Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia (Official Music Video)

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I was bruised and battered, I couldn't tell what I felt.
I was unrecognizable to myself.
I saw my reflection in a window, I didn't know my own face.
Oh brother are you gonna leave me wastin' away
On the Streets of Philadelphia.
I walked the avenue, 'til my legs felt like stone,
I heard the voices of friends vanished and gone,
At night I could hear the blood in my veins,
Black and whispering as the rain,
On the Streets of Philadelphia.




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Comments 80
black alves
black alves 11 hours ago
Escutei essa música hoje e pesquisei no RUvid e vim para no seu canal ! DEUS TE ABENÇOE QUERIDO.
Silvia Lucía Alcocer
2020 Coranovirus
paul kirby
paul kirby 11 hours ago
"Remember, unless everybody wins, nobody wins" - Bruce Springsteen Essa música é imortal, sempre será curtida por pessoas de bom gosto musical! 2020
Rosa maria Bahillo garcia
Excelente Bruce
dega723 22 hours ago
Saddest song ever...Good to remind of the city of fraternal love in these times of pandemia
Frei Gardmanq
L8ve from Armenia to USA
Zoran Bradarić
Big Bruce
Yordan Marquina
Quien??? en el 2020!!! 👍😷
Renato Mendonça
Sao Bernardo do Campo
After war, im here everyday feeling thia
xchris dragonx
One of the best song on planet earth 🤫
Dino Croc
Dino Croc Day ago
R.I.P Daddy
xchris dragonx
Aaron Boswell
Aaron Boswell
Takes me back to 1993
Popi Day ago
This song is a hit in the guts ❤️
Ist schon erbärmlich diese Welt ...einige wenige die zu viel haben ...aber nix abgeben ...ja an wirklich schlaue Leute die die Welt ändern könnten ! Damit meiner ich sicher nicht die Grünen Faschisten oder die Linken ! Die wollen eh genauso alles für sich haben ...denen scheißt es die Armut anderer ...Hauptsache die Taschen selbst stopfen !
Spinner Officer K
Mihai Georgescu
I remember watching this roughly 10 years ago and just listening because it was so calming and beautiful. Time passed and damn it's so sad that I ended up relating to it so much. There's no strength left to keep holding my head up high and bearing thorough it..
Sovereign 2 days ago
Very difficult times going on hope we can get out this
Vittorio Chimetto
Una delle più belle ok 👍
Dario Sales
Dario Sales 2 days ago
Linda música reflexão para nossa vida
Robert 2 days ago
Who else is Bruced and Battered :-)
Dawid Tabor
Dawid Tabor 2 days ago
Trish Nelson
Trish Nelson 2 days ago
i hate that my son is a working man in this city... miss him so much
Hec Tor
Hec Tor 3 days ago
Sudamérica presente arre😁
rafał leśniewski
Kinky 3 days ago
Love Philly and I love John (Jack) McGann, the West Philly man, musician, lover, chef, who took his case all the way to the Supreme Court after his health insurance co. dumped him upon learning that he was suffering from AIDS and for whom the movie Philadelphia was written. We love you Jack and we will never forget the love you gave all of us!
One Day You May
One Day You May 3 days ago
I have been in love with this song and videoclip for years now. Brings back that nostalgic feeling, love it when I get that kind of feeling!
Thiago Rafael
Thiago Rafael 3 days ago
É o video clipe mais lindo que ja vi na minha vida toda, ja gostava demais dessa musica mas com esse video clipe ficou incrivel...!
Matthew Senior
Matthew Senior 3 days ago
This song seems very relevant today, because of COViD-19. "Ain't no angel gonna greet me / It's just you and I my friend" That is how we will get through this ... thanks Bruce for a timeless song that never gets old.
Popoyh Dee
Popoyh Dee 3 days ago
The Winner of Grammy Award for Song of the Year 1995
CosplayDreams 413
I came here from Chris Fleming hbu
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson 4 days ago
Dedicated to my brother bobby who died from aids 87 Still here 2020 , one of the best that ever did it 👍🏼👍🏼
王佳音 4 days ago
Rafał Ozga
Rafał Ozga 4 days ago
Sometimes i think socialism would not not be wrong
Rafał Ozga
Rafał Ozga 4 days ago
This city need help
blf112761 4 days ago
The tugboat horn being in the same key as the song just makes this video even more haunting.
Veronica H
Veronica H 2 days ago
No one has commented this in the 10 years I’ve been watching this video, so glad you did because I thought I was the only one who thought that too lol
Nery R.F.
Nery R.F. 4 days ago
ya tenía el gusto por escuchar la música de bruce..pero está me facino es una canción muy interesante cuando yo recorro la Ciudad de México me hizo recordar todo lo que hee pasado con mis hermanos y la verdad me a llegado al corazón la repito y la vuelvo a repetir por qué es algo similar a mi vida...😭😭😔😔😭
gioel 4 days ago
My lov... wuau..lov you Bruce.. lov you song..tenkiu
Ashley Adkins
Ashley Adkins 4 days ago
Im listening 2020 !
ELS WORTH 5 days ago
pallos24 5 days ago
I always shed a tear when I listen to this song
Starshadow 5 days ago
Ain't no angel gonna greet me. It's just you and I my friend. Night has fallen, I'm lyin' awake, I can feel myself fading away, So receive me brother with your faithless kiss.
Reign 5 days ago
Good ol song
Detrix 666
Detrix 666 5 days ago
i was looking for this song about 5 years and finnaly!!!!! LOVE THAT SONG
Aluízio Santos
Aluízio Santos 6 days ago
Relembrando o passado na quarentena! Mais alguém?
ademir aquino
ademir aquino 5 days ago
Aluízio Santos sul do Pará relembrando o passado na quarentena
Damon Jones
Damon Jones 6 days ago
saddest beautiful
Paul allen
Paul allen 6 days ago
Tune 😍👌
King Of Kings
King Of Kings 6 days ago
Great song from a living legend.How poignant it is in these turbulent times that we live and die in.
Peter Aceto
Peter Aceto 6 days ago
This song just makes me feel so relaxed... This will keep you in a wonderful daydream.....
sajid1979 6 days ago
Good movie 🎥, and good song! I still remember this back in high school.
CARLOS ZARATE 6 days ago
esta canción la dedico a mi hno Guillermo fallecido de VIH en julio de 1997.
sunny sunny
sunny sunny 6 days ago
Wer hört diesen Song noch 2020♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
John Klaas
John Klaas 7 days ago
Makes me wanna take back things I never stoled.
Mike Temple
Mike Temple 7 days ago
Bravisimo ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Excelente ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
vagene_exe stoppedworking
I heared 3 sec of the song somewhere and I felt I knew it even if I had never heard it before... and now I'm here listening again and again... I hear I listen... I can feel... 😑 🇷🇴
A. CARLOS 7 days ago
Smoking Joy Frazier!!! ! ! ! ! ! !
Cristiane Gaudêncio
Eu Gosto muito dessa música demais😉😉🤩
Rampart Hmm3
Rampart Hmm3 7 days ago
When I was in Philadelphia, I wanted to find this building with graphite on 1:50 to take a selfie, but I don't know where is that location. :/
Jean Yves Potier
Jean Yves Potier 7 days ago
J ai connu une fille de Philadelphie. Très simple
joelma s dos santos santos
Amo essa música e esse clipe ,simples e tocante o simples andar pelas ruas da Philadelphia 😍😍❤❤.
Felipe Stud10s
Felipe Stud10s 5 days ago
Você viu o filme?
Mobark Roma
Mobark Roma 8 days ago
Non sono riuscito a salvare mio Fratello andato via per trasfusione di sangue infetta. Lui ed altri 24 anni fa si erano sottoposti ad un esperimento per gli aghi canuli che a lepoca non c'erano. Il primo andò male facendogli infezione, ma visto che lui era talassemico si riponette all 'esperimento e andò bene. I ministri poggiolini e di Lorenzo lo anno ringraziato con due trasfusioni infette. Ironia della sorte si chiamava Angelo.
Mobark Roma
Mobark Roma 8 days ago
Dedico questo brano a tutto il mondo. Non so se sapete la tradizione in italiano e bellissima.
Cezar Alexandru
Cezar Alexandru 8 days ago
Why does he look like he could be Adam Sandler's older brother?
DJ Giac
DJ Giac 8 days ago
My mashup of this everlasting and haunting track ruvid.net/video/video-WkdYnzYfcGg.html
Maria Grazia
Maria Grazia 8 days ago
Привет Свет
2037 год браво!🙋
Christine Chapsal
i've seen the movie so many times....
Cuarto 9 days ago
Best song ever
Madeline Leon
Madeline Leon 9 days ago
What inspired him to sing this song and fit perfect for the movie..
Spinetta García
Spinetta García 10 days ago
Probably the best song I've heard in my life. Also the most sadly of all
ZKenneth Dam
ZKenneth Dam 11 days ago
Man this song never gets old. Timeless masterpiece "Remember, unless everybody wins, nobody wins" - Bruce Springsteen
rachard mcintyre
rachard mcintyre 11 days ago
The greatest shortest song!!!!!!!
jay rider
jay rider 11 days ago
🙏 This song will never die.
Titus Pendergrass
Titus Pendergrass 11 days ago
Still here 2020 , one of the best that ever did it 👍🏼👍🏼 "Remember, unless everybody wins, nobody wins" - Bruce Springsteen
Tardulv 11 days ago
I felt this until I met someone. I am not gonna be ashamed.
Bruno BRF3
Bruno BRF3 11 days ago
Esse filme todo mundo chorou , até mudamos uma visão sobre os soropositivos 🇺🇸💊
Mandy Weaver
Mandy Weaver 12 days ago
Essa música é imortal, sempre será curtida por pessoas de bom gosto musical! 2020 Man this song never gets old. Timeless masterpiece This song with the acting of Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington was too much for me. Beautiful song
Ruth Vanessa Castillo Cruz
Un buen tema
mary110970 12 days ago
Arrepiante voz e música 👏🏻👏🏻💋⚘😍
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