Bryan Cranston's Super Sweet 60

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Bryan Cranston just had a big birthday. He turned 60 in March and luckily for us, MTV was there to document the whole thing. #SuperSweet60
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Bryan Cranston's Super Sweet 60


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May 21, 2016

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Comments 7 116
Ammar Hour ago
I come back to watch this almost every month. Favourite thing on RUvid by far.
Brooke Book
Brooke Book 2 hours ago
Omg I love it 😅😅
Tads Obach-Acosta
Tads Obach-Acosta 8 hours ago
TurkI.R 16 hours ago
Ice 77
Ice 77 Day ago
SISQOOOO!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Gwendolyn Freeman
They need to do this with Joaquin Phoenix next lol that would be awesome!!
Kingu-Dracko Day ago
How precious the whole breaking bad cast is
Ashil John
Ashil John 2 days ago
14:05 Yay, you're my present, I own you!😂
Daniel Turqueza
Daniel Turqueza 2 days ago
mostafa mahmoud
mostafa mahmoud 3 days ago
Gael boetticher, DEA and gus fring disliked this
Queer Nerd Fan Daddy
Bryan Cranston never dissapoints. And what a treat for Breaking Bad fans to see him reunite wit Adrian Paul, Bob Odenkirk and Skinny "friggin'" Pete. Happy birthday, Mr. Cranston. :))
Jophelerx 3 days ago
Dammit I wanna see the Bob Saget one now!
Orion 3 days ago
His mother is so beautiful!
Ghassan Al-Mashareqa
Holy crap, I think, and I'm being 100% serious right now, I have found new respect for Bryan Cranston as an actor. That performance was spectacular.
Claire Wilson
Claire Wilson 4 days ago
Are we not gonna talk about Skinny Pete????
Brooke Stop
Brooke Stop 4 days ago
I love that he is "Jimby Kimble"!!!!!!
نواف الحربي
I watched this 5 times
SniperSnowman 4 days ago
‘Gustav-o’s’ lol
aTroXtv twitch
aTroXtv twitch 5 days ago
dad lift me up like simba .... weak :D
rootbeer543 5 days ago
Are his parents names really Bea and Ryan? Lmao
Sebastian Maregatti
EpicVideos 5 days ago
I could see him playing the grinch!
EpicVideos 5 days ago
Did the crowns remind anyone of “Double king” anyone?
MateuszCOMPANY 6 days ago
I had hope he get Pontiac Aztek
Burk Staub
Burk Staub 6 days ago
He's so f**king funny....awesome
Simona Sorrentino
Lo amo
big gay
big gay 6 days ago
i feel... like im so much better than you 😂😂
Luis Alberto Santiago El Videojugabilistico Marquez
Epic reference, Gustav'O's
Dylan Wade
Dylan Wade 7 days ago
Go home and change or else imma tell my dad to throw your ass out
tokonami memes
tokonami memes 7 days ago
I havent watched the video yet, but there better be a bacon “60” on scrambled eggs
Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome 7 days ago
Dude should be Dr. Doom, since Warner Brothers were too stupid to hire him as Lex Luther.
Synergy 8 days ago
bruhh this dude is the best actor ever
Patty Elizondo
Patty Elizondo 8 days ago
I’m so weak at his dancing when sisco performs
Ivonne Salazar
Ivonne Salazar 8 days ago
OMG!!! Y’all this has to be a series on the show it’s absolutely hilarious!!
Zoe de soire
Zoe de soire 9 days ago
Did somebody notice the picture on the wall in 03:06? Thats weird.....
joseph Giordo
joseph Giordo 9 days ago
GUSTAV-Os cereal 😂😂😂😂😂 this should be a real cereal and have the color of them blue
VEN 9 days ago
I don't know why this in my recommends in 2019 but I'm glad it did.
Mason Miller
Mason Miller 9 days ago
Jesus Marie
Jennifer Rhoades
Jennifer Rhoades 9 days ago
Weirdly glorious.
Was sort of hoping LOIS was in this.
Tirivashe Shamhu
Tirivashe Shamhu 9 days ago
I'd like a bowl of Gustav-O's please
Sevde Duran
Sevde Duran 9 days ago
This is awesome, Brion ;)
nintendokings 9 days ago
Funny that making this 15 minutes prob cost about as much as a sweet 16 bday party
ayan rehman
ayan rehman 9 days ago
Weed shouldn't be legal in California.
NIC-TAK-TOE 10 days ago
Best trash TV parody ever!!
Ken Daniel Murphy
Ken Daniel Murphy 10 days ago
Bryan is awesome. This is awesome. Lol.
ElEctric SHAZ
ElEctric SHAZ 10 days ago
Anyone else notice skinny pete😂
Natasja 10 days ago
This is hella funny.
Jessie B
Jessie B 10 days ago
Soooo hilarious!!
Mill Burray
Mill Burray 10 days ago
This is what happens when Breaking Bad turnout to be a comedy
Jason Van Stone
Jason Van Stone 10 days ago
"Hey everybody, is everyone having a wild time?" "nooooooooo" "Are you happy??" "NOOOOOOOOoooOoOooOOoO!!!!!" 😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
tisi wolf
tisi wolf 12 days ago
OMG beautifuul
Sam Krawly
Sam Krawly 12 days ago
Ahumzzz 12 days ago
I dont know why i keep coming back to this video
여행 유튜버 Rollin Joint
who is still here in 2019
Андреј М
Андреј М 13 days ago
I thought that misspelling scene will end with „Say my name"...
Valerie Alobaidi
Valerie Alobaidi 13 days ago
Kim Morgan
Kim Morgan 13 days ago
That may well be the most epically awesome thing I have ever seen!! My mind is blown!! 😂😂
Nahue Stark
Nahue Stark 13 days ago
AND SISQO!! *137* i died
Think Of A Mexican Name
Gustav. O's lol
OmarWho 13 days ago
Anyone notice the tighty whiteys Picture on the walk tho? 😂😂😂
Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz 13 days ago
Muhammed Affan
Muhammed Affan 13 days ago
OMG this is just badly hilarious I've watched this ten times and still laughing outloud. Bryan just took his role as serious as if it's truly happening in the real world and that's the secret beyond his great success.I hope to watch him again starring another masterpiece.He's the best actor of all time.
Vishal Joshi
Vishal Joshi 14 days ago
Bryan is brilliant at acting as always 😂👌
William A
William A 14 days ago
'Yeah, I said it.. write it down.' lol.. this was done so well by bryan lol
Wama Licious
Wama Licious 14 days ago
It’s 2019 guess am late to the party but brion king was a funpartay
metzindustries 14 days ago
this video sucks
Tushar Kakshapati
Tushar Kakshapati 14 days ago
better King than Brian the broken
H20nas 16 days ago
Therefore Kanye dresses like a sleepy refugee.
B. McAllister
B. McAllister 16 days ago
JetPackDino 16 days ago
This is better than ALL of GoT Season 8
Reality Records TV
Reality Records TV 16 days ago
“Breaking Bryan”
pedro Leitão
pedro Leitão 16 days ago
Bea Cranston Ryan Cranston B + RYAN = BRYAN 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 17 days ago
Brion commits to every role
Lane Chadwick
Lane Chadwick 17 days ago
funniest thing ever on jimmy kimmel
Ed's already planning his sweet 60 and he's only like 52.
Cats Rule
Cats Rule 17 days ago
The sixth season of breaking bad is really weird
lea rodriguez
lea rodriguez 17 days ago
5.45..really turned into Hal lol...
Sayanne Jean
Sayanne Jean 17 days ago
CadyKat Games
CadyKat Games 17 days ago
Where is Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, Jamie, and Francis. I know they left but why are you such a mess😂 Did Louis leave you?? (If you haven’t seen the show Bryan Cranston starred in called Malcolm in the Middle you wouldn’t understand.)
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!
I watch this every year and will continue to do so, I love this so much
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez 18 days ago
You have to go to dialysis 🤦‍♀️
1 Bad Jesus
1 Bad Jesus 18 days ago
"OH, THOSE?...they're just my 6 Emmys..."
RAS reggae
RAS reggae 18 days ago
luiz henrique
luiz henrique 18 days ago
This guy can be Heisenberg, Walter White or some generic MTV bitchy teen girl, even being a man and 60 years old! No wonder why he won 6 Emmys
Ben Rylatt-west
Ben Rylatt-west 18 days ago
how have I just seen this looooool
Joshua Forter
Joshua Forter 18 days ago
137$ for Sisquo. LMFAO
Blessing Agboada
Blessing Agboada 19 days ago
Bryan Cranston is a LEGEND
Logi 0812
Logi 0812 19 days ago
Just when you thought youve seen it all then here comes bryan cranston pulling off a 60 y/o spoiled brat birthday boy. Wow just wow. What an actor!
kaduzy 19 days ago
The funniest part of this is still how much it cost to get Cisco. ROFL.
Joshua Forter
Joshua Forter 18 days ago
137$ LMAO
Doğa Gökalan
Doğa Gökalan 19 days ago
i come to this video whenever i'm feeling down. helps every time
Asger 19 days ago
gustav Os
Dj Reeves
Dj Reeves 19 days ago
Wow sisqo for 137 bucks I love it
Insta: Issce_spicee
Who else here is also upset about GOT season 8?
Sanddox 19 days ago
These are the consequences of being 'The Only Child'!
Kevin Abarca
Kevin Abarca 20 days ago
LOL! Skinny Pete.
Okay but why is no one mentioning the Guatav-O’s cereal that Bryan was eating at the beginning??
Rico Mendez
Rico Mendez 21 day ago
04:05 Straight up Heisenberg 😂 Awesome skit, plus Bob at the end was great, perfect ending 🤣
average metalhead
"I'll buy you a beautiful casket" this guy is god
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