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Brie Larson is the box office-shattering star you know from films like Room, Captain Marvel, and many more. And now, she’s got her own RUvid channel. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the Avengers alum takes on the wings of death from her couch and discusses everything from ComicCon to mushrooms.
Check out @Brie Larson 's new RUvid channel: ruvid.net/video/video-d6S0u8VENOE.html

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Jul 2, 2020




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Comments 100
First We Feast
First We Feast 6 months ago
Anyone have a favorite from the new Season 12 hot sauce lineup yet? It seems to be hitting guests (and Sean) pretty hard 😬😬
C. Smith
C. Smith 23 days ago
Honestly DaBomb will always be a problem for everyone which is why it's lasted the test of time in the lineup. I love all of the other sauces for their own unique flavors. I haven't tried DaBomb yet but I plan on trying it in support of all of those who have felt it's pain.
Sunset_Metal 24 days ago
Sunset_Metal 24 days ago
Brie FTW
android Month ago
Love reading all the comments from the butthurt incels in this thread 😂
Rick Meredith
Rick Meredith Month ago
Plz get Holly Holmes
Dave Hemsworth
Dave Hemsworth 3 hours ago
no drinks or nowt, wow.....
Rodders Peace
Rodders Peace 4 hours ago
Always loved this lady, tremendous talent but now alas I love her even more. Can't see why a lot of people put her down on social media, she doesn't deserve the bad remarks. She's a top performer.
Mark Watkins
Mark Watkins 5 hours ago
Why would you bring her on this show? 😕 she is awful.
Drawyoursword420 3 days ago
If this were a first date, she'd be talking to me from the other side of the bathroom door. It would make things a little awkward
HeadBaash 3 days ago
why the fuck does this have so many dislikes? this shit was hilarious
Matteo A.
Matteo A. 3 days ago
I gotta apologize, I got her completely wrong. She's cool.
Dillan Folkers
Dillan Folkers 12 hours ago
Right? I was led to believe I should be hating her...
MaximumNewbage 3 days ago
Huh. Surprisingly good episode. Didn't know much about Brie Larson until this episode other than that the comments she made about comic book fans while interviewing for Captain Marvel pissed me off even though I wasn't part of the age and race demographic of fans that she was insulting. This ep makes me dislike her a lot less than I did. In fact, I do now think she's fairly alright as a person I still wonder how she's such a big fan of Nintendo though, considering that their games have mostly been made by 40+ year old nerdy men, and she apparently had problem with that demographic? Maybe it's fine because they weren't white? Dunno if that'd makes it better worse or worse though, if that were the case.
J.D, Carlock
J.D, Carlock 4 days ago
This gal has stones!...Just pouring it on!...she handled Da Bomb like a Boss!....1-800-BAD-ASS!
Randy Orton
Randy Orton 4 days ago
I don’t know why people hate Brie Larson but she seems to have a funny personality in a fun way.
JongJonz 5 days ago
I kinda hated her before, for whatever reason but after seeing her here. She's a cool person. I heard her say that shes an introvert so this interview at home, I think she felt calmer and at peace. Totally would hang with her.
Isabel Anne
Isabel Anne 5 days ago
My psychiatrist diagnosed me as a Larsonist. I have been sentenced life for larson. 🤩💥🔥⚡👻
vVaush 5 days ago
TheQuartering: *REEEEEEEEEEE*
Missy T
Missy T 7 days ago
I just fell totally in love with Brie Larson
Jeremy K
Jeremy K 7 days ago
Damn, I love her more than ever! Awesome interview!
Black Knight
Black Knight 7 days ago
The music gets so intense 🤣
AussieSkull 10 days ago
Watching Brie Larson in pain, fuck yeah!
jeannine gallardo
jeannine gallardo 11 days ago
My good Brie ... how on earth people can hate her
Celeste Mason
Celeste Mason 13 days ago
i love that to most of the wings she said "mmmmmmmm"while her face got red
Doran Baltus
Doran Baltus 14 days ago
It's pretty cool that they gave Abed's girlfriend a spot on this show. She did great!
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown 15 days ago
RIP Aaron Swartz 19:40
Apollo Selispeks
Apollo Selispeks 15 days ago
My dad always talks about loving hot stuff because it gets you high. I always just thought he was crazy til this show.
Dr_ Tandros
Dr_ Tandros 16 days ago
She is awesome. A beautiful badass that loves Mario. What's not to like? really unfair how people treated her in that whole Captain Marvel/Haters nonsense
Ashtyn Simank
Ashtyn Simank 19 days ago
The lame atm undesirably avoid because humidity possibly jump unto a faded father. wide-eyed, last picture
joey van dijk
joey van dijk 20 days ago
She seems nice
Kieron Campion
Kieron Campion 21 day ago
Wait! brie and other hollywood celebrities used their fame to heartlessly scam tons of money through a charity that did nothing? NO WAY!
Beau Boutwell
Beau Boutwell 21 day ago
Can we please just retire "Da Bomb?" Stop punishing people by making them eat that garbage...
Southern Ontario Palms and Tropicals
She’s stunning. Great episode
Albert Lafreniere
Albert Lafreniere 23 days ago
Bree, call your RUvid followers "Larsonists"
Sunset_Metal 24 days ago
Brie 2020
Sunset_Metal 24 days ago
No milk at all DAMN!
Kathryn Reid
Kathryn Reid 25 days ago
I'm OK still... Am I? Wow. I relate to that way more than I want to.
Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard 25 days ago
Lol so many snowflakes in the comments. Cant deal with people criticizing an overrated actress. Only comeback they have is using the word Incel
Christopher Lugo
Christopher Lugo 27 days ago
She is super nice
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool 27 days ago
I'm surprised she agreed to do this since it involves a white male..
Hiba Rs
Hiba Rs 25 days ago
you seem triggered
Soundlite09 27 days ago
I love that she mentions Bruce Lee🐲🤗
Patrick Thrasher
Patrick Thrasher 28 days ago
High five on the animation bit, nice work in post
NoneWhatsoever 29 days ago
I guess her dry sense of humour really triggered a lot of straight males on the internet huh. Wish they had the same vitriol towards people who actually deserve it but that will never happen.
John Hentie
John Hentie 23 days ago
Nah. She's just another misandrist who can get bent.
K P.
K P. 29 days ago
Whats with all the thumbs down, seems like a pleasant interview
Mike Chambers
Mike Chambers Month ago
Omg she owned that like a boss! Holy crap no way I'd handle all that without gallon of ice cream or gallon of milk haha.
Carlos F.
Carlos F. Month ago
talk about oversocialized
Blud Stanes
Blud Stanes Month ago
how can anyone dislike her?
Froot 28 days ago
I don’t really like her but people over hate her
Blud Stanes
Blud Stanes Month ago
and even hotter guests.
browniethe king
browniethe king Month ago
Shes sexy just being honest
tpfernandez Month ago
Please get an astronaut that's been in space on the show!
veenz gal
veenz gal Month ago
did anyone say "Larsonist" as an official fan name!? 🤣
Mark Byler
Mark Byler Month ago
Just came in to check the dislikes ....... I was not disappointed
MovieTheGame Month ago
do you spice?!
sean mcculloch
sean mcculloch Month ago
@firstwefeast WE want Keanu Reeves !
Shane Hayes
Shane Hayes Month ago
Idk why a lot of people have so much hate for her ?
Pachanas Month ago
Am I crazy or was she on before as well? Are they erasing that interview from history because of how horrible people were in the comments to her? If so, I'm all for it, but I'm confused right now.
Piper Down
Piper Down Month ago
Okaaay but what are these vegan nuggets and where can I get them ????
Captain Karen
Captain Karen Month ago
Brie, Time's Up Now! but you can still make an OnlyFans
Rick B
Rick B Month ago
Hehehe i love those red cheeks on Brie 😁👍🏼
Lynette Guycott
Lynette Guycott Month ago
She’s cute.
KB Skipper
KB Skipper Month ago
She's so cute!
LiveAction Link
LiveAction Link Month ago
Looks like people are dislike bombing this video. So petty. Even if people are doing it just because they dislike Brie, it's not as if disliking the video does anything except hurt Hot Ones
Tommy lee Pate
Tommy lee Pate Month ago
I would love to see Danny Trejo or Jesse James on this show
Tommy lee Pate
Tommy lee Pate Month ago
She's eating wings just like Stone Cold Steve Austin
Tommy lee Pate
Tommy lee Pate Month ago
She a beautiful woman
Tommy lee Pate
Tommy lee Pate Month ago
She great as captain marvel
C. Smith
C. Smith Month ago
Brie's a trouper. Looks like DaBomb transitioned another capsaicin junky into the last dab. Another great interview from Sean who is also a real capsaicin trouper.
AmbrosiusMD Month ago
Selaphiel V.
Selaphiel V. Month ago
Im gonna just say i think your writers and directs sucked ass in captain marvel. And that i see now some things actors cant work with because how ass they put work in.
Ariaditya Pramestu
She looks annoying
Blaize Felix
Blaize Felix Month ago
She is wild
Sharon Villanueva
She's adorable.
George Neckrock
George Neckrock Month ago
Try his a fantastic video kudos to both you and Bree boy she's tough. Our family was smiling from ear to ear. 🙈🙈🙈❤️😊
Avadhesh Malik
Avadhesh Malik Month ago
Chilli may actually be good for the gut. For one, Capsaicin has been shown to reduce Helicobacter pylori growth.
Samantha Law
Samantha Law Month ago
Help! It's Brie Larson. Sus susb subsciiiibe. LIKE IT AND SUBSCRIBE IT
Mr- Bipen
Mr- Bipen Month ago
i didn't even watch the vid but came here so check one thing and i was not surprised XD
Edwin Mendoza
Edwin Mendoza Month ago
I am a new Brie Larson Fan She’s Beautiful, Smart and Cool.
lilah Stans brie larson
brie, Times-Up! on your lying, stealing, scamming, cheating, and your misandry
Ryan Olsen
Ryan Olsen Month ago
Brie Larson is the second coolest woman on this planet, behind only my mom
Ryan Olsen
Ryan Olsen Month ago
Kristen Bond is tied at number one with my mom 👩 💕 ❤ 💖
Кирил Шишов
allthose charity causes from sjw's are only to help themselves not anybody else ,what surprise me is that somebody said somethin about it
Kieron Campion
Kieron Campion Month ago
brie being exposed for stealing and scamming is just another reason to never listen to those fake adult pretenders
Brum Kid
Brum Kid Month ago
Looks like a fake video which she is know for ie fake women.
MotorCityOctane Month ago
Sean casually gets women to take off their clothes almost every episode
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham Month ago
She looks tear gassed by the end!
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham Month ago
She's great! 😀🤣❤❤❤
Captain Karen
Captain Karen Month ago
didn't the ceo of Nissan steal a lot of money? from what we know about brie larson, she was more than likely involved
Eric Malone
Eric Malone Month ago
Kudos to Brie Larson for mentioning Agnes Varda's VAGABOND, a brilliant film by a brilliant director. It isn't mainstream family entertainment, & it doesn't have a happy ending, but it's a stunner. If you see VAGABOND & it leaves you in a distressed state, follow it with Agnes Varda's earlier film CLEO FROM 5 TO 7. Cheers!
Anne Margaret
Anne Margaret Month ago
I love her love for mushrooms. Mushrooms are genius'
tyrus kelebon
tyrus kelebon Month ago
If the guests do not watch previous episodes of this, the Bomb must seriously catch them off guard.
HighLordofTerra Month ago
Larsonists obviously?
harley quinn
harley quinn Month ago
She thinks POTLOF to be classic in the future... omg she watched it. I love her even more
ben scott
ben scott Month ago
"This is like what I imagine it feels like to change form as Pokemon". Ah Brie, all is forgiven, welcome back.
William Ambrosino
And so today was the day Brie Larson became my top celebrity crush...
Callie M
Callie M Month ago
oh i am very pleasantly surprised by the positive comments on this video :)
Kareem Campbell
Kareem Campbell Month ago
Call them the bre battalion, she is truly marvelous, awesome two thumbs up
Joi ri
Joi ri Month ago
Ive disagreed with some stuff she has said from the past and I actually adore this side of her shes cool af.
Kieron Campion
Kieron Campion Month ago
yeah right
fasteddie4145 Month ago
the thing I like best about this show is that almost everyone is an actor or persona.......until they get to wing #5......from then on the real person emerges....
John Perry
John Perry Month ago
Brie Larson is just freaking awesome. She is the cat's meow, the bee's knees, the fox's socks, and every other idiom with animals that means brilliant! Seeing her in this natural, laid back demeanor was absolutely endearing.
Sam Hain
Sam Hain Month ago
"Lets get the most haten woman on the interner, oh wait Amber Heard and Ellen have something to say
Precipice66 Month ago
Hot, nerdy, and tackled the sauces like a champ.
Mauro Augusto
Mauro Augusto Month ago
que mina taan linda!
Wanyudo Monk
Wanyudo Monk Month ago
the pokemon line was good but why does she gotta be like she is. i wanna like her
mech5 fab
mech5 fab Month ago
Martijn Draijer
Martijn Draijer Month ago
Only 8 minutes in... allready had 3 ads... first one at 1:08... this is unpleasant....
Czarina Kinshasa
can we take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous and smart she is.
Sunset_Metal 24 days ago
Brie is badass I love how she triggers trumpsimps
C. Smith
C. Smith Month ago
Absolutely! Very intelligent, gorgeous,
Sofia Gonzalez
Sofia Gonzalez Month ago
Czarina Kinshasa Yes
Yesenia Osuna
Yesenia Osuna Month ago
I love You brie ❤️
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