BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE MYSELF Global Campaign Video

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BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE MYSELF Global Campaign Video

LOVE MYSELF 캠페인에 대해 더 알고싶다면 아래 웹사이트와 SNS 채널을 방문해 주세요.

To learn more about #BTSLoveMyself campaign please visit below websites and social channels.

LOVE MYSELF Official Twitter
- twitter.com/bts_love_myself

LOVE MYSELF Official Instagram
- instagram.com/bts_love_myself
LOVE MYSELF Official Website
- www.love-myself.org

UNICEF #ENDviolence
- endviolence.unicef.or.kr

#BTS #방탄소년단 #Bighitentertainment #BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence #UNICEF #유니세프


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Jul 29, 2019




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Comments 175 764
m. naveen
m. naveen 8 hours ago
Please BTS come to INDIA I'm a big fan of u😍
Camila Gonzalez
Camila Gonzalez 14 hours ago
Así siempre me siento yo😀😭
Beti Dereje
Beti Dereje 16 hours ago
I think like they are the only one who understand what it feels like to hate ur self it's the the ugliest thing I knew it I have been through &still am ireally love them a lot !iwish them along life keep shining my stars💜💜💜💜
Nichtkreativgenug 17 hours ago
thanks a lot, always when i cry and feel so bad, always when i have like really bad thoughts you give me power. thank you.
XxBITTER SWEETxX 21 hour ago
why do i feel like this should be in a movie...? im sobbing
Garrador Day ago
bts jungkook sexy army forever
Lo empeze a escuchar de nuevo esta canción y me puse a llorar porque antes yo era haci BTS me alegro mi vida los amo muchísimo sigan a adelante los amo muchísimo ahhhh JUNGKOOK ESPERAME!! Porque algún dia me voy a casar contigo contigo
passion ate
passion ate Day ago
Yup. That's what they do. They fix the world and make it right.
Ze ZHENG Day ago
"For every child" im 12, i love myself and i love BTS
Sukma Pratiwi
Sukma Pratiwi 2 days ago
kim fatema
kim fatema 2 days ago
💗Thank💗 you Bts 💗 💞Love💞 Bts 💞
ki ki
ki ki 3 days ago
😢😢😭 siento q alguien se preucupa x mi
shakala mohammed
shakala mohammed 3 days ago
how to dislike twice?
shakala mohammed
shakala mohammed 11 hours ago
@Ja Ja kpop = kpoop
Ja Ja
Ja Ja 20 hours ago
Why would you do that ?
Ebba Flisborg
Ebba Flisborg 3 days ago
I'm start crying 😭💜💜
Tatiane Army Bts brasil
Vcs são a nossa esperança, e muito obrigado por tudo de bom que vc fez em cada um de nois Army. .. Amo Vc Bts
Lutvi Dora
Lutvi Dora 3 days ago
Selalu nangis liat ini :'))
Gabrielly Neves moraes
MEU deus eu chorei
Park Suha
Park Suha 3 days ago
love you So much 💛💛💛
Minɑ Quɑlquer ʕ••`ʔ
Isso demonstra muito a realidade, o BTS tira muita gente de momentos ruins, e eh por esse, e vários outros motivos, que me orgulho muito de ser Army, realmente não entendo as pessoas que criticam eles, sério.. Os melhores💖
Minɑ Quɑlquer ʕ••`ʔ
Isso demonstra muito a realidade, o BTS tira muita gente de momentos ruins, e eh por esse, e vários outros motivos, que me orgulho muito de ser Army, realmente não entende as pessoas que criticam eles, sério... Os melhores💖
Karol Montoya
Karol Montoya 4 days ago
Eileen Ramirez
Eileen Ramirez 4 days ago
I dislike k-pop and BTS and all of that stuff, but I do enjoy BTS caring about their fans and the good messages they show. I truly appreciate that!
Eileen Ramirez
Eileen Ramirez 19 hours ago
Ja Ja no problem!
Ja Ja
Ja Ja 20 hours ago
Thank you
Esposa de YOONGI
Esposa de YOONGI 4 days ago
Amo tanto esta cancion
Erik Silvestre
Erik Silvestre 4 days ago
I'm not drunk but I fucking love them so much❤❤❤
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia 4 days ago
Once Jung kook starts singing my SKIN GOOSE bumps and my heart feels great , my eye watery an AMAZING FEELING
Maria Arlene
Maria Arlene 4 days ago
Obrigada bts amo vocês me ajudaram com as música de vocês na hora que mais precisei amo army
Zain Zozo
Zain Zozo 4 days ago
Alba Sánchez
Alba Sánchez 5 days ago
The way I cried watching this .... I can’t describe how much I love them 💜
Kheisya Fazh
Kheisya Fazh 5 days ago
My family doesn't treat me as family and if that's why I was born in this world. I always get this pain every day, but when I listen to this song I feel better
Nanda _gacha25
Nanda _gacha25 5 days ago
Kami dibully krn bts Dan kami bertahan demi bts INDONR
angela marques
angela marques 5 days ago
Ja Ja
Ja Ja 20 hours ago
What is wrong with you ???
Meylani Rahmadhini
Hay nama saya nurhalisa 😝😝😝
Huzaifa memon
Huzaifa memon 5 days ago
Aline Cruz
Aline Cruz 5 days ago
Ojalá bts emitiera lo mismo
chim chim lachimolala
They are Angles!!💜💜
Cat hiding
Cat hiding 6 days ago
WOW what a touching video. The message is clear I can only hope that it might touch those people that need to open their hearts and minds to beauty that is within us all. 💜
Ivony Mahilum
Ivony Mahilum 6 days ago
Jasmine Caswell
Jasmine Caswell 6 days ago
This is so much more beautiful and more sad
ITHIER LOPEZ 6 days ago
Why is this on my recommends
Ja Ja
Ja Ja 20 hours ago
You don't love yourself
Female Bakugou
Female Bakugou 6 days ago
Bts Managers: so how much you want people to get out of depression? BTS: *Y E S*
Hala Araman
Hala Araman 6 days ago
واو بتجننو اول ماشفت الفيديو فرحت
Rahma Aulia
Rahma Aulia 7 days ago
Jangan peduli jika engkau di caci oleh orang disekitarmu tetap semangat dan pantang menyerah
Aisha Rashid
Aisha Rashid 7 days ago
This is so deep though, I can't stop crying rn
Lujian Alzuobi
Lujian Alzuobi 7 days ago
يا الله شو بحكم ₩
Mimi army bts
Mimi army bts 7 days ago
I love you Army arabic from algeria i perpelle you
Priscilla games
Priscilla games 7 days ago
나는이 노래를 좋아한다
ff yasmin Oliveira Pessoa
Meus nenes tá prestes a morrer o vírus tá perto da cidade deles não desistam meus amores amo vcs estarei a qui sempre lutando com vcs 😍😍😙😙😙
Nilufa kumkum
Nilufa kumkum 8 days ago
*I love it how it shows people of every colour, every race.. these are the true problems that teens hide behind their smiling face. Thanks boys.. you nice, keep going 💜*
jiya oni
jiya oni 8 days ago
dlshad sadq
dlshad sadq 8 days ago
I love them so much they are my everything like I love them so much
RizQ 8 days ago
Some girls around me talk about me behind my back. But I know. I know they don't like me and just use me for their goods. Sometimes I wonder what did I do so bad so they hate me? I just trying to be me and it's hard to cover my ears from what they said. But right when I decide to give up, I found BTS. First I just listen to the good catchy song Then I searched the meaning of the lyrics And found about how they work so hard How they spear their time, blood, sweat and tears in every moment, every accident, every stage How they shared laugh and love for each other Then I realised that I have to love myself. As they taught us too Then I rose, covering my ears with their songs. Just being me and loving myself. 'I'm learning how to love myself'
Frida Situmorang
Frida Situmorang 8 days ago
Frida Situmorang
Frida Situmorang 8 days ago
Frida Situmorang
Frida Situmorang 8 days ago
Bts i new you are all bts
Putri Nadila
Putri Nadila 9 days ago
I love them(BTS)💜💜💜
Rosa Damazo
Rosa Damazo 9 days ago
Lo adoro es muy buen video 💖💕❤️💘♥️❣️😻😘💗
JM ARMY 9 days ago
When we love ourself,we will surely starts loving those who loves and cares us..It is the best way to spread sincere love all over the world..Borahae my family, Borahae BTS ,Borahae ARMY forever..ever..ever.. *I love myself..*
Evellyn Walesca
Evellyn Walesca 9 days ago
Eu tentando achar um comentário brasileiro kkk Alguém em 2020??💜
isshodakara 9 days ago
Army bts
Army bts 9 days ago
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