Bring Me The Horizon - Kingslayer (Lyric Video) ft. BABYMETAL

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Bring Me The Horizon - Kingslayer (Lyric Video) ft. BABYMETAL
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are you looking for the other side? 
feel like nothing ever seems quite right? 
are you circling the drain pipe,
getting off on pain like 
you’re corrupted?
i need to know where your loyalties lie 
tell me are you gonna bark or bite?  
do you really want to twist the knife 
in the belly of the monster? 
get the fuck up 
wake the fuck up 
wipe the system
and back the fuck up. 
you’re a puppet 
when they cut your strings off
don’t come crawling back. 
destroying castles in the sky 
forevermore the apple of my eye 
i’d sacrifice my life to find you 
angel of the blade 
come and collect us from the night 
暗い (Cry)
another world
this world is so dark that i can’t see 
the future won’t disappear 
but i want to obtain 
another world 
system failure  
is encrypted 
you are modified 
like a virus 
in a lullaby 
artificial ‘til the day you die 
silly programme
you’re corrupted! 
get the fuck up 
wake the fuck up 
wipe the system
& back the fuck up. 
you’re a puppet 
when they cut your strings off 
don’t come crawling back 
you’re on your own. 

さあ 時の
(now, let’s go
and open the door of time)
destroying castles in the sky 
i’ll fight for you until i die 
destroying castles in the sky 
forevermore the apple of my eye 
i’d sacrifice it all to guide you 
never have to battle alone 
come and collect us from the night 
this is your wake up call 
we’re going down the rabbit hole 
are you ready? 
i can’t feel you. 
is this what you want? 
this is what you’ll fucking get. 
#BringMeThehorizon #BMTH #BringMeTheHorizonftBABYMETAL #BMTHKingslayer


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Oct 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Dougie Walters
Dougie Walters 2 minutes ago
Legit cannot wait to drop this track when the clubs are open again.
Jesse LeMoine
Jesse LeMoine 56 minutes ago
Jamie Lannister is super flattered I bet
bark bark person
honestly this whole album is pretty good
Flxkz Hour ago
Yeah this is definitely a speeding song
Greg Brown
Greg Brown Hour ago
cant wait to see what the music video is gonna be like
frank mason
frank mason Hour ago
If they made this the opening song to BLEACH's anime return, or a Death Note anime opening for that new one shot... it would slap so hard.
Mr mr
Mr mr 2 hours ago
Can't stop listening to this. First time listening to BMTH. Only heard of them bc Babymetal mentioned them several times. I usually don't like the growling/shouting in metal music but this song is just great.
G.G.G. RadioStar
G.G.G. RadioStar 2 hours ago
It's not like the old Bring Me the Horizon music but it's different in a good way.
TRay 3 hours ago
When's the Anime for this releasing?
car2rock 5 hours ago
Oli at 3:24 : Is this what you want?! Me: Yes please
Chester Bennington
Chester Bennington 5 hours ago
Fuck you I Love it!!!
Muhammad Amin Maulana
Please make official music video. I like it kingslayer BMTH
Ben 6 hours ago
If this doesn't become the theme to some anime show... then im going to be very disappointed
Rizal munawar
Rizal munawar 6 hours ago
waliid messi
waliid messi 6 hours ago
waw !!
x W4rior
x W4rior 7 hours ago
Bring me the baby
MauRoglml 7 hours ago
Fajar Ramadhani
Fajar Ramadhani 8 hours ago
It's just me or this song fit well with NFS most wanted xD.... Btw what a blaasst this song is
DarmaniLink 8 hours ago
this is giving me blood stain child vibes
Zoltansz 57
Zoltansz 57 9 hours ago
I would love to hear this song without fucking babymetal
Flávio Arthur
Nice try
Lành Phan
Lành Phan 9 hours ago
ahh...not that good, better troll please.
Jorden Florence
Jorden Florence 9 hours ago
I'm 33 years old and been listening to heavy rock since I was about 12. This is one of the coolest well written songs I've ever heard. Well done Bring me the horizon and babymetal
affemitderwaffel123 10 hours ago
How much pop is the chorus pls, i like it
Maurice Musa
Maurice Musa 10 hours ago
Izzat Syazwan
Izzat Syazwan 11 hours ago
hope their make MV together !!!!
Aspen Games
Aspen Games 11 hours ago
this is good |°_°| The feature really powered this up. Thanks for the tune.
Edwin Faisal Abdau
Edwin Faisal Abdau 12 hours ago
Catherine Chatzi
Catherine Chatzi 12 hours ago
*Jaime Lannister joined the chat*
Jp Franco
Jp Franco 12 hours ago
i hope they made a music vid of this
NeeMooN Shiraori
NeeMooN Shiraori 15 hours ago
we need MV
Tete uwu
Tete uwu 17 hours ago
estoy encantada con esta canción , es perfecta uwu
Ryo 17 hours ago
Is just me who heard "Kiss my ass" Instead "Kingslayer"?
Ultimater Modifier
Ultimater Modifier 5 hours ago
FakeStory09 17 hours ago
Roshka VP
Roshka VP 18 hours ago
Both need to be in next years AMA. They have done so much and reached so many people. they have my vote to win haha.
Anime HDG
Anime HDG 19 hours ago
Never thought that bmth needed jrock
Punkrock Deku
Punkrock Deku 19 hours ago
Fuck I wanna see an anime which calls 'Kinglslayer' and fuck, I want this song as its opening.
Noor Euis
Noor Euis 19 hours ago
Obey x kingslayer ❤️
Matthew Borts
Matthew Borts 19 hours ago
Oliver Scott Should try clean vocals
Bagus Winarko
Bagus Winarko 20 hours ago
A N J A Y keren abisssssss
darealalia _
darealalia _ 20 hours ago
1:59-2:06 is eargasmic. Favorite 7 seconds of music
Noor Euis
Noor Euis 19 hours ago
Couldn't agree more
MrHidetomo 21 hour ago
hyper-excellent collaboration.
Bladem 22 hours ago
FxNova 115
FxNova 115 22 hours ago
Noor Euis
Noor Euis 19 hours ago
What does that mean?
Тимофей Острогляд
So good Coming back to listen to it almost every day
jear man
jear man Day ago
bmth: heavy music again people: haha AnImE iNtRo
Ramadhani Indra Prasetyo
Baby Metal The Horizon \m/
Belle Day ago
This feels like I went back to my vocaloid phase
Sivi Vuk Baća Bog maraš je kuracc !!1!1!
naruto x boruto ninja voltage grind be like:
Galang Adhy Wibowo
Song dedicated for Jaime Lannister
Thrandaylen 12 hours ago
weRgip Day ago
Seth rollins..time to use this as your theme with a new persona
Peace Maker
Peace Maker Day ago
Wait wait wait wait wait...is Olly Sykes doing this guttorals? Or who is it? They sound almost to dope.
Design Freedom
now that's the Spirit!
gamergurlfor_u on Twitch lololol
lol im back again!
Esa Vala
Esa Vala Day ago
Iki komen jowo sing kok goleki
yongsinner Day ago
I've needed something like this, thank you
Cloudrifto Day ago
if this song is featured in a devil may cry or shin megami tensei game, it will be a one hell of a banger!
devil may cry??????
Invader ZEBB
Invader ZEBB Day ago
Just waiting for the MV or even better a AMV
Kazuhiro Azuma
Ka3 Day ago
when babymetal goes 'oooooOOOOOOHHH YAAAAAAAYYYY!!' at the end of the song BREATHE IF U AGREE
Danny Setiawan
Opening kimetsu no yaiba
Thrandaylen 12 hours ago
No. Read the lyrics.
Van Hawk
Van Hawk Day ago
Iqbal Persie
Iqbal Persie Day ago
Lukas Tran
Lukas Tran Day ago
Can't believe BMTH finally made a good song.
Nyadeline哀 Day ago
You're corrupted! 😳😳😈😈👽
Galang Permadhi
Ok I think It's time to kill some vampire in Tokyo 😂
Kevin Bello
Kevin Bello Day ago
Had to listen to it 10 times because it was just too weird and now it's stuck in my head..
Archie K
Archie K Day ago
bhai kya hi gaana hai, CRAAZYY
metamorphosis sss
I wasn't expecting much because baby metal was involved but this was a whole mood
vinillion Day ago
someone : theres so many weebs in the comment section, i hate weebs oli who is a weeb and intentionally making this song sounds like an anime opening with sumetal singing some Japanese part in the song to make it complete : 😐
うあ Day ago
Olah Tony
Olah Tony Day ago
Omg i will edit the video without this babymetal it was an absilute HIT until this girl started to "sing"
laughing buddha
laughing buddha 8 hours ago
Poor kid. Shows his little life bubble on the net.
Reihan Ikbar Rafi Priatama
Literally you don't know about the concept of this song
Flávio Arthur
Nice joke
geiseric222 Day ago
If you want generic screaming there is a ton of that stuff out there. Probably better than listening to a pretty repetitive 1 minute song
ラスト・エヴァンゲリオンの終末曲はコレにして欲しいな。 d(⌒ー⌒)!
Lost Archive
Lost Archive Day ago
The opening has such a Bleach vibe o.0 im in love...
Erwin Ignacio
babymetal and bmth a collab we will never forget
Budidaya ikan lele Budidaya Ikan nila
My name is ptsofwan from Indonesia I LOVE BRING ME THE HORIZON SO MUCH
Muhammad Qodry
FENDA Fendovic
po dlouhé době song, co nestojí za úplnou vyliž prdel, morda mordouci, jen to asi bude díky holkám z baby metalu, že? Oli by jinak radši pustil do světa další depresivní parádičku :D :D :D
Made Suryawan
Someone : oli can't scream again Oli : is this what you want?
ettix1 Day ago
Can I add that the lyrics video is next level digital art. One of the best visualization/interpretation of music I ever saw. At par with Noisia split the atom.
Wiqoyil Islama
N T Day ago
sebastian aguilar
that was awesome .. i have never imagined that kinf of mix 'tween this bands fuck!!! good kill metal coreeee
UK Rosso
UK Rosso Day ago
BxMxC 見た後のこれだったから、 混沌と秩序。闇と光。色々想像できて楽しかった。
Lutfi06_ AJA__
Everyone after watching this video : KING SLAYAAAaaaaa...
Benjamin Williamson
It has been 3 weeks since the ep debut and all I can say is that this is (in my opinion) most collaborative, ambitous project by bmth with a HUGE payoff. I love this so much cant wait to receive my vinyl
Radja.dwi10 Day ago
Ini sih madep 🤘
Rodrigo Meza
Rodrigo Meza Day ago
esto seguro que va para algún videojuego :v
Leoka Day ago
ほんと念願のコラボだからすごい嬉しい。 きっと無理かもだけど、紅白でこれ歌ってくれたら多分死ぬ。
Classy Emo
Classy Emo Day ago
i love this omg
Luke Day ago
Emre YüXel
Emre YüXel Day ago
rinsible juice
Oli really said “get the fuck up🤬”
Cal 91
Cal 91 Day ago
This needs to be the opening to an anime.
Willie Spoon
Willie Spoon Day ago
This entire EP two words...........GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!
Doprecious Match
babydeathmetal (?)
Rupert Broadwick
Babymetal is able to push bmth to the next level .
Kevin Blastard
Kevin Blastard 2 days ago
Best collaboration in the 2020
ItsVibe 2 days ago
ItsVibe 2 days ago
I NA THE END 2 days ago
yes so Hype!. This needs MV!!! Someone made a MV featuring Jaime Lannister of GOT. LOL
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