mature and leveled way. So instead of laughing it off and kissing or some shit you get slapped by some god tier dialogue and then a walk away in the sunset on the beach and your ike damn, the feels. Great vid and even better anime, highly recomend.
Best Romance
Liam Mahan
Liam Mahan 24 days ago
Hard to choose between mai and shoko my fucking god my heart can't take it
Did anyone know that there is a change in the ed for every syndrome
t o f u
t o f u 25 days ago
Dávid Pap
Dávid Pap 25 days ago
Mai and Futaba can sandwich me.
Intune Knight
Intune Knight 26 days ago
That aniem was amazing it was a very good anime, is the first anime that the male main character does not suck, has a very good sense of humor with the girls and it was not always doing stupid things.
NOOB sk 26 days ago
Ryan Cartwright
Ryan Cartwright 27 days ago
One of my favourite shows in a long time
High Flying legend
High Flying legend 28 days ago
And then you watch movie and you get crushed even more..
Hannah Van Buren
Hannah Van Buren 28 days ago
this show is very educational, its educational because it basically says if you add quantum in front of anything it makes you sound smart like quantum computer or quantum _toilet_
Kieth Kabingue
Kieth Kabingue 29 days ago
"Mai's imouto" Yes
My favorite anime with my two favorite characters
Michinobu Imai
Michinobu Imai Month ago
I think I have the Syndrom too. For some reason I have random cuts in my body when I wake up.But only sometimes.
3katsiMe Month ago
The Movie was better than the entirity of Season 1. If you haven't watched it, make sure to. Its really fucking good!
Not A Intellectiual Idiot
I could be helping curing cancer
DE4TH Month ago
the movie will fuck you from inside
Ena Nebres
Ena Nebres Month ago
Bunny girl senpai hits different
Random Commenter
Why is it every anime that I think is good and decide to watch ends up having a depressing endings and make me feel depressed for a good 2 weeks
Quietly YT
Quietly YT Month ago
then stop watching anime with tags depression and romantic. there will always depressing scenes there. DO IT ONLY IF YOU DONT'T WANT SEE DEPRESSING SCENES. I personally watch these depressing stuff, for some reason. I might need help ;-;
lii lulll
lii lulll Month ago
This anime my fav, the ep3 hook too good
Sause Month ago
Just finished this anime, cant stop crying send help
its iani80 Veve
its iani80 Veve Month ago
youre cometary makes bunny girl senpai 100 times better. you got a subscribe from me
Evan Hu
Evan Hu Month ago
Your name = adolescence syndrome
The salty splatoon
Ricardo Lazo
Ricardo Lazo Month ago
Does anyone know when the dub comes out? I'm asking for a friend
A-a-ron the1st
A-a-ron the1st Month ago
9:54 preach
Ar Pax
Ar Pax Month ago
"Why is it called Rascal does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai" ~Gigguk
Arthur Machado
Arthur Machado Month ago
I really love this anime and this video made me cry on the final like anime in the episode3
An Shen
An Shen Month ago
I really wish I could have watched this in highschool
Sramos06 Month ago
an anime where the author had the balls to kill the top tier waifu
no1 anime protagonist
*and then came the fucking movie*
joshcookie Month ago
So what do you think of the storyline of bunny girl senpai? Yes
The 19th Fighter
5:03 Are you referring to endless 8? EDIT: Pretty sure he is.
Turner Month ago
This show should just be called Rascal cannot forget about Mai senpai
Weston Brisolara
What if sakuta was saying what was on his mind because he did not want to be embarrassed
Lily Month ago
This anime was way too amazing, and I'm glad that knowing why didn't ruin it, but made me like it even more. hope i forget it faster than the other animes so i can rewatch it.
Grandma MP40
Grandma MP40 Month ago
logan b
logan b Month ago
amen brother
FxZZ bois
FxZZ bois Month ago
This is one of my top 3 favorite anime’s
Declan Cole
Declan Cole Month ago
Bro that ending gave me goosebumps...
Oscrs167 Month ago
Now we are all waiting for season 2
KaneForSale Month ago
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