Building The Ultimate Mac Pro

Austin Evans
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Matt's 2010 Apple Mac Pro is about to get the biggest upgrade it's ever seen.
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Feb 9, 2019

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Comments 2 026
Austin Evans
Austin Evans 5 months ago
Every time someone subscribes to This Is Matt gets closer to becoming a real boy.
Cedric Haberhausen
Can You Post The Part's List you guys used for the Upgrade
TheEpicDiamondMiner 3 months ago
Matt or us?
Roosco Studios
Roosco Studios 5 months ago
Austin Evans could you do the ultimate new Nintendo 2ds xl
ClawRic Day ago
*12 core processor not super impressive* Cries in 2 cores and 2 threads
Strawberry flavored Funions
Hey Austin I have a old MacBook Pro-like 2008 model-could you bump it up thx
jotaroxtreme 3 days ago
I used to have a 2009 Mac Pro that I updated the CPU's in to be 2 6-core 12-thread Xeon X5650's. That thing was a beast. I played games on it and was able to multi task no problem. The problem though is it took up too much energy for my setup and I had to scale back. I do miss it though. It was a fantastic machine. The last product from Apple that I really liked.
Zebedee Pitterson
Great video! Where can I find all these parts?
Interceptor 7 days ago
Why not build a Hackintosh with this amount of money?
DGW 404
DGW 404 11 days ago
i bought an entire 12-core 3ghz system from an african computer shop in nyc for $500. best day of my tech life.
Dexter Estacion
Dexter Estacion 14 days ago
You forgot the $999 Stand
Robert DeMarco
Robert DeMarco 14 days ago
Can you add a USB-C port?
Robert DeMarco
Robert DeMarco 14 days ago
How much would you charge me to build for me?
CumminsSuperduty1 16 days ago
I hate to tell you, but the lowly Ryzen 3600 would kill that thing.
Nighel Nijhuis
Nighel Nijhuis 16 days ago
I just purchased an early 2009 imac with dual cpus, 24gb ram, gtx 1050 (and original amd card) with wireless keyboard/mouse and a hp monitor for 425 euros and upgraded the cpus for 55 euros to x5675's :D
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 24 days ago
Cheesegrater: Trying so hard ey?
25 days ago
New Mac Pro...
Random22 25 days ago
I thought that was a powermac G5
IloveBaklava 26 days ago
is it possible to do two 12 core Intel Xeon's on the 4,1 or 5,1 for 24 total cores.
Julius Caedan
Julius Caedan 27 days ago
creepy views
Luis Pedro Gonzalez
It looks like the actual Mac Pro
Ярослав Истомин
Installl AMD video card?))) In my MacPro i install Nvidia GTX 980Ti Extreme Edition. In my MacPro i need CUDA for fast video and 3d render. And i will change 2 CPU to Xeon X5690. Its maximum CPU)
PCGoblin 5 days ago
Apple made it so nvidia cannot install their drivers. I lost a crap load of performance by upgrading from 10.13 to 10.14 with my official evga mac gtx 680. So running an AMD vega or rx card would be alot better than the 2080, or at least on the mac side.
Michael Beverley
I wish they would have said where they bought the tray from
Nam Khánh Đinh
Austin: This upgrade would only cost about 1000$ aside from the 14tb hard drive Me: Pshhh why do you need to upgrade it when you can buy the Apple pro stand for 1000$
Nhật Tân
Nhật Tân Month ago
So Mac pro 2019 bases on this ?
Screen Patch
Screen Patch Month ago
Your intro sounds like plainrock124’s intro
Shadow 24548
Shadow 24548 Month ago
I stopped after i foung out he was an apple user Btw you can make a better system for the same price and make it a macntosh
Tridentz_ Darkened
Shiki Aikawa
Shiki Aikawa Month ago
Try this with the new Mac Pro when it comes out in this fall. :-)
Robert Deloyd
Robert Deloyd Month ago
Everyone is purchasing and upgrading these mid 2010 Mac Pro 5,1 Crazy fast!
Adaer Melgar
Adaer Melgar Month ago
Hey! for the GPU Upgrade, i also have the rx 580. Is a Sata to 8 pin for the power advisable?
Zaya Kasten
Zaya Kasten Month ago
One more upgrade you could buy is a sonnet USB 3.1 gen 2 card which would give you a 10 Gb essentially thunderbolt one.
Lopezg2 Month ago
This video is still disliked just like I remember
John-Michael O'Brien
Will this system with a metal capable graphics card (RX-580) still not run OS Catalina? Am I stuck at Mojave...
nex0 Month ago
It should run every macOS if SSE4.2 is supported on your CPU and you have a Metal GPU. Ofc unofficially, but you can
Boissinova Month ago
0:23 “it’s truu” 😂
Cory Plum
Cory Plum Month ago
Honestly, I like this old version Mac Pro far more than 2019 one.
the direction of the graphics card faces in the video is way more reasonable than common non-macs pc are made nowadays. basically it is more efficient for the GPUs fan to face upwards so that the heat is easier to be transferred as the hot air is lighter... wishing that more motherboards will follow the same concept...
Brandon Kirkwood
This definitely isn’t the ultimate one but cool still. You should delid one and show the whole process I’m curious
Jorge Miguel Milano
the ultimate Matt Pro
Shreyas Ramesh
Shreyas Ramesh Month ago
Hey guys this is Exhausting
CAHSR Month ago
Uh... Um... Erm... Like... Ugh.
C Month ago
why you always got this fat fuck with the computers.
C Month ago
Zafryl Aiman yeah you ISIS fucker lmao
Zafryl Aiman
Zafryl Aiman Month ago
@C oh well looks like someone's going to hell
C Month ago
@Zafryl Aiman oh look we got an islamic terrorist over here
Zafryl Aiman
Zafryl Aiman Month ago
Cause he got a big brain in a big body, unlike u jealous brat
Steve Hodson
Steve Hodson Month ago
Sad that Catalina obsoletes these, I have mine maxed out too.
iamchillydogg Month ago
But how does it run Fortnite? 😂
Anthony Month ago
Who is this fat fuck?
Zafryl Aiman
Zafryl Aiman Month ago
Someone better than ur mom
B calm & humble
B calm & humble Month ago
Matt looked SO NERVOUS with Austin touching his pc.
Thanh Ho Sy
Thanh Ho Sy Month ago
I love watching the ExperssVPN ads so much!!
bbpetrov Month ago
buying the whole board with cpus and coolers and putting it in without CHECKING THE F@@CKING THERMAL PASTE instead of buying 2 cpus on aliexpress for way less money granted you this dislike!
Santoni Geek
Santoni Geek Month ago
Ah u forgot $999 pro stand it can help u increasing game fps and rendering 5000x more faster
the rohitk
the rohitk Month ago
Still the greatest design
Calvin O'Dell
Calvin O'Dell Month ago
anybody watching this thinking it was the new mac pro?
B calm & humble
B calm & humble Month ago
Fidel Month ago
Custom builds more affordable! :)
Sgt. Craig
Sgt. Craig Month ago
Cheese Grater Returns
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