Building the ULTIMATE IKEA Gaming Setup

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Sep 24, 2019




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Comments 80
Shadow 8 months ago
That's deep fake Jake. The real Jake is still trying to find his way out of IKEA.
gunther giesl
gunther giesl 21 hour ago
My mom and I went to IKEA just to look around a few years before she passed away...my mom had a bit of a heart condition (pacemaker and irregular heart rhythm) so it was extremely difficult finding the exit after she was getting really rosy cheeks which for me is a sign that my mom was getting a bit stressed out trying to leave....we finally made it out after almost a half-hour and straight to the hospital...lucky for her at the time it was nothing severe...Ikea truly can be scary!.... Ikea shouldn't design their showrooms as mazes, although I do love Ikea Furniture design!
Pamle Pfirman
Pamle Pfirman 2 days ago
Then how did he get the supplies
Jeremy Goff
Jeremy Goff 6 days ago
Has anyone checked the meatball counter?
The_One_Titan 18 days ago
Those darn Sweds
Triple Zap
Triple Zap 19 days ago
He's actually just still trying out chairs.
George 11 hours ago
you can get way better chairs for less
Johan 17 hours ago
As a swede, I commend you on trying to pronounce our words.
Daniel Lombardi
'You can't please all subreddits all at once' - Linus Sebastian
TBS Dankify
TBS Dankify 2 days ago
KazutoMLBC 2 days ago
lol this video is awesome love seeing videos that show the fails as well, not just what you want to see.
Thewickedjon 2 days ago
noobs, - should have gotten two karklby's for L-shape desk - should have gotten x2 alex drawers - needed x4 olavs (for L-shape corner) - needed the triple monitors (obviously) you guys clearly have no idea do you
ZigZagZoom 2 days ago
I may have missed it, but how did the legs ultimately get attached to the desk? Was it just through weight or did they physically attach them? Thanks! Just looking at potentially building this myself :D
Xone_YT 2 days ago
Xone_YT 2 days ago
Wudruff Wildcard
Wudruff Wildcard 3 days ago
Best IKEA headphone stand is the BROGRUND Toilet roll holder, stainless steel. Just mount it under the desk and hang the headphones on it.
Leafy 3 days ago
2:49 *canadian* xp
Llamaflavoredpie 3 days ago
Ikea's real name sounds like a ritual to summon a demon
MoBaiL pLaYeR
MoBaiL pLaYeR 3 days ago
ghe ad before the vid made me wanna jump off a cliff
daunte daukei-collins
I always look at the links to see if they're cheap and then i get hit with the "2,000" price tag.
Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen 4 days ago
Fight Club lost me the moment he started dissing on IKEA.
Jack ?
Jack ? 4 days ago
0:00 why does the plant on the left look like in drug movies how they keep weed fresh. Just saying, lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels is an amazing movie. Just a nice memory to one of the greats. 0:14 , why is there a horse neighing after he says IKEA. Its edited because I went back to watch for the second time. Gotta love quarentine
Keltuzia 4 days ago
imagine living near an ikea
Not vinyl
Not vinyl 5 days ago
My only one that is thinking that why would they say it’s only $200 is it just me or am I just cheap
Manuelol 5 days ago
12:16 Can i have that desktop background please?
Anti Sündema
Anti Sündema 7 days ago
What are you going to do with all of your computers?
Connor Rich
Connor Rich 7 days ago
Linus really pulled a subtle arm flex
Ollie 7 days ago
The fact he didn't know the sponsor proves how much he didn't care
The Chollmeister
The Chollmeister 8 days ago
Its a blast being swedish watching these videos
broccolidood 8 days ago
Jake badly pronounces swedish for 15 minutes straight
Alexander Kurt
Alexander Kurt 8 days ago
Did you know Ikea was spelled in Ik ea Ik=Don’t know ea=Pay for every thing in ea
John Santana
John Santana 9 days ago
8:42 Linus is pumpin the iron
Spaceguy 9 days ago
All I need to say is randomfrankp
Nathaniel Mencer
Nathaniel Mencer 9 days ago
what are those shoes
adam phillips
adam phillips 10 days ago
I'm building mine right now!!! Same desk and legs n all. Will let you know when its done! Super excited
Notmi Relnam
Notmi Relnam 11 days ago
Just put the tower on the floor. I know that you'll have to dust it out more often, but it'll give you more mouse swiping room, elbow room, and possibly even enough room for that third monitor.
ignacio martinez
ignacio martinez 11 days ago
che papito corre un poquito el teclado, vas a tirar todo a la mierda iNVecil
Scott Thorn (student)
you forgot to use ikea speakers
Team Efflux
Team Efflux 14 days ago
linus bizzare adventure
vvcnr 14 days ago
I have a crappy laptop Bulid me a Pc 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
[BOA]Dabman 14 days ago
whats next, the all wish setup?
Charlie Mirotta
Charlie Mirotta 14 days ago
How can I get the equipment they get rid of?
Fattagraf 15 days ago
I am from sweden and sorry but your swedish is really bad, like really bad!
Anshul Negi
Anshul Negi 15 days ago
Give me that... I promise i wukk show you land of gods(uttrakhand) in my india
ThornedCannon44 16 days ago
linus looks like he does 50 pull ups first thing every morning
Aanyxx 18 days ago
step 1: have money
Karol Kolasa
Karol Kolasa 18 days ago
Does anybody know what kind of mouse pad that is?
Dallas Drager
Dallas Drager 18 days ago
Nobody: The name of the chair I'm going to buy in Ikea: Thshfrjwnftjw
Pavlos Koulouris
Pavlos Koulouris 18 days ago
Linnmon 2m master race.
Collinnn__ 19 days ago
nice shoes linus
ツArne 19 days ago
Winnconq 19 days ago
if you accidentally kicked the legs, you will be experiencing some extreme capital loss.
Raghav Malhotra
Raghav Malhotra 19 days ago
How did they get Ed Sheeran to build a PC?
Richard Greenwood
Richard Greenwood 20 days ago
How sturdy does the desk feel on those legs? They look a little too thin for that heavy top?
Román Galindo Garcia
Brooooo u should have gotten the millberget chair
AstrayPhantom 20 days ago
that big boy's a mouth breather. super annoying
LietuviškasNinja 20 days ago
That "Active Windows" killed me so much
Michachel 20 days ago
All of his videos are kinda the same they get pretty uninteresting.
Luis Meinl
Luis Meinl 21 day ago
That Tabletop costst more than my pc lmao
Rapid Atoms
Rapid Atoms 21 day ago
I did the "wood" counter top from Ikea for my desk setup. I really like it, and it was the cheapest way to have a 6ft wide desk.
Chris O
Chris O 21 day ago
8:40 damn ok Linus
Teabag 21 day ago
A dual monitor arm would improve that setup tenfold.
Morkk 22 days ago
Can you try to do a build that tries to please as many PC related subreddits as possible?
Random Gameplay's
Random Gameplay's 22 days ago
This guy needs to stop torturing us. 😔 Anyone else...no? Just me?
Sam Connolly
Sam Connolly 23 days ago
2:40 what are those 😂😂😂
Lojan Of The Shire
Lojan Of The Shire 23 days ago
6:57 at least it wasn't paper based
Andrew Daniel
Andrew Daniel 23 days ago
8:41 Small, but Linus actually got a bit of muscle there.
Dexter Voon
Dexter Voon 23 days ago
Me watching this and getting jealous me poor af
xPr0xyyy 24 days ago
Linus is ripped
Jesper Prša
Jesper Prša 24 days ago
6:09 "möjlighet" means "opportunity".
Jesper Prša
Jesper Prša 24 days ago
This was one of the funniest videos watching as a Swede! HAHAHHA
eklypse13 24 days ago
you should be ashamed of your self pushing that mvmt junk
eklypse13 24 days ago
6:07 why not just put the PC on the floor and you could easily fit all three monitors
SnusMumrik 24 days ago
Dude... Either learn swedish man or stick to english.. There is nothing called tradfri.... Thats just trådfri but with an a instead of the correct å. Trådfri means Wireless. so please. PLEASE. stop saying tradfri, learn to pronounce the swedish word or just say it in english. Swedish are just as easy to understand as english, at least the basics. Thank u :)
Lukas Milde
Lukas Milde 25 days ago
Socks in sandals......+100000000000000000 German XP
Gabriel Crnković
Gabriel Crnković 25 days ago
You know you could've just buy a desk and assembled it. Right?
Mike G
Mike G 25 days ago
Alex desk crew checking in
SealMeat IsBestMeat
Can you just fire this piece of shit? He is the most laziest, childish employees you have. He dresses like shit, like not like I don't have style which is fine, more like I don't give a shit what I look like at work. He wears the same bum ass addidas hoodie in every video. He is argumentative and entitled and it's obvious he is overweight because he is insanely lazy. There are 1 million other people who love to have that job and would be super appreciative and would put in overtime to make videos work. No idea how you've kept this guy around so long....
123abc 26 days ago
That desk sux. It needs to be about a foot deeper to be usable as a gaming setup.
Yuval Davidovsky
Yuval Davidovsky 29 days ago
i had it playing in the background and started checking my connections when the disconnect sound started spamming
Zach Green
Zach Green 29 days ago
I was surprised by his arm abs lol
James McCormick
James McCormick 29 days ago
Can we respect the aspect ratio in which they record it's amazing for phone viewers
GenBloodLust Month ago
It doesnt look gamer, it looks like a young professionals home office
Crusader1089 Month ago
"I paid you to sit on chairs for three hours at IKEA?!" is not a good example of management Linus. It is demoralising to the employee, and is shaming them in a public setting. If you are concerned about his time management you should bring it up privately. Even "for a joke", and I imagine entirely unintentional, this is an example of mild employee bullying.
Bader Almutairi
Bader Almutairi Month ago
Crusader1089 WTF
peter Month ago
Now I realise my country is cheap,in India u can easily build an ultimate gaming setup within $2000 to $3000
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