Brooks Masterclass at Dancefair 2018 - making of ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (Brooks Remix)

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It’s here: my masterclass at Dancefair 2018 - the making of my remix of ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia!
Special thanks to FL Studio and Dancefair (www.dancefair.nl)!
Zayn - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (Brooks Remix) ► brooks.lnk.to/DuskTillDawnRemix
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Mar 24, 2018




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Comments 80
Palacefield 14 days ago
You should do like this or making a track challenge while Quarantine!
Lucas Li
Lucas Li 15 days ago
Please do a track breakdown of better when you're gone with David Guetta and Loote
ndr 21 day ago
Could probably make a whole track only using the sound he used to fill the empty spaces, out of this world Brooks 🙏
Lion Lion
Lion Lion Month ago
I know now the just of the drop but i still dont have that of a big of a sample library like brooks.
Manxawer Month ago
41:03 lmaoo
sofia nieti
sofia nieti 2 months ago
i love you brooks
RIJ 3 months ago
One of the most talented producer and easily most knowledgible FL studio producers. Thank for your music Brooks
ARZIVA 3 months ago
where to get this preset ? 5:08 :) he use this preset tweaked multiple times in the flp 17:28 but what pack is it from ? :)
Diego Month ago
ARZIVA the main lead which is LD High Tune is from a sound bank, Big Room & EDM by Derrek
Ludvig Andre
Ludvig Andre 4 months ago
Brooks I'm eating some nudels and watching this shit and it is great :)
wasupthere 4 months ago
top gun with no ego !
jason winterstein
jason winterstein 5 months ago
where is a LD Eargasm preset ?
Panda Mk
Panda Mk 5 months ago
120 000 hater want to learn brooks style
Kyaan Music
Kyaan Music 7 months ago
so cool
OUTSHADES 7 months ago
*Drop final_2
Bill Bull
Bill Bull 8 months ago
I too layer a lot
Alison Wunderbar
Alison Wunderbar 8 months ago
My man Brooks be like: I’m saw-syn, I’m saw-syn, I’m saw-syn on youuuuu
Mr Santa Bella
Mr Santa Bella 8 months ago
Flamix 8 months ago
Love you brooks
Jake Rafanan
Jake Rafanan 8 months ago
So many spires how is his cpu on destroyed 😂😂
Urigehead Mot
Urigehead Mot 8 months ago
haha this guy doesn't give a fuuuuk
Errons H
Errons H 9 months ago
that you can translate this production into any DAW is amazing, found that FL and ableton are pretty similar in terms of workflow, but love the drum rack in ableton where you can do. so much to every single drum sampleand it is more intuitive than FL drum seq, because it makes you tweak moreI guess, in FL I think you are not so creative just using the Daw itself, but downloading Unison or Cymatics files really help you finish a track and get ideas for melodies- I guess chord packs are everything these days.. 😄
ерунда сэндвич
U can't learn creativity, how does this class make any sense. He didn't learn to be good. Brooks was just born with it.
Ander Montz
Ander Montz 9 months ago
Como se llama ese software? Díganme por favor ☁️😭
Eugene Burgers
Eugene Burgers 10 months ago
Does anyone know what laptop he has
KASE 10 months ago
how is his tapestop so clean?!! can somebody tell me?
Clashing with THE BEAST
This song have the perfect buildup
Nabil Chammaa
Nabil Chammaa 10 months ago
Plzz what's the name of the application that we need to have in order to make musics ??
Squirtlesquad 3 months ago
They're called DAWS (Digital Audio Workstations) and you have lots of options. A couple popular ones are Fl Studio, Ableton, Logic, Studio one, and Reason. The one Brooks is using here is Fl Studio.
Ario 11 months ago
27:22 I NEED THAT SYNTH! He uses it in every song and also adds pitch automation to it.
7hans_QEW3P experiment
Great job Brooks 👌👌👍
Dry Dessert
Dry Dessert 11 months ago
16:00 Lead LFO modulated pitch
Zylex Year ago
I hope someone can solve my doubt I've been watching masterclasses of well-known electronic music producers such as Martin Garrix, Loopers or Bougenvilla for some time, and it all made me curious, because the volume of each channel is never leveled in the mixer. I would like to know if you can solve my doubt about this technique and mix (if it is) and how they make it so that you can listen professionally Espero alguien pueda resolver mi duda Llevo tiempo viendo masterclass de productores de música electrónica algo reconocidos como Martin Garrix,Loopers o Bougenvilla y en todos se me hizo curioso algo, y es que en la mixer nunca tienen nivelados los volúmenes de cada canal. Quisiera saber si pueden resolver mi duda sobre esta técnica e mezcla(si lo es) y como hacen para que se escuche profesional
PROTON 5 months ago
This is late but what they do most of the time is .... export it to .wav format and mix it as audio stems
chappy Year ago
why not have like a desk beside the screen with stereos, midi keyboard, mouse and his laptop instead of this
Empira Music
Empira Music Year ago
Master of Layering
Dom Horsman
Dom Horsman Year ago
what was the toxic preset he said to download at 6:08 (anyone have the link or name or the video he spoke about?)
Galang Rizky
Galang Rizky Year ago
top Djs for me 1.Alan Walker 2.Brooks 3.mike williams 4.mesto 5.martin garrix
Karan Bisht
Karan Bisht Year ago
Subscribed 🍺👌👍
RKB Year ago
goddamn, that CPU
Smonck Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-f-X1lvSphc4.html This is my new track, what do you think? ❤️🔥
Dave oh yeah yeah
I was hoping that he would show Lynx
OCN Year ago
So wheres this sample pack ;)
Mario Dinix
Mario Dinix Year ago
41:08 HAHAHA Best expression
Yosua Lalel
Yosua Lalel Year ago
What Asus laptop you use? @Brooks
ASK ABOVE Year ago
Brooks is King of Sounddesign!! Its so uniqe you can always tell when he is on the track. Last summer somebody asked me: Did you hear this new David Guetta song called Like I do" and when he put it on i said: Dude thats Brooks and not David Guetta.
JOGH Year ago
Progressive House Good Music 🤔😋
Micha Adam
Micha Adam Year ago
You are so AMAZING. Keep it up brow 💪👍 Best wishes from Germany :)
Martin Štěpančík
Can you please make a tutorial for the Dreamer remix?
Manxawer Year ago
6:11 what preset is it?
ProdbyBits 25 days ago
Toxic someth its a free stock plugin
Rennem Year ago
Has he dropped any sample library yet?
Faggoat Year ago
The remix really doesnt fit the song, especially the way you made it. Your drop sounded really future housey while the break was super like sad and gruesome. It's like using ketchup on ice cream. Both are good with their own toppings but not together. Also idk if it was just me but it sounded like you automated the tempo from the break into the drop. I'll tell you right off the bat if u have to do that then drop doesnt fit the song at all for the most part. Unless you just made the remix for exposure which I understand, it's not very fitting ish.
Nicrow Hash
Nicrow Hash Year ago
තැන්ක්ස් බොක්ක 😍
Dfman Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-aK8WePY5WmQb.html check this beat
Sam Wu
Sam Wu Year ago
Take my money. I need Samples by Brooks!!!
Leaks Year ago
Does someone have this 7:24 preset? Or something like that?
bich cj
bich cj Year ago
EdBrownDj Year ago
Why still using fl studio 11?
Harm Jan
Harm Jan Year ago
Is he Dutch?
mavvana 2 days ago
Serta Year ago
why this guy is not in top 100 at DJ Mag???
Nik Year ago
Great upload...good presentation , thanks for opening it up and letting us see your workflow. Good to see others still using the old FL stock plugins :D
Chris Anson
Chris Anson Year ago
Great skills. Thanks for sharing.
Tommy DN3
Tommy DN3 Year ago
Because PSP is MADE IN POLAND :)
Loe Cet
Loe Cet Year ago
Good work!
I need subtitles :(
Pure Madness
Pure Madness Year ago
sheer genius!!!
Man👋 i am from india and i love your song boomerang soo much 💖❤💘
Razzak Noorani
Manne Bryno
Manne Bryno Year ago
How use presets Brooks the Bass??
Colla Prod.
Colla Prod. Year ago
Hey guys where to find this presets for toxic biohazard ? Thanx
Ezkemo Year ago
Àlex Calle
Àlex Calle Year ago
I was thinking the same
Bengston Year ago
Brooks is awesome!!!
Don't Just Stand There, DO SOMETHING!
I dont know how he layers like this and nothing happens to his Macbook/Chromebook!? *turns around* FL Studio 11 my fRiEnD
808 thing
808 thing 2 months ago
He has a gaming laptop i think.
Ruby LÖ
Ruby LÖ Year ago
Moises Vargas
Moises Vargas Year ago
Manne Bryno
Manne Bryno Year ago
Moises Vargas 😂😂
Wolver Year ago
So are his basses in stereo?
Mall Aka
Mall Aka Year ago
You're producer like KSHMR , NEVER disappointed!
Salcedo Nicoe
Salcedo Nicoe 9 months ago
Dont compare them
Nico Luchiñski
Fl studio 11??
ᴡᴏʀᴛʜʟᴇꜱꜱ •
Слава Денисенко
Кто нибудь сделайте перевод пожалуйста! !!!
Moh Slhbey
Moh Slhbey Year ago
Top Djs for me : 1. Martin Garrix 2. Avicii 3. Kshmr 4. Brooks ❤❤ You're a legend dude !
Stib 7 months ago
This is a year late comment but they're not that great at DJing.. They're great at producing, therefore they're the top producers.. A great DJ IMO is Hardwell. He can really control the crowd with his song selection, his DJ techniques, effects (idk what and how he did that since I'm not a DJ) etc which make him the best DJ
Gabry Year ago
1 Mike Williams 2 Martin Garrix 3 Brooks 4 Mesto
Top producers
Nicolas Hilding
Brooks is a god omg
PG_ Sounds
PG_ Sounds Year ago
7:00 - 7:15 💪👍thx man
MatremeX 8 months ago
SUP3R PIGGI 9 months ago
@Nabil Chammaa he said that its not important to have our own soundbank/preset to do a good music
Nabil Chammaa
Nabil Chammaa 10 months ago
Nothing special ?
신지현 Year ago
You are a awesome
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