Building a 1500 Horsepower TINY Drag Car in Automation & BeamNG

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Automation's Diahatsu Midget is here! We're building Automation's Drag Car with 1500 Horsepower I6 Turbo! Is this one of the Smallest Drag Cars eve made? Subscribe for more Automation Gameplay, Builds, Horsepower and more!

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Jun 25, 2021




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Comments 266
AR12Gaming 3 months ago
This is the BEST WORST car I've ever made!
Youplebs 2 months ago
Build an ambulance next your driver will probably need one because he hospitalise them every time you make a car
VRS Zxraz
VRS Zxraz 2 months ago
Makes since
nola7560 nola7560
nola7560 nola7560 2 months ago
@Koray Cagla volvo
Lloyd Garmadon
Lloyd Garmadon 3 months ago
I agree with you nick
Blaster Anonymous
Blaster Anonymous 3 months ago
Always has been
Cooper 13 days ago
This is my favourite Automation video created by u.
David Uprichard
David Uprichard 26 days ago
looks like the drift mater from tall tales XD
Rayyan651 Month ago
Make the Daihatsu Sirion/Perodua Myvi V16 swap if can
metalslinger 2 months ago
I'm sorry to say this, but that car looks like Puar from Dragon Ball.
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 2 months ago
samfit BURR
samfit BURR 2 months ago
jecker 2 months ago
Built a fast and furious car
jecker 2 months ago
Create a ambulance next
Gavin Carter
Gavin Carter 2 months ago
where is the realistic drift car?
aku ankka
aku ankka 2 months ago
i have a daihatsu charade and i have been driving for 7 years in my dad's fields the gas has acted like an on / off button and the machine has screamed like hyena and the oils have not been changed i could argue that its engine withstands a nuclear explosion because i once drove the oil sump and oils pouring out and I drove it home still without oil 1 kilometer I have built two exhaust pipes through the cam cover and therefore it is my favorite car I would give a lot of such in the register in Finland they are not for sale at the moment none
DxdgeCxravan 2 months ago
Who would win? An old muscle V8 Drag car with ALL the things for a drag race... Or: 1 Concerned italian Boi
Redline Racing L.L.C.
Guy knows nothing about drag racing in real life. All his "Drag builds" make me sad
Scopin Evan
Scopin Evan 2 months ago
Now there is a offical car in beamng that looks like the cheese wedge from automation that you made lmao
Michaelanthony Fiamengo
3:04 when my gf gets to customize my co+k
IJump Alot
IJump Alot 2 months ago
Adrijus Adrijus
Adrijus Adrijus 2 months ago
For next vid can do worlds fastest tire
Connor Sharp
Connor Sharp 2 months ago
Monocoque can be made carbon fiber
Sic Kristian
Sic Kristian 2 months ago
3:52 trabant.Exe
Khongisa Keith Mngoma
IT SOOUNDS LIKE A SUPRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aron Vestaberg
Aron Vestaberg 3 months ago
hes the best car owner, lol
Matt L
Matt L 3 months ago
Guido nooo
Connor Jones
Connor Jones 3 months ago
"I don't want to add stuff I don't need" you should have stopped before you opened the game
Žiga Lužar
Žiga Lužar 3 months ago
Can you make f1 var
Žiga Lužar
Žiga Lužar 3 months ago
um4r12 3 months ago
Pls make an F1 car next in automation
Benjamin Snyder
Benjamin Snyder 3 months ago
He must be a rich man with all that lumber.
Chaos 4 lyfe
Chaos 4 lyfe 3 months ago
Nick you should come to Wisconsin next year to Automotion! It is a super big car meet that goes on in the dells all weekend in May there are thousands of people there every year for it
7sleepymuffins 3 months ago
diD mY EnGiNe jUsT FaLl oUt - Nick 2021
Minty 3 months ago
Jittery’s Movies & Entertainment
Lol make a car with the exhaust sticking out the front and the engine at the back and call it Nick the wonky car lol
Jittery’s Movies & Entertainment
AR12: makes car Me: what the Forza is that! No offense to AR12
Contentman8888 3 months ago
Macphersons strut is the whole assembly INCLUDING the coilover suspension as of of its components
A Buckler
A Buckler 3 months ago
5,6,7,8 nick can’t penetrate!
Justin Andrews
Justin Andrews 3 months ago
Jeremiah Robertson
Jeremiah Robertson 3 months ago
Great video
l ATSGAMER l 3 months ago
"I can make it, EXTRA LONG!" - 3:05
AR12 sniper wolf
AR12 sniper wolf 3 months ago
Nick being a idiot in Automation yay
Alistair Helliwell
Alistair Helliwell 3 months ago
when it’s so fast the wheels come off
Mayank Maximum
Mayank Maximum 3 months ago
Try assetto corsa in ps4 I tried at morning it is difficult
Timli Lijinsheng
Timli Lijinsheng 3 months ago
7945cc for a straight-6? Bro you're literally putting a real truck engine into a kei truck, and I loved it!
Tomos Burksfield
Tomos Burksfield 3 months ago
The fact he went through the checkpoints thing at 170+ looking backwards and didn’t even hit anything until the barrier was satisfying
If Australians owned this it would prove that aussies hate tires lol
Vyn Solina
Vyn Solina 3 months ago
Nick needs to bring back the "hey guys nick here from AR12 Gaming" just for the nastalgia.
Darrin Hoang
Darrin Hoang 3 months ago
Can you do a motorcycle?
Jack Betts
Jack Betts 3 months ago
"I dont want to add things i don't need" Me: looks at the front of the car
Breyten Roos
Breyten Roos 3 months ago
Hey nick try making a one a bee pick up truck
I built a thing
I built a thing 3 months ago
I don’t want to add anything that I don’t need. Aged like milk
Noel Dejesus
Noel Dejesus 3 months ago
@7:46 ooof! RIP ✝️ @7:49 oh god! It looks so cursed
Garek Petraitis
Garek Petraitis 3 months ago
6:49Quadra V-Tech who???
Maxence Lecours
Maxence Lecours 3 months ago
Nick: proceeds to put an inline 6 in the car Me: ok Nick: puts a v8 for visuals Me: No you spoon
B3KD_ 3 months ago
noo not gewto the burito
sup 3 months ago
it do be thicc tho
SC-SchKANN [SR] 3 months ago
3:09 this reminds me of your f1 2020 car's first stages
MidNight 3 months ago
_Guido_ : *Bono my tires are gone!*
XGinga NinjaX200
XGinga NinjaX200 3 months ago
The extended bed looks like a speedtail lmao
WWW.Chris.TNF45. 3 months ago
This is the Horizon 5 cover car
Conor Crowley
Conor Crowley 3 months ago
My now new favourite quote that’s just weight reduction
Scott Bain
Scott Bain 3 months ago
Can we pls just talk about how long it took nick to load the trailer for the drag race If u were on the live u will know what i mean
Dominic Kirkwood
Dominic Kirkwood 3 months ago
My boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video lot real true funny 😄😂good 👍👏💯
wisnu wardhana
wisnu wardhana 3 months ago
10:04 its the front right tier budy
Fordfan351 3 months ago
The thumbnail picture’s face screams help
L1ttle N1tro
L1ttle N1tro 3 months ago
Neko Guido
Sharkyboy Sizable
Sharkyboy Sizable 3 months ago
you suck at tuning in automation
BroBuster 3 months ago
Nick why do you make the front of every car as ugly as humanly possible
Calum Walker
Calum Walker 3 months ago
I think the „catacombs“ in forza horizon 5 are most comparable with the one railway tunnel west of edinborough
Tyler Albright
Tyler Albright 3 months ago
daihatsu sounds like an old washing machine company
a totally normal Boeing 737-800 chilling here
this is what happens when Guido finds clumbian power sugar (if ya know what im talking about ;) )
a totally normal Boeing 737-800 chilling here
@A RUvid channel haha yeah
A YouTube channel
A YouTube channel 3 months ago
Colombian nose candy
skinfish 3 months ago
it kind of looks like a deformed pickup truck with aids
Klevi Fjolla
Klevi Fjolla 3 months ago
So... Nick... how's your dream garage series going mate\/
Frog Dog
Frog Dog 3 months ago
Rip in chat for guido
Nimish M Biju
Nimish M Biju 3 months ago
ahh Nick is back in automation to create yet another abomination
Pixel 3 months ago
We need just ONE VID when Nick makes a 'normal’ car
Phumulani Mmolawa
Phumulani Mmolawa 3 months ago
Dude make a video about Forza driving a new car in forza
Phumulani Mmolawa
Phumulani Mmolawa 3 months ago
Yeah he is making fun vide is not shit about Forza horizon
Mr-Wabbit 3 months ago
nicks outro sticker: you spoon me: no u
Aaditya Pardeshi
Aaditya Pardeshi 3 months ago
Young Disney Stars that went dark, Episode 69: Guido
Mr-Wabbit 3 months ago
you know its a good day when you hear: "welcome back to..."
Viktor Larsson
Viktor Larsson 3 months ago
10:05 no bloody way he made that gap without looking
Campwill 3 months ago
GUIDO became lightning mc queen at the end lmao
Nathaniel Vazquez
Nathaniel Vazquez 3 months ago
You should do the MOST UNRELIABLE car! That sounds fun!!!
Tyler W
Tyler W 3 months ago
Front spliters keep you grounded. But nick should've been grounded from this game so he can't create stupid cars that can always kill you
Haany 3 months ago
Do you know that he spend 7 min and 16 sec on showing the modifications and the rest 3 min driving the car he should drive more
Ziadul Hoq
Ziadul Hoq 3 months ago
He crew up 99 percent cars while making them in automation
MIB gamer 8764
MIB gamer 8764 3 months ago
Nick - I have a tip that saves weight in cars Choose the monocoque chassis type. It is the lightest since you can choose carbon fiber.
GavSam6879 3 months ago
it has more hp than that v16 bus
Cole Mills-Vasiliu
Cole Mills-Vasiliu 3 months ago
Guidos older brother
Jbird Jbird
Jbird Jbird 3 months ago
SNFriedM 3 months ago
I want to see Nick try to make an actually reasonable car. He’d go insane.
A YouTube channel
A YouTube channel 3 months ago
@Jesse Mosgrove #nickcantpenatrate
Motlaka Makhura
Motlaka Makhura 3 months ago
rustygaming 3 months ago
Altenate name: The best cars movie headlight inspired car
christopher wright
christopher wright 3 months ago
Build your own f1 car
RacerM 3 months ago
Tirann GTposting would be proud
Qunaa 3 months ago
Forza Horizon 5
Hissing Camp2448
Hissing Camp2448 3 months ago
can we have ep.2 of recreating jeremy clarkson's farm
Jane Burton
Jane Burton 3 months ago
I loved that video he should make a episode 2
Goldy 3 months ago
Hey Nick, remember that Mailbox in Forza Horizon 2
2000 denes
2000 denes 3 months ago
You forgot something. Race cars don’t need headlights, because the track is always LIT
DSOA Gaming 21
DSOA Gaming 21 3 months ago
Jeff Ellison
Jeff Ellison 3 months ago
I played your farthest jump super 7 track
BLOB 3 months ago
Don’t want to add anything we don’t need… you need lights on your dragster?
1298 Tomcat
1298 Tomcat 3 months ago
So when is this peel being added to horizon 4
JDM 3 months ago
Nick: I don’t want to add things I don’t need Also Nick: side pipes and a face on the car and unessary large rear wing
A YouTube channel
A YouTube channel 3 months ago
He probably wants it as “rear wang”
Fetty 3 months ago
I love your vid and your streamsi wish ican play i again pc died on me ans. I cant aford a new 0c ans gaming makzs me forget everything