BUCKY'S FIRST HOME RUN! | On-Season Softball Series | Game 11

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For those who always ask, these softball games are PRIVATE because of far too many people showing up when they were public. If you send me a DIRECT MESSAGE to my INSTAGRAM @BOBBYCROSBY and give me your e-mail address and tell me why you want to play, there's a chance you'll be invited! It's basically an essay contest.
To really get to know all the players, don't just watch this series, but watch the Offseason Softball League too! Here's the link to that:


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Jul 20, 2019

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Comments 424
dodgerfilms 29 days ago
Elevator Gaming
Elevator Gaming 27 days ago
That’s against the rules.
DKLelite 29 days ago
Thank you for all of your great vids your my favorite
Chrishy Boi
Chrishy Boi 29 days ago
Hi I hope you pin this I have been here at 200k
RIPJAWROXS 280 29 days ago
Hey Bobby, When are you planning to play in Chicago again? I want to know to play with you guys.
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed 29 days ago
I wish I could subscribe more than once! Best commentator ever! Team Bobby! I dropped a like! Love your vids! Keep up the good work👍🏻
Hollywood11 4 days ago
1:42 foreshadowing
Karson Somerville
Karson Somerville 10 days ago
I was four years old and he
Stanley Family
Stanley Family 11 days ago
0likes plz
Isabelle Pesina
Isabelle Pesina 15 days ago
I wanna join the team
Jacob Skelton
Jacob Skelton 16 days ago
Please do a kickball game
Sam Imlach
Sam Imlach 17 days ago
I am four
Amazing Kids
Amazing Kids 19 days ago
I love your Softball vids!
Chris  McKeon
Chris McKeon 20 days ago
Andy walking the parrot 🦜 😂
Garrett Salgado
Garrett Salgado 24 days ago
purple is my favorite Color too
Phantom_WolfYT 24 days ago
2:49 🥶😎😜😝
Little ninja Rizzo
Little ninja Rizzo 24 days ago
Good job to 1mill
indecisive op466
indecisive op466 25 days ago
Bruh lumpy's a playa
100k subscribers without any Videos
My favorite is lumpy and Gabe
Landon King
Landon King 26 days ago
Tell dereck to invest in pants
King Cringe tiktok's
Yay I love 4 year old andy
Daniel Graziano
Daniel Graziano 27 days ago
4 yr old Andy: IM 4!!! While jumping the fence Me: 😂🤣😂 LMFAO
Leah Thompson
Leah Thompson 27 days ago
Great game
XAVIER GARCIA 27 days ago
Let Gabe pitch in baseball
Nolan Kosterman
Nolan Kosterman 27 days ago
Ayden Erysthee
Ayden Erysthee 27 days ago
400th comment
Connor Shoemaker
Connor Shoemaker 28 days ago
Lumpy is a ladies man😂😂
bap1213 28 days ago
There is so many good catches
Monique Morones
Monique Morones 28 days ago
Santa Teresa in nm
Happy 1million
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez 28 days ago
Ali a is not last
Duncan Tyree
Duncan Tyree 28 days ago
Do a golf series
Tommy Rosenbarger
Tommy Rosenbarger 28 days ago
He picking all the girls🤣
Nolan Mancini
Nolan Mancini 28 days ago
Can there be a a Australian andy
Justin Ball
Justin Ball 28 days ago
Does sweater think he is nolen areonrdo
Sharky VLOGS
Sharky VLOGS 28 days ago
Andy- IM 4!!!! LOL 😂
D'Andre Chapman
D'Andre Chapman 28 days ago
That was a good game
Julian 28 days ago
purple's lit
Kyle Tess
Kyle Tess 28 days ago
Nice video’s guys
Jeaan Osorio
Jeaan Osorio 28 days ago
I think alondra is cute ❤️😍
negrapr2002 28 days ago
its my bday
HurriShane00 28 days ago
Could of buried the lead in the title....but I love new some softball Saturdays
Isaac Quintero
Isaac Quintero 28 days ago
Jake wasn’t on the bag when Ciara threw it to second when they tried to turn 2
Charley Ball
Charley Ball 28 days ago
Lil kersh is so tall
ur mom
ur mom 28 days ago
Derek thinks he's so good
SavageChorizo 12
SavageChorizo 12 29 days ago
Atta boy bucky
John Toonen
John Toonen 29 days ago
can i play
tjjones1999tj 29 days ago
Andy did a little Edwin Encarnacion when he hit his home run.
RC from the NYC
RC from the NYC 29 days ago
Wow...Lumpy threw a mean hook at the end... YEAR 2034...Annnnd welllllcommmmme to the Onnnnn-Seasonnn Boxiiiiiing Serieeeees!
Myles Curry
Myles Curry 29 days ago
Gabe for mvp
Jesse Kourelis
Jesse Kourelis 29 days ago
I want a part 8
Xavier Iannello
Xavier Iannello 29 days ago
0:29 voicecrack
goatedon thesticks
goatedon thesticks 29 days ago
Brock Page Productions
Thanks a lot
Justin Dyke
Justin Dyke 29 days ago
Gio got nailed in the foot
Schleep Vro
Schleep Vro 29 days ago
8:28 he was safe at 2nd
Yoseph Can’t
Yoseph Can’t 29 days ago
You guys should do wiffle ball
B- Series
B- Series 29 days ago
8:28 Kershy was safe put it in slow mo
Dodgerfilms Fan
Dodgerfilms Fan 29 days ago
I am getting a team andy hoodie
Jway lol
Jway lol 29 days ago
Max 29 days ago
He was safe at second foot off bag
Yeeter Ninjas
Yeeter Ninjas 29 days ago
Bucky bombs
Brianna Hernandez
Brianna Hernandez 29 days ago
Who likes when Andy is a 4 year old
angalina shepherd
angalina shepherd 29 days ago
I met jake and jaxson
Hurricxne Omega
Hurricxne Omega 29 days ago
Jake was off base. SAFE
David Olivas Lopez
David Olivas Lopez 29 days ago
Can you play in a major league field
David Olivas Lopez
David Olivas Lopez 29 days ago
Ir i das cptain i will pick gabe first pick
YoungKingz 73
YoungKingz 73 29 days ago
Where is Gabe?
Rockoslyfex23 3
Rockoslyfex23 3 29 days ago
Y'all have to try a dodgeball series
Tony Patrón
Tony Patrón 29 days ago
That boy lumpy has been raised right
Sean A. Walters, Jr.
At 8:28 they were safe
Cleto Nguyenphuoc
Cleto Nguyenphuoc 29 days ago
It was out on second
Flint Barger
Flint Barger 29 days ago
ya i love this softball series
Creative Director
Creative Director 22 days ago
Leonardo Cruz
Leonardo Cruz 29 days ago
Intense ending!
Brady Erickson
Brady Erickson 29 days ago
8:28 SAFE!!
prune 29 days ago
Soup don't have his power like he use to
Xbox Manic
Xbox Manic 29 days ago
Btw little Kersh was safe jake was off the bag lmao
Lord Virus
Lord Virus 29 days ago
U guys should play on a bigger field
MattyIceyyy 29 days ago
lumpy trynna pull some birds
phayro ent
phayro ent 29 days ago
I think Benny needs to teach Lumpy about talent over beauty.
TrojanDoge 29 days ago
Bobby I Love The Crew And Everyone I Am Not Team Bobby/Benny I Just Came To The Channel To See Some Hogwart Bombs And The Awesome Vids #LoveUBobby #DodgerFilmsIsThePlaceToBeForMLBTheShow
Zach Myers
Zach Myers 29 days ago
8:28 safe at 2nd.
Alben Nator
Alben Nator 29 days ago
Lumpy the god
Ciara Campos
Ciara Campos 29 days ago
My laugh at the very end 😂
Legendary Arch
Legendary Arch 29 days ago
8:32 Jake didn't get that out his foot was off the bag when he gained control so he didn't get the out
Tampabayrays#1Fan 29 days ago
Softball series: BLAZING SPEED Kickball series: KICKED IT A MILE!!!!
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