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Tinnell McIntyre has high expectation when it comes to the dresses she wants her bridesmaids to wear and dresses that meet her high expectations usually come with a high price.
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May 7, 2019




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Comments 80
Angie 10 hours ago
Most entitles bride award goes to...
Carleen johnson
Carleen johnson 2 days ago
Looked like the color Fushia, which is a combination of purple and pink, but more purple.
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura 2 days ago
That dress is a pink purple combo.
GABY !!!
GABY !!! 3 days ago
This store has gorgeous wedding dresses but ugly af bridesmaids dresses
SighNoMore .Stewarty
It’s really unusual to me that bridesmaids pay for their own dresses because here in the uk the bride pays.
patricia brown
patricia brown 5 days ago
In Scotland if you ask someone to be your bridesmaid you pay for their dress. You should never expect them to pay for your dresses
SighNoMore .Stewarty
It’s a tradition in the USA - that’s the way it’s done there.
Ashima Rajput
Ashima Rajput 5 days ago
I don't agree with lori what did she even mean by pay up and shut up that's bullshitttt
Sara Moore
Sara Moore 5 days ago
OMG thank god I don't have bitches for friends lol I have been on 12 beautiful weddings and have never spent more than 200 dollars for a bridesmaid gown and let me tell you they were all absolutely beautiful and when I got married mine were 89 bucks and let me tell once again beautiful regardless if it's my wedding or not you don't treat people you call your sisters like prices of shit not everyone's made of money I would have been like bye enjoy not having any bridmaids bitch
Marie P.
Marie P. 7 days ago
I rather be the guest & I'm sorry but the bride's dress is a NO! But to each their own
Jazmin Barratt
Jazmin Barratt 11 days ago
She ended up going with the dress at the
Jazmin Barratt
Jazmin Barratt 11 days ago
She ended up going with the dress at the end
Kaley Barfield
Kaley Barfield 14 days ago
I see no harm in having bridesmaids pay for their dresses, but as the bride you need to be respectful of what they can and cannot afford. If the bridesmaids agree to pay $500 for a dress then they should not be expected to pay more. It is sad that the bride has the mentality that just because she went over budget, they should too..
Michelle VDG
Michelle VDG 14 days ago
Can someone tell me ... do ur bridesmaids have to buy / rent the dress or ... the bride ???
Tenickia Hill
Tenickia Hill 15 days ago
Anyone watching during Quarantine
Selena Philipos
Selena Philipos 19 days ago
definitely an inconsiderate bride, is this for a wedding for the military. your'e forced to do all these things she demands (in her shitty manners) and then spend $500 just to be a bridesmaid
sherry gg
sherry gg 20 days ago
If they're complaining about $500 they shouldn't have agreed to be bridesmaid. The bride it also in the wrong though she should pay the difference
Erisha queen
Erisha queen 22 days ago
The 1st purple dress is worst dressed ever I seen 🤮🤮🤮🤮
TheSelena2721 24 days ago
We all see colors differently. The dress to mee looked like a pink/purple, was beautiful. The bride is over the top, I feel bad for her husband... yikes.
shinigamikouryu 27 days ago
The moment you need to sign T&C just be a bridesmaid, RUN!!
Sienna Playz
Sienna Playz 28 days ago
Honestly just get a bridesmaid dress from a clothing store. It’s cheaper and just as cute
Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson 29 days ago
500 dollars for a dress Hell no I’d just be a quest
Hachiko C
Hachiko C 29 days ago
When that lady said “pay up or shut up” No honey! They agreed to $500 so the bride needs to pay the difference if she wants then to go over the budget they prepared for!
Koala 73
Koala 73 Month ago
I wish Lori said this instead to the bride: They won’t pay up, so why don’t u *shut up*
Eser10ten Month ago
If I got an email like that, I'm not sure I'd even go as a guest.
Cat Craft
Cat Craft Month ago
OMG the bride is so contrary!
Shelby Lyn Lowe
Shelby Lyn Lowe Month ago
So that pink dress didnt have a purple colour swatch available?? I dont believe that...
Bethany Kay
Bethany Kay Month ago
is no-one gonna point out that the blonde girl looks like doja cat??!!!
N C Month ago
I can’t believe she got turned off by the dress because the wedding consultant called it pink ahahahahahaha 😂 the bride is an idiot
Ailye Potts
Ailye Potts Month ago
15 brides maids well I have seen someone with 22
Kids Bonds
Kids Bonds Month ago
Brandon: for the bridesmaids what do you guys thin - bride: doesn’t matter - me die ing
It's A Fairy Life !
Turning into a bridezilla? She ready was one
Nikol Ert
Nikol Ert Month ago
Is Bradon idiot? That dress was purple
Polly Pockets
Polly Pockets Month ago
If she spent like 10k on flowers and didn't pay for her bridesmaids dresses, then she really sucks.
km93 19
km93 19 Month ago
"They all knew it wasn't going to be a fun wedding." Um...what? 😂
Annushka Noor
Annushka Noor Month ago
"oh no ma'am!" I wanna be her friend 😂
Filipino Archmage
That bride needs to realize that she needs them more than they need to be in her damn wedding.
Natalie Rose
Natalie Rose Month ago
Brandon:okay and what do the brides like Bride:does it matter 🤨😒😮
Natalie Rose
Natalie Rose Month ago
I don’t want to go to the wedding if I’m not gonna have fun 🥱🤨
Roblox Panda
Roblox Panda Month ago
Billie Little
Billie Little Month ago
This is why brides have such huge wedding parties, because they don't have to pay for the dresses. It is unfair and rude. Tacky. No thanks.
Did no one mention that yall can order dresses in a different color.
shrgh 18
shrgh 18 Month ago
Your wedding, your day.. You pick, you pay.
k s
k s Month ago
I agree with the bride lowkey, they all knew that she wanted it to be perfect... wth did y’all expect?
sour dough bread
I feel like the brides should of course be able to pick what they like but she sent them an email saying $500 and now she doesn’t care and she’s making them go over budget when they were probably saving $500 dollars. Certain people can’t afford it and she should understand
Cheeseburger-life !!!
2:22 Ummm, No ma'am
Jackie Grant
Jackie Grant Month ago
She's NOT marriage material! Poor guy!
Emma loves disney
What is all this sority stuff all about .
Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker Month ago
so they can go over budget. it there fricken money
snowbird Month ago
For real, I don’t see this girls marriage lasting. I think the saying holds truth that if you overspend for your wedding, it’s less likely the couple will stay together.
Susana Hockley
Susana Hockley Month ago
The giant flower makes them look like they have a weird growth coming out of their back.
Jordyn Zaborowski
Honestly 500 dollars is a lot of money for a dress to wear one time as a bridesmaid. I would need that money to pay rent and necessities just to survive.
Baked potatos
Baked potatos Month ago
"If you dont wanna buy the dress then come as a guest" bold of you to assume that they even would show up at all after the way you're treating them.
Jerilyn Rosa
Jerilyn Rosa Month ago
Ok maybe I’m just a traditional Hispanic but why do all the bridesmaids in these episodes complain that the bride tells them exactly how their hair should be and makeup should be. Literally it’s HER wedding. Tf is the problem 🤨
Marisabel Month ago
This is why I dont have that many close friends, most people are selfish like this idiot. I would never make my friends wear something they feel uncomfortable in AND couldn't afford. Never. My friends matter to me, her friends clearly don't.
miss reni
miss reni Month ago
can we talk ab that first hideous purple dress?? it had a fricken cape!!🤣🤣
Eggstra Month ago
You’re not going to make me pay 100$ over budget for an ugly dress
Nat Le
Nat Le Month ago
In Ireland the bride and groom pay for the bridesmaid dresses. It shocks me that the bridesmaids have to pay in America. Now having said that when my sister got married, I waited until she picked the dresses she wanted for us then told her I was paying for them all as a wedding gift. Of course she had four bridesmaids not 15 😂. I was working full time then with no serious outgoings so I could afford it but now financially I wouldn’t be able. Weddings are so expensive it’s ridiculous.
Nat Le
Nat Le Month ago
I know that dress was too expensive but I agree it was gorgeous but they would have to wear there hair up for sure. Honestly all the dresses looked good on them tbf.
Willene Dsouza
Willene Dsouza Month ago
Just 1wrd....ATTITUDE
Friday13thFreak Month ago
Omg. My braids mates will not be spending even over $50. $500 is ridiculous.
Guinnevere’s Chronicles
I wouldn’t dare to go over budget for a dress you are going to wear for one day. I would rather let the bridesmaids have the dresses made and tailored to their taste that they can wear over and over. That bride is a bitch. And the dress that the bride liked looked purple not pink to me
morgan Month ago
imagine having friends...this bitch has 15 bridesmaids and im struggling to think of one other than my sister.
morgan Month ago
oh and shes a tyrant too. is this a cult?
Cheyenne Wardell
5:37 that look is so funny lol
Xena Vamoux
Xena Vamoux Month ago
Honestly all these dresses look cheap and ugly lol
Lafka Laf
Lafka Laf Month ago
Wow. Some of those brides really do not come accross as nice, decent people.
One leaf a day
One leaf a day Month ago
Traditinal weddings in the US are absolutely ridiculous. So costly and over the top. I was fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid for a wonderful friend who understood that and she paid for half of my dress even though I didn't ask her. They didn't have to pay for the venue or the food, and it was a wonderful event. I would have skipped being part of the wedding party if it required a $500 budget for a dress. That bride is tripping!
katy morgan
katy morgan Month ago
He knew she wanted purple...why oh why did he call it pink! ? Jeez
Heather Bauer
Heather Bauer 2 months ago
Idk why brides go out of their way to make their party uncomfortable. I told my girls as long as you’re in the same color and they’re all floor length wear the dress you can afford and looks good on you
L.R. Red
L.R. Red 2 months ago
I think if the bride is going to make bridesmaids pay for their own dresses she should be way for considerate of their budgets & needs. It's her special day but that doesnt justify them spending what they can't afford.
impatience1 2 months ago
I would have NO problem walking away fro this bride and her wedding
SaltyAmalie 2 months ago
Why are all these bridesmaids dresses always so fucking ugly? Like cmon
Miki Shin
Miki Shin 2 months ago
No bridesmaid? No problem
Mikaili Francis
Mikaili Francis 2 months ago
Yesss sis pay up or shut up😏🙏🏽🙏🏽
Mikaili Francis
Mikaili Francis 2 months ago
Omg I love Brandon’s diva attitude like yes sir♥️
Chelsea 2 months ago
if i wanted to have my bridesmaids go over their original budget, i would pay the additional difference in the dress i want them to buy. For example, if their original budget was $500 but i wanted them to buy a $800 dress, i would just pay for the extra $300 for all bridesmaid or just buy another dress that was within the $500 budget
Savanna Hurdle
Savanna Hurdle 2 months ago
Can I just say I feel bad for her husband
Hannah 2 months ago
Bride, as picky as she was, is beautiful. Love her makeup.
K 2 months ago
brieyonce 2 months ago
You can tell the confessionals where HEAVILY edited I don’t think Lori said it that manner more so saying the bride said it.
E. Michelle
E. Michelle 2 months ago
So happy that I don't have friends like this.
Experiencing Interruptions
The dress has a fungal growth.
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