Bride Wants a Dress to Go With Her Creepy Chic Themed Wedding | Say Yes To The Dress

Say Yes to the Dress
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Marissa Lynch is not the typical white dress kind of gal, but will she find a gown in Kleinfeld to go with her Creepy wedding?
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Jan 23, 2019




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Comments 80
Audrey Ayoul
Audrey Ayoul 24 minutes ago
This is my Dream fantasy dress 😍
Sarah Allyson
Sarah Allyson 17 hours ago
Who designed the dress she went with? It didn’t say and I’ve loved this dress for years!! Finally found the episode on RUvid. Please help!
Naylei Imanina
Naylei Imanina 21 hour ago
Not gonna lie I love the first dress 🖤
jyotsna sharma jain
The award of the most supportive sister ever goes to...(drumroll please) BROOKE! Seriously guys, she is like 'I like it, if you wanna wear black, then wear black!)
Shilpa Rawat
Shilpa Rawat 2 days ago
4:12 dahmer alert !
shaleha begum
shaleha begum 2 days ago
RAY : BaCk Up Me : hahahahaha😂😂😂
Kaitlyn 3 days ago
Why did the editors or no one in the show introduce the lady in the yellow jacket and hat?
Kaitlyn 3 days ago
Her mom is so sweet tho and even though she's opinionated, she's pretty respectful of her daughter :D
lucca g
lucca g 3 days ago
I get why people want a white dress for their wedding, but I don't like when they say it's "traditional" Wedding dresses used to be any color (depending on the country/culture), and even though there were white wedding dresses, it didn't become popular until the 1840s after queen Victoria married to Albert of Saxe-Coburg. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_dress
Asabea Adjare
Asabea Adjare 4 days ago
Why are the Hailey Paige dresses at Kleinfield so cool but the custom made ones look half done? 🤔
Montana 4 days ago
Ok she looks like corpse bride and I love it, it suits her and that movie is awesome.
Leodyvi Fernandez
I love this dress 😍
Kearin Duarte
Kearin Duarte 5 days ago
Does anyone know the designer of the dress she chose? I love it!
Mishayla Rand
Mishayla Rand 5 days ago
This women is my best friend now 😂
Gill 6 days ago
What's the name and designer of this dress??
Sumandip Virk
Sumandip Virk 5 days ago
The hayley dress by hayley paige
Blah 6 days ago
I love black dresses but hate black veils. Do a silver one and it would look like a spider web.
shivani makode
shivani makode 6 days ago
They were trying really hard to get rid of the weird black wedding dress...
Pamela Price
Pamela Price 7 days ago
does anyone know who the woman was in the black hat and yellow jacket
Vyansya 7 days ago
Lmao this girl is 100% me
Daniella Dipol
Daniella Dipol 8 days ago
I love a sleeve, not in a conservative way but in an alternative way! I had a bohemian balloon sleeved wedding dress from Anthropologie and it was so 70's fantastic. That second dress is so beautiful on her!!
KPalz Rhein
KPalz Rhein 8 days ago
I don’t think wedding dresses have to be white, but I do think some dresses when in a different color run the risk of looking more like a prom dress rather than a wedding dress.
Tina Cameron
Tina Cameron 9 days ago
Im so glad she didn't get the black dress, something about it seemed dull on her, shes looks amazing in the second dress
Cynthia C
Cynthia C 9 days ago
she is so similar to my fourth-grade teacher it's so weird! but she is so nice!
Cathia Askew
Cathia Askew 9 days ago
Hm creepy chic... giving me some Safiya Nygard vibes
Cathia Askew
Cathia Askew 9 days ago
Cynthia C Sameeee
Cynthia C
Cynthia C 9 days ago
OMG YES SAFIYA NYGARD btw loved her black reception dress
Cyra Orees
Cyra Orees 9 days ago
Her dress really looks great on her.
Gigi McPhee
Gigi McPhee 11 days ago
I love how the designer was talking about how each bride is unique and was so open minded and didn’t judge that she wanted a creepy wedding
Andy Nino
Andy Nino 11 days ago
Who designed this black dress? Its very pretty
Munkhtuya Kh.
Munkhtuya Kh. 12 days ago
Who is here after quarantine
Laen Laen
Laen Laen 13 days ago
Hey bro don’t come at us girls who like to find and clean our own roadkill. It’s better than paying 50 bucks for something that might’ve been made by killing an animal for the purpose.
Cynthia C
Cynthia C 9 days ago
so true
jmlmoreno 13 days ago
Did anyone noticed that the bright said to the consult that her brother has a husband??
Babita thakur
Babita thakur 14 days ago
She reminds me Dakota
Sarah Burke
Sarah Burke 16 days ago
I wished my waist looked as small as hers did in the first dress 😍😍
Yaoi Goddess
Yaoi Goddess 16 days ago
Plot twist: theyre attending a funeral
Mango Roxx
Mango Roxx 16 days ago
The bulge at her waist makes her look fat.
Rosie Jenna
Rosie Jenna 16 days ago
Im sad they didnt have a light grey/smoky option it would have looked beautiful, rolling mist over her creepy wedding hahaha
Rosie Jenna
Rosie Jenna 16 days ago
I want to be her friend!!
Rosie Jenna
Rosie Jenna 16 days ago
Alex saying "don't forget it" 🥺🥺
Kate Jones
Kate Jones 17 days ago
Anybody know this girl's instagram? she is going to be my hair inspo when I can get it done!!
nimzipow 17 days ago
I know someone who wore a black wedding dress and her bridesmaids wore white, it was phenomenal
wheezly bee
wheezly bee 17 days ago
I envision my daughter to get married in a black dress 😂 black dresses look amazing!
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A 17 days ago
I feel like people should be able to wear black dresses in a normal way at their wedding. I’ve seen many women on this show who love black dresses
Ruth 18 days ago
I thought she was going to say " I'm not really the white girl type" 😂😂😂
Jennifer Bechard
Jennifer Bechard 18 days ago
When is feeling like Morticia Addams a bad thing?
Yoruzumy 19 days ago
I have a feeling she's into witcher
artsrielle ._.
artsrielle ._. 19 days ago
Tiandra MUA
Tiandra MUA 20 days ago
I love her dress and hair
Soren Isobel
Soren Isobel 21 day ago
I knew a girl who lived near a farm She watches the farmer bury the dead sheep then a couple months later she'd go and collect the skulls... Did I mention she's a fury
Charllee Dodson
Charllee Dodson 22 days ago
My brothers best friends got married on Halloween and the reception was a Halloween party. The idea of unusual or creepy weddings are not that unusual these days
Meli monster
Meli monster 22 days ago
Okay okay. I'm a goth person. I own skulls. But they aren't real ones. Let alone from animals. And also taking the bones of road kill. That's really odd.
HaliforniaZ 22 days ago
🖤🖤🖤 The long sleeve dress looks so much like my wedding dress, except mine was in black. The sleeves and the lace and even the neckline. Looks amazing on her
Schirin 22 days ago
The white dress is actually beautiful und unique looking.
it's the boring guy
Of all the gowns i hv seen this one was most beautiful
Cat Hater
Cat Hater 23 days ago
the long sleeved dress looked like my mom’s wedding dress. it almost made me cry.
Kali Cunningham
Kali Cunningham 24 days ago
She looked amazing in the black dress
Kelly Gagne
Kelly Gagne 25 days ago
Just commenting that the entire entourage / family is gorgeous, well put together and with amazing hair
Tohma Seguchi
Tohma Seguchi 26 days ago
Maybe they should try a black.dress that isn't ugly...
Just Monika
Just Monika 22 days ago
lmao shut up
im_ bakuGou
im_ bakuGou 26 days ago
Is no one talking abt how healthy the family's hair was-
Frog Chair
Frog Chair 26 days ago
All the disapproving mothers on this show are like "you don't invision you're kid getting married in (blah blah)!!" But I'd be so happy my daughter was getting married, I don't think I'd care.
Lisa Marak
Lisa Marak 27 days ago
Is it just me or does the bride look a little like Randy
Thirstae For Tae
Thirstae For Tae 27 days ago
Loved the dress she chose
Crimson 27 days ago
“You don’t imagine a girl with a black dress.” And I don’t imagine a caring mother as someone who fuss about a black dress.
Victoria Gates
Victoria Gates 28 days ago
"Creepy" and "Weird" the word you were looking for is "Gothic. and your wedding is 'Goth Fairy". Actually pretty cool.
ag lookalike
ag lookalike 28 days ago
forget the black tie funeral, she looks like a black tie.
xnataliex 29 days ago
I relate to this girl so much
Marissa Reacts
Marissa Reacts 29 days ago
My name is Marissa and I promise ive never done any of these things shes done
Jennifer Gutierrez
Who liked the blk dress more🙋
『Wings of Fire Geek』
She wants a black dress, reminds me of Cami Li
Tamara E
Tamara E Month ago
The wedding she described is legit my cousin’s wedding, I love the creepy, whimsical vibe - fairies and skulls 😂
Arica B. Alien
Arica B. Alien Month ago
I loved the black veil so much an if the dress she picked came in black I'd get it in black with he first veil
leslie Blue
leslie Blue Month ago
Vine aquí porque ya no hay más videos en español 🤠✌️
tibbynibby Month ago
*youre all breathtaking!
Oliver Bitch
Oliver Bitch Month ago
The sister is a vibe "If you wanna wear black, you should wear black" PERIODT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tereza Panská
Tereza Panská Month ago
Im sorry for that she must laugh, even when she skulls loves. Ugh
Hunter Maddox
Hunter Maddox Month ago
can people stop tryna act like they’re in charge of other people’s weddings 🙄 ITS NOT THEIR DAY
Heidy Lerma
Heidy Lerma Month ago
Lamia Alsh
Lamia Alsh Month ago
every girl with colored hair: I wAnT A bLaCk DrEsS I wAnT sOmEtHiNg EaDgY one hour later: *saying yes to a white basic dress*
Coley E
Coley E Month ago
there's a wrong way to feel like Morticia Addams??
Evelyn Van Smith
omg she's beautiful i love her i want to be her friend
Chris Curi
Chris Curi Month ago
Who the girl in the yellow?
Missa Month ago
I think the dress she chose is magical and I find it ironic we have the same name and taste in dresses. 😊
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