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Saturday Night Live
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Musical guest BTS performs "Boy with Luv" on Saturday Night Live.
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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 72 313
JD K 44 minutes ago
Heard this on the radio one day, didn’t even know it was Korean. Looked it up on RUvid. And now I have all their albums
liberator6 5 hours ago
Aaaah, Jung Kook at 2:48 (white shirt, flowery tie), so cute it hurts! He’s always my favorite!
Rodrigo Simões
Rodrigo Simões 7 hours ago
You can always count on J-Hope for the most debonair smile
Nishant 9 hours ago
are these guys or girls?
MOON R 6 hours ago
No wonder Indian men have such horrible reputation all over the world. Filled with ego and toxic fragile masculinity, when they themselves are unattractive as hell.
Aiman Masih
Aiman Masih 10 hours ago
Army is here again🔥
王錦慧 10 hours ago
泰泰 ❤❤❤❤
Becca Antoine
Becca Antoine 17 hours ago
They’re just so fucking good. I really can’t get over how well they do live. That’s real talent.
DREAMY 20 hours ago
I still don't understand how BTS didn't get a Grammy nomination for best duo/group performance. I mean.... C'mon
kennedy williams
kennedy williams 20 hours ago
smoothest part 1:53
Rudebird11 Better than josh
Wow in never thought K pop would be so good, I was right
akbar Day ago
Michael Jackson will be proud
Suga Kookie
Suga Kookie Day ago
lowkey i was so focused on bts that i didn't even see the guy and girl in the back of the stage with mic's, like bruh you best get out of here, the real boi's on now. (lowkey tho why were they back there)
Pa Nama
Pa Nama 2 days ago
The white guy hair so handsome
Rita Yulianti
Rita Yulianti 3 days ago
Min Suga Looks So Happy
Aprlia Lia
Aprlia Lia 3 days ago
Army... Get to BTS perform MMA 2019 At BANGTANTV. It Amazing perform
Shiro Kenzie
Shiro Kenzie 3 days ago
December 2019, anyone? Why can I hardly get bored of watching this?! 🤭💓💓💓
Bamboo 2000
Bamboo 2000 3 days ago
They are masters of dancing, singing, entertainment and making you fall in love with them every time you see them.
cookie 3 days ago
god damnit i haven't fan-girled like this since i was 12.
Juliet Okoro
Juliet Okoro 4 days ago
If you don't love bts i dont know what you are living for, don't even tell me because I won't understand, thank you
Alex Vause rocks
Alex Vause rocks 4 days ago
The guy with pink hair is so dreamy
Mina CrayCray
Mina CrayCray 4 days ago
JFC they're just so goddamn smooth???? Their flow is out of this world.
Serendipity. 5 days ago
BTS have gained so many new fans after this album, to all baby ARMYS: 1.Welcome 2. Y'ALL HAVE TO SEE THIS PERFORMANCE - ruvid.net/video/video-k-0v1fNVdas.html
Bella Treah
Bella Treah 5 days ago
The comment section is truly a breath of fresh air.
A. Hahabas
A. Hahabas 6 days ago
Emma Stone introducing BTS... Can this get any better?
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m 5 days ago
You introducing BTS
فيسكا برسا
How much they are beautiful
Bott Smg
Bott Smg 6 days ago
The guy with green hair who is his name? His voice 😍
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m 5 days ago
Bott Smg do you want to see the green hair guy dance in heels?
Bott Smg
Bott Smg 5 days ago
@A. thank you. I will check him now ☺️
Bott Smg
Bott Smg 5 days ago
@Karma thank you. He has deeper voice and its sexy. His charisma tho 👍
A. 5 days ago
he was named the most handsome man in Korea recently and he has been topping "Most Handsome Face" polls since 2017. Beyond his handsome face, Tae is a very sweet natured man with simple background. He is truly beautiful inside and out, check out some of his solo work 🙂 Welcome to the fandom.
Karma 6 days ago
u mean blue hair? his name is kim taehyung he is extremely talented in singing and dancing as well! search up singularity by bts and you'll see his amazing talents!
If this isn't your music watch their other snl performance mic drop but I suggest that you watch their korean award show
AM PJM 6 days ago
Park Jimin is so hot >
Tommy Tedji
Tommy Tedji 7 days ago
How can they not sweat or ran out of breath with all that frequent jumping?
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m 5 days ago
All the Korean creams. :)
Karma 6 days ago
they train and practice for many many hours and they work super hard! if u think this is amazing you should see this performance → ruvid.net/video/video-8kDzxhchHq8.html
Karyn Smith
Karyn Smith 7 days ago
Park Jimin ..phenomenal
jackie 8 days ago
the guy with blue hair has my heart and i don’t even know his name
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m 5 days ago
Do you want to see him dance in heels?
A. 5 days ago
He was named the most handsome man in Korea recently 🙂
Tina J
Tina J 6 days ago
It’s v, Kim taehyung
Deby Flores
Deby Flores 6 days ago
Kim Taehyung
ninanayatae 7 days ago
His name is taehyung aka v If you want listen to his solo song singularity,stigma,scenery ,winter bear and 4oclock
Fardin Saad
Fardin Saad 8 days ago
Laeggroll 8 days ago
I love this version of the song, I just think it sounds so dreamy.
Lastri Marselina
Lastri Marselina 8 days ago
Tokopedia commercial brings me here. I'm in love with Jin. Nice voice and persona
Jimin Julia
Jimin Julia 8 days ago
Really cant get over this live even after 8 months...
Sin Cos
Sin Cos 8 days ago
So proud of you BANGTAN
Hoseok feeling himself, Jungkooks adlibs, tae smiling throughout the performance, jimin’s dreamy voice, Joon’s raping, yoongi and hobi pointing at each other and jin’s handsomeness; this performance is forever iconic. The comment section is also really refreshing, going from racist remarks on twt to this, its what the boys really deserve.
Esmeralda R
Esmeralda R 8 days ago
Namjoon's fit in here screams "I'm ready to conquer America"
Magic Shop
Magic Shop 8 days ago
The passion! 💜💜💜
AlexAndDougie 8 days ago
Taehyung / V SMILING the entire performance knowing full well how many ARMYs they were going to make with just this showing.
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