Bruno Mars Soap Opera w/ Kate Beckinsale & Milo Ventimiglia

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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In "The Bold & The Lyrical," Kate Beckinsale finds herself caught in a love triangle between James Corden and Milo Ventimiglia. How will the three work it out using only Bruno Mars lyrics as dialogue?
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Mar 15, 2019

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Comments 678
Hyperzac 9711
Hyperzac 9711 20 days ago
Bruno didn’t came, I saw him standing at this liquor store.
That's So Lulu
That's So Lulu 24 days ago
This is hilarious. The ridiculous things celebrities be doing for views tho😂😂🤣🤣
penny lane
penny lane 29 days ago
Oh, I'd love to see another one with Taylor's songs!!
yerkala siddhath
Kate is sooo hot✌️🔥
Rxldhdm 123
Rxldhdm 123 Month ago
Made me laugh! Amazing
Boi BoLang
Boi BoLang Month ago
So creative!!! 👍🏻
Hooligans Month ago
Someone please tell me.. Is the script written by Bruno Mars or what?
Derrick Khroun
Derrick Khroun Month ago
Lucky motha Fer hahaha,Kate is beautiful!
Angel Watcher
Angel Watcher 2 months ago
I want to see more skits like this. It was hilarious!
Caspian A.
Caspian A. 2 months ago
Man I love this. CBS should give it a season. As an actually show.
redvelvetsprinkles 2 months ago
trpo erst
trpo erst 2 months ago
kimberley perez amezola
How is here for brunos tweet
Lucciana Moscoso
Lucciana Moscoso 3 months ago
Damn Milo I think i wanna marry you
Rin Rin
Rin Rin 3 months ago
The best..
PikaPool 3 months ago
I’m to hot 😎
MC Bee
MC Bee 3 months ago
Static CentreHalf
Static CentreHalf 3 months ago
Shades of Morecambe & Wise.
Sher Laguardia
Sher Laguardia 3 months ago
That was amazing! 😂
Le Corny
Le Corny 3 months ago
Kate kinda reminds me of lana del rey
Que Sera
Que Sera 3 months ago
Milo:Versace on the floor *dramatic music *
Khominie Yusop
Khominie Yusop 3 months ago
This might be up against the taylor swift one as one the best of the bold the lyrical series 😂😂😂
Toni Reyes
Toni Reyes 3 months ago
Kate's face look different.
John Leung
John Leung 3 months ago
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the next one be written by Lady Gaga!!!!
Hooligans Month ago
@John Leung yes pleaseee By the way pls tell me, is this written by Bruno Mars?
John Leung
John Leung 3 months ago
First Adam Scott quotes Bad Romance in the Beyoncé episode, and now Milo Ventimiliga quotes Shallow. Come on James! Let’s give Gaga a chance to write the Bold and the Lyrical!
Dorçaf Ouertatani
Dorçaf Ouertatani 3 months ago
I absolutely love corden's soap opera. It's so good to have them back. I missed them 😍😍
Paul Luevano
Paul Luevano 3 months ago
Pete Davidson is pissed
Abraham J
Abraham J 3 months ago
Goshhh i can't stop laughing 😂😂 brilliant! And part when shallow lyrics been said, I'm thinking which bruno song have that lyrics 😂😂
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen 3 months ago
Oh my... Kate is still beautifully sharp.
Amelia Avancena
Amelia Avancena 3 months ago
I was singing the lyrics they sayin
Devashri Roy
Devashri Roy 3 months ago
Shotokhan 3 months ago
kate's smoking hot!
Ilike turtles
Ilike turtles 3 months ago
I don’t know who Kate is. From the thumbnail I thought it’s Sofía Vergara.
KatSon or never
KatSon or never 3 months ago
Marsh Random
Marsh Random 3 months ago
This was goooooooooooooooood…
Reinaldo Pa'ReirTv
Reinaldo Pa'ReirTv 3 months ago
Thats hard bro
Tesco Primark
Tesco Primark 3 months ago
Just realised till he said ‘I think Want to merry you!’...that’s the lyrics of Bruno’s song....ahhhh so Good. Btw, how about Anaconda Song by Nicki Minaj.... what will it be like? 😂
Tammy x
Tammy x 3 months ago
That was brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻
M 3 months ago
This should be a regular thang!
Nishit Soni
Nishit Soni 3 months ago
This was brilliant! 😂
Mary Hilado
Mary Hilado 3 months ago
Written by Bruno Mars. 😍😍😍😍
Natasha Atika Khan
Natasha Atika Khan 3 months ago
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma 3 months ago
Amazing Amazing A-mazing
Rosh r
Rosh r 3 months ago
God Milo can romance a dead tree..
LECHUGA MASTER 3 months ago
As a chubby man, I wish I had James corden level chubby man confidence
Sarada Prasad
Sarada Prasad 3 months ago
I'm a billionaire, I'm too hot... 😄😄😄 Nailed it😁
Drew got jokes
Drew got jokes 3 months ago
Way better than snl
Heather C.
Heather C. 3 months ago
Pete Davidson upgraded that's for sure! She may be older, but she is hot!!!
Victor 3 months ago
her face has changed so much. she looks plastic
bombasticnost 3 months ago
Super!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂😂
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