Britain’s Next Prime Minister: The ITV Debate Live - LBC

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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are taking part in their only head-to-head TV debate of the Tory leadership contest.
The two candidates come face-to-face live on ITV - watch it live right here.
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Jul 9, 2019




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Comments 512
Mubashra Shahid
Mubashra Shahid 4 days ago
Worrying that most people have already decided who they want to vote for. At this point these leaders are undermining our intelligence by saying what people want to hear. They will say anything for votes. None of them can be trusted 🤦‍♀️
sober day
sober day 19 days ago
Clearly a partisan labour crown ...well done itv ,you are becoming more like the bbc every minute
Reading Auctions
Reading Auctions 3 months ago
Boris it's another trump in the UK...
Tommy Edge
Tommy Edge 4 months ago
Hunt looks like a startled ferret.
Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn 4 months ago
Bit rude Boris! Wait until I see you next you cheeky chap 😉
Boris all day he has to win if he is true to his word he could even become a great leader. Just what we need
Dan Bruffell
Dan Bruffell 4 months ago
The entire 44th minute.... I know who I would want negotiating on my side.
Nick Reay
Nick Reay 4 months ago
LBC seems bias🖕 you will win boris the election to keep this bias up !!
Pooper Scooper
Pooper Scooper 4 months ago
Hunt will deliver. Translation he will swallow to do a deal pleasing to his EU masters. Little weenie. Marginal. Yep you are marginal.
Pooper Scooper
Pooper Scooper 4 months ago
Hunt rhymes with --unt. tHanks.
Pooper Scooper
Pooper Scooper 4 months ago
Hunt is a the british equivalent of Jesse Jackson. Hes a lame spinless little man who wants Jihadis running amoc in downtown london town.
Pooper Scooper
Pooper Scooper 4 months ago
Nobody cares what Brits think of Trump. If it were not for us Brits would be goose stepping already.
WTFViewer 4 months ago
As an American, I'm trying to understand the basis for the whole Brexit thing, and watching this debate looking for an answer was too much to hope for. However, I have some helpful advice for ITV: 1) When candidates talk over one another, TURN OFF THEIR MICROPHONES. The technology exists, USE IT. 2) Failing that (and it's really hard to fail with on/off switches on microphones), please change the format to interviews instead of debates. Debates waste too much time, and allow for too little information to be given. You can allow candidates to respond to other candidates in further interviews, thus having discourse without silly interruptions. Seriously, every time the candidates talked over one another, Graham Chapman's "GET ON WITH IT" came to mind (thanks to Monty Python, who nailed politics over 40 years ago).
Mr. Savage
Mr. Savage 4 months ago
They both suck
foppo leeuwerke
foppo leeuwerke 4 months ago
I can't stand the two of these candidates to run the U.K down.Both believe in an unequal society and represent the top of the dirty tree.Privately educated posh boys who both shouldn't be any near power.
peter evans
peter evans 4 months ago
it wont be for long . JC will be PM this year
peter evans
peter evans 4 months ago
JC is our only hope. For the many, and not the few.
Chris De Christophe
Chris De Christophe 4 months ago
And so ends the uk!
Don Camillo
Don Camillo 4 months ago
in october no deal....who believes this is a complet idiot....no deal will never happen, and EU will renegotiate nothing. ..
13th century schizoid man
They're like two naughty schoolboys in front of the Head
ann barns
ann barns 4 months ago
Don't trust either they just trying to save the tories
Alec Cap
Alec Cap 4 months ago
This is so easy if you simply stand back and draw breath. Leaving is not as difficult as the remain government have brainwashed you into believing only if you don't really want to leave that is. Bojo or Hunt for PM and neither are fit for purpose, so its easy to predict we're still be in the EU on Nov 1st as its impossible to get a good deal in 3 months unless you walk away - so Farage never having a safe seat will no doubt practice his old jokes and making more promises he has no intention of keeping. Brexit if it ever comes will be 2020 and for you and me nothing will change while we still have the 2 main parties disrespecting the will of the people
Sample Grit
Sample Grit 4 months ago
You spelt 'Hunt' wrong.
Fabius 4 months ago
If you get shaved at this action Britain, I laugh my ass off...
Toby W
Toby W 4 months ago
Does anyone have a good set of books for NHS? We already know there are long waits in serious instances.
Toby W
Toby W 4 months ago
I thought tariffs would be at WTO levels.
rubs troll
rubs troll 4 months ago
Boris is just waiting until he is the prime minister to start getting fat again...
Terry Tighe
Terry Tighe 4 months ago
Boris got smashed in that debate he didn't even answer questions ffs
Robbie Knight
Robbie Knight 4 months ago
Would not want either of these as prime minister!!! Both refuse to scrap the killer Universal Credit!! they care nothing for the people at all.
Aaron Dennehy
Aaron Dennehy 5 months ago
The current irish border agreement will NEVER change no matter how much the British think they can Renegotiate the irish Border.
Kieran Ryan
Kieran Ryan 5 months ago
From Jeremy in his closing remarks a bit of wishful thinking: ‚I will deliver brexit‘.. delivering brexit is a team effort and Mr Johnson has probably more credentials in this department.
Ron Peel
Ron Peel 5 months ago
" Boris said, That's the spirit, Jeremy" ... spontaneous and funny. Much preferred too the predictable and boring Hunt.
s Free
s Free 5 months ago
Hunt is too weak to face Europe
shaggyDM1986 5 months ago
reform the nhs mr hunt you have destroyed it
Emself UnG
Emself UnG 5 months ago
If LBC is unable or unwilling to take the video and audio and resync them, they are either in the wrong business technically, or they just don't care. Syncing the audio and video is a trivial step, even if the editor was so lacking in skills that he or she shifted them out of sync in the first place.
Antichrist 5 months ago
How is destroying the economy going to increase our broadband
reluctant messiah
reluctant messiah 5 months ago
got to get back to basics ! we were asked in or out !? no more no less ! the biggest question is why has this not happened ? why do we have to endure this embarassing pantomime .? why why why ? remember these career politicians ! next time you vote , get them to swear to tell the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth ? at the risk of prosecution ! then we will alter this sick , sinister game ?! you , the people , are responsible
Connie Dobbin
Connie Dobbin 5 months ago
Boris is the better man!
JTA 1973
JTA 1973 5 months ago
Farage for PM!
General Veers
General Veers 5 months ago
Closing in on Billy.
gdaaps 5 months ago
Don't worry, you will remain in the EU that will manage to do what Hitler could not, i. e. subjucate you
ab ba
ab ba 5 months ago
Boris is playing the hard card in order to get support from the hard extremists. Lies lies lies. Brexit badly messed up the UK and millions of people already. Boris will kill it. Serious.
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