Building an Industrial Penthouse in The Sims 4 (Streamed 4/6/19)

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Renovating this penthouse in San Myshuno into an industrial dream house!
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Because I'm playing music Twitch mutes some of the VOD because of copyright, so there are some silent parts in this video.
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 68
BeckyGames & BirdGames212
we dont deserve Kayla : shes too amazing :(
10k subs no videos
10k subs no videos 10 days ago
Wait huh i also fell asleep and woke up to this.. I was watching SSSniperwolf :')
Molly Orr
Molly Orr 10 days ago
Okay so basically I fell asleep and woke up to a diff vid of hers but like then I saw this and it kinda looks good so like hi you have a new sub
Lily Spinola
Lily Spinola 19 days ago
You talk to much sorry but you DO!
BubbleGumPeel 28 days ago
I love you so much❤❤❤❤❤
Unicorn D
Unicorn D Month ago
whenever I fall asleep I wake up to this
Kiara Lol
Kiara Lol Month ago
I'm surprised this video doesn't have 1 million view's bc of how many peole woke up watching this
Hermit Hill Farm
Alot of y'all are very rude. If you don't like it DON'T WATCH IT!!
Jojo the gamer
Jojo the gamer 2 months ago
Omg same
Reyna De Jesus
Reyna De Jesus 2 months ago
Willow Gully
Willow Gully 2 months ago
Who is watching this in 2020
Willow Gully
Willow Gully 2 months ago
If you are add a like
Kiara Lol
Kiara Lol 2 months ago
I fell asleep and my mom woke me up 2:37:43 seconds into this
Kendrick Caraballo
Kendrick Caraballo 3 months ago
Soooooooo much fun.
Lee Byers
Lee Byers 3 months ago
I think she’s so bad
Riley McNeill
Riley McNeill 6 days ago
ok Lee
Hermit Hill Farm
Shes better than most dont be jealous
Miracle Green
Miracle Green 3 months ago
59:59 NOPE
Ajeng Rosita
Ajeng Rosita 3 months ago
Everyone : Zzz RUvid : let's just drag everyone who fall asleep to this long ass video🤑
Jada Duckett
Jada Duckett 28 days ago
Ovjbbbjihjjjjvbbbbbbobj hibbbonjbbjvonbbbkinfo Bbbbbbob Bbbbbbbbv bon bj vihbbbbohbbnbbi Bvbbjilbbjnbnhoggcj Jbojvbbbccgyjcm CCum I’veivcccigcmunc Niiumc iicu cc’ing guucckcou is ici it Ul Uigucmgpuuc Uicmu GicfcogiuCo
Jada Duckett
Jada Duckett 28 days ago
BMI Bbbbbbbnbnjmibbijbbjbibbbbjbbbjbhb hbbobjhjbb
Sarah Tewey
Sarah Tewey 3 months ago
Brenden Urie has the same b day as me (April 12)
Jazzy Cheeseburger
Jazzy Cheeseburger 4 months ago
I was sleeping watching ace fam then woke up to this shit 5 days in a row this shit is getting annoying now
ttcobxsxed 4 months ago
Soo everyone woke up on this video but me? i just clicked on jt bc it looked cool i-
Zoë Miller
Zoë Miller 3 months ago
Skinny Tea same
wavy 4 months ago
Bruh I fell asleep n woke up and finished the whole video while I was sleep😂
Myla Doughty
Myla Doughty 4 months ago
I woke up and this was on.....
Ur mum 18 years ago
Ur mum 18 years ago 4 months ago
selah sombito-polick
I always fall asleep and she pops up
Govi Blast
Govi Blast 5 months ago
Jkgaming 5 months ago
Yep we all woke up to this😂
furry lover
furry lover 5 months ago
I also fell asleep watching RUvid and woke up to this but I went through 2 hours and 36 minutes of this
Mackenzie B-G
Mackenzie B-G 5 months ago
how have so many people fallen asleep and woken up to this
Myangory Janga
Myangory Janga 5 months ago
Waait u wanted to cry for an counter?
Simply Jaiiden
Simply Jaiiden 5 months ago
Hair Kayla love your stirmemms
Genevieve Lewis
Genevieve Lewis 5 months ago
I was sleeping and I woke up to this this is what I’ve been watching while sleeping wow just wow
Official.Rxcket 11 hours ago
Bruh same
Annie Doucette
Annie Doucette 13 days ago
Omg same I don’t even watch her
heyits_Joyfullwolf 20 days ago
Ashley Gresham
Ashley Gresham Month ago
Lmaooo omg same
Kiara Lol
Kiara Lol 2 months ago
Bro me too
Lloyd Thomas
Lloyd Thomas 5 months ago
I fell asleep waching yt and woke up 2:49:39 seconds into it
GamingwithAesthetics_ Audrey
Who would watch this for 3 hours?
Hermit Hill Farm
Me as a lot of other ppl. I also watch the whole thing on twitch.
Zoë Miller
Zoë Miller 3 months ago
GamingwithAesthetics_ Audrey me
Amber Peifer
Amber Peifer 4 months ago
GamingwithAesthetics_ Audrey Me...
aleks zglenicka
aleks zglenicka 5 months ago
I fell asleep watching yt and woke up to this l-
GRACI HOLAN 4 months ago
It happens every morning to me!!!
DOTSTER _ 5 months ago
Me too!!
Myangory Janga
Myangory Janga 5 months ago
I think RUvid knows when we sleep....
Chelsea Stewart
Chelsea Stewart 5 months ago
Vulex 5 months ago
LMAO sameeeeeeeeeee
Jessica Vaughn
Jessica Vaughn 5 months ago
I fell asleep watching RUvid and this is what I’ve woken up to the past week I-
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin 5 months ago
Vulex 5 months ago
OMG thats so weird i feel asleep watching something completley different then i woke up to this
Alyssa Faith
Alyssa Faith 6 months ago
Why does this specific video have so many views & dislikes?
fear buddy
fear buddy 3 months ago
People go to sleep and bam sims 4 video
Marquis Lafayette
Marquis Lafayette 6 months ago
I fell asleep and watched 1:48:54 of this video
craigpower99 6 months ago
Me to
Mark Weekley
Mark Weekley 6 months ago
me too
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Ūńkñõwñ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I was watching someone build a sims house and I woke up to have watched about 2hrs of this
Bella 6 months ago
i swear this is all i wake up to when i fall asleep watching youtube and its pissing me off
Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis 6 months ago
When i was wake I was not watching the sims I woke up and this is what I’m watching
Eww 6 months ago
Why do the buildings in this game have to be so awkward and ugly
Analeese :D Bailey
Analeese :D Bailey 6 months ago
Dude i fell asleep on youtube and woke up watching a whole 1:50:53 seconds of this video
Lily Spinola
Lily Spinola 19 days ago
Blueblocker 5 months ago
it was 8 hours i sleept and now i em avake
Vulex 5 months ago
i was at 2:29:34 when i woke up
Shaun Kavanagh
Shaun Kavanagh 6 months ago
I fell asleep and wake up to this??
V Ξ K T R I X 5 months ago
Roxanna Chavez
Roxanna Chavez 7 months ago
i love you
Imagine 7 months ago
This is the first video ive ever watched and its 3 hours! But shes so good
Vannah Snuffles
Why is everyone so pushy about what Kayla should do in her own build? You can download the apartment and change the floors and stuff to your own taste, or just make your own.
Myrna Santiago
there is one that does not have the table and is straight
qainted Year ago
i’m gonna go all in and watch this whole stream
Brianna Dixon
Brianna Dixon Year ago
EJtacion -_-yt
You guys are so trash 🗑
Hermit Hill Farm
You're such an idiot 👀😂
Zoë Miller
Zoë Miller 3 months ago
So you could do better?
V Ξ K T R I X 5 months ago
ok weeb
Harris Moloney
Tip: use the darkest colour of the cats and dogs wooden flooring with white walls I think it looks really cute 🖤🖤
Sir Luis
Sir Luis Year ago
Princess Kayla is sexier then any pent house.
V Ξ K T R I X 5 months ago
this is a sims build not porn
Courtney Dunn
Courtney Dunn Year ago
This is my favourite build you've ever done. You should keep doing modern and industrial!!
Cristina Murao
This is what I was watching when I was sleeping-
Jeni Spamzz
Jeni Spamzz 5 months ago
Cristina Murao SAME
Lyd’s Country Living
I just woke up and found this lol
Mimii_ 5 months ago
Hkhirjeeroyuojnmmv Hhjopourwassxcv
Cristina Murao omg same that’s so weird
Ashly Martinez
Ashly Martinez 5 months ago
Cristina Murao sameeeee I was like wht
How the fuck I ended where
babyvagabond Year ago
ppl telling her to change the floors like build ur own industrial penthouse? its kayla’s build but go off i guess
A.A Ron Yo man
roblox player
roblox player Year ago
Boooo what is this shit!!
Jayson Smith
Jayson Smith Year ago
How did this cumm up???????
IAmJust Amber
IAmJust Amber Year ago
Belinda Augustin
I love it
Naoual Singer
Naoual Singer Year ago
How tf did I end up here
Chloe Johnson
Chloe Johnson Year ago
Tatico Albores OMG SAME WTF
outréo Year ago
Naoual Singer probaby the same as me fell asleep with my phone up watching lazerbeam and woke up this 3 hour long video
Brianna Dixon
Brianna Dixon Year ago
Idk man,ldk
Hailey Dolson
Hailey Dolson Year ago
me to
What is the name of this game?????
Jenny E.
Jenny E. Year ago
@DIEGO HUERTA also the game is written in the title of the video. Sims 4
MockingJay Year ago
Boi how do you not know? Lol that had my shook (no hate I’m just shooketh)
Thank u
Jenny E.
Jenny E. Year ago
The Sims 4
Drignite 673
Drignite 673 Year ago
Anyone know what it means when it says sells their soul.
Hermit Hill Farm
I really hope both lf y'all are kidding! It means that the person is subscribed to her channel for another month. Its on twitch. Rolling 👀
V Ξ K T R I X 5 months ago
no nobody in the entire world knows what it means
TutorMe Bruh
TutorMe Bruh Year ago
Drew Hood
Drew Hood Year ago
Is this on the gallery
Sophie Marshall
Drew Hood probably just go onto the gallery and search for lilsimsie
Siobhan Wallbank
I like the wood floor simsie it's ok
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