Budget Rallycross Cars - Forza Horizon 4

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With a budget of just 100,000 credits, everyone is challenged to build a rallycross car that could be a fiesta. So this leads to everything from Corvettes, Utes, lotus, even a VW Touareg to be used.
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Comments 77
Henry Rodgers
Henry Rodgers 15 days ago
Trans Am, Camaro, and Evo in a straight line: Trans Am, Camaro, and Evo in a race: "I shall make this tree my waifu." (Notably the Camaro in race 3) Congratulations to you all for worrying the Fiesta.
THAT Guy 24 days ago
Looks like the pontiacs driver couldnt really make use of that power...
jay AMD
jay AMD Month ago
the grand prix vette is amazing on the dirt, iv been using it for about a year now
Twisted Tea
Twisted Tea Month ago
I think you should make budget trophy trucks
Phil G
Phil G Month ago
Was the £100,000 spend based on the cost of the fiesta rally car?
Tyler Beeber
Tyler Beeber Month ago
am i the only one who thinks the side mirrors on the fiesta are too far backward?
That Miata Dude
That Miata Dude Month ago
“The two loti’s”
Ian Nolan
Ian Nolan Month ago
You may have already done this, but if not you should flip this concept and have like Longbow or someone drive the main car and you try and beat it with the rest
LongbowX - Failrace Staff
I'm famous :D But, I do like that idea. Will definitely float it by him
Travares Johnson
It is time for Extreme River Racing part 2!! How about B-class muscles cars? A-class hot hatches? S1 cult cars?
Jet Todd
Jet Todd Month ago
Finally a race with my GTA in it. Nice choice Longbow. I need to get back into Forza more (I'm SpeedAndPower69).
Rahul jariwala
Rahul jariwala Month ago
Man, watching you race like that in first race is frustrating.
FRPD: To protect, serve and roll x3
TheLongDark Month ago
0:24 Are you referring to Kevin Eriksson? 🎶Two rallycross guys go 'round the outside, 'round the outside, 'round the outside...🎶
Matt Dont Forget
That overtake insane. Amazing that he managed to pull it off.
Wanderlust Campers
Gta 5 survive the hunt please!!!!!!
Vladimír Pokorný
No Joker lap? Shame
lapus kat 247
lapus kat 247 Month ago
what do you mean? the lotus esprit v8 is the best off-roader and the most reliable car in the world! have you not seen the top gear Patagonia spacial?
CoyotéGaming Month ago
Good lord stevie we get it was a rally but you dont have to pinch the apex every time someone rides up the inside of you. Seriously not impressed by the driving display there. There were 3 times I swore alex had missed the checkpoint and it was literally stevie diving in every time. GIVE SPACE dude.
False Flag
False Flag 27 days ago
Its fucking forza horizon dude be very lucky you are even able to keep it in the checkpoints. This was clean racing compared to normal lmao Its called racing for a reason not giving
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith Month ago
When you're racing the proper rallycross cars you just have to slide it in then on the throttle and let the AWD tires spin and they are really fast if you get it right.
xx executr xx
xx executr xx Month ago
alex you are supposed to slide offroad.
Big Daddy Dong
Big Daddy Dong Month ago
Was that Porsche not converted to AWD or something? seemed a bit lacking imo
ParrotYee Month ago
The thumbnail is cheating: it's already a rally car.
smashtoad Month ago
100K total, or just car price, then upgrade as you like? I'm shooting for 48.333 at Mortimer gardens within the limits you gave these guys. So far I'm 4 seconds off.
smashtoad Month ago
@LongbowX - Failrace Staff Damn. You boys can drive. Ok. Thanks dude.
LongbowX - Failrace Staff
It's including the price of the car, then upgrade to 100k with whatever you have left. Also, limit to max S1 class
Emerald cumberland
im one of the first commenters!
Greg Blank
Greg Blank Month ago
I like the dude in the Camaro cop car making the cop noises. Icing on the cake.
Shiggie Smalls
Shiggie Smalls Month ago
Since the rover sd-1 has been released recently, could we possibly see a very 80s British police chase? The rozzers in sd-1s maybe you in an xr2 or an xr3 just a shame it’s not the mk2 xr2 that’s in forza but oh well, all the best.
Shiggie Smalls
Shiggie Smalls Month ago
Great news longbow ma man
Richard Endresz
Richard Endresz Month ago
Shiggie Smalls the liver run.....2!!!!!!!!
LongbowX - Failrace Staff
There are plans to utilise it in some way...
T L S Month ago
I know where Ninetales is, where's Impega??
CoyotéGaming Month ago
He retired, as he should :D
Twisted Nothing
Twisted Nothing Month ago
I knew that vette would be fast I built one long ago and I was impressed at its unlikely rally prowess.
Malicious Affection
-_- I was expecting "100k Credits to purchase AND build a rally cross car"
Slide Ways
Slide Ways Month ago
Malicious Affection it was cost and build. You think that Pontiac was 95k? The Porsche was already s1 so the left it with little modifications m
scientist giffri
100,000Cr isn't really a budget build lol.
Nikola Nikolov
Nikola Nikolov Month ago
It’s Lotusi, not Lotuses
Nikola Nikolov
Nikola Nikolov Month ago
Obligatory sarcasm tag
StickyFlames Month ago
I really enjoy watching these races! You do a great job 👍👍🤟
nglish '
nglish ' Month ago
That frpd car looks awesome
Stranio34 Month ago
Do a real budget rally cross cars. Like the ones you probably see in a real amateur class (or get the boys together and do it for real)
LongbowX - Failrace Staff
How much budget are you throwing in for it :D
Jeppe Poulsen
Jeppe Poulsen Month ago
As someone who has a world record in dirt S1 in fortune island and 2. best in the world on S1 on the mainland this is kinda frustrating to watch. So many wonky lines, wonky jumps, sliding.
CoyotéGaming Month ago
Woooooo, we got a badass over here
: Leonhartlion
: Leonhartlion Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-vzXJwiWsvNE.html The outside Pass he was talking about
tomtrex23 Month ago
Irl that fiesta costs £750,000 would be cool to look in to the differences between irl prices and forsa prices
Socialus Month ago
Literally one proper rallycross car. This is why i watch FailRace.
Socialus Month ago
@Cowabunga ''Anything can fly if you chuck it far enough'' :D
Cowabunga Month ago
You can rally any car if you're brave enough 👀
Marco _grt
Marco _grt Month ago
The Fiesta is a rally car of Wrc, not rallycross. The difference of rally and rallycross is simple: is where the event takes place. The first is on the public road, the last is on the track
Milos Stojanovic
so no one gonna write about that one who stuck off the track to the right side between pylons at 18:27 !?!? :D
Nathan Weiss
Nathan Weiss Month ago
wow, a Forza edition of 'Where is 9Tails?'
Ryan lukens
Ryan lukens Month ago
Really enjoy the Forza episodes. Would you ever consider posting the build/tuning of your car? I’m only reasonably talented on Forza and it seems like having the right car really goes a long way towards winning. I know people will tell me to just experiment and check it out myself, but the reality is I typically count my gaming time in hours per MONTH, not day or week.
Robz612 89
Robz612 89 Month ago
On your next races you should do proper rally cross cars. We have both rally Fiestas, Focus, Civic rally etc. Would be awesome!
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu Month ago
Good vid. Has anyone told you before to do more irl vlogs?!
Matej Kovačić
Matej Kovačić Month ago
Is there some kind of a schedule for Failrace streams? I would like to catch one someday, but I have no idea when to look for them!
Mino Assal
Mino Assal Month ago
On twitter every week
Leo D
Leo D Month ago
you can find a schedule on his twitter page
Adrian Hollo
Adrian Hollo Month ago
Stevie was a bit pushy though.
treerexaudi Official
Budget? Na
Adrian Hollo
Adrian Hollo Month ago
love this new format on making a short intro and money budget objective
Leopold Berec
Leopold Berec Month ago
It isn't new. He's done stuff like that before, for example "faster then the Urus" challenge...
Rhythm of the knight
Went and saw rallycross at lydden hill a couple years ago can confirm that rallycross is great fun to watch
Smiler Entertainment
Can I just say that the competition between the Fiesta and the Corvette was one of the tightest and most exciting things I've seen from this game?
Caleb Stuart
Caleb Stuart Month ago
Really liking Leathercap's livery. Are those the official FRPD colours?
Anonymous Cyclist
Why don't you tune the diffs and anti-roll bars to dial in under and oversteer?
boer harms
boer harms Month ago
The esprit is like James may in the Argentina special
MrPhil360 Month ago
Do a 50K open class one,or maybe 30k open class rally.
Pepega Clap
Pepega Clap Month ago
These are the best videos by far IMO, really would like to see more of these in the future.
nglish '
nglish ' Month ago
please do, these investigations are my favorite
David Taylor
David Taylor Month ago
Is it just me or is the res a bit lower than normal? Great upload as always regardless!
TheChrisD Month ago
AVC1 codec isn't great for stuff like this. Will look better if it get re-encoded to VP9 down the line.
D M A Month ago
I thought according to top gear all rally cross is budget 😂😂
JohnnyTurnerMusic 29 days ago
And everyone is called Gary!
Leo Jones
Leo Jones Month ago
Can you show us the build sometimes?
BASITH PH Month ago
A Yaris is a good contender
Matya Sw
Matya Sw Month ago
im not an expert but it doesnt look like 1080p
CoyotéGaming Month ago
Plus most things you watch the second they upload are not up to full quality. How long have you been on youtube??? This is a very regular thing.
Matya Sw
Matya Sw Month ago
@ShadowSongz ah makes sense
ShadowSongz Month ago
encoded in avc format. As soon as it hits like 5-10k views, it will be re-encoded in vpo9 and it will then look 1080p as it should.
Dave Starr
Dave Starr Month ago
New FR drinking game: Take a shot every time Alex says "wait and see"
Austin Welles
Austin Welles Month ago
Funnily enough...
jetpolag Month ago
Bing watching and bing drinking.
richard snape
richard snape Month ago
or when he instantly repeats himself.
LongbowX - Failrace Staff
The Firebird was on stock suspension because I am brave. I wasn't too disappointed in it
Jet Todd
Jet Todd Month ago
@LongbowX - Failrace Staff Yeah I love it, cars are addicting. I need to get back on and race with you guys again, been ages.
LongbowX - Failrace Staff
@Jet Todd It seems difficult to get it to fit nicely within the class system in FH4, but I wanted to give it a try anyway. Sadly, the stock suspension was some of my undoing and it was sometimes grip up unexpectedly. Shame, it is a very nice car - must be nice to have :)
Jet Todd
Jet Todd Month ago
I own that car in RL. Nice to see it used in game! I have made some pretty nice builds with it in the past.
dspicerj Month ago
you gotta let the tires spin and go sideways then let the awd take over you can tell alex has a hard time slidey cars
Jacob Osborn
Jacob Osborn 25 days ago
@dspicerj well putting them sideways just means you can go into turns faster as well as coming out faster.
dspicerj Month ago
@that's not gone well at all you really gotta push the rally cars and let them slide their faster that way
that's not gone well at all
He hates oversteer and sliding
ProjectDriver '44
I love these kinds of episodes. Keep up the great work :)
Al Baba
Al Baba Month ago
More survive the hunt please!
Jacob Eisen .Speedbeastx.
My Porsche was slow and understreed a lot! So fun.
Nicholas Prinsloo
Can we make a request, for a full lobby using all Ferrari cars tuned to S900, but all the cars get distributed VIA lucky dip?
jeff boi
jeff boi Month ago
i like cheese
Dangerman8000 Month ago
God damn my esprit should've won this, but I missed that checkpoint on race 2 as I always do on scrambleside and race 3 I was forced out of a checkpoint on the outside. No ones fault, just unlucky. And in the 0-100-0 I went to 103 so I let the car down.
Dangerman8000 Month ago
@andrew hall not entirely but once I had chosen the car I decided to make it suit what was on the show
andrew hall
andrew hall Month ago
did u get the idea to use that car from topgear because thats the first thing that came to mind when i saw it lol
Dangerman8000 Month ago
@LongbowX - Failrace Staff very true
LongbowX - Failrace Staff
@Dangerman8000 It's called relying on your car to make up skill you lack ;)
Dangerman8000 Month ago
@LongbowX - Failrace Staff called being smart
P1eased0nteatme Month ago
The Touareg was quick, but had rotten luck with checkpoints. Still fuming about it...
Emmanuel Kili
Emmanuel Kili Month ago
love the commentary in race
edward whitehouse
Before anyone says anything, the EVO was fast but got shafted every race by the Forza gods... oh well
Collin Speulstra
REE Memes
REE Memes Month ago
howdy what to say?
Qvexillo Month ago
I'm early
Its_ Lion
Its_ Lion Month ago
Love your channel. :) man you need to have WAy more subs
Rooshan Ramesh
Rooshan Ramesh Month ago
fuccck i dont know what to say
Raian Keiji
Raian Keiji Month ago
Wow... "posted 21 seconds ago"
Nick R
Nick R Month ago
Next videos