Brightburn - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Brightburn, starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, Meredith Hagner. Directed by David Yarovesky.


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May 23, 2019




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Distant Planet
Hi Chris, I watched this film last night but missed the first 5 minutes or so. I had no idea the kid was an alien from the start. So, the first idea you mention, really works. I constantly thought he was going to be possessed by the red light in the barn. It kept up the suspense. The second part about the message he receives. This would have been a great touch as well. It never becomes quite clear. It can't just be all bad because he'd just kill everyone in his path. Decent film and take on the superhero gene but 6/10 at best.
Nathan Bailey
Nathan Bailey 3 days ago
I’m sorry but a 15 second science class scene to summarize the entire point of the movie is poor writing. Meh.
El Gato Cosmico
El Gato Cosmico 4 days ago
0:26 BADGER!!!
Zedthejoker 5 days ago
This movie is basically young angry superman hoping deathstroke never gets a hit on him
Mehtap Ciana
Mehtap Ciana 5 days ago
If the Space ship was revealed halfway through the movie, people would roll their eyes. I feel the crash landing of the Space ship is vital because the movie was "unknown" territory and when strange and scary things unfold we can go "uh oh!" Because this is something new and unexpected than watching a Christopher Reeve movie. This dark movie with a feel of supernatural nuance is the first movie to a new genre called "Superhero Horror".
WickedByte 9 days ago
I love the attention to detail in the movie. It shows little things like how he is obsessed with the human body. When he kills Arica he slowly uses his laser vision so he doesn’t destroy her body. When her body is found it look like Brandon what’s trying to find find out more about the human body. He reminds me of Light yagami but Superman. He is a straight A student but he is really something else. this movie does not deserve the hate it gets.
jad19000 10 days ago
The kid actor who plays Brendan was just awful and annoying
Mehtap Ciana
Mehtap Ciana 5 days ago
I don't think he was Shirley Temple annoying, seemed mature and sinister.
AJ Rojas
AJ Rojas 8 days ago
I blame the writers for making him so unlikable I was looking forward to seeing him get a slow painful death like he deserved but that never happened
John Jarou
John Jarou 11 days ago
i think the movie also takes from the twilight zone episode "it's a good life" as well as Superman. anyone else see that?
SRS Art Productions
I feel like the theater version was different than what was released later, the bluray version of the movie doesn't open the way chris says. theres no crash landing of his ship. Am I lost or something?
malik yahcubar
malik yahcubar 16 days ago
Stephanie and brightburn are the two films linked they have a similar ending
Bo Cowan
Bo Cowan 19 days ago
I watched it in theaters with my friends. They thought the whole movie was dumb, but I enjoyed it! Although, I didn’t enjoy it the second time I saw it because I was looking at what they could’ve done better
Izzy Grooves
Izzy Grooves 24 days ago
damn i love that labyrinth shirt, very noice
Pini Ghee
Pini Ghee 24 days ago
It's a buildup for Justice league dark
Adam N
Adam N 24 days ago
Wow, your statements about the fact they should have not revealed that he was on alien right off the bat are awesome. That would have added so much more to the mystery of Brandons actions.
Veteran Ninja
Veteran Ninja 25 days ago
With great power comes great responsibility......... BUT THIS KID GAVE NO FUCKS LOL.
Thanos Aldren
Thanos Aldren 26 days ago
Excellent Review!!!
Robert McElwaine
Robert McElwaine 26 days ago
This was essentially just another medicore slasher/horror movie with all the tropes we've seen dozens of times before with the superhero spin put on it to attempt to mask it. Didn't work.
Jordan Mcdonald
Jordan Mcdonald 29 days ago
It's a superman movie guy!! Its not a alien movie.. he's superman but evil. The good superman starts with him crashing through the barn. This is that but he's evil. I disagree with some of your review here. I say this movie is a A at worst B+
One cheeky bih
One cheeky bih Month ago
The kid actor during the entire movie : 👁️ 👄 👁️
futt bucker
futt bucker Month ago
Hes a saiyan
Joe D
Joe D Month ago
I just finished watching it and it was epic, I enjoyed it very much.
Ai'la Ashworth
Ai'la Ashworth Month ago
"Sometimes when bad things happen to people; it's for a good reason."
kevin rara
kevin rara Month ago
"QUICKLY turn to evil" Exactly my thoughts, it wasn't built up, like snap i'm fuckin evil now...
Zeldalink23 Month ago
Andrew and Brightburn could be best friends lol 😂 Andrew is from chronicle the movie!:).
Pricy Plastic Product Productions 420
Shirt says "go blinking"
Aon Lazio
Aon Lazio Month ago
I hate this movie so much I watch reviews
Anthony Denne
Anthony Denne Month ago
Here's the review you need to read. Save yourself an hour fifty of cringing disappointment. I had to suspend my disbelief... the disbelief that this utter nonsense actually got made. Who commissioned this impossibly improbable script? It's also amazing to read the reviews of so-called movie critics talking in glowing terms about this totally predictable and tedious drivel. NO STARS...grrrrr
Odduniverse Studios
Yeah finally someone who was thinking the same idea as me! A Superman rip off
Rich Henry
Rich Henry Month ago
Goku meets Superman
NadaIvan Month ago
Yup, you're right about the reveal. That would have been great. Especially for people who didn't see any previews. Great observation
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 2 months ago
Finally watched this movie last night. Agree with those 2 points in the review. Holding the spaceship reveal til later would've been good for a mid-film turning point, however the movie was totally sold as "What if Superman was evil"...or something like that - so it wouldn't be an actual reveal. Also agree with his motivation. He says he wants to be good in the middle of his evil spree, but we don't really see him struggle.....It's never quite explained if the ship and that force is manipulating him entirely or what.....I still enjoyed it. What I didn't care for was Billie Eilish "Bad Guy" for the end credits. It felt cheap and silly. After a film which was NOT light hearted or funny, to throw that at the end seems completely off. Ruins the tone entirely. It's unfortunately one of the lasting things in my mind from the movie since it was the last thing we saw/heard.
Rob Butler
Rob Butler 2 months ago
I think this would have made an amazing tv series
Shel Nunya AT
Shel Nunya AT 2 months ago
Thx for review Woah. The commentors explained away all yer faults with the film.
MrArtist1971 2 months ago
Gunn just showed himself to be a society hating nut job. Thanks for the heads up freak.
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 2 months ago
I give it. 4.5 out of 5 my girlfriend dose t like horror movies and she has watched this twice
winston smith
winston smith 2 months ago
This movie could have been good but they went the cheap way out.
Christophe Ferreira
Christophe Ferreira 2 months ago
If they hadn’t shown he was an alien from the beginning, I think that would have switch the story to revolve around the twist about him being alien instead of “what if Superman was evil?"
Marcelo Olmos
Marcelo Olmos 2 months ago
I really want a sequel, I feel dirty about it, maybe a grown Brandon
Jackson Rees
Jackson Rees 2 months ago
🔥 you’ve inspired me so much in an hour! 1:52 💞🔥💕 👇👇👇👇👇💖
HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster
Well hello again, mr. nifty shirts....
Dynamo 2 months ago
please do a review of Spencer confidential and ELi
Sam Ward
Sam Ward 2 months ago
Homelander as a kid
jimmyl324 2 months ago
Love this movie!
Darnell Smith
Darnell Smith 2 months ago
I purchased slitther back in the day, the film was rushed, I love concept, and I recognized you know who got dropped in the pick up truck.
Tibor Balogh
Tibor Balogh 2 months ago
never even heard of this movie before this rewiev. Should check it out.
Greg Williams
Greg Williams 2 months ago
He must have seen a different film to me, I thought it was awful. The only thing I liked was the guy who played the dad.
RemonBerkers 2 months ago
such a boring movie, if you wanna watch something with every cliche in a movie go for this one. plus there is no story , kid kills everybody , the end
Paulo 2 months ago
The boy just like Berserk
Cok Toe
Cok Toe 2 months ago
I skipped all the ads.
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson 3 months ago
It was a really good movie
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson 3 months ago
Want a sequel
Arun Graeff
Arun Graeff 3 months ago
I thought it was good to see an evil Superman-esk film!!
Acid Pain
Acid Pain 3 months ago
I don't feel the kid was evil of his own accord more the ship indoctrinated him into a twisted frame of mind
Gray Young
Gray Young 3 months ago
Chris: Gives a movie filled with the letter B a B You know what you did there
Allan Of El Salvador
They should make a sequal with a Lex style hero.
Carl Manvers
Carl Manvers 3 months ago
They could have explored his failed attempts to be good through his interactions with the girl. At least more than they did - they kinda toyed with it briefly. Just an idea. i really enjoyed this movie. You can tell a lot of love went into it.
Scrambled Greg
Scrambled Greg 3 months ago
Things I wanted to see: Brendan learning how to use his strength, learning how to fly, how he made his suit, Brendan having better reasons for killing people so violently, Brendan showing remorse but then being overwhelmed by his evil. The idea that he’s a pure psychopath is such a cop out. It’s a very one dimensional approach to evil. Evil is more interesting when it’s tempted to be good but returns to evil. I also thought the casting for Brendan was off. The kid they used had zero life and was boring to watch.
drewbieware 3 months ago
@chrisstuckmann ... they kind of had to reveal, from the beginning, that he was an alien. If they waited, then partway through people would realize is it a superman rip off, and would have been pissed and felt dooped... the marketing team did it perfect by showing it was a superman rip off in the trailers, the only twist was would if superman was evil?
john silcox
john silcox 3 months ago
All it is ; is a what if Superman . I thought it was out standing .
JL Artworks
JL Artworks 3 months ago
Chris Stuckmann's take on the Brightburn have M. Night Shyamalan written all over it!
Oliver Mendonca
Oliver Mendonca 3 months ago
I like the idea of him always being bad and the ship unlocking that evil, i see it as him being a wepon from what ever planet he is from to take over Earth, maybe thats what his species does
Tomas Soejakto
Tomas Soejakto 3 months ago
So he's 'called' to be evil... why? That one question ruined my enjoyment of the film and I couldn't wait for it to be over. Besides, most things are predictable the moment I thought, "oh it's the opposite of superman", which happened quite early in the film, thanks partially to already knowing what he is. And the kid couldn't act. It's so sad how bad he is. I thought maybe he's evil in real life too, that he thinks he's good and wouldn't listen to his acting coach (which he later killed with a potato peeler probly). Kid just took me right out of what little immersion I had to the story.
Beastmen Delegate
Beastmen Delegate 3 months ago
Did this movie do well enough to make any kind of sequel?
Tomas Soejakto
Tomas Soejakto 3 months ago
CampCamp 3 months ago
I also give Brightburn a ᙠB
Newgods 2019
Newgods 2019 3 months ago
Brightburn some scenes felt rushed and how he never once tried to be good. It's like as soon as he finds his ship and the ship or whatever the hell is happening. Just starts talking to him in whatever language they speak.
Justin Scheepers
Justin Scheepers 3 months ago
This movie sucked
nistel SE
nistel SE 3 months ago
didn't burn bright, did it?...
Mehtap Ciana
Mehtap Ciana 3 months ago
I wish I watched it on the big screen because it is somewhat better than Child's Play remake and Pet Semetary. I wanted it to be longer because it's exciting.
Mehtap Ciana
Mehtap Ciana 3 months ago
I am so glad I watched it on Amazon Prime. It's good horror with a supernatural elements. The superhero genre, a new genre is born.
Kawaii Soul
Kawaii Soul 3 months ago
I did not like this movie, unfortunately. I wish they had did something different with it.
Kawaii Soul
Kawaii Soul 3 months ago
@Mehtap Ciana more than an evil Superman of course
Tomas Soejakto
Tomas Soejakto 3 months ago
Did smthing different like hire a better child actor.
Mehtap Ciana
Mehtap Ciana 3 months ago
They did something different, Superman is evil.
BIX The Sith
BIX The Sith 3 months ago
Faora : [Beating up Kal-El] You are weak, Son of El, unsure of yourself. The fact that you possess a sense of morality, and we do not, gives us an evolutionary advantage. And if history has proven *anything*... Faora : [Faora picks up Kal-El throws him into another building] Faora : ...It is that evolution always wins. Makes a lot of sense when I watch this movie. General Zod got dibs on sending his son huh...
Gordon Tims
Gordon Tims 4 months ago
I thought the movie was mediocre bc the film felt rushed; it's only like 1h 30 mins. It felt so quick that it could've added more to develop the story and characters.
Cam Shepard
Cam Shepard 4 months ago
I don’t agree with implying that the movie should have shown him “attempting to be good” or establishing some sort of struggle between good and evil. Personally I loved that the movie was not afraid to show a honest to god VILLAIN. And not a villain like the Joker (although great movie) that the audience empathizes with, but a true psychopathic villain.
ZReiCe 4 months ago
Worst movie of 2019.
Mehtap Ciana
Mehtap Ciana 3 months ago
Obviously you have not seen The Light House
Fred Behrend
Fred Behrend 4 months ago
My friend airdropped this movie to me on deployment (yes, piracy is bad, but being on a Navy ship is miserable) and I very much enjoyed it.
Nostradumbass 8
Nostradumbass 8 4 months ago
Huh. Neat.
Nyarlathotep 4 months ago
I'd like a sequel. it could be the anti-ironman. in that universe all the villians began to appear because he made himself known. in this one you could see a rise of heroes to challenge him but everyone one gets brutally murdered.
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 4 months ago
Were u referring to the car scene?
24nukus 4 months ago
They should have called it Ultraman origins and that’s it
Tim-Jonas Schilling
Tim-Jonas Schilling 4 months ago
Elizabeth BANGS her boyfriend in the begin off the movie
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