Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

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Apr 30, 2018





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Comments 16 360
Strange Parts
Strange Parts Year ago
It was a blast showing you around Huaqiangbei, Linus! Thanks for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule. Turns out my editor already has a decent editing rig, so I'll be giving this PC away to a lucky fan in an upcoming video. If you're interested in winning this PC (and some cool and rare Strange Parts swag) definitely keep an eye out for that video.
Archit Kumar Sinha
Should have used google translate to communicate
Lucas van Hout
Lucas van Hout 15 days ago
Strange Parts damm I’m late to the party.
Faroo FAROO 22 days ago
I made it 10k :-)
ItsYeBoi Devon
ItsYeBoi Devon 27 days ago
Huawjdnsjskd? Wtf
Divya Jain
Divya Jain 2 hours ago
10:03 Feels like 60fops video on 480p😂
Fujinoki 14 hours ago
I died laughing when he lifted the PC and didn't realise he put the PC on top of an ash tray
Comrade Stalin
Nah pretty sure you were bad at getting deals as a foreigner lmao
Colin Fin
Colin Fin Day ago
When will we all be speaking a German Mandarin Hybrid?
Steve Cat
Steve Cat Day ago
Ticonderoga Pencil
11:38 lmao the girl in the back
Liu Helun
Liu Helun Day ago
I will never suggest people to shop in that place. Only because the products are too abundant. You may spend 5 hours walking in there and bought nothing eventually. You don't even remember what you actually need at the very beginning. There is a way to find out which is the best from 3 products, there is no way to find out the best among 3 million.
That box organization at 10:54 though lol.
Unreliable Narrator 66
Clueless Idiot, learn how to bargin. You are in China not Canada. Welcome to the real world.
Unreliable Narrator 66
Try WeChatPay. You are in China, not Canada. Welcome to the modern world.
T3nsion 2 days ago
21:10 lmao 😂
Dennis Krause
Dennis Krause 2 days ago
This was before the war, kids.
Dady 20 hours ago
What war
Melee Hoist
Melee Hoist 2 days ago
This is like cocking dishes
Melee Hoist
Melee Hoist 2 days ago
So u don’t need to know mandarin to assemble a computer in China
Raven Echo
Raven Echo 2 days ago
strange parts is the best!
CFE GOOFY 2 days ago
One of yall biggest fans.. ik it dont give me the right but could yall built me a gaming pc for 200$
Malm 2 days ago
why does it look like they’re building a fucking bomb?
Adrian Vargas R
Adrian Vargas R 2 days ago
First and last time i see a linus video, this guy is a total dick, he was so rude to the other guy and the people in the market the whole video..... looks like someone was way to much bullied in highschool
Fahad 2 days ago
did it work?
Ramin Rady
Ramin Rady 2 days ago
Hello dear, i am in turkey and need one pc for making design in rhinoceros program and i am going to use it for gaming as well, can you help me to have a list with 700$ payment totally 😉
bakarock90 3 days ago
0:01, is that Avenger building?
Muhd Almustapha
Muhd Almustapha 3 days ago
Hey I’m thinking of getting a new pc and I’m thinking of just removing the new hard drive from the new pc and just putting in my old one... is that a good idea and also will it work?
lord storm
lord storm 3 days ago
6 yen is more like 56cents....
Dane Byrd
Dane Byrd 3 days ago
Linus: hey lets go walk around China and try to buy very specific things without anyone who can fluently speak Chinese No one even buys pc parts in person in the US. Why would you have such a high expectation and also be an ass
Mehrab Habib
Mehrab Habib 3 days ago
iPhone repair going on a mcdonald lol
Captn RAMBO 3 days ago
NonoZomb1e 3 days ago
The way linus said CHINAA in the end of the video. XD
Yeetboi 86
Yeetboi 86 3 days ago
Knight: How dare you challenge me!? Linus: *PULLS OUT SCREW DRIVER* Knight: *N A N I*
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 3 days ago
Newegg is all Chinese trash
Maso Mahboob
Maso Mahboob 3 days ago
16:44 using windows 7 in imac pro Apple left the chat room🤣
Slimestone Expert
Maso Mahboob that’s an iMac
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 3 days ago
Chinese Devils
Kabom TV
Kabom TV 4 days ago
Hi how to fix audio device on my pc windows 10
Wonback 4 days ago
This place is Disneyland to me
Exotic Jeret101
Exotic Jeret101 4 days ago
The phone thing tripped me out
HAVANA SCP 4 days ago
10 yrs from now you better learn Mandarin 😬😬
Elgen Chappa
Elgen Chappa 4 days ago
I never comment on videos, but this guy is such a fucking wanker with his alpha-nerd superiorism. It's just painful to watch or be around someone like this. Tone it down and try be a normal human being that people can relate to and converse with. His partner and children probably don't even exist by the way.
TAS_underworld _memereview
I just realized how big minuses nose is no offense tho but ur at competition with gru
Darsh Dwivedi
Darsh Dwivedi 5 days ago
Man You were amazed to see LGA 775 socket motherboard... In India it is the most common board you can find.
Adam Bush
Adam Bush 5 days ago
22:05 Linus goes stitch mode!
jaymorpheus11 5 days ago
Not a single crackhead? Oh wait they're behind the prison in the cemetery.
Code Ceedayy With 2 y's yes with 2 y's
2:46 did someone see how that man on the table was looking and them
A Guide To: 2019
A Guide To: 2019 5 days ago
The hidden price is the travel fee
Anton Malmkar
Anton Malmkar 5 days ago
Linus needs to stop being Canadian and say no thank you and keep walking
Simranjeet Singh
Simranjeet Singh 5 days ago
The Gamersaures
The Gamersaures 5 days ago
11:40 did have any idea of that girl behind you was clicking photos of you
Candra Inoe
Candra Inoe 4 days ago
Maybe she is the shop owner wife, because Linus is foreigners she want to upload that moment to social media
crackheadcarljr 6 days ago
Just letting you know, most of the time if you notice a recognizable brand at one of these malls in China, it's still often fake as well.
Jamie Price
Jamie Price 6 days ago
Was 6:23 deliberate or accidental?
No Lack Novak
No Lack Novak 7 days ago
Getting me some strange Parts in China
RightWingKing 7 days ago
2,000$ for a fucking motherboard?! 🤨
John Wayland
John Wayland 7 days ago
this guy "acts like he doesn't have money"
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway 7 days ago
Look at it from a bright side, you made a bad deal but at least you have not been run over by a tank on the streets of china, you did not end up in some concentration camp for "reeducation" and you survived the experience..
Даниил Кириллов
Sometime in distant future, when i become a millionaire,I will hire Linus to assemble a PC for me.
Loki27 7 days ago
Даниил Кириллов I’ll hire him to break my Mac Pro.
張先生 8 days ago
If you goto Taiwan, eveything will be easy more! lol
Alfred Von
Alfred Von 8 days ago
usually,Chinese buy parts online which is still cheaper than in a brick and mortar.
Il vxruix lI
Il vxruix lI 9 days ago
21:06 do you need a fleshlight. Yes flashlight me Wait DID YOU SAY FLESHLIGHT oh god
YeeteR YanG
YeeteR YanG 9 days ago
I would wanta be the owner of this please
Zero Sum
Zero Sum 9 days ago
Build your PC on the FUCKING STREET! Wow!
Ram 9 days ago
1+. Never Settle Linus hold my beer
Digital Smoke
Digital Smoke 9 days ago
typical white america actively goes out of their way to not learn a culture that is different from their own.
KamikazeDino 9 days ago
Strange parts be like: Yep, Yeah, thats right, sure
t k
t k 10 days ago
its water fooled
J.J Bro
J.J Bro 10 days ago
Chad Craig
Chad Craig 10 days ago
You know its gonna be a good video when in the opening minutes you have the greatest error message of all time "Transaction is cancelled for some reasons." Fantastic!
Zahseh 10 days ago
Ferrari Power Supplies are like Off white carts
Samarth Gowda
Samarth Gowda 10 days ago
Yo sorry i'm kind of new to pc building and all but what's a mining power supply?
what not
what not 9 days ago
@Samarth Gowda not quite sure myself, but you can try google psu for mining
Samarth Gowda
Samarth Gowda 9 days ago
@what not what's the difference between that and a normal psu?
what not
what not 9 days ago
Bitcoin stuff
LuxFN 10 days ago
I could’ve bought a better pc with the cost of that airplane ticket
powerlinkers 10 days ago
You could have haggled for better prices
Hassan HN
Hassan HN 11 days ago
4:11 Which mobile is he using to record 4k?
Genegie B
Genegie B 11 days ago
Does Linus provide service to go shopping with me for PC building in any country? Don't worry, it's not an escort.
Livianplayz 11 days ago
I really want tot build my own phone in China and test tech things
Ron Samba
Ron Samba 9 days ago
Strange Parts proceeds to build iphone on Shenzen: ruvid.net/video/video-leFuF-zoVzA.html
XVX Shayk
XVX Shayk 11 days ago
Me: asus Linus: aseus Me:😓
XVX Shayk
XVX Shayk 10 days ago
@CreepyQuantizer uk.store.asus.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwi43oBRDBARIsAExSRQEZZny0GNF6zL98r9lEUP9bdT4oyoIGFPrRxnBO2dgI0lJ8Zk5sj6kaAiqkEALw_wcB
CreepyQuantizer 10 days ago
Master Pôpô
Master Pôpô 11 days ago
I half expected him to search for Tianenmen square
a30512eg2 12 days ago
Who the heck walks around with an umbrella when it’s not raining
FoxyCoffee 12 days ago
windows on mac :D 16:43 behind you :3
Rodrigo 12 days ago
Seeing the truth side of Linus, part of the communist machine. We knew it all along. 😂
DamagedGhost 12 days ago
I thought he said china town
Dan Ortiz
Dan Ortiz 12 days ago
But seriously, I think you could have gotten really good deals, but you need to ask for better price, they like that, and if you get a good deal, they will congrat you.
Dan Ortiz
Dan Ortiz 12 days ago
Linus... you know nothing. Get a Swiss Army knife that hopefully have a philip screwdriver and some tweezers
Primeguey 12 days ago
Is Scotty the one who built his own iPhone a few years ago?
Mo A
Mo A 12 days ago
From now now on Linus travel around China to find electronic stuff. lol Heck Alibaba suppliers probably try and retrieve these stuff from the market. lol Anyway Good luck.
James 12 days ago
If they see a ppl from other country they increases theyre price cuz they think u guys r rich or something
Sbeve Is immortal
Sbeve Is immortal 13 days ago
My friend said wassup
Percival DeGuzman
Percival DeGuzman 14 days ago
the stress started when he cant widraw from atm
Uhav Eaids
Uhav Eaids 14 days ago
21:04. I heard fleshlight. Play it at .75 speed
Uxcis 14 days ago
10:53 dennis
Samuel Foote
Samuel Foote 14 days ago
@23:27 dude is carrying his gf purse 😆😆
James Eadmer Dela Cruz
It's cheap but weak and won't last long.
C world media
C world media 15 days ago
I need 1k Subs
kntwing 15 days ago
& yet Linus got a chinese wife...who can't understand chinese.. i'm a fan of scottie than linus..those fake beats jbl speakers i rather buy them in the u.s than china.. building a pc in public that was nice.. i like when LINUS about to hit rock bottom..he can't find things.. Linus say flash like me..... they got $2 discount......
Swim. P
Swim. P 15 days ago
It was fun watching you get get ripped off bro always haggle bro that mall look like a Street market you can tell that place was full of knock off
Fishy 15 days ago
That guy Scotty looks like a Conan
Amauri Bueno
Amauri Bueno 15 days ago
hackintosh ios in xiaomi
Thomas Winovich
Thomas Winovich 15 days ago
In the dark alley
Jacky 6498
Jacky 6498 15 days ago
6:59 laptop, notebook is English, what do you mean ‘Chinese’? Only after the glasses saying ‘oh, notebook’, the ‘translater’ said ’對啊‘ is Chinese. P.S. the Chinese word means ‘right’ or ‘that’s right’
Jacky 6498
Jacky 6498 15 days ago
Sometimes, I’m not a great fan of something trying to say something using a non first language to say that, and got that wrong...... pinyin do not sound like English, you cannot read that using english. The pronunciation of ‘Hua’ should be rounder. Qiang should not have a strong ‘g’ but not qian and it shouldn’t be xian, and bei should be pronoun as a sound with a upper to lower and up again tone...... bei3 You said the name wrong twice... what the fuck, you didn’t say 華強北 but 挖翔杯(dig shit cup)。。。
Nicole Gaming
Nicole Gaming 15 days ago
I want a pc so badly but can't afford it 😭
hy xu
hy xu 15 days ago
yoo whoo Barros
yoo whoo Barros 16 days ago
he looks so jet lagged
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