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Say Yes to the Dress
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Tinnell McIntyre has high expectation when it comes to the dresses she wants her bridesmaids to wear and dresses that meet her high expectations usually come with a high price.
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May 7, 2019

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Comments 1 327
Raisin Bran
Raisin Bran 18 hours ago
they all deserve each other.
Jen'na Wright
Jen'na Wright 21 hour ago
Sorry if I got an email asking me to be a bridesmaid then telling me it’s a contract and saying I have to pay 600$ for a dress yea I would definitely kindly not reply .. and if I do I’ll be like thank you for the thought but I would like to just be a guest thank you very much
Stacey Palmer
Stacey Palmer 23 hours ago
What??? The Dress was really nice until she heard the color PINK... IT TOTALLY LOOKS PURPLE!!!
Santhuri Day ago
The way this brides going on she’s gonna have no bridesmaids!
Kayla Ingwu
Kayla Ingwu Day ago
This bride has me rolling across the floor and the bridesmaids comebacks hd me dying of laughter they are PERFECT for each other NOT. lmao
Veni Shankarkumar
I really liked the Toga style dress
TaTa Felicia
TaTa Felicia 2 days ago
You mean you're gonna open up a crayola box and see magenta...
Jas Mqz
Jas Mqz 2 days ago
"They agreed to be in the wedding. Shut up & pay up" Bitch pleaseee all you care about is the money.
Marissa Levere
Marissa Levere 3 days ago
Ok she is marrying mark sloan (who else is greys anatomy fan) ❤️ 🏥 😢
jiminssi jam
jiminssi jam 3 days ago
They didnt read the email😭😭😭
Aava Pantha
Aava Pantha 4 days ago
Stick with that attitude honey and you'll have no bridesmaids in your wedding.
Lenora Xoxo
Lenora Xoxo 4 days ago
I wouldn’t be in her wedding...you shouldn’t have to email ur friends as if they were your co-workers or something 😒 smh
Jarona Frost
Jarona Frost 4 days ago
”They agreed to be in the wedding, pay up, shut up” Bruh What did you just say Who will play for a 600 dollar dress they’re going to wear once?! I don’t care if they agreed to be on the wedding it might be your wedding but they also must have a choice ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO BUDGET!
Gigi R
Gigi R 4 days ago
She has a shitty taste.
Silver Rebel11
Silver Rebel11 5 days ago
2:23 "They agreed to be in the wedding. Pay up. Shut up." *Me:* Fuck you
Malachi Tucker Gumbs
Perla 5 days ago
the bridesmaids are so beautiful
Simone Gregory
Simone Gregory 5 days ago
Am I the only one thinking there was a dress on display when they were talking
Chloe W
Chloe W 5 days ago
“This isn’t going to be like a “fun” wedding”... Oh great because no one wants to go to one of those. What a bitch.
michelle thigh
michelle thigh 5 days ago
2:23 i- no.
Michiru Tomoe
Michiru Tomoe 6 days ago
It WaS iN tHe EmAiL
Milagro Arce
Milagro Arce 6 days ago
To Me she was a manipulator the girls should of stood up for themselves n said no we want to decide which 👗 we are gonna wear
Milagro Arce
Milagro Arce 6 days ago
In my opinion the bride should of paid for the dresses she is marrying a football player that is if he has 💰 sge wants a nice wedding then she should pay. 💤geez louise she had them 👧's stressed out
Ngoc Le
Ngoc Le 6 days ago
I wonder why this bride can make so many friends 😅
Leila Leila
Leila Leila 6 days ago
Lawd! That “Oh no ma’am!” took me out 😂😂😂
Risingofthephoenixx x
It's not pink it's FUSCHIA!!!
Korleen Diaz
Korleen Diaz 6 days ago
What a beautiful bunch of bridesmaids. Hope everyone enjoyed the day looking beautiful in their dress. :)
Alise c
Alise c 6 days ago
He is hella dumb for that ik he was trying to do his job professionally but then she was like WAIT NAH
Kieffer 1141
Kieffer 1141 6 days ago
Nobody: Brandon: "ThIs iS a fIrE hAZarD"
Catherine Schroeder
Ok I think it’s annoying that he asks the bridesmaids what what they want. But this lady be over the top b 0 s s y
farvista 6 days ago
Brides, be chill. Nobody will remember what you had them wear so much as how you made them feel. My daughter chose the COLOR. All she asked is that they get a dress in her COLOR, but in a style of about the same "level" (not $2000 or a t-shirt), and that they felt comfortable and pretty in. For my mother of the bride dress, I found a dress in the color family, but several shades deeper. I'd normally NEVER wear that color, but I loved the dress. Daughter was fine with that too. Everyone looked lovely, no one went broke, everyone was happy.
Midori Lollini
Midori Lollini 6 days ago
IMHO wedding photos look better if people are actually happy with what they’re wearing... I asked all my bridesmaids to pick a dress that they wanted so long as it was in the wedding color palette. Not all of us look our best in every color and style ya know? Everyone seemed happy with that and the wedding was a blast, but what do I know 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ellie Phillips
Ellie Phillips 6 days ago
‘It was in the email’ well, hell, that’s makes it all okay.
Cianna Martell
Cianna Martell 7 days ago
maria rosa
maria rosa 7 days ago
Hell no I would have Dodge her from the beginning no way I'm I staying with a "friend" like that 😤😒
X Nine69_
X Nine69_ 7 days ago
The "bride" is so annoying the bridesmaid should wear whatever they like and feel comfortable in
Azrabatrisyia Hidir
If you can't get a dress be a guest Its rhymes lmao
لينا القديري
TBH, I don't like these dress too
Liliana Rios-garcia
2:06 " oh no man i'm out--" "WHAT?!?!" XD
HeyItzSsanley Bergonia
Diane Diane
Diane Diane 7 days ago
Why are they friends again? I think this is for a joke. For tv hehe
Alyssa Star
Alyssa Star 7 days ago
Lemme guess she’s the “Queen Bee” of that sorority!!
Itzel Barragan
Itzel Barragan 7 days ago
I agree that it’s her wedding and even if the dresses are “ugly” to the girls they should wear it bc it’s her preference, BUT why would anybody make them pay for their own dress (even if it’s only $5). if you are asking somebody to be your bridesmaid YOU should pay for everything.They’re doing you a favor being a part of your day. And it’s not all about the dress. And it’s really nobody’s business but sis they must love you A LOT to put up with that personality.
Lunar Lioness
Lunar Lioness 7 days ago
My ex best friends mother paid for all the bridesmaid dresses and my maid of honor dress, so I didn't say a thing when I thought it made me look like a marshmallow. I gave the dress back when everything was over so that the mother could take it and get her money back, but I never said anything about what I thought of it. I'd have never gotten it had I had to pay for it myself, though. That's bull.
Alejandra Lopez
Alejandra Lopez 7 days ago
Invite me to the wedding I live in Houston 😂
Kylie Pretty
Kylie Pretty 7 days ago
“Does it matter?” 😶😶
Lesley Perez
Lesley Perez 7 days ago
The old blonde lady pisses me off, she always has something to say about bridesmaids not being okay with the price of the dresses. Shut up if you’re not going to pay for their dresses
Good luck to the groom lmao
Rainbow Monkeyz
Rainbow Monkeyz 7 days ago
“No ma’am” 💀
genesis leiva
genesis leiva 7 days ago
“This dress is almost $600” 😬 *“oh no! ma’am!”*
Erin 3 days ago
Comment done already
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