BTS (방탄소년단) - Serendipity MV (Full)

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Aug 24, 2018




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Comments 80
CLOUD DISNEY 8 months ago
Watch Jimin 'LIE' MV: ruvid.net/video/video-ScUbXu8R0C4.html
Delfi Alvarez
Delfi Alvarez 4 hours ago
Vr fax y sufrido geológica copio ojzocokx dueño kjdk
Delfi Alvarez
Delfi Alvarez 4 hours ago
Delfi Alvarez
Delfi Alvarez 4 hours ago
@세계적인방탄 소년단 최고 keila
Delfi Alvarez
Delfi Alvarez 4 hours ago
@세계적인방탄 소년단 최고 Keila
Delfi Alvarez
Delfi Alvarez 4 hours ago
@MARIA CLARA Santos no
Julio Aduviri
Julio Aduviri 16 hours ago
es lo mas hermoso jimin
Rocio Rojas
Rocio Rojas 17 hours ago
Meencanta muchu 👍👍👍👍💬💬💬
Sarah Morffiz
Sarah Morffiz 21 hour ago
i love bts
nangka seribu
nangka seribu 23 hours ago
Zaira Colombo
Me encanta la canción de Jimin siempre la escucho jimin es muy talentoso lo quiero mucho
Bom Boming
Bom Boming Day ago
아니 이 노래 잘 몰랐는데 매력있네여..
Sankuru Mariya Babu
y did u mixed europhia and seripendity.....i dont even understand
Smokey Gacha
Smokey Gacha Day ago
jiminie and cat,WHAT COULD BE CUTER?!
Maria Rosea Bettler
🌹JIMIN🍀 🍃YOU are awesome! Keep up the good work❤️God bless!
Ley Ley
Ley Ley Day ago
I cant belive i heard this song only now
sergio santos
bts army jimin
Iam jimin stan 😭💜💖😍
Alepriya Singh
jinkooki confirmed which mean no taekook T^T its okay l don't care I still love them no matter what
Alepriya Singh
why is junkookie here I am confused is he singing this for kookie or is he singing too I confused
Luciana Fernandes Lopes
Essa música é especialmente linda e fala demais pra mim! Fala de Amor! Um amor amigo , companheiro!
Flower Gacha Studios
Hey, look a cameo by Kookie!
Sony Ahmed
Sony Ahmed 2 days ago
I love jimin. Jimin my love, my heart, my life. Jimin so handsome, cute 😚, sweet, angel, pretty, cool, funny, talented. I love jimin and I am shansi ok friends...💖😊
Smokey Gacha
Smokey Gacha 2 days ago
so beautiful
Agos Jaime
Agos Jaime 2 days ago
Kookmin 🔥😍💙💛
Antonia Assis
Antonia Assis 2 days ago
I love you jimin ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ma Jennelyn Español
Voice of an angel.. he is my bias. 💛💛💛 I love everything about him
Kelly Eban
Kelly Eban 3 days ago
What’s a beautiful song and love the viewers scan
Melinda Xu
Melinda Xu 3 days ago
how has it almost been 2 years….lets just travel back in time pls
TASHA HASEENA 3 days ago
Hay boys music oosamm 🎵 video too good god job boys BTS ok
I'myournice .e
I'myournice .e 3 days ago
JiMiNiEpAbO 3 days ago
jimin confessing to jungkook 😌
i will love you but i am 9 years old :(
Madeleine Ramos
Madeleine Ramos 3 days ago
Damn as a new BTS fan, Jimin's solo song is soooo good. It really caught my attention while listening to MVs and doing my work. I'm pleasantly surprised!
Lillie Gee
Lillie Gee 8 hours ago
Dont be scared check out the rest of the members solos 🥰
ROCIO Montenegro
ROCIO Montenegro 3 days ago
JiMin, you are perfect. you fill me with pride. I love you, ChimChim
Eliene Pereira Barbosa
amooooooo de maiixxx
Mimin Balinos
Mimin Balinos 3 days ago
Lol the captions "no man cannot be my name is Sarah!"
Daniela Sara� Batres Orellana
Jimin quede más Enamorada 💘 de ti Bb 😍 😻 ❤️🔥
David White
David White 4 days ago
kim Boo Chim
kim Boo Chim 4 days ago
quem ainda tem coragem de dar deslike numa perfeiçao dessa???
Ельза Ак
Ельза Ак 4 days ago
baby Mochi rolling around :D
lijwendeme laikemariam
Leperlier Remi
Leperlier Remi 5 days ago
Jimin tu est Beau je mapelle dulce jais dix ans
An Thư
An Thư 5 days ago
JiMin ah~~
Ame Uchiha
Ame Uchiha 5 days ago
Ricardo Euzebio
Ricardo Euzebio 5 days ago
park 💖💟💝💞
Emma Hernández
Emma Hernández 5 days ago
I sooo shook
Naomi Mendieta
Naomi Mendieta 5 days ago
Hugo Marques Correia
Quando eu escuto essa música ñ sei se fico feliz, triste, se danço
hamsini sivathas
hamsini sivathas 6 days ago
Mauricio Ruiz Diaz
pueden dejar de ser tan perfectos!!!!!
chay banhbao
chay banhbao 6 days ago
Jimin càng ngày càng ngon ra :3
marianabts 182
marianabts 182 6 days ago
Khiara Rousse Quispe Ramos
I love jimin 💜💜💜
Khiara Rousse Quispe Ramos
Wooo que lindo
Eduarda Becker
Eduarda Becker 6 days ago
Meu jikook é real, nada me prova o contrário
Jane Manalo
Jane Manalo 6 days ago
still watching 2020?
Marianna Parra
Marianna Parra 6 days ago
Obviously I let you love me❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lara Fabiana
Lara Fabiana 6 days ago
El Rina
El Rina 7 days ago
I love serendipity 🤗😘
El Rina
El Rina 7 days ago
I love you jimin I'm army ❤
anejknfjln 7 days ago
Una canción llena de sentimientos, digna de escuchar una y otra vez
anjeli mashiel meza cruz
jimin papasito jajaja 😍😍😘
its andrea tv
its andrea tv 7 days ago
aaaaaaááaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jimin increible las caciones
ketlin matos
ketlin matos 7 days ago
Esa muçica é jikookas pq tem o jimin e o jangkook
amal aljassar
amal aljassar 8 days ago
aye can you please change your channel photo jimin is mine
Delza maria Correia
muito bom parece q a big hit q fez
Ayleen V. Torres
Ayleen V. Torres 8 days ago
The way I screamed when I saw Jungkook appear when I saw this video for the first time SKSJFNAKJFNAKJSFNSA
Alex notchu Smith
Como k jikook o kookmin.
Aracely Peña
Aracely Peña 8 days ago
VKOOK carajo v:
Mari Lopez
Mari Lopez 8 days ago
This song and video is a declaration of love. Just beautiful!! Love it!!
Yu Yuan Huang
Yu Yuan Huang 9 days ago
Danminer tm 2
Danminer tm 2 9 days ago
guys i still see jikook moments in this!!!!!
Alba Santos
Alba Santos 9 days ago
muito bom teamo park jimin
Evelyn Vargas Bruno
Lauris la Gatiunicornio_Gacha
¿por qué carajos hay partes del video de euphoria?
Atirah Wright
Atirah Wright 9 days ago
this song is so sweet but I'm starting to think it's about someone and we all know who that is😏😏😏😏😏
Lillie Gee
Lillie Gee 9 days ago
My brain: hes older than you and probably taller too! Me : oh what a cute little boy 😭💜
UMa KpOpEr CRazy
UMa KpOpEr CRazy 9 days ago
Valeria Abigail Ortega Valdiviezo
:3 que ermoso :3 que remoso
Lymkish Sonnie
Lymkish Sonnie 10 days ago
Wait a minute...why is Jungkook here ?
MIA DEMON UwU 10 days ago
hermosooooooooo por que los coreanos son inresistibles haaaaaaa
Agent Barton
Agent Barton 10 days ago
Man this should have been the official MV
Shadi Blog
Shadi Blog 10 days ago
Jikook real 101
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