Built 150FT MEGA SLIP N SLIDE into NEW POND! ($25,000 Backyard Project)

Funk Bros
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Jul 17, 2019

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Comments 3 382
Toby Lach
Toby Lach 20 hours ago
Tree swing
Nathan Congleton
Rock wall?
Katie Hanks
Katie Hanks 2 days ago
I wanna come do stuff but I live far away but still let me come
Grady Mamer
Grady Mamer 3 days ago
You guys still have pnova
james_ add
james_ add 3 days ago
Need to go down that on a bike 👌✌️
Ryan Puntin
Ryan Puntin 3 days ago
i wish i could come
Dre Wallis
Dre Wallis 4 days ago
Invite a fan out to play with you guys on the slide.
Andrew Vera
Andrew Vera 5 days ago
I wish I was a content creator to go on that sick slide
Deshawn 2x
Deshawn 2x 5 days ago
fun to watch
Kayle Hot
Kayle Hot 6 days ago
“We’re ready to have the best summer ever” Me- I start school in 2 days...
Robbie Henry
Robbie Henry 6 days ago
Omg !!!! Y'all seem like an awesome group of guys. Keep up the great work in everything U do.
Christine Harmse
Christine Harmse 6 days ago
What about a super slide into the pond
James Pk
James Pk 8 days ago
y’all should go on a snowboard
James Pk
James Pk 8 days ago
James Pk
James Pk 8 days ago
yeah he should
Captinpoobut 2004
A rope swing
Swift Luminous
Swift Luminous 8 days ago
People say ur lucky to live such a great life but it isnt look this hear is years and years of hard work and dedication like imagine how hard that slide would have been to make like 2 months geez
ItsTheLegend YT
ItsTheLegend YT 8 days ago
Next year make it LIT so I can go
ItsTheLegend YT
ItsTheLegend YT 8 days ago
I wanna go
butteryboi 9 days ago
is any 1 esle subed to ibp
Shanna Blaylock
Shanna Blaylock 9 days ago
Kapron should do a game of flip with flip like z
Christopher Charlebois
Can one of the funk Bros DM mean because I'm going through a really hard time
The Rocker
The Rocker 10 days ago
you gys are cool ben subed since 1m
Kaitlyn Merino
Kaitlyn Merino 10 days ago
1 mill view
steven burnham
steven burnham 10 days ago
corey/capron, plan the biggest surprise fun day for an orphanage. please!!!!!
TWO BADAPP 10 days ago
Tht water is gonna get nasty
byemiiles 11 days ago
Ummm don’t you need a filter ? 😂it’s gonna get all nasty in like a week
Thomas Sileo
Thomas Sileo 12 days ago
Scooters in pool
Reese Sparks
Reese Sparks 12 days ago
Put chlorine in it
That Flyin Ryan
That Flyin Ryan 12 days ago
want a fpv pilot to chase you guys hmu im down to collaborate !!!!
Lina Smart
Lina Smart 12 days ago
that's not knew when you look back at there other videos they used it already are you guys acting stupid. what the funk. get you Thomas out of here
Greenersen ARMY
Greenersen ARMY 12 days ago
Oh my goodness that looks fun I want to friends with them so bad
Malek Aldagher
Malek Aldagher 12 days ago
Fuck you tanner fox
Vikrum Kahlon
Vikrum Kahlon 12 days ago
I have
Reagan Stabach
Reagan Stabach 13 days ago
With your zip line you should make it go to the pool
Reagan Stabach
Reagan Stabach 13 days ago
Reagan Stabach
Reagan Stabach 13 days ago
I think you should do last to leave the Tesla wins a dog
Richard Vivian
Richard Vivian 13 days ago
I love you and this is what I will do and I will follow my dream and be a police woman from watching video
Pyrofrog Dj
Pyrofrog Dj 13 days ago
20 feet jump bored
j 13 days ago
put a loop on the slip n slide
Bevan Darke
Bevan Darke 13 days ago
We now know y LA is in a drought
Aiden Mackey
Aiden Mackey 14 days ago
Basketball trick shots
Literally Annabell
Literally Annabell 14 days ago
You guys should collaborate with yes theory
Daksh Sarawgi
Daksh Sarawgi 14 days ago
Fill the pool up with orbeez. that will be lit. then do a lip challenge plz
Sophie Oldham
Sophie Oldham 14 days ago
Make a water slide out of the black tubes again into the pond
Kevin Luna
Kevin Luna 14 days ago
Dan Gaver
Dan Gaver 15 days ago
Subed buy me da battle pass please my user is yeeterthefetus
Roxy S
Roxy S 15 days ago
Yo, if u ever need a lifeguard i gotchu, im cpr and first aid certified cause this shit is crazy and if im there it might make shit less scary cause if u ko im there. also.... jet ski
Elliot Gregory
Elliot Gregory 15 days ago
You should add a fountain
Courbin Briggs
Courbin Briggs 15 days ago
Moving truck full of slime
lps everything
lps everything 15 days ago
Wouldn’t the water get super dirty if there is no filters??????
Finemal !
Finemal ! 15 days ago
Rope swing
Luis Jacobs
Luis Jacobs 16 days ago
What is the name of the background music?
Carrie Hopkins
Carrie Hopkins 16 days ago
Hi my name is carrie and I been watching you guys when you started RUvid me and my brother imo love you guys to or heart
Brandon Ikonya
Brandon Ikonya 16 days ago
Bro I thought y’all were joking when you told me you built this shit......
Abraham Felix
Abraham Felix 16 days ago
You guys should get a chapuline and Phillip with all plushies
Fawwaz Lawal
Fawwaz Lawal 17 days ago
DDE brought me here. Yeah I subscribed
Marguerite  Marie   Goupille
add a trampoline next to the pond and i love you guys good job Corey im so proud of u
Kaleb Ames
Kaleb Ames 17 days ago
Kaleb Ames
Kaleb Ames 17 days ago
Like this
Luyen Nguyen
Luyen Nguyen 17 days ago
Is that tanner fox girlfriend
Andrew Spink
Andrew Spink 18 days ago
To a kayak off of it
Robert-Wilson Reid
Robert-Wilson Reid 18 days ago
bike jump
Emma G
Emma G 18 days ago
Giant rope swing
Luis. O
Luis. O 19 days ago
Question, how will you keep the water clean ?
Isreal Vallejos
Isreal Vallejos 19 days ago
If I got negative 5 dollars for every time Korey said sketchy, I’d be broke poor homeless and in debt.
CHS FIGHTS 19 days ago
Woo! IBP was in this, just started watching.. And wait, YOU HAVE A VETTE!!!! MY FAVORITE
Evan Barton
Evan Barton 19 days ago
mod a powerwheels
heather Wooten
heather Wooten 19 days ago
u should do a rope swing off the tree house high dive
thomas bennett
thomas bennett 19 days ago
Make it so you zip line in the water
Isaac Estrada
Isaac Estrada 20 days ago
Instead of filling the pool with water ballons you should fill the pond with the water ballons
Golding Godly
Golding Godly 20 days ago
Build two tree houses and connect a zip line and then you can jump of the zip line
Mir Scopez
Mir Scopez 21 day ago
Y’all should let two people go right after each other and while the first person is in the air the second person flips the first persons legs in the air to do flips can I get a shoutout @ Nymir F (for mega water slip and slide
What_up Dogandcatlovers
Orbeez in a bubble thing
Aaron Beal
Aaron Beal 21 day ago
Fill the entire thing with orbeez or ball pit balls
unepic youtuber
unepic youtuber 21 day ago
If there was more trees around the pool, they should have a zip line going over it so they can fall in. That would be pretty cool.
Lucas Wysocki
Lucas Wysocki 22 days ago
Make it very very deeper
Jocee Miner
Jocee Miner 22 days ago
Does anyone ever wish while your watching there videos that u were with them the whole Time
Jocee Miner
Jocee Miner 22 days ago
I wonder what they water bill is lol
Thegod FR
Thegod FR 22 days ago
I wish I was there and be friends with y'all it's just that dont get hurt
Thegod FR
Thegod FR 22 days ago
Nice video,I liked subscribe be safe and have fun
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 23 days ago
You should add pond dye and make it blue
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