Building, Tuning & RIPPING My ULTIMATE NA Build! (2006 C6 Corvette Z06!)

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Feb 6, 2019




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Fasterproms Year ago
This was a fun build! Some of the best NA tq we have ever seen. For our customers budget and direction he wanted to go we optimized it the best we could. And He’s a close friend so I wouldn’t normally do doughnuts in anybody’s car! While yes if we replaced the clutch and ran a few more $$ parts we could’ve made more HP. If you guys are new to the channel check out some of our other videos there’s tons of info about builds, dogs, making power, and tuning! I see a lot of people think this is my car and I copied Cleetus.....first this is a customers car and a very high end z06 too boot. Not even similar to what he’s done with Ruby. Yes I bought a cop car but to compete with him, ford vs Chevy BTR VS TSP etc. unfortunately neither have been able to do that for one reason or another. We have other project cars that are very different, Escalade, Miata, and my fathers C4. Thank you for watching and I hope there’s something that you can take back out of this!
Neck Bone
Neck Bone 8 months ago
How much did this cost to get this car to this power lever to include your labor?
Dean Harris
Dean Harris Year ago
Mate take that miata the blue beast fly them eagles down the drag strip put some big ass slicks and a 200 HP shot of nose be the fastest out of all the cars plz buddy plz take here down strip I reckon 8s all day long buddy
justin bailey
justin bailey Year ago
Your a Freaking Animal!!! LOL Enjoying the content!!
Si Raff
Si Raff Year ago
@Matt Hurley I was waiting for the comments of "you're ripping donuts in a customers car?" or similar. Good to see the customer knows all about it and enjoys it.
Justin Weng
Justin Weng Year ago
@Jeremy. I'm so torn between a c6 z06 and a 2017 Camaro ss. What's your take on the two?
V8 passion
V8 passion Month ago
How is the drivibility with this cam? Think this set up would be suitable to a street driven only vette. Jeremy, always doing great work. Had a few cars tuned by him.
Florida Lifestyle
Florida Lifestyle 2 months ago
Fasterproms do you have anything like this on a C5 with the LS1 or LS6 build? Can’t figure out what to do on heads. If port 241’s and valve job or get 243/799 and just put them on or find a set of 243/799 and have ported or that are ported. Goal would be 450rwhp. Not sure if just going straight to a set of $1,000-$1400 heads would be over kill for that. Looking to do budget friendly HCI and bump compression on an LS1. Ported 241’s with good valve job and Miller for extra compression and thinner gasket, a good bump stick, and LS2 or LS6 intake. Only difference would be 243/799 with milled and valve job no porting. If that would yield 450ish I’m happy. Planning out an engine build for road racing.
Keith Rose
Keith Rose 3 months ago
What heads were used?
John 4 months ago
What kind of packages do you have for a 2007 ls2 A6 vette?
Carpathian 6 months ago
how much is that package?
Bruce McLean
Bruce McLean 8 months ago
*relates an LS7 to a Miata
Heddde 8 months ago
Hello, what do you think of putting a supercharger on a N/A build high compression ls7?
Heddde 8 months ago
@Fasterproms Never seen one but im thinking of doing it , should be intresting!
Fasterproms 8 months ago
Run good fuel n it’ll fly
Johnny Moran
Johnny Moran 10 months ago
How is the driveability in 6th gear?
Johnny Moran
Johnny Moran 10 months ago
My C6Z Z06 made 629/540, h/c/stock Intake headers, 93 octane, sbe.
Angelo Chokas
Angelo Chokas 2 months ago
Mine made 644 557 with headers only and cam
Daniel's Speed and Performance
As a custom motor Builder must say jermey I give mad props to Georgie he did a great job that Port work is very nice
0704Abhineet 11 months ago
This is probably best bang for the buck of the century. And Chevy reliability. And simple. Cant wait to Get my hands on one and send to faster proms!!! 😀
mageac 11 months ago
given more or less the same hp n/a is always the way to go!.... other then streetability i guess
Jeffrey Le Fevre
Jeffrey Le Fevre 11 months ago
Always love George’s reaction when doing street pulls 🤪
John Guilford
John Guilford 11 months ago
What would your set up naturally aspirated 2007 c6 base corvette aww auto with 28k miles. Cam headers so on what would you recommend?
Verle Cox
Verle Cox 11 months ago
Awesome build I have to know what ones it cost to get over 600 whip on the z06
Roman Horbal
Roman Horbal 11 months ago
Can you list parts list in this video in descriptions? Where is your shop located?
Kevin Olsen
Kevin Olsen Year ago
I think this is my next car. That's an almost identical graph to my single turbo C5Z that Jeremy tuned. Its the perfect power level for the street. To do that N/A and not lose any driveability is just amazing.
Ronar Toribio
Ronar Toribio Year ago
This same car/build is up for sale, that’s how I found this video. Awesome Quality Build👌🏾💯
Uncle Deez
Uncle Deez Year ago
Wow your old car was GORGEOUS! Awesome engine build!!
Raven Cornell
Raven Cornell Year ago
Working at a dealer I’ve had the chance to drive and work on the C5 C6 & C7 Z06’s, by far the 6 is my favorite, not only to drive but also work on.
Scott Cardwell
To me that was the best video I've seen from you yet, that is all around my dream car, the first year of the biggest most powerful small block ever built.... all aluminum 427 small block... love it, someday I will own one, for know this veteran is still restoring a 1985 C4 that's five years overdue.... thanks again for the wonderful videos...
Xineering LLC
Xineering LLC Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Vhr-1lgqMhA.html So NICE!
Doublevanoz Year ago
I like smaller revvy engines & always wanted a destroyed ls7 spinning to 9k
G D Merlan Vil
This is by far my favorite video, you can tel Jeremy loves this setup
AN1 Year ago
Bulshit Grandpa Jeremy you are the biggest pussy ever you don't like power adders LOL
William Rouse
William Rouse Year ago
You guys should build a flat plane crank build
VetteNutt05 Year ago
Man i wish you could tune my car j You shouldn't have sold yours
BumbleB Flow
BumbleB Flow Year ago
Id like more info on this package. Dont know how to contact
Dean Harris
Dean Harris Year ago
I know a Holden 6 cylinder early old red motor 3.3 liter making 700 HP and 535 talk not bad for a Na engine Hey
Dean Harris
Dean Harris Year ago
@Fasterproms lol wasn't bleeding distrespecful lol just saying lol but why we're at it lol why haven't you taking the blue miata the beast the vest car you got to drag strip yet that be the best one put the big ass slicks lol and if there hat not enough put 150/200 HP shot of noss lol it would be insane lol that would beet Ruby red lol even Na plz plz plz plz buddy take that sexy beast to track Jeremy it faster than you think lol Na all the way Iv got a build my self 400HP vl turbo engine out of a Holden commodore in a little car called a Toyota corolla 1981 model Ke 55 ways only 750kg power to wait ratio is insane lol I call him Frankenstein lol
Fasterproms Year ago
Yes but the tq isn’t there. And tq is king
Dean Harris
Dean Harris Year ago
Jeremy plz plz plz buddy put your miata down drags Big slicks 200 HP shot of nose the best car you have and you know it lol
gary mathews
gary mathews Year ago
great video ! too much to take in ! you know your stuff ! what gm lifters do you prefer ?
Tim Wheaton
Tim Wheaton Year ago
What would this kit cost to replacate ? Great video, new subscriber!!
Fasterproms Year ago
The car was completely stock I believe it was about 10-12k depending on options.
gary mathews
gary mathews Year ago
I bet that clutch don't last long with those power numbers
drewmorg Year ago
Shoot it to me straight guys, what's this package run?
drewmorg Year ago
@Fasterproms Nice, thanks.
Fasterproms Year ago
From completely stock to where it is now about 9-12k depending on options.
tradd Year ago
Holy shit that’s a ton of NA power. I really need a C6 Z06 next
Alex Golovchenko
You guys are super cool! That was a really fun video to watch, also learned a thing or two. I'd love to see that combo in a '69 Camaro! Much love from Canada, Alex G 🇺🇸🇨🇦
Thiago Santos
Thiago Santos Year ago
This video made my day! Great job guys!
Gregory Gramma
What's the price on this package?
Reaper5.56 Xx
Reaper5.56 Xx Year ago
My favorite car
0g tl72
0g tl72 Year ago
Thomas Halley
Thomas Halley Year ago
6600rpm and 155 in fourth. Gotta love that displacement power.
Man thank you for what you do! Love the knowledge and entertainment. Veteran here, truly appreciate your support. Hope to drive my c6z down for a tune one day.
Larry Sharpe
Larry Sharpe Year ago
The dogs make the show!!!!
Doublevanoz Year ago
Good freakin' video🤘 Destroke it open the bore n rev the shit out of it
Doublevanoz Year ago
6OOwheel with everything thrown at it, Is it even 1OOhp/L? 4.9 bmw v8 will do that
MOB Auto Boutique
I miss my C6Z. You actually tried to trade your ATS-V for my LSX C6Z when i posted it for sale!
0704Abhineet Year ago
Do you think the c6 zo6 will doo 1000whp safely with a pro charger without doing motor work? Like pistons and rods?
awash2004 Year ago
I may be looking into getting 06 Z06
Benjamin Croucher
New fan here. Found myself sitting here thinking to myself, "I like this guy. This is good stuff" Keep it up fellas!
Abhineet Aralikatti
This guy is a wizard/ Genius
Nate Avery
Nate Avery Year ago
Timing advance. Whatever. We know your using tuner sprinkles. LOL
Tyler Karon
Tyler Karon Year ago
We want to see Fasterproms vs Rob Dahm.
Faustino Cruz
Faustino Cruz Year ago
How much it would cost me to do all of that Heads cam headers
AK Year ago
Love the mirror checks after the pulls, Classic.
monkdogg TV
monkdogg TV Year ago
Did you ever think about doing a Mitsubishi 3000GT build?
Curious why you didn't use the NW TB on the ported intake? Wouldn't that have been a better match? Likewise, I typically see people use 2" headers when at this power level, was there a reason you didn't go that direction? My C6Z is down in Boca for the winter, but I'm interested in having the H/C/I and tuning done before I bring it back up north for the summer or possibly when I bring it back down there in the fall. I'd be interested in talking with you to do mine as well.
Fasterproms Year ago
Typically don’t see a gain at this power level with the NW. however around 700+ it becomes necessary
Tony Griffiths
So easy to love ..... the CS shape for a start beautiful ! Always good watching a good crew at work, along with the whole community. Cleetus gets in for a few frames, then everyones there. Fantastic guys, love you lots. So enjoyable :)
C.O.P Tuning Solutions Corvettes of Pasadena
What spark advance did you end up on 93 and then e85
Thomas Benedict
What e85 kit do you guys run?
eric jones
eric jones Year ago
Red Ruby's sister !!!!
Wes Boyd
Wes Boyd Year ago
Hell yea on giving a shout out to my local speed shop! Keith’s pit stop!
Dan W
Dan W Year ago
Man that lil' red Corvette really rips for a N/A engine!! Nice work you guys. Love the sound of that intake on a naturally aspirated engine, and that one is no exception!😁 The street tests are the real key to see how it does with the force of gravity working on the fuel system and everything else. Well done!😉👍👍
Stephen Hawkey
I've been lusting over a C6 Zr1, but over 600hp and less than 3100 lbs. That's a hard combo to dismiss, and there's always a little room for some nitrous.
Josh Year ago
The man the myth the legend!
Jim McCulloch
Jim McCulloch Year ago
Gents, James from the UK here, whats the software your running on the lap top ? Thanks
Fasterproms Year ago
Tim Year ago
Jeremy what's the gear ratio difference between my base 06 m6 with 342 gear to your 06 Z06 gears?
BIG STANK Year ago
This is a ls7 right
KingJhase Year ago
Those c7 style lights would look crazy on that beaut
Sam klien
Sam klien Year ago
There's nothing like a powerful NA car. Growing up my buddy I use to work with had a nova with a high compression small block and it made almost 500hp/476tq on pump gas and that car was one of the best cars to go beat on the power was always there with no wait. He also built it to be reliable we could hop in it and go a couple hundred miles no problem Nothing like hitting 150 in a blink of an eye on a back road praying for no deer to run out haha
crxvtec92 Year ago
I see goldens I hit like! Badass work, its amazing to see how much power it picks up!
ichi husni
ichi husni Year ago
This is the hot girl you want, and ruby are the easier sister you got
Dtobez Year ago
Just get a lsx454r makes like 770 na
Jonathan Hilt
Jonathan Hilt Year ago
If i send you my intakes and heads will you guys port them for me? I dont have alot of money tho lol
Christopher Mundahl
What would it take to make a reliable 8200rpm LS7?
GM Tuning
GM Tuning Year ago
Not sure if I missed it but is the clutch stock? Do you recommend the 08+ due to the tr6060 transmission or would you say the 06-07 t56 is strong enough in the c6z? Thanks Jeremy
Cory Pierce
Cory Pierce Year ago
Years ago I called and had Jeremy spec the cam for my 06 Z06. It was everything you could want in terms of power production with just the right drivability compromise to power production if that makes sense. After all these years the specs are almost exactly the same. Gosh I miss that car. Great video. Keep them coming. God bless
jgenova48 Year ago
How much did you charge the owner to do all this work? Just curious
MartinAv_ Official
I have a trunion kit but I’ve heard, read etc. That trunion always fails more than the needles... undecieded on what to do :/ HELP!!
Justin Helsene
You made awesome power with this setup! I had a 2007 corvette Z06 with ported stock heads, cam, intake, E85 and cat back exhaust. Made 567 whp and it was so much fun to drive. Miss it! Great video.
Chris Pollard
Chris Pollard Year ago
Wow this is impressive. What would be the future of this build to make more power? Due to the compression bump would it be nitrous? Might be worth looking into for my next drift car engine....
Ivana Notyers
Ivana Notyers Year ago
Nice ! ! ! Would bigger injectors and reduced duty cycle help?
Mikie's Mustangs
I love your channel bud you get so excited when you do this stuff its awesome keep the great videos coming 👍👍😀😀
Avalanche2 Year ago
Shocked how little E85 got this car.
Turbo goat
Turbo goat Year ago
What is the insulation that you used on the valley pan and does that help with a turbo’d application?
Josh Wynn
Josh Wynn Year ago
If these motors make that much power, is it possible to get a stroker, just over 400", to make around 600whp? I'm rebuilding my 403 right now, and I'd like it to be able to go low 10's on motor. Not sure where I'll be with weight, but I've pulled a good amount from the front, and added a cage. It went mid 30's before, near full weight, so I'm hoping it'll be possible! I'm in Cape Coral, and it'd be nice to get you to tune my car. I believe the tune in it prior to making the changes I did, was off...so, I'm not about to run a fresh motor on a questionable tune!
Reccallo TimTom
Wait, I didn't even think that it has an LS9 in it, right? My brother had an 07 Z06 with the LS9 and a 6 speed and that car was a beast from the factory. He sold his 2002 Trans Am WS6 to a guy in Sweden for over $30k with 6000 miles on it and used that to buy his custom ordered black on black 07 Z06 for $84,000. I loved that car. He drove it for 5000 miles and sold it too to buy a new Camaro ZL1. He still has his old restored 74 Z28 and he bought another 72 Camaro and restored it as well. I wish I had made the same kind of decisions he made with his money. He lives in a newly built $750k house in Florida and I live in a fucking hovel outside of Pittsburgh.
Reccallo TimTom
@SS OFFSHORE Yeah, I know, I made a mistake. Thanks though.
C6Z comes stock with the LS7, not LS9.
Crusader_2007 Year ago
Max Gee
Max Gee Year ago
Nice job! I am curious if you tuned this SD only?
GM Tuning
GM Tuning Year ago
Same here, please let us know Jeremy, thanks
David Windsor
David Windsor Year ago
Nasty nasty. NA 😉😨
Motorcity Garage
Nice running that cam in my lq4 swap s15 Jimmy
Mine, Shall not be infringed
What kind of money does this cost to get done? Big ballpark.
Jeff Year ago
Did he just cut the stock lowering bolts on that car or use aftermarket lowering bolts? It sits nice!
James Szabo
James Szabo Year ago
Love the content Jeremy, I need you to sprinkle your magic dust on my vette.
9sec NJDEV1L Camaro
I did the same insulation under my intake manifold on my Camaro. Something not alot of people think about 😉
9sec NJDEV1L Camaro
My goodness those silver cup wheels look absolutely amazing on the Zo6
Jason J Deane
Jason J Deane Year ago
That's fucking savage love ya work.
BadLuckBen Year ago
To bad it doesnt have a 5.3 in it😂😂
FrenchCoops Year ago
You should give it a wing like the new vette
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