Building the Portable Xbox One

Austin Evans
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The Xbox One is finally ready to get the portable treatment.
Microsoft Xbox One S on Amazon: austin.tech/ones
G-Story 11.6" Portable Xbox monitor on Amazon: austin.tech/xboxmonitor
iPRIGENT Portable Battery on Amazon: austin.tech/portablepower
Xbox One Design Lab controller: xboxdesignlab.xbox.com/en-us/?rtc=1
Astro A10 Gaming headset on Amazon: austin.tech/astroa10
Peak Design Everyday Backpack on Amazon: austin.tech/peakeveryday
Building the Portable PS4: ruvid.net/video/video-0SmVHslppDQ.html
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Mar 24, 2018




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Comments 80
Dec0ys Ch4nnel
The squirrel passes the vibe check
Killa Boy420
Killa Boy420 3 days ago
Gets robbed in middle of video
Victor Hui
Victor Hui 4 days ago
billyboii33 5 days ago
How did u had WIFI?
Spook 5 days ago
Or you could just use xbox game streaming
Paul H.M
Paul H.M 5 days ago
that squirrel acrually ran up to you like wat
ENGIASHEY 5 days ago
Is it just me or he is wearing mkbhd merch and his every day bag
game boys gaming show
Why doesn't he work at GameStop
Max Swanson
Max Swanson 6 days ago
That squirrel at 6:55 Him: “hi little squirrel” Me: “WTF!!!”
Gamerdreamzz 6 days ago
Who is watching this in 2020😂
12345apes 6 days ago
Throws away the piece of foam g-story sends you to protect the screen from the console.
Aryan Khanna
Aryan Khanna 6 days ago
amazing video
Kevin Kishore
Kevin Kishore 6 days ago
An Xbox one is portable dummy
Maria Escandon
Maria Escandon 7 days ago
Oh map😭
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 7 days ago
Austin was incorrect, the squirrel is playing fortnut. Like if u agree!
Stuntbeast 7 days ago
When you realise that all you had to do to play fortnite with a controller in the park was bring a phone and a controller....
Nate - an
Nate - an 7 days ago
What about Wi-Fi
Funtime The Wolf
Funtime The Wolf 7 days ago
My. Name is austin to :p
LavaLlama 7 days ago
But isn't that why we have laptops
ProSeanGaming 7 days ago
6:50 FOrTniTe!!?¿?
SINISTER 7 days ago
Did anybody see him wearing marques brownlee merch?
Parralix FN
Parralix FN 7 days ago
Just get a ipad pro and a blutooth controller
Kkthea10 7 days ago
How much is it for all of the items!
Yemeniking 93
Yemeniking 93 7 days ago
Who else is watching this in 2020
Brenner Griffin
Brenner Griffin 7 days ago
Me watching this wondering how much can I save up just for the controller
Majestic Savage
Majestic Savage 8 days ago
Just put everything (Not including the controller) in the amazon cart. Total is about 950 USD. Just buy a 1000 dollar laptop with a 1660ti
Fortnite mobile Mata
Who still watching this in 2020
NBS RePlaYz 8 days ago
Is the xbox even on because it shows that its all black on the botten soooooo?....
LordNarwhal 21
LordNarwhal 21 8 days ago
The best way to cheat when your mom tells you to go outside.
Oliver Hopkins
Oliver Hopkins 8 days ago
He’s a bush camper
Cubisticlight 8 days ago
7:07 BUSH CAMPER!!!!!!!!!
Team VGX
Team VGX 8 days ago
The amount of times he says " so this "
Fresh_ Gaming
Fresh_ Gaming 8 days ago
who’s watching during covid 19
Miroslava Pavlíčková
Who plays fortnite 😒
eli k.
eli k. 8 days ago
But why he did this he could just use a laptop
Yousef Drebika
Yousef Drebika 8 days ago
How many times did he say 👉 this.--
AndroidFnaf 5000
AndroidFnaf 5000 8 days ago
Now build a portable phone! (Btw I'm not a dumbass I know the phone is portable it's a joke)
Kristupas Jasiukaitis
What a about wifi
Its Bertooo
Its Bertooo 9 days ago
I ONLY wanted to know how long that battery lasted!!!!!
Ryder Hathcock
Ryder Hathcock 9 days ago
Next video: HoW tO mAkE a NiNtEnDo SwItCh
Andrei Manalo
Andrei Manalo 9 days ago
Just buy a nintendo switch
Duncan Byrd
Duncan Byrd 9 days ago
lol he Spittin facts
Morten Kihl
Morten Kihl 9 days ago
Noah Bechtel
Noah Bechtel 9 days ago
Bush camps lol
XxolliexX 10 days ago
Yeah I’m just gonna spend $400 on shit that I can just make myself for like £20
Vapor X JP
Vapor X JP 10 days ago
is that logic
Greg Noroian
Greg Noroian 10 days ago
I’ve never seen a cooler squirrel
King Coco
King Coco 11 days ago
This is how many times Austin said this
benjamin rex
benjamin rex 11 days ago
one Question how on hell did you get internet!?
Donovan Prindle
Donovan Prindle 11 days ago
I'm sure your ping is AMAZING out there
ben_potter 12_4
ben_potter 12_4 11 days ago
You don,t have wifi
Penguinz _Gaming
Penguinz _Gaming 11 days ago
The power of Christ compels you
AaronDoesAnything 08
U wearing marques brown lee merch
slekz 11 days ago
When your dad tells you to go outside 😆
slekz 11 days ago
slekz 11 days ago
Rising Mohawk
Rising Mohawk 11 days ago
Imma do this after the lockdown
Yash Soni
Yash Soni 11 days ago
Who noticed he is wearing mkbhd tshirt
BotCraft YT
BotCraft YT 11 days ago
*~~ ~~*
BotCraft YT
BotCraft YT 11 days ago
Greg Geggus
Greg Geggus 13 days ago
Imagine going to your local park, bringing a picnic and looking for a good place to sit when, all of a sudden, you see this goddamn madman grinding some kills on an Xbox
Hey That Brother
Hey That Brother 14 days ago
Hey That Brother
Hey That Brother 14 days ago
Thank you
LeGeNdS18 15 days ago
All Xbox’s are portable
Well this Is awkward
I’m happy jake Paul is in jail
LKC Pulse
LKC Pulse 15 days ago
Dallas Stockdale
Dallas Stockdale 15 days ago
Where did he get internet from??
Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade 16 days ago
Only OG’s play season 3
Sharps 16 days ago
You could put a peice of foam to the screen dosent bend
SPAM-_-ghost 2007
SPAM-_-ghost 2007 16 days ago
Some old fortnite moments that you showed us thnx man
Myra Gupta
Myra Gupta 17 days ago
Has anybody read his shirt? Ye it dosent make much sence
MoreAdityaplays YT
MoreAdityaplays YT 17 days ago
That squirell is so cute
Ldawg 539
Ldawg 539 17 days ago
Is it just me or is Austin muscular
James Pattinson
James Pattinson 18 days ago
Austin says “actual” and “actually” way too much.
PlayerIdentity 18 days ago
Ok so everyone is aaying "Do the switch" or "do the PS5 when it comes" but come on guys, lets test him, lets see, hey Austin, lets see you do the atari 2600
Crystopher Hernandez
Aaron Lirio
Aaron Lirio 19 days ago
All those PS4 players are talking smack against. Xbox both know which things more seperior pc player btw
MrPewds 19 days ago
Its everyday bro
G_ Bailey
G_ Bailey 19 days ago
Have you ever grown pus “HI GUYS IM AUSTIN WITH NO PUBS”
WaVE Dr Fish CF
WaVE Dr Fish CF 19 days ago
I have the same Headset 😂🔥💪
NoSaltyAlex 19 days ago
Saw this on the recommended page
Mr Morehead
Mr Morehead 20 days ago
You should build the portable Nintendo switch
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