Brunei King Lifestyle ★ 2019

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Brunei King luxurious lifestyle,cars,networth,houses,children and.his facts biography
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May 3, 2018




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Comments 836
Master Prophet
Master Prophet 21 hour ago
The King of Brunei is living that life!!!
One can be happy in his poverty and unhappy in his wealth, because happiness is not material ...
Master Prophet
Master Prophet 21 hour ago
But it is better to be RICH and unhappy than poor and unhappy. Facts!!!
[Timeless Jaydz]
[Timeless Jaydz] 3 days ago
Maashalah, Allah Kareem. Thanks for sharing. full view and thumbs up.
Dads Do
Dads Do 5 days ago
Didn’t think muslims liked Wealth
HK Tawa Limbu
HK Tawa Limbu 6 days ago
qas Aini
qas Aini 6 days ago
Melihat video ini bak nabi Sulaiman semoga slalu bersyukur atas segala nikmat yang diberikan Allah kepada negara Brunei Darussalam
Pasquale D'Errico
He is clearly playing with cheat mode on
Rashid minhas
Rashid minhas 7 days ago
Aron Frost
Aron Frost 8 days ago
Allah is my God.He live forever.
Aron Frost
Aron Frost 8 days ago
لماذا لديك الكثير من الثروة وتكون مميتة؟
Athaullah A
Athaullah A 8 days ago
Asthasfirllah.. Is this the way of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)..?? Never at all. He waste his wealth by making golden toilet paper..!! Shit.. Those wealth can be destroy poverty in South Africa..! He living happiest life here but in hereafter Allah will ask everything about his mistakes and he can punish surely by Allah SWT.
Joanna Bestek
Joanna Bestek 12 days ago
Ich mag auch goldene kolor 👑🧬
Ashney Fernandes
Ashney Fernandes 13 days ago
U forget faiq
shamming reas Vlog
shamming reas Vlog 13 days ago
Small RUvidr here !!! sharmainereas vlog !!!
Saubhagya Verma
Saubhagya Verma 17 days ago
He is the owner of 7000 royal cars (600 rolls royce)
Luna Star
Luna Star 21 day ago
He greedy with money. He is playing with gold . He is poor in his mind to me. Sorry Waw what a perfect show is it?
sarl Lantape
sarl Lantape 24 days ago
raja siva
raja siva 25 days ago
Nice country
Gonday Gurung
Gonday Gurung 26 days ago
he is fucking shit man
mo rasid Mo Rasid
mo rasid Mo Rasid 26 days ago
मो 0 राशिद मेबहोतगरिहु पेसौसे मेरिकुछमदतकरदो8287209950
Its Me
Its Me 26 days ago
The king is rich but the country looks shit
sweet Nega
sweet Nega 27 days ago
Sirajith Ali
Sirajith Ali 28 days ago
Assalamu alaikum sulthan
AFreeThinker123 28 days ago
I wish they had made an Oxford or Cambridge type of University in their country instead of building large and luxurious palaces. I hope they had built up the world-class army rather than the world-class beautiful state of the art cruises. I wish they had spent money on Human development and helped their African people to reduce poverty. They will be asked about their wealth and the way they had spend it, on the day of judgement. Shame on these people, bombing poor countries like Yemen etc.
Ibrahim Ibrahim
Ibrahim Ibrahim 28 days ago
Burnei name maybe Muslim country, but king life style, and public culture not Muslim, because luxury life not allowed, and same Salman and his son they are related to hell.
Ruddy Bakewell
Ruddy Bakewell Month ago
Vile parasite. Even worse than the 'royal' family in the UK.
MAXEFEX Month ago
He needs to spend some money on a good plastic surgeon to fix that ugly face...
Nen Heyma
Nen Heyma Month ago
Johannes Month ago
Even if most people have a good live in brunei his behaviour is just disgusting
Rizalito Cebel
Rizalito Cebel Month ago
Very good lifestyle Support my chanel
rammgr Month ago
After seeing this video, I am so appreciative of myself and my 2011 honda civic that I "earned".....
Habib Ibrahim baroqah
Allah menjaga sultan dan keluarga amin dlm ketoatan kpd allah dan istiqomah dalam ibadah ya allah amin
asoka asoka
asoka asoka Month ago
Biutifull princess..
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Month ago
what disgusting way of flaunting his wealth. I really loathe people who possess so much money, especially when they also hold dictatorial power in their country.
Mark mr Mr
Mark mr Mr Month ago
Hi health princess and feme she family at contacts suggests an acceptance to allow My Mark universal at persist maker an was continuance entail Once allow
wow super fantastics 👍👍👍
crosshair Month ago
RBF runs in the family
Sammy M
Sammy M Month ago
He’s Poor if he doesn’t have God
Pramila Warnasuriya
nice vidio..🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀
Pramila Warnasuriya
Lakshmi Narayan Gouda
could tel me anyone the background music name ? such a nice one
Mohamed Fattah
Mohamed Fattah Month ago
Annai hathija islathirkaha ellathayum ilanthanga avanga maranathin pothu kafan thuni vanga kuda nabi idam panam illai idu than islam
As Seen On YT
As Seen On YT Month ago
so basically a british puppet./.. what a sad planet
Paul Niester
Paul Niester Month ago
Auch ein Sultan gibt irgendwann den Löffel ab. Wird er dann in Gold eingegossen? Für seine Sch... braucht er ja schon ein goldenes Klo und goldenes Packpapier. Oder wird er - der Sultan - umweltfreundlich entsorgt, d.h. ohne Brimborium?
Ammzie Vlogs
Ammzie Vlogs Month ago
Canada din yung pangarap ko mapuntahan. Thanks for sharing your video . More vlogs pa, inunahan na po kita.!
Gsup38 Month ago
What a waste !
Lisa & Tricia's Singapore Foodie TV
Subscribed. His hous is so big 1000+ rooms.
Lisa & Tricia's Singapore Foodie TV
I will get lost!
arzoo yasin
arzoo yasin Month ago
my birthday is on 18 july
Nova Intansari
Nova Intansari Month ago
Amel Amelic
Amel Amelic Month ago
DisHeroiCook 2 months ago
Imelda Andale
Imelda Andale 2 months ago
Hello I'm new here watching your great video thank you for sharing and God bless
Farana Sherif
Farana Sherif 2 months ago
Ya Allah can I took him on time I need mobile phone number can any one help me please
vivian cabaylo vlog
vivian cabaylo vlog 2 months ago
How wealthy they are!!!!super duper blessed....
Ruddy Bakewell
Ruddy Bakewell Month ago
Why are you Filipinos so fucking retarded? He's clearly a parasite.
Claude Lafrance
Claude Lafrance 2 months ago
Naveen Pisharody
Naveen Pisharody 2 months ago
03:42 Born 23rd August 1985,,,,,,,,,, Age 29....... Unless the video is made in 2014.........
Kênh miền tây 68
رب نصرك
رب نصرك 2 months ago
حقا انه الوهاب الوهاب
Hello a great video good👍👍🎁😀👏🤗🤝🙋‍♀️👉
Louco De pamonha
Louco De pamonha 2 months ago
Boa noite pakitnha gostei muito das dicas como pilotar um jatinho Cícero Pinto
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