Building the Freedom Factory a GIANT Burnout/Drift Pad Part 2!!! (ripping out EVERYTHING)

Cleetus McFarland
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So... I guess we're ready for some asphalt... this is WILD! Can't wait to see it all come together!
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Mar 27, 2020




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Comments 80
racerx143 10 days ago
Sxs track would have been much better. Burnout pit is just a bunch of smoke.
Mr. Xav
Mr. Xav 10 days ago
1:41 cleetus you need to get some flex tape🤣🤣
Brandon Berkebile
Brandon Berkebile 12 days ago
Jh said side by side track on the infield. Cleat, you need to take notes from this man. I'm subscribing to his channel for that comment solely
S W 27 days ago
Hey Cleetus, want another track? There’s one in Doniphan Nebraska for sale a lot of people love it but the owner ran it to the ground.
sl2uner Month ago
Dang brother! Should have used Flex Tape. Lol
Americanbeast51 Month ago
Try flex seal
Andy Wyland
Andy Wyland Month ago
Why did you destroy the track I thought you were going to have all different races?
Blacked _Silverado
Absolutely love this construction part
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade Month ago
Man your turning that place from old beat down forgotten track to a gear head wonder world
throttle bottle
throttle bottle Month ago
move the dirt and make a BMX track or motocross track or both if there's enough open land! ;)
throttle bottle
throttle bottle Month ago
you'll need multiple wells and tanks for that many tanks and large of an area/public..... probably best to have it all interconnected.
throttle bottle
throttle bottle Month ago
paint-balling a quad lol....
MrMaxnc Month ago
mannnnn you should have use pehd pipe in the ground you re going to regret that choice
The Dutchman
The Dutchman Month ago
Watching the destruction and my three year old daughter wanders in to the loungeroom and asks “Daddy, is this hell yeah brudder?” Proud dad moment.
Shrekbotz Month ago
Wait can someone help me find the leak?
vaporwave gamer
vaporwave gamer Month ago
let er rip tater chip that little cat was doing it for dale XD
Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker 2 months ago
Build a motocross track with all the extra dirt!
driojal 2 months ago
It's just matter of time before we see FREEDOM FACTORY Stocks. hahahah
john 2 months ago
what kinda gun was that?
Smith9301 2 months ago
I watched and rewatched and I'm convinced there was no leak.
LoneStar Punishers
LoneStar Punishers 2 months ago
Side by side truck/ mini quad track/ mini pit bikes
LoneStar Punishers
LoneStar Punishers 2 months ago
Just put some flex seal brother
Dakota punches
Dakota punches 2 months ago
Dangggg can use that set up for anything even a truck show lol
windows10suxalot 2 months ago
After watching tonight’s race on pay per view, this could really be this years Daytona 500 track of events. Small, self contained, no crowds, live streams....I’m sold!
William Miller
William Miller 2 months ago
John 3;16 for god loved the world he gave his begotten son so who ever believe in him shall not Parish but have eternal life.
James Reed
James Reed 2 months ago
SAVE THE DIRT!. You can have Side X Side races, big dirt jumps, Freestlye MX shows, Monster trucks whatever.
E-Brake-Jake 2 months ago
plz top the rlly anoying music with the cut scenes its also way to loud compared to the rest of the vid. thanks
Danny Kott
Danny Kott 2 months ago
@Cleetus McFarland when you going to be getting more straw hats in stock? Love your channel!
Supreme Media
Supreme Media 2 months ago
That shot with the clouds at the beginning Is sick.
ThePeopleVerse 2 months ago
My experience is from North Carolina to Florida has the best well water.
Michael Wunder
Michael Wunder 2 months ago
Just make a mx/sxs/quad track
Matt Greene
Matt Greene 2 months ago
Matt Greene
Matt Greene 2 months ago
Good into music.
Shinigami 2 months ago
0:25 Shooting a drone down is WAYY harder than people think it is. There's videos of Drones literally flying across Gun Ranges, with multiple shooters and it takes FOREVER for someone to hit it.
Milton Ramirez
Milton Ramirez 2 months ago
Hey what happen with coopers coopra
VectorNinja1 2 months ago
You need some flex tape to patch that hole lol
john creech
john creech 2 months ago
cleetus are you feeding these guys
low boosted Accord
low boosted Accord 2 months ago
Looking good bro keep up the great work bro
DopeScope11 2 months ago
Super cross track
Ezzatullah Rahmat
Ezzatullah Rahmat 2 months ago
Make a dirt bike track with all the extra dirt
Nikolaikillz 74
Nikolaikillz 74 2 months ago
Derby track
RaceCahNetwork 2 months ago
Nate Cameron
Nate Cameron 2 months ago
Side by Side/MotoX track
MyStevieH 2 months ago
Think this is a car guys dream to have there own race track
Will Tomlin
Will Tomlin 2 months ago
You’ve got to make a dirt bike track with all that dirt.
Oscar Lucin
Oscar Lucin 2 months ago
Offroad/jeep course. Rent out for activities. Especially from charitable orgs
Ovtndmntn721 2 months ago
17:08 lies ! 🤣 u don’t sleep , cool vid do it for dale
erhminer 2 months ago
Make a monster truck track and get Mike Vaters and V2 Vids our
Brad Bullen
Brad Bullen 2 months ago
Who else watched the clouds and not the dozer 🙈
rick nichol
rick nichol 2 months ago
Sell it make some money off it Get that quarter mile track going I know I Pick on you sometimes But you guys gotta It's looking good
Adam Markiewicz
Adam Markiewicz 2 months ago
Run some string through the conduit. Tie a little piece of plastic to one end of the string.. just enough to help suck the string through with a vacuum. Makes pulling wire later easier. :)
Mr Hyde #BHR Security
Sled pull track!!!
metal myke1
metal myke1 2 months ago
Make a 1/4 mile dirt track! Make more money!
Albreada's Race Shop
Nahh man your tank is mint there’s no leak
Matthew Games
Matthew Games 2 months ago
Flex seal the tank
Fabian Hernandez
Fabian Hernandez 2 months ago
Side by side track
langer24106 2 months ago
2:48 when the quarantine is over and your gf comes over
ww3sabiture 2 months ago
get your self a tippmann 98 custom with an RT upgrade the RT hose work and add an expansion chamber get a dye rotor or even a cheapo agitated hopper and set it for 12bps (balls per second) then really go to town on that drone. i was a paintball tec for many years repairing a rental feet and have several machine guns built for paintball hit me up if you ever want a build
RwdyAudi 2 months ago
Moto cross
hooptiej 2 months ago
Who's your Quad Pilot?
Nerdy Aviator
Nerdy Aviator 2 months ago
Sort of a pity you took out all the grass after it got cut.
Cars, Guns, and Money
Just ordered my freedom 500 PPV - do it for dale!
motocrozz8 2 months ago
a motocross track at the freedom factory would be sick!!
Charles L. Barrows Jr.
Great as always...you could build with all that dirt a side by side would be so cool or motocross track or even a small building for a rc shop and a few off road track for the rc cars... To make some extra cash income when nothing is going on at the track
Shane Seguin
Shane Seguin 2 months ago
Theramsey3 2 months ago
I'm sure ring power appreciates your business. Nice to see cat yellow and ring power decals.
George Dennison
George Dennison 2 months ago
You guys are kickin' ass and takin' names on this job. Kinda hard work doing form work, isn't it? Just wait until you start pouring concrete... ain't no harder work. Oh, yeah, the 'form' boards you were pranked on, are called screed boards in the west. When the concrete is leveled to the boards, it is screeding the concrete. Good foresight on the conduits. Any time you can do a little to save work later, you're doing things right. The one thing I would add about the conduits, is if you put a 'fish cord' in them when you build them, then you can pull things through, later. If you try to push things too far through a conduit, eventually, no matter what you're pushing, the weight of it will become too much to push, and it will just bend. The guys helping you are doing you a major 'solid'. You're gonna owe them your first born child!
MadazMPS 2 months ago
Andrew Delashaw
Andrew Delashaw 2 months ago
Need Larry Enticer to grace the track.
Grecco Buckliano
Grecco Buckliano 2 months ago
A man with a clear vision and the resources and drive to execute....AND RECORD, is a true wonder to witness. VERY exciting project!
AR G 2 months ago
The guys that spent all day cleaning the infield...well I guess I'll just go kill myself.
Ryan Romano
Ryan Romano 2 months ago
Build a sick sxs track
Zeyad Alma
Zeyad Alma 2 months ago
1:55 I'm still trying to find this dang leak, where is it?
Jared Heroux
Jared Heroux 2 months ago
following these dudes videos when they were putting ebay "turbo blow valve sounds" into corvette exhaust to this is something
Bryan Perrelli
Bryan Perrelli 2 months ago
I see enough dirt to make a awesome monster truck track.
Dylan Witt
Dylan Witt 2 months ago
Sidebyside atv and dirt bike track.
Phil Carswell
Phil Carswell 2 months ago
Make a rally cross track with all that dirt
greg prescott
greg prescott 2 months ago
Build a dirt track!!
Shade Tree Dad
Shade Tree Dad 2 months ago
You absolutely, 100% have to build a SxS track!
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