Building an ENTIRE guitar out of GLASS!

Morningstar Glass Guitars
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I build glass guitars. Not acrylic, not resin, GLASS!!! I made this video to demonstrate how I build a glass guitar. The headstock, neck, fretboard, and body are all made of glass. I build them by hand using cold-working methods. I hope you enjoy the video.
I am currently accepting orders for full glass guitars and glass bolt on necks that are compatible with Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Jazzmaster guitars. Visit my website for more information. www.morningstarglassguitars.com/
Additionally a great way to show your support is buying a set of handmade glass guitar picks which can also be purchased on my website.
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Jun 11, 2020




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Morningstar Glass Guitars
To address comments regarding durability and the like I'd like to say the following. there's not that much force/tension applied by the strings. 100 to 150 pounds spread out over the length of the guitar. The force is trying to push the neck and body together more than trying to lift it up and away. grab your guitar and lift the strings out of the nut slots. easy right? now go grab a beer bottle and try to break it in half with your own hands. really get some leverage on it. chances are it didn't break. worth noting the pressure inside a champagne bottle is around 80-100psi. they don't explode spontaneously. if you drop one it makes a mess but it's not like a bomb going off. furthermore large aquariums, 90 gallons of water(1000lbs) encased by 1/4 inch thick sheets of glass. they withstand all that pressure. My necks are over 3/4" thick. they're strong. Glass isn't as weak as people think. Many people keep commenting about it so I needed to state my case. I'll address their durability in a later video, on my website and other places as needed.
Savage22 Bolt
Savage22 Bolt 13 days ago
Glass is used as structural members of buildings. So it ain't a whimpy material.
The Gorn
The Gorn 17 days ago
I broke the beer bottle and now I need hand surgery fml
logawinner 20 days ago
By the way, the energy in your voice is like MrBeast’s.
logawinner 20 days ago
This for some trivia. WHAT IS REVERB?
Chris Roubis
Chris Roubis 21 day ago
his Judeo Messiah is Lucifer morning star (sun god)
paul burgess
paul burgess 5 hours ago
I run a tempering oven and temper glass for a living.Also been playing guitar for roughly 30 years. I’d seriously be interested in purchasing a glass guitar from you. Don’t know if that’s something you do. But get back to me. Nice work.
paul burgess
paul burgess 3 hours ago
@Morningstar Glass Guitars thanks for getting back to me so quickly
Morningstar Glass Guitars
Info on ordering is available on my website www.morningstarglassguitars.com
Vien Miguel Garcia
Vien Miguel Garcia 8 hours ago
Can you pls make a give away plssssss. I would really like to have a glass guitar, btw I don't have instagram, and a ywitter account. I only have a facebook account
poriland41 13 hours ago
Excellent! perseverance is the name of the game....
Stephen Elkins
Stephen Elkins 14 hours ago
I'm so in trouble. I want one!
Hamguy Bacon
Hamguy Bacon 16 hours ago
should have used heat shrink tube for the wires inside. still pretty cool.
Tchingui MJ
Tchingui MJ 18 hours ago
speechless..🤔🤔 while we are thinking in side the box, with you: you went an extra mile and build beyond extra ordinary guitar...
Brian McKenna Music
Brian McKenna Music 22 hours ago
dion tems
dion tems Day ago
You should make an song of that last part you played!!!!!!
Henry Mullens
what, no glass strings?
Manos Klados
Manos Klados Day ago
Thumps down for the absolute stupid position of the camera. Seriously now, how stupid that is to have the camera upright when the vision of everything on this world is not upright, right? After that small comment, good job.
would e funny if u made a bass and tried to play a flea part and it just shattered with that slappin
damn not a bass, make a bass next time smh
The Diplomatic Missile
Why does he sound like Shodan from SS2?
Don’t smash it
Aaron L
Aaron L Day ago
Bro, tie your hair back for chrisake
Jayden Beck
Jayden Beck Day ago
that's little sacraligous...
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly 2 days ago
I would drop it
Ok Go
Ok Go 2 days ago
Absolutely brilliant, well done.👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧
rc 2 days ago
It's beautiful I've been looking at this for 5 hours
Sneakysnakezz 2 days ago
drops it
Fun Haver_117
Fun Haver_117 2 days ago
So, are you a satanist? The whole Morning Star thing...
Ali Liftawe
Ali Liftawe 2 days ago
*String sNaPS*🎆🎇
Justin Y Fans
Justin Y Fans 2 days ago
Im just gonna be transparent, im seeing through some things. He built a glass guitar and didnt play clear tone. I know im fragile
Fabelaz Nyan
Fabelaz Nyan 3 days ago
This makes me anxious. I fear both for how this can easilly shatter and damage anyone who's close enough to it., probably making those die of blood loss. Fuck man...
evilcowboy 3 days ago
The guitar has a somewhat glassy sound.....jk lol. To my ear it sounds good. The amazing thing is you are working with probably one of the most brittle materials on Earth and you managed to sculpt the glass without damaging it. Thats so good sculpting. Good job.
Jordan Richards
Jordan Richards 3 days ago
Glass banjo next!
TAER75 3 days ago
..un sonido muy "cristalino".
Douglas Horvath
Douglas Horvath 3 days ago
I just saw it and still didn't believe this is possible...
Micah Campbell
Micah Campbell 3 days ago
Where is the gloves?
Vwlss Nvwls
Vwlss Nvwls 3 days ago
This was interesting, but those sideways camera views were hard to watch. I kept feeling like I needed to tilt with the image, and I started to get a headache, so I just moved past them.
Dwaipayan Datta Roy
amake ao patience deh ar Sekha,
Arthur Schluterr
Arthur Schluterr 4 days ago
a glass neck must feel great i think :)
Eclipse 4 days ago
Make a glass Bass guitar for Davie504 HOLY CRAp
Justin Haven
Justin Haven 4 days ago
I want to see Eric Clapton play this
GiG DaDDy 5 days ago
2 words: GUITAR STUNTS!!!!
Mad9977 Productions
i have seen and heard guitars made of Legos, lollipop sticks, resine with scorpions inside, concrete and now glass and guess what, they don't sound so different compared to a classic wood guitar =)
Ruffy S
Ruffy S 5 days ago
Play it ffs
zzubuzz 5 days ago
You can tell them "If you don't like my guitar, you can kiss my glass"
MA 5 days ago
All I can say is WOW! very talented and creative craftsman and videographer 😌
cy fassihi
cy fassihi 5 days ago
Recent discovery (my YT icon is a mathematical proof; click to view on Instagram): instagram.com/p/CF9RDvhnOl2/? The guitar may be an instrument created for the dyslexic - The guitar's "B" string inherently has 5#s/bs; and naturally its relative major is at the "D" string, with 2#s/bs. The napkin shows in writing that all "written" music can thus (theoretically) be transcribed and transposed into a single picture/pattern super imposed on the guitar's fretboard
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 5 days ago
Would’ve liked to have heard a clean or... (ahem) clear tone. 😆 Sorry I had to. Anyways, I bet a glass bass would weigh about 25 lbs!
josh summerville
josh summerville 5 days ago
No I'd like to add Your Stupid Satan. I'm guessing your beliefs have led you to think once you have passed theres nothing just black space. Goodluck.
josh summerville
josh summerville 5 days ago
Most neurotic guy on youtube! Apply components to as a guide to check if everthing is working correctly. C MON MAN
HardcoreFAN 6 days ago
How much does it coast? )
Iowa 3D
Iowa 3D 6 days ago
Woah, the tone was interesting. I almost don't know how to describe it. Super clean. Almost cold sounding. I've never really heard anything like it.
Ginásio Musical
Ginásio Musical 7 days ago
It looks awesome!
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 7 days ago
very cool
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile 9 days ago
Fiber optic guitar strings hmmmm
Warren Cowan
Warren Cowan 10 days ago
WOW !!!!!! If you told me someone could do this before i watched this I would have called BS ...
Erin Hobbs
Erin Hobbs 11 days ago
That is beautiful! I wonder if you can make color variations by placing clear thin colored film over the mirror? I could see this in a lavender, or pale blue, green, or red, or even black mirror. Is there any danger of shattering at odd vibrational frequencies like glass shower doors due to structural weaknesses near screw holes, etc? Just curious.
Morningstar Glass Guitars
Colors are a big maybe at this point. I really like the blue green hue of ordinary glass but who knows what I’ll try in the future
Stewart Johnson
Stewart Johnson 11 days ago
Beautiful instrument; I’ve worked with glass a bit and I never would have imagined it as a material for any musical instrument, especially a guitar. Your workmanship is astonishing and the finished guitar is truly a work of art.
Chase Smith
Chase Smith 12 days ago
You probably get this question a lot but, how often do you get cut or break a piece?
Morningstar Glass Guitars
I don’t get cut up too bad anymore. I’ve never had a serious injury(knock on wood) I also break pieces much less often. Some mistakes are more expensive/unfortunate than others. It doesn’t take long to learn when certain mishaps can practically ruin the whole thing. Once the guitars are finished they’re much more durable but the individual pieces are much easier to damage
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed 12 days ago
it was really a great job, try making a combo off glass and wood, it will make the guitar more unique to see and more durable.
FETT4HIRE 12 days ago
You should swap out the white control plate with a mirror (pickguard) plate.
Jeewan De Silva
Jeewan De Silva 13 days ago
You are crazy... Wow
Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke 13 days ago
You’re moving and talking way too fast, slow down, you know not everyone understands genius.
Callum MacDonald
Callum MacDonald 13 days ago
Matthew Weng
Matthew Weng 13 days ago
You're a madman... but you make beautiful guitars, bro.
Bobbly 13 days ago
Looks very beautiful, good job!
VernVision Truth Network
Wow what an ambitious project truly a painstaking job. You attention to detail and articulation is truly admirable and the sound on that with a little tweaking would find itself as a studio quality I think. I just would only worry about replacing a tuner on that thing with them glued in but the UV glue can be dissolved right so maybe not an issue. I was sort of thinking of mirror in the neck too might look interesting.. You try a build with colored glass or smoke... I have seen guitars made out of plexiglass but none used tempered.. There was a guy who used to make metal guitars too man they were truly "heavy metal" guitars! lol I am though very impressed with you documentation and had to laugh when you apologized about the lighting man you have some serious patience bruh! Excellent job and keep living the dream you're a helluva luther!
Edward Cornish
Edward Cornish 14 days ago
One thing I think is really cool about this guitar is that you can see the palm of players left hand, looking through the fretboard and neck.
Marco Gonzalez Hidalgo Records
I can hear the excitement on your voice!!!! It`s contagious!! I wanna kill myself!!!!
Boisq 14 days ago
I was waiting for you to make EVERYTHING out of Glass, guess i was expecting too much, wouldnt be able tô play It If It was completely out of Glass anyway
Billymays 3504
Billymays 3504 14 days ago
You should make a bullet proof glass guitar 🎸 I thing that would be pretty cool
Allen Mccoy
Allen Mccoy 14 days ago
Dude please use proper eye protection when handling UV light. I once played with a UV light in a vacuum cleaner not knowing how dangerous it is! I ended up getting part of the skin of my face burnt from the UV rays from the vacuum. The eye doctor gave me a long safety lecture! Since your work involves substantial use of UV, exposed skin and eye should definitely be protected by proper gear. Take care man! Best regards Terry.
Drunken Mongoose
Drunken Mongoose 14 days ago
That is Exactly how Leonardo da Vinci did it.
RadicalxEdward 14 days ago
The _REAL_ most impressive part is not leaving a fingerprint on the mirror. Can you imagine what a bit*h that would be since you can’t clean it if you do?
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 14 days ago
Stop using isopropyal alcohol. it has At least 10% water that's not good for gluing anything. Instead use DENATURED alcohol. !00% alcohol. Does not have or leave any residue. Denatured alcohol can be bought at any good hardware store.
Sandy z
Sandy z 15 days ago
You are absolutely a flippin awesome artist.
Brad Butler
Brad Butler 15 days ago
Unreal! Would never have thought Glass was a viable construction material for a guitar!
Stac Master
Stac Master 15 days ago
I attempted to make a guitar out of cats. I ran into an immediate problem with dogs but the dog problem was remedied by the introduction of South american Jaguars. These proved to be a real headache thus the Rocky Mountains grizzly bear.Long story short I gave up on the cat guitar and opened a friggen zoo! My next project will be making a piano out of an attack helicopter. I will let you know this turns out.
Edgar M
Edgar M 15 days ago
The IGuitar
zamadam66 15 days ago
What an awesome beautiful looking guitar! And it sounds great too! Bravo dude!
Joel Oliver
Joel Oliver 16 days ago
Imagine playing this at concert and on the last note the guitar does that “spider web” thing
Jordyn Lacy
Jordyn Lacy 16 days ago
I just wanna know what he played for the test it sounds so familiar but I don't remember the name :(
Smilez 16 days ago
MGG: ignore this guitar me: no, I don't think I will
MR. CRAPPER 16 days ago
You are a Master young man ! Wondering how old you are ?
Buddha Claus
Buddha Claus 16 days ago
A glass acoustic seems like it would have a very unique sound.
Kennie Murphy
Kennie Murphy 16 days ago
Reece Barretto
Reece Barretto 17 days ago
Sick hair dude 🔥
Jean-Michel Gonet
Jean-Michel Gonet 17 days ago
Man! Aren't your finders dangerously close to all those diamond router nibs and high velocity blades?
Kiborg Di.
Kiborg Di. 17 days ago
We need Glass Bass
Morningstar Glass Guitars
I made the prototype. The real deal will be made in a couple months
RUSTY 33 17 days ago
Why dose it kinda look similar to a Rickenbacker????🤔🤔🤔
Powdered-Toast Man
Powdered-Toast Man 17 days ago
How are there any dislikes? This videos awesome, I really look forward to watching you make a glass bass, the more thunderous the better lol
Lucas Ignatios
Lucas Ignatios 17 days ago
Sound is clean..like a "GLASS" KKKKKK Very good job..👏👏👏👏👏
Top Feed Coco
Top Feed Coco 17 days ago
He lost me at, "HI my name is Alex Morningstar"
Morningstar Glass Guitars
Hi my name is Alex Morningstar
Denis Gruzmark
Denis Gruzmark 17 days ago
This is actually SO cool. Immediately subscribed. I wanna watch you get better with the material and see what awesome things you make. Do you think you'll ever be able to create guitars with stained glass painting tops? That would be really awesome. Good job dude, keep going, can't wait to see more.
Andrew F.
Andrew F. 18 days ago
This madlad doesn’t even wear gloves
Velvet Rouge
Velvet Rouge 18 days ago
You are absolutely an artist! Thanks a lot for sharing! Absolutly amazing!
E Linzmeyer
E Linzmeyer 18 days ago
Outside of the box cool! Such a difficult material to work with. Engineering school is either in your past, or if not, hopefully, in your future.
LedChickenFPV 18 days ago
Certainly has a nice clear side to it's tonal characteristics, wouldn't ya say? 😉😜
kanedgy the guy
kanedgy the guy 18 days ago
glass strings
Mauro Alejandro
Mauro Alejandro 18 days ago
All distortions in this guitar are going to sound "glassy" (?)
mangarang 18 days ago
Stained glass, or colored glass inlay. Awesome build.
Joey Schmidt Audio Productions
Expert glassworker, more than capable electronic engineer, luthier and guitar player. Man, your skillset is impressive . . . most impressive.
raven1963000 19 days ago
Have you built a glass acoustic yet? I'm wondering how it would sound...or would it sound at all without a pickup?
Morningstar Glass Guitars
I’ll build one eventually
James Walsh
James Walsh 19 days ago
Used to think these could not be done. But Yes they can. Good job.
Alexis Tosta
Alexis Tosta 19 days ago
Nice tune!!
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