Bride Wants a Dress to Go With Her Creepy Chic Themed Wedding | Say Yes To The Dress

Say Yes to the Dress
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Marissa Lynch is not the typical white dress kind of gal, but will she find a gown in Kleinfeld to go with her Creepy wedding?
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Jan 23, 2019

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Comments 897
Chandreyee Dasgupta
I want to have hair like her its sooo beautiful
El Srem
El Srem 17 hours ago
Why is she so loud
blaLaLa 21 hour ago
Wow they all look just alike (she, her siblings, and her mom).
Angela Beutel
Angela Beutel 23 hours ago
A true "Black Veil Bride" 😂 😂 😂 🤘🤘🤘
TheJuiceor 2 days ago
there was nothing mistical about those dresses
Rosé and Shawn
Rosé and Shawn 2 days ago
Is it only me or Alex seems like he’d be such a cool friend
The Fallen Star
The Fallen Star 2 days ago
That lady next to the guy looks just like Riley Reid
Taco Bella
Taco Bella 3 days ago
Has a fellow emo chick I knew exactly what she meant by her descriptions😅
Pandoraspocks 3 days ago
Exquisiteness personified
Adela Andino
Adela Andino 4 days ago
The bride is definitely a hairdresser
Julia Mendonca
Julia Mendonca 5 days ago
Im in love with episode!! Im obsessed with skulls!! My fave color is black!!
Jane Stasiuk
Jane Stasiuk 5 days ago
does she remind anyone of molly Burke??? Their voices are both alike and they both have purple hair
Jane Stasiuk
Jane Stasiuk 5 days ago
her black dress was so cool and gothic, it is such a shame her mother didn't like it
nooope __
nooope __ 6 days ago
The bride looked stunning
Kasia 6 days ago
2:13 - what does she mean by "Morticia Addams, but in a good way". Nothing bad about Morticia, she's an angel and a goddess and I love everything about her, including her style and gorgeous looks, the kind of style and looks that woman here could never even dream of achieving, no matter how much she spends at Kleinfeld's.
Madalina Dodescu
Madalina Dodescu 6 days ago
The others: oooh, BiUtIFuL... Omg.. Gosh.. Uuhh, yeaahhh The woman behind: 06:44 🤔
LinZ Lemons
LinZ Lemons 7 days ago
I just absolutely love the brides hair color.🍋🍋🍋
mimi el
mimi el 7 days ago
She is soo beautiful and that haircolor 😍 i ve never felt such a connection to a bride before
Rhea Herald
Rhea Herald 8 days ago
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how musch smile can suit a person ...though her style is not kind of mine ....her smile makes me love her persona
Raffeain Khalil
Raffeain Khalil 8 days ago
creeper dogs clash
Everyone but mom: OMG I AM DIGGING THE BLACK DRESS! YOU GO GURL YASSSS! Mom: I don't like it
dab thr
dab thr 9 days ago
she talks to much..
Sue Post
Sue Post 9 days ago
Didn't like the dress.
Liza Designs
Liza Designs 11 days ago
Yall lucky she's straight
Light House
Light House 11 days ago
she looks like a black widow on first dress. She looks beautiful on second dress.
starlight 15 days ago
Very whimsical. I like it :)
Rima Panti
Rima Panti 15 days ago
She looked like Mavis of hotel Transylvania in that black dress.
Mythic Jynx
Mythic Jynx 16 days ago
Has anyone else noticed the Fable 3 sounding music at the beginning or is it just my inner nerd?😂
Lovely Living
Lovely Living 17 days ago
Black Veil Brides but in a wedding
nadine nona
nadine nona 17 days ago
Her body is goal wow
DeathNoteKiraluver 18 days ago
What is this dress called?!? 💗
Ella Spokes
Ella Spokes 18 days ago
that laugh.... cute!
Hamilton.Is.Life 20 days ago
Lol she’s cute
Suha Nafsi
Suha Nafsi 21 day ago
God for sake stop with this "you can't wear black on you own wedding."
Näomí Wagner
Näomí Wagner 21 day ago
That black dress looked phenomenal and with the veil 😍😍😍 omg I literally teared up 😢 the dress she chose was gorgeous though 👍
Sundara Gnanasekar
Sundara Gnanasekar 22 days ago
Why am I binge watching this I'll never get to wear these ever !
unknownmangafreak 22 days ago
Anyone else notice she is like a clone of her grandmother??
maricar e
maricar e 22 days ago
i keep going back to this video.. i wan to get married again and wear this dress ❤️❤️❤️😍
Elizabeth Crockett
Elizabeth Crockett 23 days ago
Her hair is just phenomenal
ammu A
ammu A 25 days ago
She reminds me of kate middleton somewhere
Maya Dutta
Maya Dutta 25 days ago
that brides sister is so naturally beautiful and kind
Aphasia Misery
Aphasia Misery 26 days ago
I have the exact same facial piercings as her except I also have my septum done lol.
Storm Arashi
Storm Arashi 28 days ago
Yeah, note to self: All black, all black, all black. And no one can make me say otherwise.
RT 900
RT 900 Month ago
The mom said it herself: "you can't wear black to your OWN wedding" Expect that she can. It's her wedding, no one cares that the mom didn't want her daughter didn't want to wear her own stunning dress.
ingrid gonsalvez
They look like Indians, Punjabi s to be precise
aylin aylin
aylin aylin Month ago
So horrible to wear black dress when you should be a white princess.... This women have mental sickness probably....
Just Sayin
Just Sayin Month ago
Her hair colour..OMG!😍
halil agbulut
halil agbulut Month ago
Pandora Box
Pandora Box Month ago
"I feel like Morticia Addams, but in a good way" One must wonder if she actually has any familiarity with the Addams Family, since they were all, especially Morticia and Gomez, extremely happy. Although, I am not familiar with the Charles Addams' comic strip or the Darryl Hanna movie, so maybe she's referring to them.
Clara Sickinger
Clara Sickinger Month ago
I really like her tbh.
Karen Lawson
Karen Lawson Month ago
OMG! That is the exact dress that I want for my wedding someday! Hailey by Hailey Paige in blush
Charlotte Van Brug
She looks a bit like Laurenzside
Ambition by Zap Dramatic
is there a bad way to be like morticia addams?
ramboroxy123 Month ago
Why is it always the mother-of-the-bride wearing white clothing at the dress search? Is it just me who thinks that is weird?...
Yellow Mello
Yellow Mello Month ago
Her sister is so sweet!!!
Yellow Mello
Yellow Mello Month ago
1:50 the girl in black is so beautiful!!! Edit: Does she have an Instagram???
Yellow Mello
Yellow Mello Month ago
This girl reminds me of myself! I live for her style!
halil agbulut
halil agbulut Month ago
Same sis
Linn Sjunnesson
Linn Sjunnesson Month ago
This mothers is awesome! She told the bride her opinion but she was also open to the bride's opinion.
Joy Mbugua
Joy Mbugua Month ago
Her hair is beautss
jessica molina
jessica molina Month ago
Bianca Gonzalez
Bianca Gonzalez Month ago
She looked awesome in all black 😩
Sumya Yesmin
Sumya Yesmin Month ago
She is thrilled to have a deer skull. Yup creepy is the right word
ZombieQueen234 Month ago
I’m going to die alone
Mia DField
Mia DField Month ago
Am I the only person that loved the gay couple in her family?🤣
ana sacer
ana sacer Month ago
I like her
Kloves818 Month ago
Does no one else notice the bride at 6:33 in the background? She looks STUNNING!
Satya moorjani
Satya moorjani Month ago
Brother’s boyfriend.....👌🏻🔥🔥🔥
Princess Nai Nai
Can we talk about the girl on the wedding dress at 6:07
Anusha Londadi
Anusha Londadi Month ago
She's so perfect oh my god 😍😍😍
Vivian Victorie
Vivian Victorie Month ago
Idk what the mom is talking about If I ever have a baby girl, I'd imagine her getting married in whatever she wants, to whom ever she loves... As long as she's happy, I'm happy
Andina Rizkia
Andina Rizkia Month ago
Shes clear and straight to the point
FireFlyGal Month ago
Urgh I'm fed up with mums and other relatives going "no you can't have it because it's not what I envisaged for your wedding day". Check the words. "YOUR wedding day". Ain't your day, mums/aunts/dads/nans. Get over it. If the bride likes it, what is the f-ing harm?
Li. Month ago
By far my favourite dress on the show!❤ I mean Wow!
Lia Vang
Lia Vang Month ago
Loved the second dress. It's so me.
It’s me Stephanie
that dress was gorgeous
Avid Swam
Avid Swam Month ago
seriously, are you goung to wedding or funeral ??? Who says lets go to dark side on their wedding ?!
The second hailey paige dress on this show
Colleen Kyle
Colleen Kyle Month ago
Being traditional is great, being unoriginal is boring, being weird is absolutely amazing. You do you, even if others disapprove.
Blue Palmer
Blue Palmer Month ago
Her hair is so fucking perfect
Black tie funeral 😂😂😂
lauren victoria
lauren victoria Month ago
“if you wanna wear black, you should wear black” amen
Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn Month ago
I love the black dress on her!! This would be a gorgeous wedding with the groom in a pure white tux or a black and white pinstripe tux.
crazy4beatles Month ago
I remember hearing her theme and thinking it would look costumey or campy but it totally did not. The rest of the decor is as unique but still stylish and beautiful.
Me, Myself & I
Me, Myself & I Month ago
Destiny G
Destiny G Month ago
She looks EXACTLY like Rydel Lynch from R5. And they have the same last name, they have to be related
Chloe Allen
Chloe Allen Month ago
Bitch if i gave birth to a girl and she wanted a fucking bright hot pink dress with ugly prints on them i would let her wear it if she loved it. Its her day
jenniferlealaw Month ago
Who else thinks this bride looks like laurenzside?
JP BLACK Month ago
Bish serving Wailing Woman in that black dress. BOOT!
Vaish Chinea
Vaish Chinea Month ago
She has such a vibe eh
Sofia The Human
Sofia The Human Month ago
I love this girl! Such a positive energy!
Smarika Rai
Smarika Rai Month ago
Omy god that dress😍😍😍
Some random ghost 19
Yeh grey wedding dresses would be a great compromise for ladies like her, in her mindset. Also like pastel colored dresses would be a great addition to wedding dress options
Some random ghost 19
Yeh grey wedding dresses would be a great compromise for ladies like her, in her mindset. Also like pastel colored dresses would be a great addition to wedding dress options
Melissa Cappelletto
I need to know that designers name. What beautiful dresses!
Melissa Cappelletto
@Jessica Pomfret Thank you so much!! :D
Jessica Pomfret
Jessica Pomfret Month ago
Melissa Cappelletto hailey paige!
Ánwala chan
Ánwala chan 2 months ago
1:22 look at her sisters face 😅😂😂😂
Abbey Birden
Abbey Birden 2 months ago
Damn if that isn't hairspiration
Lattyjae Infamus
Lattyjae Infamus 2 months ago
Did she just say my brother's boyfriend when she was introducing the family 😱😱😱 O Lord all the nice men are taken by other nice men😱😱😱😱
DragonsHalo 2 months ago
My dress is black, my best friend actually about cried when I walked out in it. What’s wrong with a black dress?
Cati Lemon
Cati Lemon 2 months ago
ha, am i the only one eyeballing the dress the girl behind her was wearing?
pretty flower
pretty flower 2 months ago
This family is a happy one
Carla de Souza
Carla de Souza 2 months ago
She seems super fun
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