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Tinnell McIntyre has high expectation when it comes to the dresses she wants her bridesmaids to wear and dresses that meet her high expectations usually come with a high price.
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May 7, 2019




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yousra 11
yousra 11 Day ago
Ok, in my country we dont have this "bridesmaids " things, so in the beginning i expect that the bride is the one who pays for their dresses because she is the one who will choose it and it s her wedding, and i consider it like a gift to her friends to being her bridesmaids .BUT,What?? Why i should pay for a dress that i dont like, and wearing it for someone bad as this bride, she thinks they are her maids or what? If it was me,i wouldn't even go to her wedding , i mean how can she have all this friends??
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia 2 days ago
Does anyone know if she ever found a dress?
Tybeedolphin Gaming
OH MY GOSH! I would not pay over half a grand for a fricken dress that's crazy
kk1209 3 days ago
All black girls have only black friends, that too so many shows how much racial isolation is there in the US.
Bubbles201021 3 days ago
A black girl with a blond girl mind
BecciButton 4 days ago
I really really really don't get this bridesmaiddressshit. I am getting married next month and i didn't even told them what color to wear. I just want them to support me and be as happy as i am on this day. To use your best friends as some kind of accessory and force them to pay hundreds of dollars (euros where i am from) to buy something they absolutely hate.. disgusting. And the attitude.. i just dont get it.
Shante Smith
Shante Smith 5 days ago
This made me stop watching this show
Shante Smith
Shante Smith 5 days ago
What do you mean pay up shut up 🤐 you need to shut up cause you look and sound restarted who pays 600$ for a bridesmaid dress 👗
mochafrappa 6 days ago
"Pay up and shut up." If Lori was serious, then by god. They agreed to a budget so they should stay within the budget. Not everyone can afford $500+ dresses
Keith Keller
Keith Keller 6 days ago
The way this woman acts is the reason I would never join a sorority.
6 days ago
Htx baby
Bratzz Doll Jaida Lee
So your bridesmaids are PAYING for the dresses and only wearing them ONCE your NOT PAYING and you want them to spend WAY MORE Over THE BUDGET girl you trippin 🙄🤬😒😂
linnepinn 6 days ago
She: 'If you can't get the dress, just be a guest' Me: 'If you don't buy the dress, I won't even be your guest'
rabbit&fish 7 days ago
Damn, just went to the groom's ig and found out he cheated on the bride with the first bridemaid wearing black dress... Its been few years but damn..
blueribenaberry 7 days ago
I can’t believe in America it’s a thing for bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses!? “Please do *me* a favour & come be a prominent extra in my little rom-com finale- you have to pay for the privilege by buying an overly expensive dress that you don’t get to pick, which you’ll never be able to wear again & I don’t care if you like. Thanks!”
Fathia Shodeyi
Fathia Shodeyi 7 days ago
That brideee🤯🤯🤯😾
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 7 days ago
Cristina German
Cristina German 7 days ago
Sasha 7 days ago
If Ninja was gay...
Building_lola GJ
Building_lola GJ 8 days ago
If I have to pay 500 for a dress + shoes + a gift for the happy couple, we are talking around 800 dollars 💵..mmm no thank you I will be a guest.
nadine a
nadine a 5 days ago
Me too
Vega White
Vega White 9 days ago
Yes a bride is allowed to choose the type of dress, the colour, have a say in hair and makeup, but she also has to think about her bridesmaids and what their concerns are. You can’t expect 15 people to be willing to spend 600 on a dress they hate, hair they dont like, makeup they think looks bad, etc
Sesilia Casadei
Sesilia Casadei 9 days ago
If I were one of the bridesmaid I would have left the bride, idc about the wedding, she got 14 bridesmaids left to mess with.
Amy Walker
Amy Walker 9 days ago
Spoiled brat.
Hana Kovářová
Hana Kovářová 11 days ago
I am not American and in my country we usually do not have grown up maids. So can you explain - is it common that the maids pay for their dresses or the bride usually pays.....
Sierra Mathes
Sierra Mathes 11 days ago
It’s fucking magenta
Linda Sun
Linda Sun 12 days ago
If you are one of her bridesmaids, you need to have a serious evaluation of your friendship with the bride. I don’t have friends who boss me around and tell me what to wear. They lift me up and make me feel loved.
Gabrysia Lipiec
Gabrysia Lipiec 12 days ago
Imagine having 15 friends 🙃
sms 96
sms 96 12 days ago
if you are going to ask people to discard their feelings and preferences then just have robots as your bridesmaids
LLC 12 days ago
I liked the magenta dress no it wasn’t purple but apparently it didn’t come in another color?
Blossoms Corner
Blossoms Corner 13 days ago
My budget for a dress*1,000 Bridezilla*mmm five hundred yea Me*U GONNA GET A UGLY DRESS
Celia Elena
Celia Elena 13 days ago
when i listen that: 1:14 I... I was actually scare for the futur children of this woman... hope the husband his a macho alfa.
Anito ZeGreats
Anito ZeGreats 13 days ago
Even if a bride were to ask her bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses, the best that they could do is at least be reasonable with the budget 🙄😬 And maybe the bride could pay the difference??
Jayy Williams
Jayy Williams 14 days ago
Tbh. Most of the dresses in this store are hideous. 😷🤢
Astrid Stengaard Madsen
The bridesmaid: 500$!! The bride: it was in the e-mail
Outpat 15 days ago
Literally does this girl understand that not everyone is as privileged as she is?
Helen Howard
Helen Howard 15 days ago
😮Omg... Talk about being a bridezilla, she's a divazilla!!!! The way she's behaving I'd be surprised if she ends up with any bridesmaids left! Just because she can afford to waste money she expects her friends to pay out $500-600 for a dress that's only going to be worn once, its absolutely ridiculous & if that's what she wants then she should pay for the bridesmaids dresses herself! This diva obviously doesn't care if any of her friends can afford what she is demanding & I'm afraid if I had a friend who was so disrespectful of my financial circumstances I would kick her to the kerb because no true friend would demand & expect you to pay for a dress you couldn't afford!
Sarah Chandlee
Sarah Chandlee 15 days ago
This is when you stop being friends with the bride and don’t even show up to the wedding
Some thing Eat me
Some thing Eat me 15 days ago
I’ve bought designer dresses for much less than 500 that look 10x better than all of them
Carolyn Peercy
Carolyn Peercy 15 days ago
If bride had pay for the dresses she would call down ..not everyone can afford that much. I'd say uh no.miss priss is more about the wedding and not about the MARRIAGE.
TheSewingRoom !
TheSewingRoom ! 16 days ago
Maddy D
Maddy D 16 days ago
Pay up,and shut up
skepticat_xx 17 days ago
I love Brandon.
Angelena R.
Angelena R. 17 days ago
I feel like Lori's "pay up and shut up comment" was to show the bride's attitude, not hers.
Joyanna h
Joyanna h 18 days ago
wait so they are mad that they have to pay 500 but they have designer purses
Bubba 18 days ago
So many people think $500 for a dress is excessive, but in all honesty that's low. My sister is getting married and wants her classic American Wedding. The bridesmaid dresses are about $800 each and everyone is paying for theres. My cousin is having her sweet 16 and her dress alone is 5k for a 1 time use. It's not an outrageous price it's normal for people here anyways. What is outrageous is that she expects everyone can pay the price up. I wouldn't mind it isn't my day its hers and if it makes her happy so be it. But if they say no its because they don't want to and she needs to understand that.
miss karmin
miss karmin 19 days ago
This one of the episodes where I'm happy to admit that the bride and the groom match well and look amazing together
Kat Inka
Kat Inka 19 days ago
Wtf. I didnt set a budget, because I know, not everyone can afford an expensive dress. I just set the colour. Everyone is different, has different sizes and shapes. I wanted them to feel comfortable. If their dress was just 40$ so it is... if its beautiful, why not? 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄
Alyssa Feger
Alyssa Feger 20 days ago
She’s so rude
Alyssa Feger
Alyssa Feger 20 days ago
She’s a hot mess.. needs to chill out 😡
Asset Yakcm
Asset Yakcm 21 day ago
And the magenta one
Asset Yakcm
Asset Yakcm 21 day ago
I like the purple dress
manybalby 21 day ago
If she sent them an email with all the rules, including the budget, and they agreed then it's on them. But, going over budget is completely selfish on her part.
MarielAnn Xx
MarielAnn Xx 21 day ago
‘My dress is beautiful so I want the girls to compliment it’ ‘Girl no..’
Evie Addy
Evie Addy 21 day ago
i could find prettier dresses in JD Williams,Yours, Evans and even Primark lol they all looked like crap!
GlitzyGrace 22 days ago
I do hate when the employees ask the bridesmaides how they feel and what they like when it *is* the brides dress.
Melinda Taylor
Melinda Taylor 23 days ago
Dum Dum
Angie 24 days ago
How can anyone be friends with her? I'd be running for the hills.
Noa Mann Falik
Noa Mann Falik 25 days ago
candice is amazing
JungkookIsWoah 26 days ago
"they knew it wasnt going to be a fun wedding and couldn't do what they want" are u shitting on me? If i knew i wouldnt even be ur friend
JungkookIsWoah 26 days ago
The salesman looks like daniel from the next step
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