Bun B Shares When Jay Z Kicked Him Off Beyonce's Music Video Set

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Jul 14, 2020




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Comments 0
MEB 3 months ago
Had to come here after watching Beyonce check on it. They said Jay z kicked bun b off the set🤷🤷🤷🤷
Sailor Sam
Sailor Sam 4 months ago
My cheating ex also liked to throw out baseless accusations and would straight up attack a man for saying hello to me because he knew what he was doing. Sooooooo 🤷🏻‍♀️ What kind of special idiot does it take to step out on BEYONCÉ? My brain cannot even compute that 😂
Tee Jay
Tee Jay 4 months ago
Huh that don’t sound like Bun B at all !
Andreplayboi22 MoneyMaker
Tbh jay z is very overprotective
Annie Schmannie
Annie Schmannie 5 months ago
Come to think about it Beyoncé didn’t really do any videos with men that she was featured with and after bday she really didn’t collaborate with men other than jay damn sure didn’t do any videos
B Pru
B Pru 7 months ago
Jay z so jealous
Charles Kandiero
Charles Kandiero 8 months ago
Rozzie C.
Rozzie C. 8 months ago
Well good thing he is not married to cardi b
hiiipower iii
hiiipower iii 9 months ago
Bun B wasn't even on her, he's a married man with a beautiful black woman & he ain't no way gonna break that woman's heart or be on some playboy shit. Bun is a grown mature man & he ain't on that bullshit.
Kendell Cooley
Kendell Cooley 10 months ago
Where tf is bun b?
south boi
south boi 10 months ago
Who's talkin that doesn't sound like bun b have met him strange.....🤣🤣🤣
OmniArchangel 10 months ago
But million of people saw Beyoncé in skimpy clothes lmao
STAY Woke33
STAY Woke33 10 months ago
She was murdered all lies
Mia Rosenbloom
Mia Rosenbloom 10 months ago
She shouldn't have been out in the middle of a deep lake, alone with her son, who's practically a baby at 4 yrs old. Swimming in a lake off a boat is meant to be a group activity. At the very least one other adult should've been present, and young children should either stay home, or wear a life jacket, and be watched at all times.
Mack Ten
Mack Ten 10 months ago
Why do Charlemagne got to talk every time 🤬
Joseph Sellers
Joseph Sellers 10 months ago
Jay z know that pimp and bun be spitting that pimp shit Jay was worried
Cout milions
Cout milions 10 months ago
Jay......! Bey'......!
1take sauly
1take sauly 10 months ago
Julius Brown
Julius Brown 10 months ago
First of all I do send my condolence out to the family who lost a loved one but come on guys this is like 6 drowning death I don't heard this year is this the new cause of death behind the Coronavirus last year it was women leaving kids in cars
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 10 months ago
Jay-Z is an insecure hypocrite...
David Holmes
David Holmes 9 months ago
I agree
NOEL VENTURA 10 months ago
I freakin love bun b that’s my guy we ate pizza together lmao 😂
Nasheem whye
Nasheem whye 10 months ago
Suave Citygear
Suave Citygear 10 months ago
JAY-Z is a insecure male 🤦🏾‍♂️...the male that never sold drugs 😂
Between Two Alice A Cook
For someone who did not have words, he talks too damn much.
Samuel Bean
Samuel Bean 10 months ago
Bun is the truth! Class Act ... Legend in the Texas Streets
Ken T
Ken T 10 months ago
That top story should have been its own
The Gracious Fundamentalists T
Damn..That’s messed up...🙏🏾🙏🏾😞💔
Trust Me
Trust Me 10 months ago
So you all can't be mad at Jay Z but mad at Kanye being mad at Kim K for meeting Meek Mill at a hotel?
Desmond Clifton
Desmond Clifton 10 months ago
Bless HEr&SON in the absence of his mother
Dee Savage
Dee Savage 10 months ago
Why it feels like that lady's death wasnt a accident? 🤔 More to the story
Barak Kahar Yasharahla
Jay z is a skittle just like Puffy.
Gregory Glass
Gregory Glass 10 months ago
Why Jayz he is from the same state how such an hater
Que Saunders
Que Saunders 10 months ago
Beyonce's hating cousin, Kristin Douglas, kicked them out and blamed it on Jay.
Matthew Gober
Matthew Gober 10 months ago
Jay really Insecure
Valentino Urbina
Valentino Urbina 10 months ago
Is that what bun b really sounds like? Lol
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy 11 months ago
Not buying what Charlamagne was saying on Jay z/Bun B incident...Jay was insecure that dudes will snatch Beyonce from him....
Delano Blanco
Delano Blanco 11 months ago
I don't understand why Jay let usher grind like that with Beyonce in the "naughty girl video"
These Black Girls Are Loved
Charlamagne really needs his own show.. because he talks through most of Ye’s segments 🙄
frizza241 11 months ago
Who goes boating with there kid alone?... strange to me
Arkeio Craig
Arkeio Craig 11 months ago
24K InfO
24K InfO 11 months ago
Unfortunately nobody was talking about Naya, so that's why she did what she did. Like Tamar. P.S. Bun B is a Jay Z to Beyonce period. While Jay is jealous of singers! R Kelly, T pain, Bey, Solange, Autotune. I hope his kids sing lol
Troy Dee
Troy Dee 11 months ago
Jay Z was always protective of Beyonce and also very insecure. I believe Beyonce wasnt comfortable around Bun B and other other fellas lol
ballsoutballistic 11 months ago
I know White people are BIG MAD about bey helping Black owned businesses 😆😆😆😆😆 “what about ussssss?!?!?? 😫” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “white businesses matter!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭” 💀
Willie Hill III
Willie Hill III 11 months ago
Jus happened with the wrestler and his son.😢😢😢RIP
stonedbori840 11 months ago
That was her best video ever. Pink skirt. Hottest in the game at the time.
Henry Ortiz
Henry Ortiz 11 months ago
I don't know why anyone has respect for satantist camel lips
Jermaine Townsend
Jermaine Townsend 11 months ago
cedric wade
cedric wade 11 months ago
Good movie in the making with a titanic ending.. r.i.p.
The Urban Cat
The Urban Cat 11 months ago
The real is losing ratings. She's smart to walk away before the ship sink's. Don't forget JayZ had issue with Sean Paul. JAY got money but he's insecure inside..why would Bun B lie. I believe him.
Homer The Don
Homer The Don 11 months ago
Let it be known, you east coast cats are the biggest simps out the nation.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 11 months ago
So I wonder how Jay acted when destiny's child did the video for soldier. Weren't there a lot of men on that video shoot.
The Bosley Affair
The Bosley Affair 11 months ago
Charlamane stay on Amanda’s jock. It’s gross.
Felipe Solis
Felipe Solis 11 months ago
Bun B was undressing Queen Bee with his eyes.
The Difference
The Difference 11 months ago
Clear the room😂🤣😅
V. Scott
V. Scott 11 months ago
Why did you choose this picture of her, it's creepy.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 11 months ago
Why did her son need to be saved? Why was she not wearing a life jacket? If she got him on the boat, how was she unable to simply hold on to the boat?
Camilo Cardenas
Camilo Cardenas 11 months ago
the ruvid.net/video/video-5pQvM9ZY41k.html future and what is to come.
Monica Williams
Monica Williams 11 months ago
That didn't sound like Bun
DJ Chedda
DJ Chedda 11 months ago
Prayers...Damn Shame..
Momomils 298
Momomils 298 11 months ago
Charla shut up. You deserve Donkey of the Day for that comment about Naya Rivera.
Cecilia Webster
Cecilia Webster 11 months ago
Bun💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 the GOAT💯
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 11 months ago
cause even if he the type to not trust dude's around his chick, he shouldn't have been with her if he couldn't trust her around dude's.
Lee Oates
Lee Oates 11 months ago
Bullshit! She is a star! Her phone would have been on record! Where is her phone?
Bmore Pretty
Bmore Pretty 11 months ago
That's what happened to Sean paul too.. And Bun B sound professional as shit, like he teach Rap History at Oxford University
The Man w/No Name
The Man w/No Name 11 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-1nydxbGhgv8.html 🔥🔥🔥
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 11 months ago
my stomach hurts now 😥
Ahmed Howell
Ahmed Howell 11 months ago
That don’t sound right
Armonee Williams
Armonee Williams 11 months ago
Dam nya rip sweetheart 🙏🏾
Hood Handyman
Hood Handyman 11 months ago
They all unanimously agree to jay-z and his controlling creepy behavior knowing if it were anyone ealse they would be like nah bro you trippin
jeff ghant
jeff ghant 11 months ago
Why did her son need to be saved? Why was she not wearing a life jacket? If she got him on the boat, how was she unable to simply hold on to the boat?
jeff ghant
jeff ghant 11 months ago
@kojo asare I'm dead effing serious. She's the one who put her son in danger in the first place unless there was a third party involved but no one has suggested foul play. And it's not like they were in the middle of a storm. I feel bad she died but I want more info.
kojo asare
kojo asare 11 months ago
Are you bring serious with your comment??
Clyde Murphy
Clyde Murphy 11 months ago
Hey you guys got your bictcorn
Jake The Snak3
Jake The Snak3 11 months ago
Exactly why I don’t go swimming in deep water now
Jerome Kirby
Jerome Kirby 11 months ago
He didnt say his mom saved him..what they trin to do..save her legacy..
Macaroni-Roni Solobanger
Loss on word that just hit the soul tough 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Shawn Watkins
Shawn Watkins 11 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-gAS-gHEUFg8.html truth
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 11 months ago
He's mad that she has guys around her, yet he's around how many side chicks? 🙄 Men
SCOTT FREE 11 months ago
William Mangus
William Mangus 11 months ago
She was beautiful rest easy angel
ferrari ls
ferrari ls 11 months ago
Spell Entanglement....... can you use the word in a sentence... Jada and August had an entanglement last night 😂😂😂
slimThick Jones
slimThick Jones 11 months ago
Omg I was hoping they found her alive but had a gut feeling she was gone when it was a pic of her mom's at the water with her arms to the sky I had that feeling then jesus smh my stomach hurts now 😥
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 11 months ago
Click bait
Lito Iglesias
Lito Iglesias 11 months ago
Can’t believe that’s Bun B talking lol
Solo Smith
Solo Smith 11 months ago
She was probably told to sacrifice her child, she was on the way to sacrifice her child just as how all these Hollywood people force all these actors to do. She didn't have the heart to do it, so she ended up being the sacrifice aka "chicken". No one goes out that far by themselves away from any people seeing them, without a life jacket? That was premeditated, she was given instruction to make the sacrifice to Moloch. Charlamagne sounded like he knew what it was but pretended to not speak about it cause or they'll nick cannon him.
Jaime Torres
Jaime Torres 11 months ago
Way to defend Jay; but considering all the other reports of his jealously, dude is soft.
MentallyCrafted 11 months ago
Bun b's voice though?
YS Entertainment
YS Entertainment 11 months ago
Jay's insecurity is hilarious af. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
carbon.the. christ
carbon.the. christ 11 months ago
Seems like its more about what she's wearing at the time other men are around. How about you tell your Christian wife to put some clothes on Jay?Your wife should never be half naked in front of other men in my opinion.
Samil101 11 months ago
I want to hear that little boy say that out of his own mouth🤔
SalmanTheDon 11 months ago
Will smith would never do that
chriz Tommy
chriz Tommy 11 months ago
I bet you Da PIMP new his kind that's why he didn't want to do that song with him FYI Big Pimpin
chriz Tommy
chriz Tommy 11 months ago
He did it for Bun
Martavian James
Martavian James 11 months ago
chriz Tommy but he did it any way it blew up
Tonya's Darkroom007
Tonya's Darkroom007 11 months ago
What's weird is that the sun did not report that she was struggling or screaming?? Maybe that'll come out later in the reports but... Those creepy videos with her in water and the statements she made on Instagram or whatever social media it was, makes me feel like it was suicide.
elm1230 11 months ago
The video was going to be broadcast across the world, with millions of men’s eyes ogling Beyoncé’s body regardless. So what’s the point of “clearing the room”? You interfere with my business and we’re gonna have a problem.
Natalia Rosario
Natalia Rosario 11 months ago
Naya died happy because she knew she rescued her son. She sacrificed herself and life to save him 😞
Clubber Lang
Clubber Lang 11 months ago
I thought that was uncle Phil
Sharina Prather
Sharina Prather 11 months ago
Bey good
Josh Gonzalez
Josh Gonzalez 11 months ago
Click bait
tony jones-clark
tony jones-clark 11 months ago
Naaaah, something's OFF about this. She only had enough energy to save herself but didn't have enough energy to hold on to the SIDE of the boat? Yeah something's OFF with this, smh!!!
DP 3633
DP 3633 11 months ago
What about the Hispanic businesses
Rondell Young
Rondell Young 11 months ago
Jay Z seems Insecure
brizzy2121 11 months ago
Insecure ! Protect ya queen at all costs. Some men are wreckless around women. Don't blame him
kagiso segami
kagiso segami 11 months ago
I’m not surprised 😂 cheaters stay being the most protective or insecure ones in the relationship
JKG 11 months ago