Build The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa

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Build The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa




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Ozone Turtle
Ozone Turtle 2 days ago
Saad Rahim
Saad Rahim 2 days ago
തട്ട് പണിക്ക് പോയ് കൊണ്ട് ഇരുന്ന ബംഗാളികൾ അണെന്ന് തോന്നുന്നു
Mick Hack
Mick Hack 3 days ago
who would've thought that underneath soil would be a layer of plaster? The earth is amazing
Stefano Bollani
Stefano Bollani 3 days ago
Chinese: build a hospital in 12 days These guys: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary
leela works nilesh yadav
Does this house melt down into
Teegan Francis
Teegan Francis 3 days ago
How long did it take to make this
Jeremy Crews
Jeremy Crews 3 days ago
At 14:35 it sounds like there are others close buy building more houses 😂.
Stephen Krempasky
Another one of these :D
Tracy Allen
Tracy Allen 3 days ago
They should build a Bunch of these n let children come n have a vacation..learn how to build with their hands, live n eat from the land...stuff like that...!!!!
Tanice McIntosh
Tanice McIntosh 4 days ago
Beautiful 😀
Sandra Alves
Sandra Alves 4 days ago
Gente isso é lindo demais eu fico admirada são grande profissionais cada casa mais linda do que a outra é incrível Parabéns a vocês
Pricila Helena
Pricila Helena 5 days ago
Tipo casa de pau a pique. Da uma bicharada nas frestas
Nathaniel Venus
Nathaniel Venus 5 days ago
Here in Philippines the roof is made of coconut leaves
Crafts, Art & Agriculture
they can totally survive on naked and afraid
faridah japar
faridah japar 5 days ago
I wish they can build a house in my frontyard or swimming pool at my back yard for my kids.. this house only fit for children to play with.
Mnptb 001
Mnptb 001 5 days ago
The house is lovely but where will I empty.
MUSHromio 6 days ago
well... I-i uhhhhh... I can build lego?
Андрій Рибчин
Збодуйти нарешті хату з цегли 🤦🤦🤦
Maria Egna
Maria Egna 8 days ago
Audrey Dupree
Audrey Dupree 10 days ago
Now im wondering, after all those houses they built..are they still standing out there and who lives in them..
Pitcho Tchika
Pitcho Tchika 11 days ago
Wow wow Nice
Life path 11
Life path 11 11 days ago
Yall inspired me i realize how dope our ancestors were our ancestors had vision tge earty provided them everything they need
BMW R1200 RT
BMW R1200 RT 11 days ago
Rumah kambing boleh lah. 😀
soud doman
soud doman 11 days ago
What do you do with these houses
JAVA TV CHANNEL 11 days ago
This house very ferygood
jeroen duikersloot
jeroen duikersloot 13 days ago
Dolvine Kwamboka
Dolvine Kwamboka 14 days ago
wow so amezing
Ludwyka Lipniskaya
Ludwyka Lipniskaya 15 days ago
é maravilhoso, só não entendo porque as construções são tão baixas , haja coluna.
Sosotarab 20162019
Sosotarab 20162019 15 days ago
Abrham medhanye
Abrham medhanye 17 days ago
dolores critandi
dolores critandi 17 days ago
any elephants around there????
Lillian Reyes
Lillian Reyes 18 days ago
Doing a great job with ur house
GOLD Bonnie Pierre
GOLD Bonnie Pierre 19 days ago
Deuce Biggalo
Deuce Biggalo 21 day ago
It is a nice little house 🏡 but u have to be 4 feet tall to live in it. Just sayin.
Faith 25 days ago
you really can make amazing stuff out of nature
Something Wicked This Way Comes
I keep waiting for a Lowe’s or Home Depot commercial.
Christine Chasseriaud
Jolie maison pour les poules 😂
LaTrisha Briscoe
LaTrisha Briscoe 27 days ago
I like the house,and how you made it
Kuku Machana
Kuku Machana 28 days ago
baymbaa zuudnii guilga
paul mckarns
paul mckarns Month ago
these young men are awesome. i wonder who thinks up the designs they build very interesting.
Jeremy Hohmann
Jeremy Hohmann Month ago
There making hobbit houses now?
Disco Kitty
Disco Kitty Month ago
This is so neat. I’d totally love to stay here if I was 2 feet tall.
Tevicool 1234
Tevicool 1234 4 days ago
mykenna B
mykenna B Month ago
how do they do this?
Estefani Witcel
Estefani Witcel Month ago
Lil ZJ
Lil ZJ Month ago
I love thsi shit man Its Lit Bitch
Maria. EDUARDA Santos
Gostei. Desse video
Aj Fisher
Aj Fisher Month ago
Is this a home being built for their 5 year old? The door is half their size.
Lucy 1951
Lucy 1951 5 days ago
You can't bend over? Then make your door higher.
Dianet Soto
Dianet Soto Month ago
Yo siempre veo sus video pero tienen que aser las casas mas grande y las puertas a las medidas si lo isieran de esa manera tuvieran más esito porque ustedes trabajan mi bello solo le farta ese toque final
NAGASE OH Month ago
I wanna see inside a house~
Toni svarioni
Toni svarioni Month ago
So smal dislike
Kreate Majik
Kreate Majik Month ago
If channels similar to this were to compete to see who could build the most awesome mansion, then the views would probably more than triple
Jeffrey Gray
Jeffrey Gray Month ago
I want to know what kind of bladed tool that is that they're using; my guess would be a 2 handed gurkha but I'm not too certain. In any case, I'd like one myself by any means 😁
Primitive Survival HMT
Your house is very beautiful, and it is very well done
The Red Rose
The Red Rose Month ago
Awesome work! Show us the inside.
Fab TV
Fab TV Month ago
They can’t even stand up in it.... all that hard work to be uncomfortable?
사랑이 Month ago
I only downvoted to make it 690
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown Month ago
The pants just dont make it look right i bet the cameraman makesvthem wear them so he can film them without being demonitizaed for being nide
Abdullah Saeed
Abdullah Saeed Month ago
hi lol \\\\\\
Just Ariel
Just Ariel Month ago
The only thing I don't understand is why they build the house is so short and so small.if I was going to build myself a house I'd take the extra time and make it taller and bigger. That way when I'm inside the house I don't have to hunch over
Yvon Cormier
Yvon Cormier Month ago
I love the masterwork these guys do. Do they ever make each floor taller? like 8 to 10 feet tall.
Trolltractor Month ago
Constructed by these guys, supplies courtesy of ikea.
AKAxHG Month ago
You it's funny how they wear the same clothes and can afford a camera and 34.3k subscribers shouldnt they money or does it all go to the director whoever is directing you are a selfish bastard
kongphop junhom
kongphop junhom Month ago
mohammed karzazi
chelzkie gayo
chelzkie gayo Month ago
i love your new house
Milaan Patel
Milaan Patel Month ago
This is the most stupid survival house these guys have built till now. A scaled down version of normal house.
Jacki Sears
Jacki Sears Month ago
Why do you always make the pool so big? It wastes to much water.
I always want to see the inside of these buildings but it always ends right before we get a chance.
equalizer47 Month ago
disappointing we didnt get to see the inside when done :(
劉曉珍 Month ago
Arumi Ashfa
Arumi Ashfa Month ago
This Amazing👍Hello everyone im from Indonesia:)
Lynne Lewis
Lynne Lewis Month ago
What are they called
Lynne Lewis
Lynne Lewis Month ago
What are thise stick things you use
Asis Month ago
I can't help but think 100 yrs from now archeologists will think they built this with the help of ancient aliens lol 😅 These vids are truly awesome.
Sudha Ramakrishnan
Awesome! It is in the height of 2storey building!!
Vito _YT
Vito _YT Month ago
Godd luckk
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