Building the Xbox Series X Rip-off PC

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Linus builds a gaming PC in a case that looks kind of similar to the forthcoming Xbox Series X, the NZXT H1. It’s got an Intel 9900K and an RTX2070 Super for good measure, though 😉
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Mar 31, 2020




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Comments 80
BloodnGutz43 3 hours ago
What no thermal paste or pad , never saw it applied or talked off ? cpu costs more than my computer, notebook, laptop and last Motor all together ?
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 3 hours ago
Linus: *drops the sign on the door* Me: Oh sh...ah well, it is a Linus Tech Tips video
Tarkan Huseyin
Tarkan Huseyin 3 hours ago
How much does this series X rip off cost think I will just get the series x
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green 6 hours ago
It's pronounced Zee
Michplay 20 hours ago
0:55 I just rewatch this a few times
Adam Sandburg
Adam Sandburg 22 hours ago
$500?! damn it! i was getting excited about this case
Rubens Mateus
Rubens Mateus 23 hours ago
I like how Linus is always patient enough to explain the entire process of installing a CPU (5:31), even though he is doing it for the thousandth time. This kind of atittude pays respect to tech newbies like me, and I've much appreciate.
Aidan Behrens
Complete novice here! Looks simple enough to me!
Alfonso 2 days ago
all riser card depending chasseys have the same major downside of uncertain future upgradability to the PCIe4.0 Standard. especially now as we see B550 boards and next gen GPUs comming out. who wants to have an empty chassey that nobody wants on ebay in 2years standing in the shelf taking on dust.
Shadow Beats
Shadow Beats 2 days ago
i wanna build a pc but i don't want to cable manage
Minecraft Detinator
I can't do this cuz my dad thinks I will break something
facrs 2 days ago
I'm nervous every time Linus twist the case and shake everything...
Jack Eagle
Jack Eagle 2 days ago
Most people: NZXT Linus: NZEDXT
Nicholas Blackburn
Wow that cost more than my whole socket a server..😲
DANK 2 days ago
reminds me of the mod I did to my Coolermaster Elite 130
Brad Cozine
Brad Cozine 2 days ago
What changes would you make to make a decent VR machine? (read: HL:Alyx)
Sub Ripper
Sub Ripper 2 days ago
As someone that's never built a PC before, you made this look as simple as a Lego set. 👌
Lawrence Nj Nj
Lawrence Nj Nj 2 days ago
I have the price list right here-😂 Rtx 3060-$500 Rtx 3060 super_$600 Rtx 3070 $650 Rtx 3070s- $750 Rtx 3080 - $850 3080 super - $1000 Rtx 3090 - $1500 Price to performance consoles win. If gaming is all that you want to play with consoles and a cheap pc fr vid editing
Mark Jagodzinski
Mark Jagodzinski 2 days ago
Coming from a novice (at least by Linus's standards, I've built 2 PC's), I'd say this looks far more complicated than a typical build.
Gavin Kendig
Gavin Kendig 2 days ago
Do you still apply thermal paste before attaching the cooling system to the board?
Sir Charles
Sir Charles 3 days ago
Sure it's nice and easy, but how much "nice and easy tax" does it add? I'm planning on building my first PC soon and I'm looking at these more compact mATX/ITX builds, but they do seem tricky to get right. This case might make fitting all the parts easier, but I don't think it'll fit my budget lol.
Justin Patterson
Justin Patterson 3 days ago
I like how it looks. Bar the windowed side panel. They need a mesh version. Also not a fan of water loops. Air coolers only get dusty and dead fans. Water cooling can leak or have the pump die on top the other problems I mentioned.
you might find this interesting NZXT H700 PUBG LIMITED EDTION TOWER www.newegg.com/pubg-edition-nzxt-h700-pubg-atx-mid-tower/p/N82E16811146293?Description=NZXT%20H1&cm_re=NZXT_H1-_-11-146-293-_-Product&quicklink=true
my tower is different. COUGAR QBX NO GLASS TO WORRY ABOUT I HATE GLASS. PANELS However the motherboard is the very same ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING MOTHERBOARD and the CPU is the same i9-9900K I went and F**K CORSAIR and gone with GSKILL TRIDENT ROYAL GOLD 16GB (2X8GB) 3600 MHz 16-16-16-36 RGB BLING. I did check on NEWEGG on that NXXT H1 sorry not sold there. on NZXT ONLINE STORE WOW that is price HIGH $350.00 and OUT OF STOCK However what you get for your $350.00 US DOLLARS you do get a 650W power supply. and a water cooler for the CPU. that price dose sound about right. it is a three piece set. if I had one I will get rid of the glass and go with PLEXI GLASS. PANELS
Fares Sdiri
Fares Sdiri 3 days ago
It looks more like the xbox was a ripoff of this.
Akash Chopra
Akash Chopra 3 days ago
Is it possible to take apart the new Xbox console and use the cpu and gpu on my pc? I would guess amd has some protection against that but I haven't heard anything. Anyone know?
Arden Nielsen
Arden Nielsen 3 days ago
0:50 those times ya wish you could have just stayed home watching Netflix with the girlfriend... blooper clip collage.
gonner221 4 days ago
I haven't built a PC in 20 years. I could probably build this.
Lord Bacon
Lord Bacon 4 days ago
This looks easier than most builds on this channel
Akeem Joffer
Akeem Joffer 5 days ago
This is fake,bro....you built something way better than the Xbox Series X...... *unsubscribing*
ReZero Reattention
he should've named the video: Building a Fridge PC
Aidan Fails
Aidan Fails 6 days ago
I only have 6 gigs of hyperx ddr3 ram 😥
Jeffrey Justice
Jeffrey Justice 6 days ago
So I know this isn't comparable in price to the Xbox series X but is everyone ignoring N Zed X T? My American ass is experiencing culture shock lol.
Jack0A7 6 days ago
PC MacGyver
PC MacGyver 7 days ago
I actually really appreciate seeing some different games for benchmarks since we don't all play what's most popular.
deegz713 7 days ago
for sff this seems easier, but for a full sized PC this seems equally as difficult
Inter-dimensional Lizard
How much would this all cost?
TMRurtrashkid YT
TMRurtrashkid YT 7 days ago
I’m gonna do my first build with a rtx 2060 super and a Ryzen 5 3600 the only thing I’m nervous about is installing Windows I have no idea how to do that
João Matheus
João Matheus 6 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-RYYoCXh2gtw.html&t this should help
VETBUILD 8 days ago
soooo, this is nowhere near what an xbox series x uses....lol you lost me at "intel i9 9900k"...lol
Tech Notice
Tech Notice 8 days ago
" Go ahead an cut" 😂
liam flies planes
This looks way more complicated
Nuttii Monkii
Nuttii Monkii 8 days ago
Only built my first PC like a week ago, this looks maybe a bit easier because of the pre-managed cables and gravity fit stuff that seems easy to install. However most of the issues I dealt with were just nervousness dealing with fragile parts, and dealing with little nuanced and very specific rules for each component. Things an experienced person would say "well duh" were things I was stuck trying to figure out. Other than that the only real way to learn is to get hands on and try it. Had a blast and I'm enjoying my new PC.
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 8 days ago
How are u going to tell me not to wait for the series x but this barely runs at 50 FPS and doesn’t have ray tracing
Gyrate 9 days ago
As soon as he put that cover on I was thinking that's ballsy! I bet that's coming apart! Oh I had to rebuild the entire rig and it turned out to be a bad wire. I recommend this build to anyone lol. Wth did I just watch. Oh I see... NZXT thanks for sponsoring this your stuffs amazing!
Wesleigh Styles
Wesleigh Styles 9 days ago
Prefer the Xbox
Marvin Gulanes
Marvin Gulanes 9 days ago
oh no linus shaved
Graham Broadbelt
Graham Broadbelt 9 days ago
Rip off?? The computer is best part of £1600 lol
Fucking YouTube-Ads
this is not even close to a xbox. xbox has a optical disc drive. and not a usb external one but a internal. you should used the Silverstone FT03 Mini as the case. Beautiful case and it has an internal odd.
Cedric 9 days ago
I'm trying to figure out if a 2080ti would fit in this case. Anyone know?
Max Ortiz
Max Ortiz 9 days ago
Linus: The sign on the door isn't centered. Moments later: *dies inside*
datenkind 9 days ago
340 € for a case? yolo!
IdoNOThaveaBoss 9 days ago
Hmm - no RGB?
megasniper117 10 days ago
where the blu ray drive?
Roland Chauvin
Roland Chauvin 10 days ago
One of my destiny 2 clan mate literally just bought that caee
Yousonofadingus 10 days ago
n zed x t? come on linus, im canadian and even i say n zee x t
Franzy7 10 days ago
Isn't the graphics card gonna suffocate?
james johnson
james johnson 10 days ago
AberratedRant 10 days ago
the way he pronounce nzxt as nzxt is something you need to accept because he ain't gonna say nzxt
Ty Nelson
Ty Nelson 10 days ago
I feel like my build in the NZXT H510i was significantly easier this looks like a lot of f*kin around
Sebaztian Barns
Sebaztian Barns 10 days ago
The moment you showed what memory you used, I knew you should have grabbed LPX cards instead
protocol 5
protocol 5 10 days ago
this makes the xbox x series look like its a discount version of this pc with branding
Jareds Pc Account
Jareds Pc Account 10 days ago
that moment when the case costs half the console
Ancil Cedeno
Ancil Cedeno 10 days ago
did you use thermal paste on cpu
Throckmorton The Shredder
pump inside radiator is a "dodge asetek patent" thing
NotReean 11 days ago
My first gaming pc took me like 6 hours over a span of 2 days, buy my second one took me an hour and a half XD
jmtardogno 11 days ago
Linus I swear watching you build tbis was so entertaining. I think I’ll stick with mid-full tower cases myself. I kinda have big hands and working in small towers is not for me. I much preferred watching you struggle with it. And the goofs at the end when you tried to boot it reminded me so much of my very first build when we went to turn it on and it wouldn’t, and I almost panicked before my friend who came to help noticed we didn’t switch the PSU on 😂 it’s the little things man
Begawan Samad
Begawan Samad 11 days ago
It looks some but I would prefer building in a larger enclosure for easier access.
Davide Madera
Davide Madera 11 days ago
"I was wondering where the black screws were originally, nobody would leave extras pieces..." 🗨😉🌀🎭🛠🌌
Slaughter SteelGrave
So if that integrated pump dies, do you buy a new case?
Upcoming 12 days ago
Linus in most videos: " be very careful with your mobo, any hand grease or scraping can kill it." Also linus: *man handles every mobo with no regard*
Rudi Ansah
Rudi Ansah 12 days ago
🇺🇸USA ♥ℹ✔🏛🌏🌎🌍good pc
theglock 12 days ago
After all that messing around this video has now convinced me to buy a Xbox Series X.
TheGingerGene 1
TheGingerGene 1 11 days ago
its not that hard to build if you get a bigger case
Edward Drury-Mole
Edward Drury-Mole 13 days ago
I do this for a living still looks impossible the way you do it Linus
Mike Deadland
Mike Deadland 13 days ago
i have one of those shuttle!! how could i resto mod it?
Kevin Ip
Kevin Ip 13 days ago
I have built full watercool, but I would pick this system - desk space is critical.
Leoo 13 days ago
Linus drop Tipps
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 14 days ago
Jordan Cotnoir
Jordan Cotnoir 14 days ago
so anything shaped like a box is a ripoff of other things shaped like a box?
Ilyas Shoaib
Ilyas Shoaib 14 days ago
I didn’t know why I watched this video when im only 8
mainsikitsikit 14 days ago
It does look easier for novices.
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