Building The Ultimate Mac Pro

Austin Evans
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Matt's 2010 Apple Mac Pro is about to get the biggest upgrade it's ever seen.
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9 фев 2019

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Комментарии 2 037
Austin Evans
Austin Evans 14 дней назад
Every time someone subscribes to This Is Matt gets closer to becoming a real boy.
roosco's studios
roosco's studios 5 дней назад
Austin Evans could you do the ultimate new Nintendo 2ds xl
Bart 9 дней назад
No PICe SSD upgrade? CPUs are just 3.06GHz not 3.46GHz? No GeForce 2080 or at least 1080? Ultimate Mac Pro?
FlamingCows2 10 дней назад
Yea boi
M N 10 дней назад
When is the 2019 PC guide coming out?
PhantomCraftGaming 10 дней назад
oooff i feel the pain. i have a 2006 mac pro. el capitan flashed waiting for the new cpus to come
ChildishSinatra 16 часов назад
7:06 That's my boy Jimmy!
Jnic 17 часов назад
Wait a Mac you can upgrade?????
Kadii75 День назад
MB ASrock B450M Pro4 AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W Cooler Master masterbox q300l G.Skill AEGIS DDR4 8GB MSI 236r Radeon 570 8GB Barracuda Seagate 2TB hdd Intenso 128GB SSD Artic P12 Silent fan Is this a good pc for 600€
takumi nightcore
takumi nightcore День назад
You should have put in the GTX 1080 there are drivers for that
Accident Prone
Accident Prone День назад
Ultimate waste of money
Bobby 2 дня назад
I used to not like you that much but when i saw the verges build, i decided you werent that bad.
Adrian Rosales
Adrian Rosales 3 дня назад
Do an ultimate raspberry pi
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 4 дня назад
The old Mac pros were basically the top of the range optiplex
FBI : 4 дня назад
Now how in the hell does a dog break and iMac? I would like to know the story! Lol!
Henry 4 дня назад
install windows, get a new case, get a new everything
Stinky Cheese
Stinky Cheese 5 дней назад
But can it run minesweeper or tiktok?
Lalo Ajuria
Lalo Ajuria 5 дней назад
you tripled the cores...and got triple the cinebench...what a waste.
un Done!
un Done! 5 дней назад
What a pointless video.
Hen Mur
Hen Mur 5 дней назад
Matt pulls
Adarkjet 5 дней назад
What are the Geekbench scores? And will this help a DAW, such as Ableton, run faster? I've updated my 2009 to 5.1 with 3.46 six core processor and 16 gb of ram. Other than the SSD drive the processor upgrade didn't seem to make much difference. Will going to 32 GB ram make a significant difference?
Taha Shafiqi
Taha Shafiqi 6 дней назад
*changes clothes* "what is it 2 weeks later?"
babakht 6 дней назад
Did he say "Xenon" at 1:28 ? cause I think he did
Michael Oaks
Michael Oaks 6 дней назад
I need so much help with my pc
Martin Wood
Martin Wood 6 дней назад
I have a nvidia 1070 in my 12-core mac pro. CUDA life
Cody Maxwell
Cody Maxwell 6 дней назад
Dont worry Matt my wife says i get existed almost all the time, LOL. Really cool over haul on the old MAC.
Friday13th fan
Friday13th fan 6 дней назад
Back when apple made good products.
Catieria Shiblodski
Catieria Shiblodski 6 дней назад
Did i see a single core test on cinebench
Swag Dragons
Swag Dragons 6 дней назад
Make a "building the ultimate Razer gaming system".
D Torg
D Torg 6 дней назад
Or.... You could just build a new windows PC and hackintosh it. That is, if you REALLY need macos(windows forever)
Peetiegonzalez 7 дней назад
Why not put an NVME drive in it?
Peetiegonzalez 7 дней назад
Wouldn't you be better off sticking to 48GB RAM to take advantage of the 3-channel bus? If you populate all 64GB it will drop down to 2-channel. Sure it depends what you need it for, and whether speed is more important than that extra 16GB. Personally, my 3,1 has 64GB slightly slower mem than it can handle because it was literally 1/3 the price of the max speed. But the difference was not as big as 2ch v 3ch.
shahrom ab rahman
shahrom ab rahman 7 дней назад
Wrong subtitle on 4:51. It's 64. Not 16.
eternalknight 7 дней назад
I love Matt for playing Civ. Glad he got the upgrade.
Daniel Viktor
Daniel Viktor 7 дней назад
Im running a titan xp on my 3.1 mac with windows 10. So you can run a better gpu but you have to run windows on the macpro to do so
Luiz 7 дней назад
This is super random but I had a dream I met you and you gave me a tab of acid and then you morphed into Linus and we went to a cinema Dreams are weird yo + I should stop watching tech videos before bed
JItterRy PoKERy
JItterRy PoKERy 7 дней назад
Macs suck
im ZeR0
im ZeR0 7 дней назад
MegaNoahj 7 дней назад
Lol not ULTIMATE. needs Radeon VII
TransitBiker 7 дней назад
I have been contemplating upgrading my 2x dual core 2.66 ghz xeon mac pro 1.1 to 2x 4 core 3 ghz xeon, but i'm not really versed in that type of servicing of computers. If i mess up, my mac pro will be dead, and i will be out some money.
Alex W
Alex W 7 дней назад
My favorite Mac
Sean Place
Sean Place 8 дней назад
I bought a pair of Xeon X5650's 1 1/2 years ago for $35. In multicore, those CPU's are faster than my 6700k! 12 cores, 24 threads. Something that modern ~$300 CPU's are starting to reach.
Reksie 8 дней назад
What a unit
Robot voice
Robot voice 8 дней назад
Ultimate ds
Samuel T. White
Samuel T. White 8 дней назад
Hunk of junk.
Jon Andersen
Jon Andersen 8 дней назад
You should build the ultimate hackintosh
Kai Barney
Kai Barney 8 дней назад
Can you please try the wish Samsung galaxy S9 for 109$
ZEDZEDrick78 8 дней назад
ok the Hey guys intro needs to stop, its to much now imo. Its starting to annoy me for some reason.
Red_Xeno 8 дней назад
Is that GreekGodX
Randi Behrends
Randi Behrends 8 дней назад
Excellent video. Thank you.
Josh Groves
Josh Groves 8 дней назад
ryzen 7 1700.
Latoya WithanR
Latoya WithanR 8 дней назад
Tuniverse. dark
Tuniverse. dark 8 дней назад
Hey Austin, this is guys!
Gus Inc.
Gus Inc. 8 дней назад
Watching on a 2010 Mac Pro.
Steven Piper
Steven Piper 8 дней назад
Well, there goes a video idea... lol, no point in doing the same thing now, it would never get watched... oh well
Pablo 8 дней назад
How about the power consumption??
Aysah Spades
Aysah Spades 8 дней назад
The Mac Pro that was upgradable was an absolute powerhouse. Apple do power users a massive disservice by Not offering a brand new Mac Pro.
LuksBroo 8 дней назад
does this also work on a 2008 mac pro?
Squishy Poo
Squishy Poo 9 дней назад
god i fucking hate your intro... HeY GuYESS, tHIs iS aUsTIn!... Like no shit, i know who it is. I can fucking see you!
just a game
just a game 9 дней назад
Do you still use iPhone x?
Nike Mldc
Nike Mldc 9 дней назад
This system is from 2010 um hello rx 580 is from 2016
rcradiator 9 дней назад
Boo, I was hoping for an entire teardown of the chassis to accommodate modern parts. There are build logs which adapt the chassis to take much more modern parts. This is still cool, but it's a bit boring.
TacticalModdingz 9 дней назад
Heyyy Guys,this is AUSTIN
Brian Douglas
Brian Douglas 9 дней назад
Why on God's earth would you sync so much money on a crap product. You can get a modern computer for 1200 bucks that would be so much better that this pos. Stop trying so hard to sell this being cheap. This is just a stupid idea. People don't do this.
HRod Music
HRod Music 9 дней назад
3:02 thank me later
TomWi 9 дней назад
Is it possible to switch to a vega or readon VII graphics card in this system? and would that change anything in terms of system performance?
abhishek chaudhary
abhishek chaudhary 9 дней назад
if my dog ever break my imac screen. I will sell my dog to the chinese market.
Weekend Builds
Weekend Builds 9 дней назад
I've done this to 3 different vintages of mac pro towers. By showing a 3.06GHz clock it looks like you took it to dual X5675. you can always push those a little further and drop in the X5690 and push that to 3.46GHz base speed. I wouldn't waste money on delidded CPUs , just grab a matched pair on ebay. You don't need to delid them for the stock coolers. You do need to watch voltages though as the X5690 is a 130w chip, unlike 90w that apple shipped stock. I can confirm that the stock PSU will run dual X5690s as well as a Quadro K5000 without issue under 100% load. They still make great video and 3d graphics machines.
Bryton Massie
Bryton Massie 9 дней назад
Mac Pro/G5 Cases are the best for modding and custom PCs.
Manuel Gaming
Manuel Gaming 9 дней назад
With the money he spent to "upgrade it" he could have bought a newer and faster Mac book like boyyyyyyy
Julius Torre
Julius Torre 9 дней назад
Did you Liquid Metal it? If not and it's using the stock TP. It's crap
nakyer 9 дней назад
Hey Austin... Are you aware that The Verge did a copyright strike against Kyle (Bitwit) for his parody of their failed computer-build video? Don't think I need to tell you it has the potential of crippling his channel. They have your channel listed on theirs. I wonder if they'd listen to reason from voices in the YT techie community?
Antoni Gates
Antoni Gates 9 дней назад
One thing I do find odd is that with this budget, you could build a much better rig. Including the hard drive we’re looking at $1,500, which second hand is top tier equipment. Also, ultimate Mac Pro? Ultimate ten year old Mac Pro, sure.
Antoni Gates
Antoni Gates 9 дней назад
Why has this appeared in my feed? I am perhaps the least Mac oriented person in existence. I did enjoy though, not usually into Austin, but I do love a build, and going against the grain of closed ecosystems. Thanks. I think.
TheHackerKidd \___《-_-》___/
TheHackerKidd \___《-_-》___/ 9 дней назад
He looks like he doesn’t trust you LMAOO
Jon Donnelly
Jon Donnelly 9 дней назад
Gut interior and fuk in a Gigabyte Z390 M, 9900k + Vega. Blow away the Imac Pro.
FPSAnarchy 9 дней назад
As We Say Wit Macs - U Can Polish A Turd For How Long U want But In The End It Will Always Be A Turd
Rico Swave
Rico Swave 9 дней назад
Upgrading the sata drive to a new one will do zero for that mac on a 3G bus otherwise a nice upgrade.
Magix 9 дней назад
Yo Austin could u check out the Drevo Blademaster? I wanna know your opinion on it.
Michael 9 дней назад
building the ultimate mac pro ha don't make me laugh with your silly little mac pro switch to a regular pc then will talk
V. Sigma
V. Sigma 9 дней назад
I mean, this is nice and all, but I got a Dell Precision T7500 that I can set up with dual hexcore Xeons for around $200 and I'd rather just try Hackintoshing that...
John Little
John Little 9 дней назад
Who else got Alienware ad on Mac video....😂
Tech Gadget Hub
Tech Gadget Hub 9 дней назад
awesome video
D Jaquith
D Jaquith 9 дней назад
Just make a hackintosh using up to date components.
ApplicantQuisling 9 дней назад
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher 9 дней назад
Or build a hackintosh
JakonDeluxe 9 дней назад
Couldn't this take way more RAM? I think 128GB is the maximum. And which Xeons did they use? X5675? Why not X5690? Great improvements sure but I would hardly call them "Ultimate". There are videos on RUvid of people that went way further with their upgrades on 5.1's.
Krane 9 дней назад
Mac is dead. Let it RIP.
Andrew Popdžek
Andrew Popdžek 9 дней назад
whaaaaaaat looool that man was three times at a gym and right now is wearing smaller t-shirt because he wants to show u his small biceps LOL
mad3st 9 дней назад
I have similar issue but i see how non upgradable apple has made those then i am starting to think that threadripper hackintosh will be most likely easier path to take.
Trafficker1985 9 дней назад
Koushiro Izumi
Koushiro Izumi 9 дней назад
Is it possible to completely replace the OS this machine is running natively with Windows or Linux?
Andres Valdevit
Andres Valdevit 9 дней назад
RIP to the real MacPro
omaje rekotaum
omaje rekotaum 9 дней назад
HEY GUYS THIS IS EXHASUTING HAHAHHA joke composed by omaje rekotaum and v2rocket
Realint 9 дней назад
puto gordo
DeltaClap_YT 9 дней назад
Can you please do a video on the new alienware area 51 and tell us is it really the best
Nipadust `
Nipadust ` 9 дней назад
Hey guys this is autistic.
Craig 9 дней назад
"Un"fortunate Incident
Dídac Maymó
Dídac Maymó 9 дней назад
2:49 ooh yeah yeah put subtitles
RazerA 10 дней назад
' So it can support a LONGER CPU? ' Austin Evans, Tech Expert
WesselSeinen 10 дней назад
But... can it fit in my honda?
Danky DaGod
Danky DaGod 10 дней назад
linus:I am very disappointed
Do R/C!
Do R/C! 10 дней назад
Niketha Gamage
Niketha Gamage 10 дней назад
I would love to have a 2010 Mac Pro like pc case, without the apple branding of course...
Pro Hazard
Pro Hazard 10 дней назад
I'll get it for $2
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