Bride Wants a Dress to Go With Her Creepy Chic Themed Wedding | Say Yes To The Dress

Say Yes to the Dress
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Marissa Lynch is not the typical white dress kind of gal, but will she find a gown in Kleinfeld to go with her Creepy wedding?
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Jan 23, 2019

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Comments 1 102
aden Iqbal
aden Iqbal 11 hours ago
the face at 1.41 min
Piper Robinson 09
I was shopping for clothes last week and black is my favorite color so almost everything I got was black and I told my mom when I get married some day I think I want a black wedding dress and she surprisingly said that would be so cool and different I was really excited so now I hope to get a black wedding dress when I’m older
Ash Ashum
Ash Ashum 2 days ago
Her hair is amazing, the way she laughed but her wedding theme... uh-huh
Narveeta Ramdeo
Narveeta Ramdeo 2 days ago
Oh my God that first dress 😍😍 She's literally a black veil bride 🖤
Rae 3 days ago
That dress was SO her! I'm glad she got it because I dont think it would of went with anyone else
Tamala Rovaris
Tamala Rovaris 3 days ago
I am so totally into the black because everyone isn’t conventional and shoving people into other people’s concepts for their big day is completely unmannerly ( can’t say in public) !
Jennifer Cid
Jennifer Cid 3 days ago
Can we talk about how pretty her hair is
Gigi Devoe
Gigi Devoe 3 days ago
The local trash community
Take a shot every time she laughs out of no where
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 5 days ago
The black dress made her look like the wife of a rich man whom she killed in the best way
TheSelena2721 6 days ago
I wore all black to my wedding with a big green flower on the side of my hair back in 2007. Loved it!
Kemoshea 6 days ago
She looked beautiful! They really nailed the dress here. And, what a lovely family.
Alexia 2019
Alexia 2019 8 days ago
“The weirdest thing I think she’s done is take road kill off of the road, bury it, and clean the bones just so she can *display* them”
Maroulio 7 days ago
that's a good idea
Kaitlyn 234
Kaitlyn 234 9 days ago
Am I the only thing that loves mystical things?
Kaitlyn 234
Kaitlyn 234 9 days ago
i LOVE her hair color
Kaitlyn 234
Kaitlyn 234 9 days ago
Black wedding dresses r actually really pretty
Kaitlyn 234
Kaitlyn 234 9 days ago
Omg I would love a mystical garden themed wedding. Not creepy though. But I love mystical things
Blah 9 days ago
That exact dress in a light grey would be perfect.
Cheryl Medeiros
Cheryl Medeiros 9 days ago
Loved the black dress more!
lizzardsthename 9 days ago
I’ve yet to see a black wedding dress video and someone actually pick a black wedding dress...
Claudia Isabel
Claudia Isabel 9 days ago
Starting to see them pushing more Hayley Paige rather than Panini Tortellini, and this is a happy change for me
thearough 9 days ago
This is my favorite wedding show dress of all time 3/4 to long sleeve is the best.
Dolyttle 9 days ago
The black dress was soooo not bridal. Her choice was awesome she was drop dead gorgeous in it too. You could see it was her dress soon as she walked out =)
Eiliyah Hussain
Eiliyah Hussain 10 days ago
Am I the only one you thought Randy and Monte was the same person
Sophie pennington
Sophie pennington 11 days ago
Some mums need to tone down the 'no' thing. Be happy your child is happy who gives a fuck what colour the dress is?
Little Missy
Little Missy 11 days ago
I want her hair so much 😭😭
Mia Anderson
Mia Anderson 11 days ago
All of Kleinfield’s consultants have the strangest ass names.
Priyanshi Bhardwaj
Priyanshi Bhardwaj 11 days ago
She actually has like the friend factor everyone wants in a friend! Idk she just seems funny and unusual in the sense friends should be
Ashley Wilkes
Ashley Wilkes 12 days ago
Sooo...Are you saying yes to the dress?
K K 12 days ago
The dress that Randy said was “too sweet” for her was literally my dream dress
Lynne Marie Crisp
Lynne Marie Crisp 12 days ago
Yes on the last dress. So georgeous
Arlo Lo
Arlo Lo 12 days ago
i want to see the “sweet” long sleeve dress :(
Tina Burton
Tina Burton 12 days ago
lay baby
lay baby 13 days ago
their family relationships are so healthy 🥺
lay baby
lay baby 13 days ago
the dress from the thumbnail is my DREAM dress
Melisha Lafaber
Melisha Lafaber 13 days ago
I LOVE this mother and daughter relationship
Em83 13 days ago
"I feel like Morticia Adams, but in a good way" Is there a bad way to feel like Morticia Adams?
Selene Chan
Selene Chan 13 days ago
Can i be adopted into this family?
Liba H
Liba H 14 days ago
If I could do over my dress choice, this is something similar to what I would want. Love the blush colour and the general 'fairy like' feeling. She looked great!
Glo Lo-Ag
Glo Lo-Ag 14 days ago
I loved this bride! she has such a cool personality! so easygoing 😊
BELLA KAMINSKI 14 days ago
I love the first dress!! Her mom needs to shut it
Ashley Brooke
Ashley Brooke 14 days ago
She reminds me a bit of Jess from New Girl
αѕнιє emy
αѕнιє emy 15 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-5eyIHSm9D5c.html check out.
Serena Tsukino
Serena Tsukino 15 days ago
She and her mother have amazing hair.
Zamari Safi
Zamari Safi 15 days ago
Did she just say: this is my brothers boyfriend I mean it’s fine but just to make sure
YorkieDrew 15 days ago
Serial killer bride runs rampant
Shay G
Shay G 15 days ago
My mother has already made her piece, he asked me if when I get married if my dress will be black. I don’t even have a boyfriend and she knows 😂😂😂😂😂
CottenCandy1616 16 days ago
The thumbnail for some of these are straight up wack
Miriam C. Meiser
Miriam C. Meiser 16 days ago
Is she a WITCH??!! Second dress looks beautiful !!
Okay but im getting a lot of rawr XD vibes from her
Kai R
Kai R 16 days ago
I almost want to see her in that dress but with the veil and fairy wings!
Wish you could be me
My funeral is going to be black tie now, I want everyone dressed like the first dress
Adrienne Horton
Adrienne Horton 17 days ago
I Freaking love the dress she picked in the end it was the most pretty and perfect dress for her !
StandsAlone Woman
StandsAlone Woman 18 days ago
No offense... But the mom shouldn't be the one making the choices for the daughter's wedding. It's HER wedding. It's HER body. It's HER day. My mom wouldn't be like that.
Holy Mango
Holy Mango 18 days ago
I love this girl
Andrea Soto Jiménez
Stunning! I am so happy for her. By the way, I loveeee Hayley, she is much better than Pnina, and not so highly expensive...
Lolita Crasta
Lolita Crasta 19 days ago
I liked the black dress.
Shoot-Em- Up
Shoot-Em- Up 19 days ago
That's definitely me😂
Felicity Ray Self
Felicity Ray Self 19 days ago
Collecting dead animals can be a sign of sociopathic behavior.
Kenneth Desmond Mosley
Mom doesn’t get a name
Katie Did
Katie Did 20 days ago
she looks like Morticia in the black dress. interesting woman...
St4r RPG
St4r RPG 21 day ago
she’s honestly one of the best brides i’ve seen on this show!
Josy Manalil
Josy Manalil 21 day ago
the designer was so pretty her face makeup outfit hair I liked the black veil I ant a black veil but the same thing in white
Ayna Rana
Ayna Rana 21 day ago
its not just a phase, yall
mariah 21 day ago
love her and her supporting family so much
Bessa veronica
Bessa veronica 22 days ago
She looks stunning
Bessa veronica
Bessa veronica 22 days ago
I love her I wore black too
Zee B.Bad
Zee B.Bad 22 days ago
What a gorgeous hair she had... 😍
Franka Bolognani
Franka Bolognani 22 days ago
I love how this bride thinks shes being like cool when she tells us that she has an ostrich skull and a bunch of deer skulls while im sitting here thinking wtf I hope im not the only one
Doris Ramos
Doris Ramos 23 days ago
I love that dress!!! Is beautiful.
Kalinda Clare Gallagher
This bride is awsome with her idea to really freek her fam out with the black dress lol
Victoria Poynter
Victoria Poynter 23 days ago
What season/ episode is this?? I wanna see the wedding decorations 😍
Zainab Kashwani
Zainab Kashwani 24 days ago
Y’all I saw the bride’s face and I thought she was rydel Lynch, Ross Lynch’s sister, I watch the video and it says lynch !!!
Channel Baby
Channel Baby 24 days ago
Is no one talking about how she clean roadkills bones to put it on display? no? uhm okay...
Crumui 25 days ago
I really love her hair tho
Wintana Elias
Wintana Elias 25 days ago
Did he just say she took roadkill and kept the bones 👀
Amelia Ariyani
Amelia Ariyani 25 days ago
Beautiful dresss 😍😍
Hair Care And Share
Bride's Mom; "YOU can't wear black to YOU'RE own wedding." Me, through the screen; *bich slaps*
jasmine robertson
jasmine robertson 25 days ago
What is this a funeral
Anagha Anilkumar
Anagha Anilkumar 26 days ago
Basically safiya nygaard style
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