BUG Chubby Bunny Challenge!!

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Hey guys! in this video, we placed a bug in the middle of a tube and had 2 players try to blow the bug into the other's mouth at the same time! Stay tuned because there is some really gross and nasty bugs being eaten!
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May 24, 2019

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Comments 1 815
Lucy MacLellan
Lucy MacLellan 23 hours ago
I thought i was going to throw up watching this.
xXCatching SoleXx
3:11 *ploop*
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill 7 days ago
BOBBY GET HIT IN the ouch all the Time it’s so funny!? 😂
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill 7 days ago
When you eat that Bug 🐛I Thorough up!?
JackTheGermanOfficer Joe
Slip in slide challenge idea Try getting the ball in ur goal so ur teams will be 3 vs 3 and the slip n slide will slide all around to win
Alissa anne
Alissa anne 8 days ago
I dare you to eat some tapeworms !! There is nothing grosser or nastier then that. "Cringe" 😂🤣❤❤😎
Kitty Awesomeness
0:05 *turn on captions* Edit: while watching this my cat creeped up on me and I thought it was a bug so I jumped off my bed legit xD
maxi8865466 9 days ago
Chubby booger
Bumble Derp
Bumble Derp 11 days ago
When captions are on the intro has a curse word
Bunkle28 Playz
Bunkle28 Playz 13 days ago
HoseiPlayz Games
HoseiPlayz Games 13 days ago
The game with the tube is a Japanese game
Douglas Lamoureux
Douglas Lamoureux 13 days ago
# chubbybug
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson 13 days ago
J-Fred: *Literally Dying* Bobby: YES! J-Fred: *Continues to Die* Bobby: YES!
Zoila-Justine Dayao
Bryan: YES IM SO GOOD! It’s because of my coaching skills 😂
Excellent Emma13
Excellent Emma13 16 days ago
4:12 was it just me who thought of a music video?😂
Kyle Simmerson
Kyle Simmerson 20 days ago
Do ice cute chubby bunny
Raylene Gonzalez
Raylene Gonzalez 20 days ago
In JESUS NAME !!! ❤️❤️❤️
i have no channel
i watched this while eating...bad idea
TiCTiCBoom 723
TiCTiCBoom 723 22 days ago
Tagg @Faze rug
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith 23 days ago
"If your team is losing in basketball you dont say coach you play!" Am I the only one who laughed when he said that?🤗😂😂
A is for Annihilation
This was disturbing on so many levels 😝
Yarbo 007
Yarbo 007 23 days ago
How many channels do they freaking have
Kane J
Kane J 24 days ago
Booby let Bryan to do it for a part 2 ok 👌 so pieces
Is for Your Business
Wait don’t those bugs have diseases and stuff??
Aaron Boekhoudt
Aaron Boekhoudt 26 days ago
that was the hardest chalange to watch
Izmeralda Recinos
Izmeralda Recinos 26 days ago
If you can see where Joey and Gram were blowing in the pipe, Joey was lifting up his side a little bit.
KelliMariee 27 days ago
that water bug... i would’ve quit the video after that .😂
Nikolas Klimek
Nikolas Klimek 27 days ago
Akhila Achuthan
Akhila Achuthan 27 days ago
I used to be an overeater. Then I saw this video. Now I'm just 115lbs
Aimee Yasses
Aimee Yasses 28 days ago
J-fred: dying Bobby: Ya WOOOO!
Raging JuicyjTTV
6:57 “is that a piece of poop?!” That had me laughing so hard 😂
My Day
My Day Month ago
HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS VIDEO?!??!!!?? IVE HAD NOTIFICATIONS ON BUT WHAAAAAA Dang if Bobby and Bryan participated it would probably be more fun but not to be rude but Bobby and Bryan are wusses especially Bobby no hate LOVE UR VIDS
Jayden Reyes
Jayden Reyes Month ago
The music edit 🤣
Half Fro
Half Fro Month ago
Eeeeeeyyyyyyyy! It's Graham! 😃
Parker Corby
Parker Corby Month ago
i never thought that J-fred would lose in something so gross
Samantha Weber
Samantha Weber Month ago
The new guy is really cute but his personality sucks
Entertainment Life
4:12 Putting music over a person suffering is such mood
Bradley Lovell
Bradley Lovell Month ago
Wait so how much bug asmr?mhm
Cora Mae
Cora Mae Month ago
Holy I almost threw up watching the chubby buggy challenge
Nikki Peoples
Nikki Peoples Month ago
i lowkey almost gagged espescially when J-Fred had to eat those bugs
CPG Month ago
Chubby buggy challenge litterally made me throe up.
Nego é Pica
Nego é Pica Month ago
5:59 JOEY BOCA!!! 😂😂😂😂
Nego é Pica
Nego é Pica Month ago
5:56 Joey boca Boom 😂😂😂😂
Mohammad Sharaf Khan
Don't eat bugs. You will die faster!! It's true!
Kenneth Tagpuno
Kenneth Tagpuno Month ago
It would be more challenging if the pipe was covered
Rockabilly Rebel
When Gram spit the bugs out it looked like a horror movie scene 😂
Mike Thomason
Mike Thomason Month ago
I was eating meatloaf while watching this
Chris Thumann
Chris Thumann Month ago
Wait, he put on a rubber glove to touch the bug while he ATE the bug?! Explain to me the logic.
Fun time Jackson
He didn’t eat the water bug
XxAnnagamerxX zerva
Discustinn xd
yeet man
yeet man Month ago
I would just spit it out on the first one, therefore I only have to eat 1
XacharyBuilds Month ago
Big Chungus IRL
Redpand564 Month ago
oddly sexual
NerdyEcho Month ago
they do this in japan
Tech Wiz
Tech Wiz Month ago
Don't post risky vids like these... Not good for rep, you can see as view count is low compared to other vids...
Alexis Johnson
Alexis Johnson Month ago
Sam Turner
Sam Turner Month ago
Dreg Month ago
S&N Productions
S&N Productions Month ago
Gram sitting there putting all the bugs in his mouth. His teammate being like yo I’m feeling good. XD. This was the funniest video yet!
Caitlyn WIlliams
Eww, that's so gross. Breathing into the same tube like that is sooo nasty
davin clegg
davin clegg Month ago
inexcusable arts
I love team edges edits!
LucidWhisper Month ago
Aidanthebest1 -
Aidanthebest1 - Month ago
I threw up watching it
Down Time
Down Time Month ago
If J-Fred was smart he would have given up at one
rayan wahid
rayan wahid Month ago
I sub at lemomade
A&G Reptiles and fish
Mr. Wisper
Mr. Wisper Month ago
JasonXxX209 Month ago
J Fred dying Bryan YES
AJ Velasco
AJ Velasco Month ago
Can you guys eat the weirdest things
Teresa Lucero
Teresa Lucero 2 months ago
Y is it not chubby bugie
Ann Trinh
Ann Trinh 2 months ago
They look so funny when they show close up face shots when they are blowing
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith 2 months ago
I nearly threw up
leafter rv
leafter rv 2 months ago
J Fred is a beast
Realgamebuddy Gaming
What’s that noise man jeez 😓😓😓😓😓😓 when he ate the bug
UltraDecidueye 2 months ago
i threw up during the chubbybungee challenge
Skiez 2 months ago
10:04 Keep it going I’m good🤦🏿‍♂️😂
Drizzle Studios
Drizzle Studios 2 months ago
How many times Bryan’s partner jumped away from the tube ⬇️
Zoom Zoom Bish
Zoom Zoom Bish 2 months ago
*its a water bug*
Bix1000 YT
Bix1000 YT 2 months ago
Good job but that made me throw up please don't do that again. I don't feel good.
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