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These two brides are torn between two very different styles, figure hugging and sexy or the dress of fairy-tail dreams? But which will they say yes to the dress in? Fishtail or Ballgown

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Apr 9, 2021




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Comments 386
Simple Lady
Simple Lady 4 days ago
Glamorous ones 😂😂😂😂😂😂
erza dragneel
erza dragneel 15 days ago
After seeing so many awful and unsopportive families on this show, watching that second family made me smile, they all were so sweet to eachother ❤❤❤
Cosmos Adorabilis
Cosmos Adorabilis 22 days ago
Both brides were lovely!
Cosmos Adorabilis
Cosmos Adorabilis 22 days ago
I hate fishtail bridal gown as well lol
Cynthia Carr
Cynthia Carr 24 days ago
Its Great the shop specializes in curvy dresses She looked Gorgeous!❤😁
lynne jordan
lynne jordan 29 days ago
What huge love handles? 🤷🏾‍♀️
Sara Asadi
Sara Asadi 29 days ago
I love her energy :)
Caribbeana: Month ago
# Fishtail goes to show you would never know till you try it on
Jamie X
Jamie X Month ago
1st bride is so gorgeous in that dress jeez
Maggie Sue
Maggie Sue Month ago
Fishtails, sweetheart necklines, mermaids - they only look good on TINY women, and they're so overdone now. The princess dress for the second bride was flattering, feminine, and lovely. The fishtail she chose - I doubt she could even sit down in it. But, today's brides all want to look SEXY, not LOVELY. Meh.
Chicken Pasta
Chicken Pasta Month ago
Finally someone who hates fish tales
I unintentionally watched one video and now I’m stuck watching them oml. I genuinely want to start calling “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Dresses & Drama”.
Marian J
Marian J Month ago
For the 1st bride I didn't like the 2nd dress as much.
Izzie RH
Izzie RH Month ago
The dress in the picture was one of the most beautiful dresses ever. Why do so many people want to wear a nightie - a sexy nightie maybe - but still something you could wear any night?
Jennifer Bond
Jennifer Bond Month ago
I love how the mom of #2 was totally behind her daughter and told the other woman that it’s not our wedding and nicely shut up!
Sanam Naseer
Sanam Naseer 2 months ago
The second bride, her body is so perfect and she is saying she has huge love handles. Girl no! That's a beautiful body
Zeejah Rowland
Zeejah Rowland 2 months ago
She is so beautiful
Jacquelyn Kinnebrew
Jacquelyn Kinnebrew 2 months ago
Alice! You had me in tears! So beautiful!
Clara Watson
Clara Watson 2 months ago
That second girl couldn't see her love-handles, because they don't exist, she had such a perfect figure
Kate Rivers
Kate Rivers 2 months ago
I would have walked out and left them sitting there. So rude! Its a competition to see who can be the rudest or funniest. No respect for this bride. They think they're auditioning for a comedy show at the brides expense.
Jecca Ordena
Jecca Ordena 2 months ago
Learn how to be happy and contented 😊
princ3sstofu 2 months ago
As a big person I really dread dress shopping. This show really show me the awesome options for almost all body sizes. Ok the blond mom is awesome. It not our wedding darling. Just amazing support. I mean the other lady is also very nice.
Ingrid Pear
Ingrid Pear 2 months ago
The photo example the bride gave reminded me more of Grace Kelly than of Kate Middleton Cambridge if it closed up with buttons down the front.
Ingrid Pear
Ingrid Pear 2 months ago
I think it would nice if she had an satin overskirt with the fitted dress
Sharon Cheeran
Sharon Cheeran 2 months ago
Bride: ""I have love handles"" Me: looking for her love handles throughout the video...still looking..nope can't find em 😂😂😂
Sue McDonald
Sue McDonald 2 months ago
second women shes in a figure hugging dress already so up herself
Sue McDonald
Sue McDonald 2 months ago
California Cobra
California Cobra 2 months ago
Amy looked so beautiful in both dresses and like the consultant basically said, "What love handles?! I don't see what you're so worried about." She did NOT have love handles, but she may have some body dysmorphia that makes her see her body as bigger than what it really. While she looked great in the "fishtail" gown, I thought the ballgown was much prettier. I loved the lace and all the bling on the ballgown and I think the "fishtail" gown looks too boring and simple.
candace kesting
candace kesting 2 months ago
I liked the first dress better too on the "no fishtail" bride. The first dress was a dream, the second was typical .
Saffron Lealle
Saffron Lealle 2 months ago
There is absolutely nothing about that bride that is "OKAI" she is so beautiful!! Curvy, voluptuous.. she is STUNNING!!
Tonya Durst-Scarlett
She is stunning!!!
Royal Goddess
Royal Goddess 3 months ago
The fish tail dress is lovely and graceful on her 💞
Sarah E
Sarah E 3 months ago
The second bride...her figure is gorgeous, I don't know what she is worried about. The first bride looked like an absolute princess.
A Colley
A Colley 3 months ago
so many ladies with body dysmorphia
Birdy Banks
Birdy Banks 3 months ago
The first bride, the princess dress looked wonderful on her. Second bride, the first dress looked so much better on her than the second dress. Princess dresses all the way.
Whit23ney 3 months ago
OMG Alice looks absolutely STUNNING in that dress! Wow! It’s the PERFECT dress!!!! 🥰😍😵❤️
a beautiful dove
a beautiful dove 3 months ago
Big love handles where…
Dolled by Janè
Dolled by Janè 3 months ago
So no one noticed she changed wigs in the beginning??? 😭 she’s beautiful though😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
MA 3 months ago
Alice is so beautiful and the dress fits her perfectly ❤️
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh 3 months ago
That long sleeved Lacy dress is amazing
*-JuLiA-* 3 months ago
These videos are exactly why im taking my little sister and my little sister only when or if i ever go dress shopping.. 💀
L T 3 months ago
it fits her perfectly, it's a beautiful dress
Neha Pandey
Neha Pandey 3 months ago
The second bride looks like Lindsay Lohan.
TAMIRRA DANELLE 3 months ago
Both beautiful dresses
Kim's Healthy Tips
Kim's Healthy Tips 3 months ago
I love David's personality and this version of Say Yes to the Dress❤
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim 3 months ago
Remember God loves you!
interested observer 1949
I often wonder with the figure hugging fishtails what happens when the brides sits down? If she pulls it up to put less strain on the seams [like in the car on the way to the church] it will appear wrinkled when she arrives. If it were me before I had the dress fitted I would sit down in it to see what it anything needs to be taken in/let out in the hip area.
JD chinee
JD chinee 4 months ago
Both girls looked beautiful, I watch this episode twice I really enjoy this particular episode
Anita Anderson
Anita Anderson 4 months ago
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Jessica Caceres Hurtado
love the dress that Alice chose. perfect for her.
Peaches Kong
Peaches Kong 4 months ago
I just lolled so hard when the assistant was jiggling along with the bride @1:52, as if her movements would make her glide into the dress easier.
Mzlady bugbananas
Mzlady bugbananas 4 months ago
Alis; I think that's her name😬. Looks soooo BEAUTIFUL in her wedding dress 👰🏾‍♀️
Dipti Kandalkar
Dipti Kandalkar 4 months ago
what happened in between.... her straight hair went curly??
Nicole Hennessey
Nicole Hennessey 4 months ago
Thank you mom, it is HER day and BER dress!
Daydream 4 months ago
wooowwww alice is stunning omg
marcia ambrose
marcia ambrose 4 months ago
The bride and her entourage are Ghanaians 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 You cant ever miss the surnames♥️
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 4 months ago
How doesn't she like her womanly shape? Girls on here always complain and are self conscious about their wide hips & love handles when 99% of the population of female population would kill to be built lik that. 👁👄👁 How they over here walking around with these hourglass pear figures & find things to hate about it?! 😭
Weiwei Yim
Weiwei Yim 5 months ago
Glad to know that I'm not the only one being stuck on the show! I've got my dress long long ago and have not had the ceremony because of the damn covid. Now I want a new dress
Barrel of Bread
Barrel of Bread 5 months ago
It’s weird because I know one day I’m going to be looking for a wedding dress
Nicole Sioni
Nicole Sioni 5 months ago
Who on earth told bride #2 that she has love handles???
Emily Trace
Emily Trace 5 months ago
I really wish she'd gone to Curvy Brides Boutique, they actually know what to do with a gorgeous figure like hers. The stylists here never get it right.
Lily_of_the_Forest 5 months ago
I HATE mermaid / fishtail or fit & flair silhouettes. 99% of women look dreadful in them. Even skinny, 7 ft tall supermodels look dreadful in them. A-line silhouettes looks universally beautiful on EVER. SINGLE. BRIDE.
Betina T
Betina T 5 months ago
The girl in the fishtail, her mom’s eyes are SO BLUE 💙
Lemon Cheesecake
Lemon Cheesecake 5 months ago
The fact that the women who are so self-conscious about their bodies are actually so beautiful.
Sarah 5 months ago
"it's not amy" Amy: loves it and thinks it's perfect????
Synthia McBride
Synthia McBride 5 months ago
The second bride hates her "love handles" but has on skin-tight pants. Hmmmmm.
Delivered and Restored For God's glory
Yuck mermaid style... Puke
Nathalie Gake
Nathalie Gake 5 months ago
Okay am I the only Ghanaian that think they're Ghanaians?
Nathalie Gake
Nathalie Gake 5 months ago
@Lily_of_the_Forest lol what do you mean by natural beauty. You should visit and see for yourself. Rather than stereotyping sigh
Lily_of_the_Forest 5 months ago
Are Ghanaians natural beauties? I thought the bride and her family were naturally beautiful. Great smiles and bone structure.
RiChiq 5 months ago
Why so many mermaid dresses?
Nancy Torgie
Nancy Torgie 5 months ago
They both looked beautiful in their dresses...
Merin Mathew
Merin Mathew 5 months ago
The second girl looks like Lindsey Lohan and her voice too is quite similar to her.
Ella The-wiz
Ella The-wiz 5 months ago
The first bride is soo beautiful ❤️❤️ + Is it just me or the second bride looks a bit like lindsay lohan ❤️
itz.aaliyah.13 5 months ago
Anyone else think that one bride looks just like Megan thee stallion? She’s gorgeous 💕
REBECCA 5 months ago
Both of the brides looks Stunning in their dress
Zainab Imad
Zainab Imad 5 months ago
Personally seeing the second bride I liked the second dress more on her but I’m happy she went her own way and chose what she loved most ❤️🥰
Paw Printz
Paw Printz 5 months ago
I remember when I had a great figure like that. 'Fat is like years, they creep up on ya.'
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
Damn right. Lol
Wencess Joseph
Wencess Joseph 5 months ago
where are the love handles???
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy 5 months ago
Love curvey and not fat. Makes a change.That first dress was just not flattering at all.
Diane Mckendry
Diane Mckendry 5 months ago
It's about time someone's woke up and said it's the brides wedding not yours thank you for saying that I wish everyone it says Yes to the dress would say something to the people to shut them up
Karen Minckler
Karen Minckler 5 months ago
Love the second girls second dress.
Kristine and Damian
Kristine and Damian 5 months ago
Both lady's looked so stunning in their dresses 💜😁💙
Haylee Phillips
Haylee Phillips 5 months ago
What is that sparkly off-white dress in the background at 0:51?????????????
Suzanne Nixon
Suzanne Nixon 5 months ago
Bride: I love this dress so much. Mom: It's garbage, wear the one I picked. Bride: I'm surprised that I love this, too. Entourage: I kinda like the first dre- Mom: It's her wedding, and we need to keep our mouth shut if we don't like it.
Ankita Paul
Ankita Paul 2 months ago
Ayile Claudia
Ayile Claudia 4 months ago
Exactly my thoughts..🤦🏽‍♀️
Anne Caulder
Anne Caulder 6 months ago
Love handles must mean something different in the UK. I would love to have that darling's figure with the nonexistent love handles!
Preeti Joddabge
Preeti Joddabge 6 months ago
She looks like Bhoomi Pednekar ❤️
kim michaud
kim michaud 6 months ago
She's so pretty
samara in love with haikyuu
Both of them look so good after finding the perfect dress!! Not just their bodies but how happy and way more stunning they looked when they realized that that was what they wanted!
miaskittens D
miaskittens D 6 months ago
Jessica Okai
Jessica Okai 6 months ago
This is my family man😭 whole Entourage of comedians the wedding was amazing btw ❤️
Sumathi manjunath
Sumathi manjunath 6 months ago
Loved the happy dance in the end
Sharnie Williamson
Sharnie Williamson 6 months ago
Oh I love Alice! What a beautiful sparkly bride (and that's just her personality)! 💖
CN SM 6 months ago
Love handles? Whereeee???!!!
Hannah Godwin
Hannah Godwin 6 months ago
There was something about how quickly Amy went from really hating fishtail dresses to falling in love with them that came off as a little staged to me. I wonder if her and her entourage planned that to get on the show. I could be making too much of it, but that was a very quick turnaround.
Bandana Sharma
Bandana Sharma 6 months ago
omg, i loved that princess dress on her though! not what she wanted an the lace long sleeve fishtail looked good too. But its was soooo pretty!
morgan becker
morgan becker 6 months ago
the second girls first dress was literally gorgeous oh my god ❤️
zabindhanji 6 months ago
The second bride looked lovely in the fishtail dress...what love handles?
Janifiel Adam
Janifiel Adam 6 months ago
I love the way this boutique treats every price category
Samantha Edge
Samantha Edge 6 months ago
Most wedding dresses are much more structured and figure shaping than your average dress, so it doesn't surprise me that the second bride looked perfect in the fishtail dress and you couldn't see any of the love handles she referred to.
Denise Sydor
Denise Sydor 6 months ago
Loved it
Miran Padilla
Miran Padilla 6 months ago
I'm obsessed with the first girl's beautiful skin, and her family is the same, their skin GLOWS it's so pretty
vida TOO raww
vida TOO raww 2 months ago
@Elisabetta as a black girl, that comment made me feel special. brown glows GOLD in the sun, it’s definitely something to compliment. Its not backhanded, youre just being sensitive and it gives us a bad look. So stop. Not racist at all, its an uplifing comment about the GLOW of BLACK SKIN. Get out your feelings
Wallflower 2 months ago
@Elisabetta So sick of any well meaning compliment about a black person being deemed racist. Is it really that hard to believe that someone could admire pretty skin just bc it's black? Stop the perpetual victim shit. It's ridiculously petty. How overly sensitive can you be about your race that a compliment is offensive? Jesus..
Mothball -
Mothball - 2 months ago
@Elisabetta .....what
nicklebaby 3 months ago
@Anki King oh brother🙈
Anki King
Anki King 4 months ago
I would say that about the second family too, gorgeous glowy skin!
Aleece Hurt
Aleece Hurt 6 months ago
I love it when they show the positive appointments like these! Encouraging entourage, happy beautiful brides. No need for drama with dresses and happy tears!
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