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This bride is all about fairy tales and sci-fi! Her wedding theme is the movie "Twilight", so nothing better than a dress similar to Bella's at her wedding.

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Apr 21, 2021




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Graveheartart -Anna
Honestly the only good part of the movie adaptions was the wedding design. Like Edward went all out on that wedding for them
dianna smith
dianna smith Day ago
Blame the bride not the seamstress ? I say measurements were wrong. I am a seamstress. Measurements are taken twice and while pattern making check and recheck the measurements. The old saying measure twice cut once
Marilyn Molewyk
Kate Avril
Kate Avril 2 days ago
The dress behind the interview is so old and no one see it I would really want to wear it cause its gorgeous
Ally Cavness
Ally Cavness 4 days ago
at least to me, this dress looks nothing like bella’s. which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if i went into a shop and asked for a specific dress i would want something at least a BIT like the pic
bchlovr 4 days ago
Some brides are like, “just make it fit, I’ll just not breathe that day”! 😂
ProgressiveHeart 4 days ago
I’m confused. The first bride didn’t like the illusion neckline of the first dress. But the one she chose had the same illusion neckline. (I abhor illusion necklines, btw.)
L C 6 days ago
First girl: that dress is STUNNNNNNNNNING! Absolutely beautiful.
Zoe Life
Zoe Life 7 days ago
lauren is stunning .......
valentina alvarez
me too girl, me too
Annica Iyaru Nucum
Annica Iyaru Nucum 10 days ago
me after watching twilight 32nd time:
Fiona Demelo
Fiona Demelo 11 days ago
My aunt also made twilight bella dress
Singing Wolf
Singing Wolf 12 days ago
I can kinda understand wanting something inspired by your favorite fandom, but if your only goal going in is to look/feel just like the character, you're more in the realm of 'cosplay' than 'wedding'.
Monique Brown
Monique Brown 16 days ago
“It’s ok if I can’t breathe….” Said every woman at least once in their life.
Shehjaar Koul
Shehjaar Koul 9 days ago
Truer words were never said
A-J Hartung
A-J Hartung 17 days ago
Why woth every small leaf having its own intricacies wpould one want to be a carbon copy rather than pmneself ? not that even identucle truly is . .My much missed late Husband & myself Joined on a Joirney whete we felt our own idiosyncracies would afford us a lufe of the unknown . as we became an Unit of Two , differences supporting the bridge over as yet untravelled terrain .The idea of taking those pledges to sipport were to someine we felt had somethong we eere lycky to fond & while we both admired many then & more throughout pyr luves we never drsited to look like them ...Something isissong IFVyou need to look tp.another for inspiration ...Yes I addmited how my Mother inLaw coukd war a scarve & wear em.myself BUT Mama had HER way with them., Her colours I have mine .. We tend to remember times & places BIT they altrrr once we have bern to them , cos thry absorb a little of ys & we of the place ..
Hannah Torres
Hannah Torres 17 days ago
So nobody gonna talk about why the mother in law neck sticking out ?
Unitato0w0 TM
Unitato0w0 TM 17 days ago
i wish they put a veil on her it would of been so pretty the dress is gorgeous and she looks so good
Sam? 18 days ago
Fun fact, a lot of Twilight was filmed in the town that I live in! Bella’s house is on the top of a hill downtown, and that whole scene when they’re all in town buying dresses is like a mile away from my house
ZaZa 18 days ago
I absolutely love love LOVE Tawne's dress.❣️
Chay Smith
Chay Smith 18 days ago
If anyone can help me figure out how to find the exact dress that she tried on second I would be the happiest person in the world
Babybirdhere 19 days ago
I actually loved bella's wedding dress in twilight
M M 20 days ago
How many times are we gonna see that same Dando London dress...
Gurgle Queen
Gurgle Queen 20 days ago
"I like the fashion from the Twilight series." There was fashion in the Twilight series?
Ava Strawberry
Ava Strawberry 21 day ago
Why is this me 😭
Spooky Beaver
Spooky Beaver 21 day ago
Twilight themed?.......give me a break.
IWuvKacchan 21 day ago
Anyone else finding the fact there isnt someone annoying?
clown rising
clown rising 22 days ago
I always hated the front of Bella’s dress but the back and the lace 😍💕
Estrella S
Estrella S 23 days ago
there’s a camera in there dressing rooms ?!??
N goddess
N goddess 24 days ago
Stunning figure 😍
Nehama W
Nehama W 25 days ago
OK but to be fair bellas wedding dress was stunning! I remember seeing it and loving it also
ali grotts
ali grotts 26 days ago
A necklace, on the first dress, would have hidden the netting.
BRIDES, PLEASE BRING SEVERAL BRAS TO THE FITTING, THEY ALL SHAPE YOU DIFFERENTLY, it may fit fine with a higher or lower rack. Bring lots of bras.
Anna Little
Anna Little 19 days ago
that's a nice tip actually. :3
Imola Szilagyi
Imola Szilagyi 27 days ago
Ah yes, the sci-fi series twilight, so full of science fiction
Holly Hope
Holly Hope 27 days ago
The twilight bride was soooo beautiful in the dress she chose!!!
The Lammens
The Lammens 27 days ago
how old is this video?
hi hi
hi hi 27 days ago
Why is no one taking about the sudden video change to another bride in between
babu dxb
babu dxb 28 days ago
Not a twihard or not, the twilight wedding dress (not the dream sequence one) has a separate fandom. It is very vintage, regel and timeless for me ✌️😍
heysoph9 28 days ago
The real question is how they managed to get a new dress in one month.....
Anna 28 days ago
I have no idea what any of the clothes in Twilight look like and I never plan to change that. But, I hope she has a fantastic wedding and long life with her hubby. And the thing about losing weight, is your rib cage doesn't change.
Alyse Oneill
Alyse Oneill 28 days ago
I am team Edward all the way So excited for her
GallifrAngel Month ago
*sees title* well yeah who wouldn't, that entire wedding was STUNNING
heartsdeprived Month ago
Sometimes I feel like when the dress comes in too small or big, it’s more to do with the manufacturers not being extremely precise when making the dress (because they assume you’ll get alterations anyway) or due to errors when sales employees take measurements. I don’t really like the way they made that bride feel when her dress was too small.
Ree Ritz
Ree Ritz Month ago
That bride did look "vampish" in that dress..very good choice for her👍👏
BUSHRA Month ago
When she said twilight theme I heard toilet theme ...😂
Meow Rchl
Meow Rchl Month ago
"My fiancé is called" Lmfao UK ppl are different!
Lizzy McCoy
Lizzy McCoy Month ago
Hold up.... did I hear correctly or did she say the Twilight series was of the sci-fi genre???......😶😶😶
Average Ashley
Average Ashley Month ago
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Jessica S.
Jessica S. Month ago
TBH I've never understood why a person wants to look like/be like someone else. Just be you.
Robyn Rowe
Robyn Rowe Month ago
She looked absolutely stunning
FRances Fehrman
FRances Fehrman Month ago
I'm glad it didn't fit. . she is to skinny.....big dress, thin girl...it swallow her....
Sanjeev jangra
Sanjeev jangra Month ago
Great job Nice Dress
Juderka Moreta
Juderka Moreta Month ago
It looks great ! With the proper bras it is a bomb !
Nicea Madriñan
Nicea Madriñan Month ago
She looks like Jane just missing the red eyes hahaha 😍
Lemon Town
Lemon Town Month ago
Girl this is your wedding, not a comic con. Enjoy yourself!✨✨
Craven Month ago
She wants to look like Bella but she actually looks like a combination of Jane and Rosalie 😂
Mandy B
Mandy B Month ago
Me too
Belle Kaminski
Belle Kaminski Month ago
Loved the first one, the last one was ok. Though for her
The Dark Queen
The Dark Queen Month ago
I'm not much of a twilight fan so many things psychologically wrong in the series. But I can say bella's dress is beautiful
The most AMAZING thing about wedding dresses is that no matter how much the dress won’t zip up, even the day before the wedding, on the day of, the zippers and buttons MAGICALLY zip and button! I ordered a dress 3 sizes too small (😬, I KNOW!), and the day of the wedding, up it went! HOWEVER, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!!😊
Zella Laing
Zella Laing Month ago
Why do 50% of brides of this show seem to pick that same dress?
Lyann Takavada
Lyann Takavada Month ago
I also swore on Bella's dress
Rebecca Kordasch
Im sorry her fiancés name is PAUL SCHÄFER??
ohohcanada Month ago
The bride and the entourage said "Yes, to the dress" without trying on a veil?? That's a first :)
Heather B
Heather B Month ago
In the real world they don't do that. I didn't have a veil because i had no idea which one to style with my dress
🌿Sunshine Month ago
All this hulabaloo and drama over a dress...😬 weddings are hard oof
kelly mcphaul
kelly mcphaul Month ago
I thought Bella’s dress was weird and looked unfinished.
Colleen Month ago
Twilight is about abusive relationship and stalking
Effster Month ago
Saw twilight and clicked 🤣
Stephanie Coulter
I love Twilight!!!
roseblood rose
roseblood rose Month ago
I like the volturi from twilight more than Edward lol
Kayla Welburn
Kayla Welburn Month ago
Girl same
desertrose88 Month ago
How can you not check your weight before wedding? How can you lose control like that? Weddings to me is like preparing for something important, like a competition or a big work thing. You have to have self control and prepare.
Supriya Salian
Supriya Salian Month ago
The first girl have the beautiful vision about her dress..
Lindy Carter-Walter
Which episode and season number is this??
Sandra Dorsey
Sandra Dorsey Month ago
It's pissing me off when the store blames the bride for the dress not fitting. The fact is these dill weeds selling the dress are to stupid to measure right. I deal with this every single day. You bridal stores want to make a quick buck and promise what ever it takes to make the sale without knowing what you are talking about. Just look at their faces when they try to zip the girl up. That says it all. You're the professional and should insist on getting a gown according to current body. Ladies when you buy a dress get it ALL in writing. Including the measurements they take.
Aca Buildz
Aca Buildz Month ago
Is it just me or does tawne have really kind eyes…
Alexander Decker
The Watcher
The Watcher Month ago
zipper out corset in problem solved
may)(day Month ago
twilight has a multitude of issues but the cinematic imagery of the wedding is not one. good inspiration
Kelly Month ago
I love how supportive her family was
Ayman Ayman
Ayman Ayman Month ago
And I thought I was obsessed 😓 (jk)
lyss222 Month ago
That second Twilighty dress is GORGEOUS
Beth Reilly
Beth Reilly Month ago
Got to admit though. Bella Swan’s wedding dress one of the most beautiful wedding dresses in movie history.
Shreya Thomas
Shreya Thomas Month ago
Why no vampire diaries only twilight ??
jisoo chichoo
jisoo chichoo Month ago
she looks like a possible long lost sister of Edward Cullen
Kris10Fleming Month ago
Why in the heck wasn’t a corset laced back suggested?!! That would’ve solved all of those problems!
Nancy Budgets
Nancy Budgets Month ago
She looks like Sansa Stark
Arabella Cabebe
Arabella Cabebe Month ago
She looks like Dakota Fanning
Contact 360
Contact 360 Month ago
I love her final choice, she suited it👍♥ Moira From England.
Contact 360
Contact 360 Month ago
I don't like the first dress, it looks cheap and nasty🤔 Moira From England.
Contact 360
Contact 360 Month ago
Interesting! My daughter would love this😂😉 Moira From England.
Kate Granger
Kate Granger Month ago
I hate Twilight. I really really hate it. It’s an abusive relationship and it’s just creepy.
Webster Ann
Webster Ann Month ago
Gosh, he's so supportive and nonjudgmental
Ailed Mazás Fernández
That dress was designed by Carolina Herrera. Get it right people geee you sell dresses
Alyssa C.
Alyssa C. Month ago
She should’ve looked online! David’s Bridal had the Bella dress years ago, I’m sure someone was selling it online.
Elicia Reynolds
Elicia Reynolds Month ago
The second "Bella" dress had gorgeous lace details! I'm glad she went with that one!
leelelle 28
leelelle 28 Month ago
I love the theme 1 of the best saga's ever
Larissa Alcorn
Larissa Alcorn Month ago
Imagine wanting to get married looking like a character who was in an abusive, codependent relationship 🤣
Venegas Mateo
Venegas Mateo 2 months ago
I dont get the people that hate on twilight so much lol like it was clearly made for preteens dont think they were trying to win an Oscar duh
nickyy 2 months ago
"sleeves sleeves sleEves _yes_ definitely *sleeves* "
Silencer za
Silencer za 2 months ago
Chelsea Maria
Chelsea Maria 2 months ago
I can relate because Ive always said that on my wedding day I want my dress to look exactly like Anne Hathaways in Princess Diaries 2
🥲👍 #Shorts
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