Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)

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Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)
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directed & edited by oliver sykes
director of photography: brian cox
camera assistant: alissa salles
gaffer: lee brinkley
behind the scenes: harri charli
la camera operator: kevin garcia
la lighting technician: rory o'connell

i’ve got a fever, don't breathe on me
i'm a believer of nobody
won't let me leave 'cause I've seen something
hope I don't sneeze, I don't…
really we just need to fear something
only pretending to feel something
i know you're dying to run
i want to turn you around
please remain calm
the end has arrived
we cannot save you
enjoy the ride
this is the moment
you’ve been waiting for
don’t call it a warning
this is a war
it’s the parasite eve
gotta feeling in your stomach, ‘cause you know that it’s coming for you
leave your flowers and grieve
don’t forget what they told you
when we forget the infection
will we remember the lesson
if the suspense doesn’t kill you
something else will

i heard they need better signal
put chip and pins in the needles
quarantine all of those secrets in that black hole you call a brain before it’s too late

you can board up your windows
you can lock up your doors
but you can’t keep washing your hands of this shit any more
when all the king’s sources and all the king’s friends don’t know their arses from their pathogens
when life is a prison and death is a door
this ain’t a warning
this is a war

#BringMeTheHorizon #ParasiteEve #BMTHParasiteEve #BringMeTheHorizonParasiteEveVideo


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Jun 25, 2020




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Comments 100
Duke1290R 4 hours ago
Это лучшее что я слышал, бринги шарят
Daniela noreña
Daniela noreña 6 hours ago
No vuelvo a escuchar esta banda sin audifonos
Kaltes Herzx3
Kaltes Herzx3 9 hours ago
Love it!
spit205 9 hours ago
This is just bad and sad... where is the deathcore BMTH at? Hate it when bands sell out from heavy to commercial bs.
Dattebayo 11 hours ago
This video clip is Grimes and Daft Punk's technologic music video weirdness level
Andy Stev
Andy Stev 12 hours ago
Tema de locos que chimba
dad dad
dad dad 12 hours ago
Ralsei2 13 hours ago
Jordie James
Jordie James 13 hours ago
Looks like Oli has been tripping over himself. Stay trippy in 2020. Never coming down.
Mateen JustPlay
Mateen JustPlay 14 hours ago
Next LINKIN PARK, but it's the best version, ROCK IT!!!!
Mack Norton
Mack Norton 14 hours ago
thought it was Higurashi season 1 op there at the beginning for a second xD
Simos Kangelaris
Simos Kangelaris 16 hours ago
This is America...
JimmyKoda 16 hours ago
goldroses WHATS REAL?
Kotak Gaming
Kotak Gaming 16 hours ago
Covid-19 after all buddy...
Devin Trejos
Devin Trejos 18 hours ago
This is very different and cool
silverchair82 18 hours ago
Like se sei italiano e all'inizio hai riconosciuto il Coro delle Voci Bulgare del Pippero di Elio e le Storie Tese
Jerry Carrion
Jerry Carrion 19 hours ago
Oh shit, nu metal is back
pale colored kid
pale colored kid 20 hours ago
After 4 months it’s only 15M views!! This masterpiece is so underrated and it deserves more than this
Uchi Kage
Uchi Kage 22 hours ago
Any other weebs think 0:46 was a rinnegan awakening for a sec? No? Just me?
I don't know why, but it makes me want to play the ps1 game again
Trulius Julius
This is the song that will be playing when the world has ended and the credits are slowly scrolling up the screen.
Chairman Zayo Dadong
More than anything this just makes me feel like I'm about be chased around Afghanistan by the skulls.
mskiller12 Day ago
nice editing
Diego de Oliveia
Onigiri San
Onigiri San Day ago
I L0VE being Emo
Eggsy Day ago
Escucho ésta canción mínimo una vez al día
Mazie^.^ Day ago
Best and only corona virus song I will ever listen to 😂
Daysn Lucas
Daysn Lucas Day ago
The fact that Mick Gordon had a SMALL hand in this track with co producing it is mindblowing. Seriously, this sounds almost like a track off of the Doom Eternal soundtrack. Petition to have Mick join the band lmao
Chester420 Day ago
"this is a war" like it never ends ♥
Samantha Delahunt
I love that they’re using cgi and 3D animation, it’s stunning and I love that the artists are getting recognition by different kinds of artists
DJIronMike 2 days ago
Reminds me of Blue Stahli : ruvid.net/video/video-mAxOulZm_Zg.html
Diego Jesús Álvarez Chablé
Vine por un AMV de Fate Night.
Ieuan Slocombe
Ieuan Slocombe 2 days ago
Wasn’t a fan when this came out but now I’ve listened more this is class
Dan's out there again
This band never let's me down always new and better music
Maddy Nolan
Maddy Nolan 2 days ago
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 2 days ago
I think Oprah likes this song... played at liquid.
Trevör Eßpinal
Trevör Eßpinal 2 days ago
Im getting Nu-Metal vibes from this
TheVigilante814 2 days ago
Imagine if Linkin Park an Bring Me The Horizon had a band off
Sebastian Pacheco
15M views🔥 🔥. Let’s go for 20M now!
Fane 2 days ago
ok, from the new shit, this one, teardrops and ludens are the best. HANDS DOWN!!!!! getting that's the spirit and sempiternal vibes, they finally listen to their fans
Rezky Eky Bunny
Rezky Eky Bunny 2 days ago
SOUVIK DE 2 days ago
Jack 2 days ago
What is 'Hellwei' referencing?
Lale Baumgart
Lale Baumgart 2 days ago
I don't like your Satan Artwork with Illuminat Illustration
Lale Baumgart
Lale Baumgart 2 days ago
You are working with US FBI and President you are an Illuminat †
Lale Baumgart
Lale Baumgart 2 days ago
Illuminat †
Jhon Thierry
Jhon Thierry 2 days ago
BASIC. Was hoping the colab w BabyMetal would help but they just played it safe.
Joel Guzman
Joel Guzman 2 days ago
Can't believe they copied Among Us... BMTH sus tho
Ragnarok Bringer
Ragnarok Bringer 2 days ago
"Please remain calm, the end has arrived. We cannot save you, enjoy the ride. This is the moment, you've been waiting for. Dont call it a warning, call it a war." Easily the most terrifying way to open a song
emanuele davidde
emanuele davidde 10 hours ago
@Sviatlana Marazevich what about musically, then? And for what concerns me, i don't think BMTH wanted to proclaim literally war to humanity, but it could be a symbolism about the hate about a person, not necessarily humanity: will I be justified if i feel hate towards someone? Or do I have to pretend it's alright like a fake, hypocrite and empty moralist, which, in this case, between the two of us, it's not me?
Anchors Aweigh
Anchors Aweigh 15 hours ago
@Sebastian Stone yes
Sebastian Stone
@Sviatlana Marazevich how much crack have you snorted in the last 30 minutes?
Sviatlana Marazevich
@emanuele davidde Masterpiece of what??? Of proclaiming war against humanity, including you?... As for me it is not the moment I was waiting for...and I disagree with this war, digital hell. It looks attractive, but is very deceitful
emanuele davidde
that's what makes it a masterpiece
volksrod69 2 days ago
This some breathe Carolina shit
Adaumis ASMR and Music
4:27 onward, reminds me of Halo for some weird reason.
Lutfian Biasa aja
gk kebayang lagu ini saat konser anjng
Aldi Cena
Aldi Cena 2 days ago
Auto jotos2an
That0n3player 3 days ago
I wanna know how in the hell they got those masks. Because idc how much it costs i want one.
Pharrzide 77
Pharrzide 77 3 days ago
It's custom made so can't buy
Nordisk Culture
Nordisk Culture 3 days ago
i hate when our folklore songs are used for these types of messages .... same story as the song of ghost in the shell
Pharrzide 77
Pharrzide 77 3 days ago
Why would you hate that?
Nickolas McKee
Nickolas McKee 3 days ago
Could be a great theme for Venom.
CreepyFace 3 days ago
Anyone ever play Parasite Eve? Ps1 classic right there.
howard duplin
Loved the Chrysler building
Kevin 3 days ago
Doom's Mick Gordon is all over this new EP lol.
Santiago Pardo Holguin
More rip and tear
Micky Pickles
Micky Pickles 3 days ago
Look how many people don’t know bring me: the 100 million who searched it just cause it was a trending song for covid. There’s only at least 2 million actual fans that have been with bring me since the start
Pharrzide 77
Pharrzide 77 3 days ago
Ok and who cares?
A SilentEcho91
A SilentEcho91 3 days ago
The woman voice is 👌💋
X_OverkLL_X 3 days ago
“We can not save you” gave me goosebumps
Billy Parker
Billy Parker 3 days ago
Billy Parker
Billy Parker 3 days ago
King JambaJuice
King JambaJuice 3 days ago
For some reason I had goosebumps from this music🔥🔥
Valen 200188
Valen 200188 3 days ago
Douglas Diggins
Douglas Diggins 3 days ago
Intro is a massive rip off of a song by Live Conform Die.
Pharrzide 77
Pharrzide 77 3 days ago
And you don't even say the song they ripped it off?
Emo SpekyVamp / Artist
#Masks #covul19 and this song help us ware masks
Hollie Gower
Hollie Gower 3 days ago
For the everlasting faith from this generation from the next, we pass on a faith with only love 💔
Sarah Sanchez
Sarah Sanchez 3 days ago
can't get over it
Jonah 3 days ago
i fucking love the twitchy effects off all the band members in the video, suits the song way too well
Diane rp
Diane rp 3 days ago
Cuando olvidemos la infección, ¿recordaremos la lección? Me encanta :)
Cessa Dhalia
Cessa Dhalia 3 days ago
Account ____
Account ____ 4 days ago
Fitting lyrics for these times.
Fernanda Morgado
Fernanda Morgado 4 days ago
temazo ;)
WRAITHxNE. 4 days ago
Celaena Fulla
Celaena Fulla 4 days ago
elchivito 4 days ago
fucking awesome!
anita x
anita x 4 days ago
The robot sounds like Poppy
vovadi ***
vovadi *** 4 days ago
Кто из октября 2020?
Андрей Ниденс
Это качает четко🤘
Irina Shp
Irina Shp 4 days ago
Irina Shp
Irina Shp 2 days ago
@Pharrzide 77 they are a pure satanists and you lost your soul. PS your answer means you are missing something in your soul. But you need to know. we are going to win, the humans
Pharrzide 77
Pharrzide 77 2 days ago
@Irina Shp yes I'm saying what's wrong with satanism. You know they don't actually worship satan right? They are like the opposite of christianity that's all
Irina Shp
Irina Shp 2 days ago
@Pharrzide 77 your soul will not reincarnate in a higher worlds, you failed humanity and yes, you are a zombie. you already have no soul
Irina Shp
Irina Shp 2 days ago
@Pharrzide 77 you saying whats wrong with satanism??
Pharrzide 77
Pharrzide 77 2 days ago
@Irina Shp yes, but I'm saying what's wrong with that? The church of satan is by far better than most average churches
A.J Lywood
A.J Lywood 4 days ago
normally i only listen to hip hop but this song made me a rock fan
cam 292
cam 292 4 days ago
This is by far one of the best songs of the 2020's
Ella Alvarez
Ella Alvarez 4 days ago
first time watching as i type this, i know im a bit late. im not epileptic or prone to seizures but for the sake of fans who are i think a flashing images advisory at the start of the video would've been helpful. i hope this reaches you guys
Eddie 4 days ago
Parasite Eve needs to be remade. Nice song too.
Zachary Matthews
Zachary Matthews 4 days ago
When covid is making a song
PhattBallzz 4 days ago
yup this song is still my favourite out of their 4 new songs... 1.paratise eve 2.ludens 3.obey 4.teardrops what about u guys??
Cristev SG
Cristev SG 4 days ago
Jesús vive.
Jonny Khatru
Jonny Khatru 4 days ago
I had to look this up after seeing it was produced with the legend Mick Gordon, and oh yeah you can definitely tell! Sounds great!
Syuqran Danial
Syuqran Danial 5 days ago
idk why but this song remind me to attact on titan
Celaena Fulla
Celaena Fulla 5 days ago
3rd Birthday anyone? :)
watch YOUR food now mocking biches, you know who you are, YOU MAKE IT SOOOO OBVIOUS, TY!! :))
Null 5 days ago
We can not save you :(
DragonTFD 5 days ago
Me during an english exam
Diegodash10 5 days ago
They want to control us. "wake up"
Pharrzide 77
Pharrzide 77 3 days ago
BigKitten891938 Vaughn
Fucking amazing!!!!! This is a WARRRRRRRRRRR!
Basha Games العاب فنيه
Who is watching this after Teardops -_- Edit: thx for 159 Like
UnWanted Beaver
UnWanted Beaver 4 days ago
Петър Петров
funny guy
Savy123savy123 4 days ago
I was asked if the girl from this reminded me of miku so I came here right after lol
Savy123savy123 4 days ago
Javier Do Carmo
Javier Do Carmo 4 days ago
me and also me
TweakRc 5 days ago
Parasite Eve 2.... thats the shit!
Joyful Blossom
Joyful Blossom 5 days ago
It’s even funnier when you have the rona Don’t get yourself rona. Stay safe. Have a nice day. Thanks.
Pharrzide 77
Pharrzide 77 3 days ago
Yeah man I also got coronavirus
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