Brunei King Lifestyle ★ 2019

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Brunei King luxurious lifestyle,cars,networth,houses,children and.his facts biography
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May 3, 2018




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Comments 80
Arman Khan
Arman Khan 2 days ago
Ye doniya ka number 1 aamir aadmi kyu nahi h bhai
Streaming Kid32
Streaming Kid32 4 days ago
This guy ugly as hell who tf would get at him?
kambiz manzouri
kambiz manzouri 6 days ago
You liar the seat is the first class of emirates and the whole gold room belonges to the prince of Saudi Arabia and the bedroom belong to Trump in his private plane you liar.
Durgesh Pratap Singh
brunei is my most hated country
alex ciocianu
alex ciocianu 8 days ago
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Mohammad Hidayat
Mohammad Hidayat 9 days ago
Mybe good to king. 😇
Manish Devanga
Manish Devanga 10 days ago
What about that country's poor people!!! I think there is no poor people in that country. Because King will use that much gold in toilet how he will treat his peoples
Aliff Apex
Aliff Apex 16 days ago
Malaysia have yang di pertuan agong brunei have the sultan hasanal bolkiah...daulat tuanku!
Mohsin Shaikh Mohsin Jagirdar
Zulfiqar ashraf Zulfiqar ashraf
Very nice so beatifull and so ritchest world man
Fatkhur Rahman
Fatkhur Rahman 27 days ago
Klo negara seluas itu, apanya yg dibanggakan, lain klo gabung ke indonesia, bantu belanja utk kesejahteraan dll itu baru hebat, tentaranya pasti rapuh, gak punya tempat utk parkir kapal rodo gede apalagi gede dri pda punya 7000 lebih mobil kok nggak beli alat pelindung negara yg hebat spt britania misalnya, tur yaa itu uangnya sendiri siih
Fatkhur Rahman
Fatkhur Rahman 27 days ago
Gak narik
Kham Saipharath
Kham Saipharath Month ago
Адилет Бейшенов
He is broke guy with a lot of money! Looks pathetic
Myleen Bugais
Myleen Bugais Month ago
Now king is bey all
verga dura
verga dura Month ago
Reuben Gilden
Reuben Gilden Month ago
Average burmenese live under $1 a day most of the people suffering from malnutrion and malaria
Commander Xananymous
Never understood why rich people use their money to decorate their toilet with gold.. What are they gonna do with a gold toilet..? Eat it..?
อิง เเดกเตี๋ยว
Athari Abdulla
Athari Abdulla Month ago
Please help us we need some money to get food to eat at home please help us am called diana am coming from Africa Uganda is my country please help me with my family we don't have money to buy food please help us may alimaty God bless you
Irfan khan Abbasi
Very nice
Zijada Mujkanović
Vi ste fukare od ljudi dzaba vam sav novac i nikakvi muslimani
No hidden news
No hidden news Month ago
Semoga kepimpinan berlandaskan Al-Quran dan Sunnah Nabi. اَللَّهُمَّ صَلِّى عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍٍ، وَعَلَى آلِهِ مُحَمَّدٍٍ اَلْحَمْدُ ِللهِ
Alhamduillah Inshallah......
I would gladly accept a Gift of 100 luxury cars from his Collection not Brand new from King Hasanal bolkaiyah......
Tahir Cloth
Tahir Cloth 2 months ago
Very good
Multi Focus
Multi Focus 2 months ago
Can anyone from Brunei help me to get a job in Brunei?
This is the real satin in human being...100%
Puring Ripung TV
Puring Ripung TV 2 months ago
Thai King has 40B$ 😎
Niladri Mal
Niladri Mal 2 months ago
I love you
shahulhameed rami
shahulhameed rami 2 months ago
This guy I think may be crazy because he use gold in toilet paint in house with gold totaly accentric pls helping who poor and needy normal poeple like me never accept such foolinesh
Marrson 2 months ago
Sultan must be a very busy man keeping all these many cars clean.
خلود أحمد
خلود أحمد 2 months ago
اتمنا تترجمو بلغه العربيه لمعرفه كل شي عن سلطان بورناي خلود من مصر
Muhammad Athar Ali
Muhammad Athar Ali 2 months ago
omar sisca
omar sisca 2 months ago
how about life there in brunei ? have something special or no ??
Anne Mclachlan
Anne Mclachlan 2 months ago
I live in brunei and I’ve seen the sultan in person
Be A Maverick
Be A Maverick Month ago
How is life in Brunei ,? I want to know about taxes u pay and lifestyle of a comman man there
Samishahzad Khan
Samishahzad Khan 2 months ago
MashaAllah superb great wonderful king sultan brunie darussalam. Alhumdulillah. All time forever InshaAllah
Kane 21
Kane 21 3 months ago
Sultan provides healthcare and education for his people. The children are allowed to go to the amusement park for free.
syed abdul naser
syed abdul naser 3 months ago
Ini bukan cara Islam pemile naraka
syed abdul naser
syed abdul naser 3 months ago
நரகத்தின் சொந்தக்காரர் எத்தனை கோடி மக்கள் ஒருவேளை உணவின்றி வாடுகின்றனர் உனக்கு இவ்வளவு ஆடம்பரம்
Monopriya Barua
Monopriya Barua 3 months ago
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas 3 months ago
Madame tlg mali naging pamamaraan king rashid pati n s ways nia s mga anak nia. Buti nlang tlg medio bata p king bolkiah pr mkaalalay p s mga anak nl king salman at king rashid. Kc tlg guguho ang kingdom nl pg nwala cl king salman. Musta po king bolkiah. 😊😊😊😇😇😇😇
Tarun Sipani
Tarun Sipani 3 months ago
i want to meet him
Mat Black
Mat Black 3 months ago
venkata rao
venkata rao 4 months ago
As is the fact, Allah doesn't appreciate this Sultan's ostentatious show off.... I confusingly doubt...Right..??? Then...What is said...???
venkata rao
venkata rao Month ago
@Ahmad Muizz Oh...what a fantastic deliverance... Yes...You are right. I agree with you....Ahmad Muizz Sir !!!... So beautiful deliverance.
Ahmad Muizz
Ahmad Muizz Month ago
And the sultan always prays
Ahmad Muizz
Ahmad Muizz Month ago
Allah does not care about his money but care about his prays
Sunarto Sunarto
Sunarto Sunarto 4 months ago
Indonesia Brunei Darussalam ,is the big family
Adi Villanueva
Adi Villanueva 4 months ago
I wonder where they get all their money?
Kurnia Sandi'Nicks
Kurnia Sandi'Nicks 3 months ago
main state budget income (crude oil.petroleum.minerals mining)
qyerah adlynash
qyerah adlynash 4 months ago
Alhamdulillah 😊
Ara Apis
Ara Apis 4 months ago
Assalamualakum wr wb sultan ingat mintak pendapat terkait Ri 1 Abdurahman wahid Ri 1 Mintak bantuan aku jawab sepantasnya di bantu, M,A,S,
Rodriguez Collins
Rodriguez Collins 4 months ago
No one should have that mich money while there are poor black Africans in Africa this makes me extremely angry
The Comfy Chair
The Comfy Chair 3 months ago
There are poor people in brunei, not to mention that they are also discriminating cunts.
Diana Adinin
Diana Adinin 4 months ago
Some of the pictures are incorrect..never heard our sultan had a gold toilet tissue..plus they post wrong picture of his mother..the second picture after his father was not his mother picture but it was his second wife..also the pictures of his first daughter princess Rashid was not her picture it was her sister picture..they also missing his second daughter picture here..so it incomplete..
Graziella Bosco
Graziella Bosco 4 months ago
Molto meglio la sobrietà’ della famiglia imperiale giapponese.
xuseen barre
xuseen barre 4 months ago
my grand father we are supporters force help us
víčťøŘ Luan
víčťøŘ Luan 4 months ago
Algum brasileiro em 2020??
Baljeet Dubb
Baljeet Dubb 4 months ago
Very nice country
Pg Nani
Pg Nani 5 months ago
who's live at brunei,pls like..
Magpie's Nest
Magpie's Nest 9 days ago
Quiet, safe and unadventurous (not in a bad way) but yeah probably better than most countries
Be A Maverick
Be A Maverick Month ago
Tell me how is life in brunei
focus bruh
focus bruh 4 months ago
Pls tell me what is it like over there
Lebogang Tebele
Lebogang Tebele 5 months ago
Greed on the highest level
istolit • 10 years ago
Lebogang Tebele let’s look at Putin, the leader of that flag you wave on your profile. 👌 👌 👌
Nina Rosangela
Nina Rosangela 5 months ago
Hummmmm that is extremely rich Mus be wonderland!
Production Plan
Production Plan 5 months ago
The gaudy rewards of a dictator stealing the wealth from his fellow countryman. Nothing to admire here.
pom kim
pom kim 5 months ago
vicram an
vicram an 5 months ago
Sir I am in this poor money kasttapaduthran. Please help me one job sir please my treatment & one life sir help sir
Diaralcasan Ibrahim
Diaralcasan Ibrahim 5 months ago
Bismillahir rahmaniir Rahiim! Luxuries in Islam is not pleasing to Allah swt by the Quran 11:15 -16. He who does while Billions of people are suffering in poverty will not smell Heaven even how religious he is. That is Islam by the Quran. Simple & Humble Life with Humility, Justice, Equity & Propriety. Blessed people with affluence & riches should have shown themselves as models of Islam in Simplicity, Humbleness & Humility with Justice, Equity & Propriety to all of Mankind without favor regardless of class, race, color, language, culture or tradition. Islam is for Peace & Tranquility in service to Allah swt, to Humanities & to all the Creatures of Allah swt as co-existent for the Pleasure of Allah swt all for the purpose of the next Eternal Life in Heaven. Subhanallah! Allahu'akbar!
Dody Alghony
Dody Alghony 5 months ago
Sebelum d jajah oleh negara lain alngkh baiknya sistem prthannya d perkuat
Mela 2411
Mela 2411 5 months ago
What song?
Suryadi MD
Suryadi MD 5 months ago
He is not an ordinary human being! He is a tycoon, he is a lazy creature, he is a godfather, he is an Islamic BIGOT, he is the law of his country and he is using religion to control his country.
X Play
X Play 5 months ago
This garbage lives in luxury and more than half the inhabitants of the country live in poverty.
Slanted Eye
Slanted Eye 5 months ago
What bs ur talking about?
Lee Phan
Lee Phan 5 months ago
As long not rich, do not marrige. If not, you will die
Kentlaulee Lee
Kentlaulee Lee 5 months ago
From oil... Not from him..
Person Wieerd
Person Wieerd 5 months ago
your dauther is erich gonzalez hassanak bolkiah muiz'zaddin wad'daulah.
Jameer Basha
Jameer Basha 5 months ago
Peaceful life
Jameer Basha
Jameer Basha 5 months ago
Help to poor people
Rommel Huxley Foronda
Is that prince mateen in 2:19
Commander Xananymous
It’s a shame of their king is so filthy rich yet his country doesn’t even have any development and people who stay there looks like in North Korea
Ryan Mcneila
Ryan Mcneila 5 months ago
It is time to round up the rich and to torture them to death. All of them.
Mission Islam
Mission Islam 5 months ago
*Some people are so poor, all they have is money.*
istolit • 10 years ago
Mission Islam I hope I reach that level of poor.
LAVA BOY 6 months ago
He has So many collections of FORMULA 1 OMG!! OH MY GULAY
Person Wieerd
Person Wieerd 6 months ago
hehehehehe...all leaders nation brunei brutal golddiger.
Person Wieerd
Person Wieerd 6 months ago
pag suiced because your such brutal golddgider leader...by dway im A...and you are my toys.
Person Wieerd
Person Wieerd 6 months ago
@Nor Sida brutal...hehehehehehe
Nor Sida
Nor Sida 6 months ago
ms sali
ms sali 6 months ago
Abdul matten so Handsome😍
ms sali
ms sali 6 months ago
@-Peachy _feelings yes why?
-Peachy _feelings
-Peachy _feelings 6 months ago
How do u know are u philiphines?
Helen Dhanaraj
Helen Dhanaraj 6 months ago
Where is all this wealth from and where are these folks going to cart them. Dho bhiga zameen bus hai na manushya ke liye? Kya lalach, kya shaan baan aur paan???
Scandi66 6 months ago
Self-censorship is the rule for journalists working for state-owned Radio Television Brunei and for the leading daily newspapers, which are directly owned by the sultan’s family. The authorities are free to intervene in the activities of journalists but it is rarely necessary because the repressive legislation, rendered even harsher by the introduction of a very strict version of the Sharia, suffices to deter any comments that could be interpreted as blasphemy or criticism of the Sultanate. Publishing any content that adversely affects the “prominence of the National Philosophy” is punishable by three years in prison under the sedition law. Bloggers who post any independently-reported information risk being prosecuted on a criminal defamation charge even if they deleted the content soon after posting. Any “malicious” comment is punishable by five years in prison.
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