Broken Social Scene - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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KEXP.ORG presents Broken Social Scene performing live at The Triple Door as part of KEXP's VIP Club Concert series. Recorded July 31, 2019.
Pacific Theme
Stay Happy
Art House Director
Can't Find My Heart
Looks Just Like The Sun
7/4 (Shoreline)
Host: Troy Nelson
Audio Engineer: Curt Nelson
Audio Mixer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Alaia D'Alessandro, Scott Holpainen, Lorenzo Rossi & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Justin Wilmore


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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 60
Ulises Jimenez
Ulises Jimenez 7 months ago
Pacifi Theme 00:00 Stay Happy 05:54 Art House Director 09:50 Can't find my heart 15:10 1972 21:02 Looks just like the sun 27:45 7/4 (shoreline) 33:09
Brian J Malmsteen
Brian J Malmsteen 2 months ago
Did they lost like half of their members?
Adam Glenen
Adam Glenen 3 months ago
Ariel's gotta find something less cringe to do with her arms when not singing horrible dancer great voice though
Lakers Kakeru
Lakers Kakeru 4 months ago
I still believe they are greatest alternative rock band existing in this world. Hug of thunder was just an epic album. Hope they comes to Japan and do lives someday!
Sean McLeay
Sean McLeay 4 months ago
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee 4 months ago
Damn Slipknot went soft.
walnot dlrorah
walnot dlrorah 4 months ago
Sheer brilliance.....keep on keeping on!
None Ya
None Ya 4 months ago
l o v e
Sera Fleish
Sera Fleish 4 months ago
Galuh Pastrana
Galuh Pastrana 5 months ago
What happen with Ariel? :(
Ismael Belda
Ismael Belda 5 months ago
I need more cowbell
PornoDisaster 5 months ago
Lovely as ALWAYS. Thank you BSS!
Wow Wow
Wow Wow 6 months ago
These guys must be real hungry
Chino Gambino
Chino Gambino 6 months ago
Do these guys have a genre? Playlists just say indie.
Asaynine 6 months ago
chamber rock
Kyle Mutrie
Kyle Mutrie 6 months ago
They're good, but they need more guitars.
Jacqueline Poitras
Jacqueline Poitras 6 months ago
I miss you Daniel and Vanessa oxo
Henrik Eriksson
Henrik Eriksson 6 months ago
So damn good i do love this gang♥️
SHoover1226 6 months ago
BSS are great and make me so happy!
Lando Cartel
Lando Cartel 6 months ago
Serious St. Vincent vibes. Also, props to BSC for bringing out actual brass players instead of lazy samples!
David B J
David B J 6 months ago
I wanna live in a Broken Social Scene show. A record is ok too.
Cameron Van Berkum
Cameron Van Berkum 6 months ago
I do not recognize the femme vocalist and she's tremendous ! anyone know who they might be?
Yelsin Velasco Montalvo
she is Ariel Engle, have a great band to, La Force, listen upside down wolf, soo good!!!
Julian Valdez
Julian Valdez 6 months ago
Such an underrated band
TheStormpilgrim 7 months ago
"No, we're not Steely Dan. More like...Irony Dan."
Enrico Marchetto
Enrico Marchetto 7 months ago
quanto li adoro! un sound che mi emoziona sempre. fantastici!
Adam Hume
Adam Hume 7 months ago
Love this band. Surprised about the ponytail competition though.
M Vitellaro
M Vitellaro 7 months ago
Man, ever since watching the first KEXP show (alt-j) I struggle to find a better outlet/venue for bands aside from Austin city limits. KEXP never disappoints.
lestermagoo 4 months ago
Too true. We have a local station WMNF that still keeps non-corporate radio vibe like this station, but they don't have live performances on this level. Definitely a playlist go to
Дмитрий Фролов
I love you so much KEXP for everything you do.
NewYorkRawVideos 7 months ago
21:02 feels like the right song to play at the end of a long day knowing humanity has failed the earth in fighting climate change.
Bacta Reality
Bacta Reality 5 months ago
How dare you, 😂
Shane Smith
Shane Smith 7 months ago
Great set. Maybe just cut 7/4 Shoreline. Felt kind of butchered
white chicken
white chicken 7 months ago
love them all
Christopher najewicz
Sweet Silvertone U1 - i want!
Joe Price
Joe Price 7 months ago
Ariel Engle looks really tired and sad like a mom who strips working the Tuesday lunch shift
marcmann982 6 months ago
Dude got me 🤣 but true she looks a whole lot more rough since time I saw them a year or two ago
coachU2 7 months ago
That's oddly specific and intriguingly accurate.
Panamera Boomin
Panamera Boomin 7 months ago
anthony kiedis on guitar ftw
Andrew Wells
Andrew Wells 7 months ago
Feels like a rumpled moth-eaten sweater that still feels great to put on when you haven't worn it in awhile...
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen 7 months ago
Great show - thanks again for the live music, KEXP!
Josh G
Josh G 7 months ago
This is too wholesome for me - need to cleanse with some Pussy Galore or Neubauten.
Chris Salgado
Chris Salgado 7 months ago
It builds ANTICIPATION god damn you guys have a shitty vocabulary
It Is I, ZEO!
It Is I, ZEO! 7 months ago
I know this just came out yesterday, but it really should have so much more views, this band kicks ass!
Gustavo Metzker
Gustavo Metzker 7 months ago
Why does 7/4 always feels that the singer doesn't know the order of the verses?
Gustavo Metzker
Gustavo Metzker 7 months ago
@coachU2 talking bout the female singer. Even Feist changes the order of the verses in some gigs.
coachU2 7 months ago
Because he probably doesn't.
Peter Vroom
Peter Vroom 7 months ago
Grateful dead of indie rock
Roger Sanders
Roger Sanders 5 months ago
Peter Vroom I’ve thought that for a while, I love both bands🔉❤️
Norm Peterson's Bar Stool
Very cool
Sakinah Abdussamad
Sakinah Abdussamad 7 months ago
Like how KEXP is always giving good music
Artur Kujawa
Artur Kujawa 7 months ago
I grew up with this band, hope they'll be around for my kids so they can say the same!
peepee poopoo
peepee poopoo 7 months ago
the long intro does build expectation for the vocals but whos gonna sing? it would be funny if it was the guy hitting the cowbells starts singing lmao
Alley 7 months ago
its a song tho :)
TheJohnnycreep 7 months ago
33.39 counting the 7/4 beat : D
Jules Tiu
Jules Tiu 7 months ago
Kevin drew looking like j Mascis
mathguy 7 months ago
Jeff Bridges
Daniel Estupiñan
Daniel Estupiñan 7 months ago
What an amazing performance! Love BSS! This, and House of Strombo shows are videos you can't stop playing.
feyhoaaa 7 months ago
Well, it's very homey!!
George Cilley
George Cilley 7 months ago
I've missed this band.
John James
John James 7 months ago
god i needed this
Rickey Meagley
Rickey Meagley 7 months ago
Do the thumbs down people go to shows and boo?
white chicken
white chicken 7 months ago
@Jeff Ashby doesn't matter for the thumbs are up or down at youtube. the main thing is only reactions (likes-dislikes-comments). and of course "thumbs down" doesn't matter for real good music )
Jeff Ashby
Jeff Ashby 7 months ago
Indeed, why not just click the forward button instead of thumbs down...takes the same amount of energy!?
Cole Kempcke
Cole Kempcke 7 months ago
I don’t think those people even go to shows anymore
tylerpurrden 7 months ago
seriously wth
Salmon Boi
Salmon Boi 7 months ago
Post-dad rock
Henrique Goulart
Henrique Goulart 7 months ago
I luv post rock
Kev Kavanagh
Kev Kavanagh 7 months ago
They're truly something else! I'm going to watch this again just to be sure it really was that good...
Erry y
Erry y 7 months ago
Gabriel Salinas
Gabriel Salinas 7 months ago
sounds like an old friend
tylerpurrden 7 months ago
indeed, so glad they're back
VOLCANIA DREAD 7 months ago
i like how long intros builds me the expectation for the vocal 💙
Alley 7 months ago
its a song tho :)
Wesley alan
Wesley alan 7 months ago
tctc2727 7 months ago
Danijel Miklić
Danijel Miklić 7 months ago
Vrlo lijepo. 🍯
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