BROWN SKIN GIRL (Official Audio)

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Jul 23, 2019




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Comments 80
Nikyah Green
Nikyah Green 4 hours ago
sara aguiar
sara aguiar 6 hours ago
Linda demais!
Presthel Appleton
Who's listening doing this riot in 2020 and realizing we just made history.
Eboni Seabrook
Eboni Seabrook 2 hours ago
Malorie Miranda
✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿💁🏽💁🏾💁🏿 WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Queen Mercy
Queen Mercy Day ago
I love you 💕 black women. Sistas let’s stick together
Mayowa jimoh
Mayowa jimoh Day ago
Being black is not a crime.
Olivia A
Olivia A Day ago
I'm a kid and I'm brown. I love this song. I LOVE ALL BLACK. So much brown heroes we love our aunt sisters.😁😁😁😁😁
Olivia A
Olivia A Day ago
Olivia A
Olivia A Day ago
Olivia A
Olivia A Day ago
Lords GT
Lords GT 2 days ago
Doja cat : 👁👄👁
Emily Chen
Emily Chen 2 days ago
Love this but just wanted to say remember everyone is beautiful, no matter whether you are brown or white or Asian or whatever else :) ♥️♥️
Maria Morgenne
Maria Morgenne 2 days ago
I am a Brown skin girl hope to marry a Brown skin man 😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤
Maria Morgenne
Maria Morgenne 2 days ago
Good and u
Sanishka Pillay
Sanishka Pillay 2 days ago
i didnt think having brown skin held me back as much as it did or changed the way people viewed me as much as it did. I realised it did when i played this song and cried like a baby, im still crying right now. when she says " never trade your for anyone else" it completes me and fills that part of my heart that makes me think that people would leave me for a fairer, lighter skinned woman if they had a choice.
Emre KUŞLU 2 days ago
Am I just the one white guy who likes it🤨 Everyone comment that they are black
TechNana pi
TechNana pi 3 days ago
This song is so precious and lovely. I just heard it for the first time today. And is that lil Blue Ivy's voice? So sweet and comforting and powerful. I fell in love with her in the Formation video. Her strikingly beautiful confidence told me she knew who she was even as a young child. We are in store for many lovely gifts from this little one.
iiLEXIii 3 days ago
this is the only song thing makes me feels good about myself
kikkim426 3 days ago
As a black women in america, this song always brings tears to my eyes.
Arstatic 4 days ago
I love this comment section ✨✨💖💖 its so positive💖💖
Titaa Yann
Titaa Yann 4 days ago
It makes me fill great for my self
Titaa Yann
Titaa Yann 4 days ago
Love song
MBrooks 5 days ago
Play the song for your son's to my boys love to sing the song!
MBrooks 5 days ago
If ever you are in doubt remember what Yonce told you!
May Kabir
May Kabir 5 days ago
Just came across this song because i was scrolling through @wearegcc's vids on IG Such a beautiful song. I teared up I know it's celebrating black women But as a brown skinned South East Asian girl, it was still lovely to hear. I think all dark skinned women (and men) grow up with a complex regardless of ethnicity, because we aren't fair enough or represented enough. The repurcussions of colonialism perhaps But we should celebrate each other We are all unique and beautiful, and more than just a skin tone
Daniel Felipe Rodríguez
Beyonce proves she is above every mainstream musician out there,
Shanelle Warthen
Shanelle Warthen 5 days ago
Love this song. My daughter and I listen to it often.
Cheater Eli
Cheater Eli 6 days ago
Mister Pretzel
Mister Pretzel 6 days ago
Doja Cat listen this incredible song....
itss.sierraYT 6 days ago
So is this just for brownskined girls because what about darkskins..they never get love..
M 3 days ago
She literally references dark skin women in her verse
Jay Hines
Jay Hines 4 days ago
She means any black girls. Not just brownskins
INES LEFUN 6 days ago
CourtneyBMarieTV 6 days ago
This Song And who run the world girls go together;)
Wizkid 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eutrophication 7 days ago
This is so powerful 😢
Nick Adiele
Nick Adiele 7 days ago
Its may 2020 and i'm still waiting for a video
Coffee & Tea
Coffee & Tea 7 days ago
I honestly started crying the 5th time I heard this song. I needed it at the point in my life that I was in. Powerful self love is moving!
Melchisédech Lgt
Wizkid feat Queen B 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Julia Xavier
Julia Xavier 7 days ago
Tokoy key
Tokoy key 7 days ago
Theres no way this was made 9 months again
Georgina Pascual
Georgina Pascual 8 days ago
This song is so inspirational ❤️love it
Dr.Kaiden Jenkins
Thanks Beyoncé ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Darrylhoops5 9 days ago
hi beyonce /we used the avatar to put down
. 10 days ago
this song reminds me of lilhuddy
Jay Hines
Jay Hines 4 days ago
maureen nkatha
maureen nkatha 10 days ago
my black skin,my b.booty😂,m glowing,
Amiliarek 10 days ago
edmundo c
edmundo c 10 days ago
Solujah Dickson
Solujah Dickson 11 days ago
I love this song
Self love Is the best love
When I have a kid boy or girl I’m playing this song for them so my daughter can love herself and my son can love our womens 😊
Raditya Narendrasuta
Imagine your mom making you a song. I'll leave it there.
Varsha Patibandla
Varsha Patibandla 12 days ago
Funny how they copy our skin tone now with fake tan 🤷‍♂️
African Logic
African Logic 7 days ago
thats how white racism works
Roblox girl Journee
Sheyitan Adeyemo
Sheyitan Adeyemo 12 days ago
Awesome song
Bhayu Handrian
Bhayu Handrian 12 days ago
Love ever beyonce. From indonesia ❤️
Aria Cameron
Aria Cameron 12 days ago
I’m a white girl but I think black women and women of colour are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, like DAMN. ❤️
Rosa Jasper
Rosa Jasper 12 days ago
ayeee brown skinned girls are the best
Mîrãbël Gacha
Mîrãbël Gacha 12 days ago
When I was little in primary school people made fun of me because of my skin color I wanted to be white because I thought being African(or black) is ugly. But today I'm 14 and I love my color,my real home🇳🇬, My culture and who Iam my skin color is who I am and I dont want to change it 😌❤
Chloé Alicia
Chloé Alicia 13 days ago
Devine Simbi
Devine Simbi 13 days ago
Never been so proud to be black
rhiannan Xxxx
rhiannan Xxxx 13 days ago
Brown skin girls skin just like pearls??✋🏿🐚urm...
Grimmy 13 days ago
Great beat
Grimmy 13 days ago
John Paul
John Paul 13 days ago
As an indian girl, i was always picked for my brown skin. I love this song. It makes me feel proud of my brown skin
John Paul
John Paul 7 days ago
@African Logic i do ?? But i am indian
African Logic
African Logic 7 days ago
not a race, you have african dna
Elohor Misoni
Elohor Misoni 13 days ago
Skin just like pearl! 😍
Mystery Gacha Dude
Mystery Gacha Dude 13 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Mj-dQo-jg2g.html My version of brown skin girl. Show me some love if you love the song.
Ima Brown Skin Boy😍😍😆😆
Caneliz08 13 days ago
I'd pay 1k to see beyonce perform this
Victor Godwin
Victor Godwin 13 days ago
They both sound good together💖
The Rodrigo
The Rodrigo 14 days ago
Meu Deus chorei, meninas e meninos de pele marrom somos lindos ♥️♥️♥️✊🏽✊🏽
Ava Duvernell
Ava Duvernell 14 days ago
I'm a brown skin girl
Remy Lovato
Remy Lovato 14 days ago
A Poem I Wrote: [Fabric Of Our Society] Warriors, Dreamers, and Great Achievers are forever changing the fabric of our society with color, texture, and Culture. From Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. with their tireless fight for equality to Ruby Bridges whose courage brought diversity to our schools. From Maya Angelou with her poetic wisdom to the Obamas; our first family How colorful our world is now and oh how vibrant the future will be. -Eclaire Caton, 2019
Remy Lovato
Remy Lovato 14 days ago
I’m going through some of these comments and some of the awful and racist things people say. Remember, whatever race you are, you’re beautiful. Show Equality not racism
Mya Ruffin
Mya Ruffin 14 days ago
I'm black and I love this song even my family me and my mom want to meet her so bad I think ivy is the same age as me
Jasmine Okoro
Jasmine Okoro 14 days ago
So you know how it brownskin is it like black girls in General or Like only brownskin girls
Kambrie Hill
Kambrie Hill 14 days ago
I’m black and I love this song
ftc. Chalmaa_.
ftc. Chalmaa_. 14 days ago
ftc. Chalmaa_.
ftc. Chalmaa_. 14 days ago
Flávia Ferreira
Flávia Ferreira 15 days ago
kaleighB 15 days ago
I'm a mixed girl (half black half white) I am extremely pale and people question if i am even black. I am extremley proud of my black side and even though I am not brown skin this is my anthem. I am so happy that all my chocolate ladies can celebrate their skin.
Vibes Addick Ent
Vibes Addick Ent 15 days ago
This song got me thinking abt that episode of Outlander when clair tell the slave girl she's beautiful...
Nein 15 days ago
how can people dislike this?????
Newcom Neword
Newcom Neword 15 days ago
Who is there for wizkid ?
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 16 days ago
that's why Beyonce made all the destiny's child member tan their skin so Beyonce can be light skinned girl 🙄
Nevaeh Croxton
Nevaeh Croxton 16 days ago
thx for inspire and and i love your music
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