BTS(방탄소년단) - Dionysus @인기가요 Inkigayo 20190421

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BTS - Dionysus #SBSInkigayo_EP999
방탄소년단 - Dionysus #BTS #WherethePartyat
SBS Inkigayo(인기가요) is a Korean music program broadcast by SBS.
The show features some of K-pop artists’
performance every Sunday, 15:40pm.
Check out this week’s Inkigayo Line up and
meet your favorite artist!
☞ 'SBS Inkigayo' official website: goo.gl/4FPbvz
☞ Other stages of K-pop singers: goo.gl/n2mUBS

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Comments 100
Twila Euro
Twila Euro 2 hours ago
Can u hear me scream?? Sugas rap is fire
Twila Euro
Twila Euro 2 hours ago
I like their different outfits each bringing us back to the different bts eras.
Jake Bonnington
Jake Bonnington 6 hours ago
Someone: Who's your bias? Me: Yes!
Ketley Pinheiro-Godard
OMG this is just so amazingly done...everything is so perfect: music, dance, stage and of course them:-) looking at this how can they not be the most famous k-pop band in the world!!!
Pierre Custodio
Pierre Custodio 16 hours ago
where i can buy this jungkook's sweater?
I finally found a bias in Bangtan
How can they be so good? Like seriously? The.song.is.so.good!
Aesthetic Hellfire
3:14 this dude fLEW I'M DOSNSISNS
Christian ChimChim
melow swirps
melow swirps Day ago
Tae barely has any bits to sing in this song
Latent Writer
Is it me or the clothes they are wearing are really like REALLY familiar?! It's driving me crazy like I feel like I have seen those clothes on BTS but I don't know where (except this performance) plz help ARMY!!!! 😖😖
Shonta👌 Day ago
Melanie Leslie Tenorio Garcia
En el minuto 1:11 dice *one shot* Soy la única que le suena como los fanfic en whattpad Si ? Ok Auto like para no desaparecer
Shahad Merani
PERFECTION is one word to describe BTS
viki zabecka
viki zabecka Day ago
In love with this performance
Manahil Amjad
My favorite song I love BTS AND I'M FROM PAKISTAN I can't understand THIS SONG BUT ENGLISH SUBTITLES I UNDERSTAND 😋😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😍
Agustina Velasquez
Hola año
TAEYHUN AND CONCEPT PHOTO İS NAMJOON SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Army To Forever
Army To Forever 2 days ago
Jin de franja pra cima é a coisa mais linda desse mundo!!!😍😍💜
Lucas Souza
Lucas Souza 2 days ago
a voz do Jimin me encanta,causando arrepios.
Lucas Souza
Lucas Souza 2 days ago
gosto muito dessa musica ,me deixa feliz.
ManG JunG
ManG JunG 2 days ago
نور محمد
نور محمد 2 days ago
احبكم bts هواية
Manam Aslam
Manam Aslam 3 days ago
All the best
ARMYxBLINK 3 days ago
No one is talking about Tae😭 RM, SUGA, JIN, JHOPE Can you please gave them some loves?! No hate tho I just can't stand it anymore I mean RM create some song.. Same with Suga And V?He is CUTE LITTLE ALIEN 4D! While JIN is eating CD Do you notice their hardwork? Hobi is doing a lot of improvement! I'm not hating JIMIN and JUNGKOOK I love Them too!!! They are My BIAS Well Tae is My BIAS WRECKER Please.. Just give them attention and love They need that
JB's Suga
JB's Suga 3 days ago
This song is definitely made for J-Hope, he slayyyyyyyys all his parts
Samia Elassrioui
Samia Elassrioui 3 days ago
Tae !!!!!!!Tae!!!!! he's is a killer
Nithiya Kalyani
Nithiya Kalyani 3 days ago
Every time I see their moves in this .....they me out of breath........ BTS....our kings...rules the world .....wow.... ARMY...
maknae02 3 days ago
i know this is really a sensitive comment.. but however i see exo and bts performances... exo looks and sounds tired compared to BTS. no hate just love.
outrotear 4 days ago
This is SEOKJIN🤟🏻💜
Lululuna 4 days ago
Jimin; *Who has the deepest voice in bts* Tae: Me Kookie: *who ever wins gets lobster, on me!* Jin: *Hold my high notes* Hoseok; *dum dum dum* This isn't original dont like it lol
Synap 4 days ago
Everyone’s talking about Jin’s forehead but can you stop for a second and give all your love and respect Hobi’s perfection because that’s what i do. He gets me speechless every time. This man deserves best. I’ve got to say a lot of things but you know I can’t write all
Sagnik Santara
Sagnik Santara 4 days ago
My GOD😇🙏👼 you all are going crazy and making the crowd crazy GOD bless you all keep going on🔛 best wishes to your team from your fan from INDIA🇮🇳 Kolkata 😁
Jung SHOOKETH! 4 days ago
How the hell is jin so PERFECT Also sugas rap got me SLEEEEP
Jxlie 05
Jxlie 05 4 days ago
Why is no one talking about how this song is basically just talking about getting drunk...😂
leekimchee 4 days ago
Ok. Call me crazy but I’ve been OBSESSED with the webtoon True Beauty and I can’t help but fangirl at how much Jin resembles Seojun in this performance. From the visuals to the fashion and his aura..... like its blowing my mind😅😅
Lunalia 4 days ago
oh yeah this webtoon is so good ~
asii jinniee
asii jinniee 4 days ago
2.35 RIP meeee😵🤯 Jin are you fucking trying to kill me @4.07
Zariya's life
Zariya's life 5 days ago
Let's play a game: Fangirl: like Fanboy:comment (boy)
iiOmqKathrynPlays x
Scifikimmi 5 days ago
in EVERY performance of this song I CANT stop looking at JIN.
MMA REPUBLIC 5 days ago
I am on every video commenting how good jin is 😎
sarah 6
sarah 6 5 days ago
Maria Garcia Castillo
I love jin💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍👍👇
Jimin where the party at part and falling part is killing me 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
Str3aM Boy With Luv
3:32 the camaraman knew damn well what do to At the right time
Str3aM Boy With Luv
I know I asked for dionysus stages bUT they just keep on getting more and more rude Bro I-
Str3aM Boy With Luv
0:44 why dO I find that funny
bangtan sonyeodan forever
It's Jin's era he is getting so many lines I am so happy for him I guess this song has a fair distribution
Sisypheap Mey
Sisypheap Mey 6 days ago
Can I be honest? I listened to the whole song normally but when it's Suga's rap I litterly pause a bit to calm my breathing. He made me forgot how to breathe with his stare.
Aryan Aryan
Aryan Aryan 6 days ago
Jin's voice just prefect 😜😜😜😜😜so nice.
universe amor
universe amor 7 days ago
• s u n n y s i d e •
Mochi Park
Mochi Park 7 days ago
BTS 🎶 ✨ 💜
Julianna Andrewcavage
I think I just got biased wreaked by jin-
Maya Vete a la verga Miller.
¡Voy a ir a una peda y me voy a emborrachar de A R T E!. 🌹💕
Gege A
Gege A 8 days ago
RANDOM PERSON 8 days ago
Lol the capes are giving me anime villian vibes sksksksksks 😂
ash21 8 days ago
can we also appreciate jin’s forehead showing like jesus christ
ash21 8 days ago
Yllari ARMY
Yllari ARMY 8 days ago
Yllari ARMY
Yllari ARMY 8 days ago
Scandalous Dolan
Scandalous Dolan 8 days ago
Why aren’t we talking about Hoseok? He got so many lines and nailed it. Edit: Namjoon and Jin also nailed it looks and Beautiful vocals
joanna 24
joanna 24 8 days ago
Jin 😍😍😍😍
Mrs Happy ARMY
Mrs Happy ARMY 9 days ago
( • w • )
Mrs Happy ARMY
Mrs Happy ARMY 9 days ago
*Jk:* *Where the party at?* *I:* *Party at your hearts*
E M 9 days ago
Omg, Suga's part kills me each time~ ☆♡☆
cweez 9 days ago
this is how true artists perform
Rajpal Singh
Rajpal Singh 10 days ago
I like you bts
eanash mustafa
eanash mustafa 10 days ago
The BTS fact is true they wear a suit at first then get tired of it then it's Pokémon gang...😂🔥👌💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
af bangtan
af bangtan 10 days ago
Seokjin has been eating CDs and Yoongi bars and mixtapes
yoon 10 days ago
Dionysus is RM, Hobi, Jin and tae’s era UNREAL STAGE PRESENCE
Alina Rose
Alina Rose 11 days ago
2:00 ,Jimin, that's illegal
Jazmin konstanza
Jazmin konstanza 11 days ago
Salmon Petals
Salmon Petals 11 days ago
La masho,masho,mashonesa challenge xd
Joy Ni
Joy Ni 11 days ago
4:02 totally gives me idols vibes
liona squires
liona squires 11 days ago
يا عسل
يا عسل 11 days ago
هاذا أفضلconcertحق dionysus😏👌👌😘
Юлия Харьянова
Дайте мне выучить корейский!!!! Или закопайте меня в яме что бы я не слышала эти голоса.
jj v
jj v 11 days ago
camera work was um 😐
Jk Coconut head
Jk Coconut head 12 days ago
Kookie main vocalist💜💜💜
Jk Coconut head
Jk Coconut head 12 days ago
Ebru Eyboglu
Ebru Eyboglu 12 days ago
Jungkook is so handsome. His vocals ❤️❤️
Chad Lor
Chad Lor 12 days ago
I love when they fall but I don’t want them to be died
Juan Sánchez Estrada
Like si crees que la voz de tae es mas profunda quel oceano :v
민윤기 12 days ago
i really love this songg
anime lover XD
anime lover XD 12 days ago
Jin slaying everyone left and right in this come back Im so proud JIN you deserve it BABY!!!!! Jin slaying in dancing/looks/ convinced/ and be sexy AF it's so good to be alive jin your doing great sweetie
anime lover XD
anime lover XD 12 days ago
Omg bts got me so shook I looked at the thumbnail and was like nah im to young for this 😂bitch I'm 23 bts what you doing to me
jeryie jeryie
jeryie jeryie 12 days ago
i live for forehead jin
So Yeon
So Yeon 12 days ago
Почему Чимин такой сасный?😭
PlayerlGG 12 days ago
1:48 It is just me or J-Hope's voice is REALLY similar to Squirdward's voice
Lynn A.R
Lynn A.R 12 days ago
the camera work is so bad i thought it was filmed in the us 😂
Aria •_• Lang
Aria •_• Lang 12 days ago
I didn’t know what they were talking about before captions 😅 going from love yourself to let’s get drunk but ok (I am not criticizing them I am just saying the beauty of captions can make a big difference and there is also a difference between having alcohol a few times and being a alcoholic,which I am sure they were talking about not being an alcoholic but still being young sorry if I am wrong )
h halsey
h halsey 12 days ago
Jimin s part is my favorite 😭💖
Your loss
Your loss 13 days ago
Grace Molefe
Grace Molefe 13 days ago
Joon’s hair! Oh sweet sweet heaven 😍😍 this man will be the death of me some day... I want his jacket though, it’s fire!! 🔥🔥
Silverbird 3000
Silverbird 3000 13 days ago
0:31min, EXCUSE ME
Emilee Beger
Emilee Beger 13 days ago
i don't think i've ever been more scared than watching RM walk across a table and jump down.
Kiki Plz love me
Kiki Plz love me 14 days ago
This comback Jin, J Hope, RM popping hard
La china
La china 14 days ago
Como si fuera que van a leer sus comentarios xd
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