BTS on 'Map Of The Soul: 7' Inspiration & the BTS Army Camping for Days (Full Interview)

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BTS just made a whirlwind stop in NYC as their anticipated album "Map of the Soul: 7" dropped. The K-Pop superstars sat with Access Hollywood to talk about the inspiration behind the album, and share how lucky they feel for the thousands of fans who camped out for days for their chance to see them on the "Today" show in New York. Plus, BTS share some of their favorite American words!
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BTS On 'Map Of The Soul: 7' Inspiration And Their BTS Army Camping For Days (Full Interview)





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Comments 80
yericookies 12 hours ago
am i the only one who was kind of intimidated by jimin at some points of this interview??? he looked kind of scary ngl 😂😂 it was that one stare he had 👀👀
I am Ugly
I am Ugly Day ago
Taekook analysts.. (Plz dont come at me) 2:31 jks left hand 3:26 vs arm on jks sholder 3:36 random eye contact 5:21 looks stressed compared to when taehyung was holding his neck
hueguiden. Day ago
1:18 Jimin & Jin copy RM😹
i'm getting the album soon
Anushka Singh
Anushka Singh 2 days ago
rm and suga:answering the questions Jin , jimin and jhope: mentally somewhere else Taehyung: thinking WTF is going on until the English word!! Jk:it's like my gym time!!😁😁 They r really the best!!🖤♥️💫
Deepthi Elizabeth Markose
RM looking at the translator like "You better get every word right"
jiminsfloss 3 days ago
Interviewer: What are you're guys' favorite English slang words? Jungkook: Brekkie! :) Jin: *a p p o l*
Helen Mercado
Helen Mercado 3 days ago
Y is for you got no jams
-likebloodytears 3 days ago
2:56 : Yoongi: Yeah Jimin: Yes Hoseok: I LOVE HER HAIR Yoongi: She's the best
Onyi Onexi
Onyi Onexi 4 days ago
JK can not stay still for 1 minute
Nosipho Zungu
Nosipho Zungu 4 days ago
Im trying to focus but JK is killing me in the background LOL like what goes on in his head though
lona lilian
lona lilian 4 days ago
rm:u know....!! me:no idk😂
Raya Vivid
Raya Vivid 4 days ago
1:45 jk u good bro
Jimins Jamless Jams
namjoon: letting the others talk (and by others I mean yoongi) jin: just sitting there being handsome yoongi: taking over namjoon's job jimin and jhope: not saying anything at all but still looking handsome taehyung: zoning out jungkook: *wiggle wiggle wiggle* *nods aggressively* uwu
Aj Moore
Aj Moore 5 days ago
these subtitles may be wrong... why is Yoongi talking about a club rocket at 2:43
Plippy :p
Plippy :p 5 days ago
suga looks puffy
Saniya Naseem
Saniya Naseem 5 days ago
BTS : *cocentrating on the interview* junkookie : * fidgeting and stretching the whole timmmee* 😂😂😂❤❤❤❤
Camaco Rodriguez
Camaco Rodriguez 6 days ago
4:41 rm😂😂
nadhirah rizal
nadhirah rizal 6 days ago
Brekkie is an aussie slang right? Jk is an aussie guys 😂
chee chee pie
chee chee pie 7 days ago
Jungkook surpassed rm eng🤩
Rifqotul Maula
Rifqotul Maula 7 days ago
Saaniya Alangad
Saaniya Alangad 8 days ago
im so lost as to what jungkook is doing but I shouldn't be laughing this hard at 3 am
Jiminah xxx
Jiminah xxx 8 days ago
jk: breaky jin: aPpLe jk: SUgaCrusHj tae: FriEye
MMaya 8 days ago
only jk cay be adorable cutest puppy in one situation (like here) and amazingly sexy hot man in another.. cant stop looking at him :)
Najihah Rajak
Najihah Rajak 8 days ago
the way my minds already doing the translation even before the translator
Mew Davis
Mew Davis 8 days ago
Turned on auto-english captions....And see Lmao...
Kim_Park _Jane_
Kim_Park _Jane_ 9 days ago
chelc 9 days ago
All I can look at is Jungkook in the interview. What goes on in his head lol
Lioness Pride
Lioness Pride 9 days ago
They are the best🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️
JoJo MOTS:7 9 days ago
I saw me in line🥺🥺
Dani Piñon
Dani Piñon 10 days ago
Jungkook is like a little kid😂❤️
moi lmao
moi lmao 10 days ago
does jungkook have adhd 💀😭
P h u a n g Ch
P h u a n g Ch 10 days ago
Love BTS
Dariya M
Dariya M 10 days ago
Jungkook is so carefully listening to RM. He's engish is so cute, I can't
Destiny Kang
Destiny Kang 10 days ago
can't get over how namjoon can speak english, but still wants to talk to the translator in korean
Jin- occhio
Jin- occhio 10 days ago
No body : Not even corona virus : Yoongi : *Deep ass voice* Me : Dead
koki ゲームチャンネル
Osu Iro
Osu Iro 11 days ago
Ok but like is no one going to talk about Jungkooks really cute giggle at the end 6:15 🥺💜
honey xbearxtae
honey xbearxtae 11 days ago
4:50 sometimes I wonder what goes through jungkook's mind
cuddler 11 days ago
When youre in a relationship with Jungkook and you ask him if hes in the mood for sex. 5:59
cali 11 days ago
holy shit namjoon is such a daddy here
Mariella Quintia
Mariella Quintia 11 days ago
liked the vid bc of jk's energetic thigh punching
Kristy Thao
Kristy Thao 12 days ago
Jimin in the background just minding his own business lookin unbothered. I cant deal.
Faith Blevins
Faith Blevins 12 days ago
jungkook really just vining with his little hand movements
Andzela Klisane
Andzela Klisane 13 days ago
Does anyone else appreciate the fact how she spoke slowly so that it would be easier for them even with the translator there.
Mona O
Mona O 13 days ago
Is it just me or is namjoon acting like he doesn't understand to support the translator 🥺🥺
stoB it
stoB it 13 days ago
Yoongi looks like such a grandpa
BangTan Blues
BangTan Blues 13 days ago
Ok Jungkook what are you doing
Makayla Gray
Makayla Gray 13 days ago
was jungkook okay? :( edit: omg i think he was jus trying to focus and understand the english lol
Jhope seems so much more quiet today
-likebloodytears 13 days ago
Jin: Apple! Me: *screeeeeeeeeee* WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME LIKE THIS
Mamak 14 days ago
Why is that their hair is so nice and not damaged at all.
Natasha Matznick
Natasha Matznick 14 days ago
Jungkooks word thought 🤣
DestructionJoon _
DestructionJoon _ 14 days ago
After namjoon said he likes eminem i totally regretted saying eminem is for boomers...
btsxjoonie 14 days ago
Jins “apple” sounded so cute 😭
Hazwani Qaisarah
Hazwani Qaisarah 15 days ago
namjoon signalling the interpreter with his brows
· Jinverse ·
· Jinverse · 15 days ago
Ik, jk is very cute, but- 6:06 what about that!? I'm dying. I don't know whether to laugh or die of tenderness
Angelica Ruiz
Angelica Ruiz 15 days ago
RM to the translator 🤣 4:55
Wait, What?
Wait, What? 15 days ago
Namjoon is so daddy material here wtf
jhopes sprite
jhopes sprite 15 days ago
RM:am i a joke to you? We don't need a translator! I am the translator
jillian 16 days ago
Why is no one talking about jungkook’s lil SuGaR cRuNcH ???!!!
Saskia 16 days ago
Jk cant sit still lmao
sapnu puas
sapnu puas 16 days ago
Why does Jimin look so sassy ... like he really just said 💁‍♀️
sapnu puas
sapnu puas 16 days ago
BAHAHA i’m sorry but Jungkook through the interview has me laughing!!! He was just staring at something for like 20 seconds, then he was adjusting his shoulder, then he drank out of his Starbucks. i’m dYing. 2:25 2:53 5:09 😭 6:16
티노 코셀레스트
Clara Stephanie
Clara Stephanie 17 days ago
Clara Stephanie
Clara Stephanie 17 days ago
Ronnisha Journey
Ronnisha Journey 17 days ago
i love the way Jungkook pays attention when Namjoon is talking even in english.
Drea_ Armylink
Drea_ Armylink 18 days ago
Why is Taehyung sad who hurt mah baby?????we need help armys
100% Dead Inside
100% Dead Inside 18 days ago
4:01 his ‘uh-huh’ idk why i melted so fast
Rhiane Barcelino
Rhiane Barcelino 19 days ago
3:24 ma taekook is beating sissssss
Yeonki Min
Yeonki Min 19 days ago
When Rm is tired of translating ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Paola 19 days ago
I really cannot wait for Jungkook to be able to speak fluently in interviews too 🥺
Siti Wasilah
Siti Wasilah 19 days ago
What was Tae favorite words?
sari kookie
sari kookie 21 day ago
Jungkook so cute
Sumbal Amir
Sumbal Amir 22 days ago
If any one of you came here just hear the word "brekky" from jungkook's mouth Here you go : 5:43
Gouhar 11 days ago
Tq... that's too cute...n proud of kookie
taehyung's lost gucci bag
Q: What's your favorite english word? No one: Not even the snacks i eat at 3am: Jin: aPpLe
taehyung's lost gucci bag
jk: brekkie rm: brekkie? jk: breakfast rm: do we call breakfast as brekkie? interviewer: yes *the tables have turned*
Fic Read
Fic Read 23 days ago
Namjoon is like fine wine, he just gets better and better with age
Mar 23 days ago
So V said Friyay? I don't think I knew that one, I love it! Thanks V. Today is Friyay yaaay!
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