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Say Yes to the Dress
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Samantha Simcik wants the bridesmaids to wear a long red dress that will go with a fur muff for her winter wonderland themed wedding. Will she be able to get her sister on the same page?
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May 21, 2019




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Srta Vidsx.
Srta Vidsx. 4 hours ago
She doesn’t lioks like she’s 21
Teresa Holcomb
Teresa Holcomb 2 days ago
Idk why they were hating on the muff. It fits the theme better then a bouquet of flowers would. 🤷‍♀️
Diane Roshong
Diane Roshong 2 days ago
The bride sister is very mean to her little sister. Your hurting her feelings.
Fatima Jaitapkar
Fatima Jaitapkar 3 days ago
If the consultants hates that dress and mock the client who is picking that dress.. why the hell they keep that stuff in the store
Sarahi Sujith Simon 8B
There was really no reason to be mean to Sydney...and she really looked good in that yellow dress!
Hannah B
Hannah B 7 days ago
I really don't want to be mean but there's a joke here having to do with the contrast between the "winter wonderland" theme and her tan...
Claire Kappock
Claire Kappock 7 days ago
I always wanted red dresses with white muff.but ended up getting married in the fall
Exo King
Exo King 7 days ago
21?? Hell nah she doesn't look 21 at all
Craig O'Neill
Craig O'Neill 8 days ago
It's terrible when your muff gets in the way of a nice dress...
Angel Impreso
Angel Impreso 9 days ago
As a asian I want to be white as I could be . Dont do fake tan please
Lauren Rickgauer
Lauren Rickgauer 9 days ago
What’s wrong with the muff? I thought it looked cute.
Pam Hernandez
Pam Hernandez 10 days ago
No muff....nooooo
Kayla Leon
Kayla Leon 15 days ago
does she have spray tan on
Babs Grayson
Babs Grayson 18 days ago
Why does the bride sound like she has a blocked nose?
Dulce Pixabaj
Dulce Pixabaj 19 days ago
Her fake tan is so bad
Leo 20 days ago
Why do they keep dresses in the store when the "consultant's " dont even like themself??? First time seeing a "consultant" making fun of a person's choice.
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim 20 days ago
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Khushi Sibal
Khushi Sibal 22 days ago
That tan tho (~‾▿‾)~
MUAH 22 days ago
“It’s almost makes u look kinda freaky😆” while her teeth poke out of her mouth and her skin looks like a traffic cone
stacey leonard
stacey leonard 25 days ago
Look, if I want to have ALL my bridesmaids elbow deep in some hot, furry "muff" during MY whimsical winter themed wedding.... ... then by god, my sister and my besties are ALL going to be fisting the white queen of Narnia's hot muff all night long!
PlutoStar 25 days ago
This is an amazing comment.
Shirley Gordon
Shirley Gordon 26 days ago
oh my god, how many times did they say muff! also muff means something completely different where I'm from (lady bits) lol, was quite amusing to watch while mortifying at the same time lol
norandmurr 27 days ago
The muffs are actually an old trend for winter weddings. They were once very popular.
Abyaz Mudhawo
Abyaz Mudhawo Month ago
they looked like its chrismas and they are the wife of santa especially with that muff
DMJ Records
DMJ Records Month ago
She's 21
Sarah E
Sarah E Month ago
I think the muffs are kind of cute actually, something really different for a winter wedding. I think that Sydney was being treated poorly.
Idid Love
Idid Love Month ago
Why do white people get so carried away with tans? You all look beautiful with your actual skin. When you're as dark as a leather suitcase it's just weird to see.
Maria Samlal
Maria Samlal Month ago
I really don't like wen ppl know the bride's theme n idea and instead of atleast trying to compromise, they does say MY style is completely opposite so IM gonna choose a dress I like, even tho its completely NOT close to what the bride wants n I dont care bcuz the bride is being selfish n only wants things her way! Stupzz
Ania Month ago
Too much fake tan
Shannon K
Shannon K Month ago
My mom used muffs for the bridesmaids
brenda cortes
brenda cortes Month ago
Sometimes I wonder if the consultants get nervous when a person sprayed painted brown/ orange tries on a white dress
Moms MADD Month ago
I wanted a muff too, If I would have been a winter wedding it would have been red dresses with muffs, And My wedding dress would have has aa fur wrap.
"You Look Freaky" says the one who's wanting the dress to match fur muff
Joy Mason
Joy Mason Month ago
Oh Sydney did not like that dress, but she was a good sister and maid of honor
xavine Month ago
these are so fake
Harshini Contessa
Harshini Contessa 2 months ago
SUPERNATIRAL POWERS!!! I don't understand how the hell did flower detail on the 1st grey dress disappeared from one scene to next...
goshberyy 2 months ago
not lori and co making fun of the sister's pick when they have it on sale 💀 they were all unnecessarily mean to the poor sister who is above every single adult in the video.
beth T
beth T 2 months ago
Wait she is 21 girl already looks 40 damn she isnt gonna age well by the time she 40 she will look 80 damn
Khenzani Myers
Khenzani Myers 2 months ago
I actually like the muff since it's a winter wedding and she mentioned her dress being like snow
X Nothing
X Nothing 2 months ago
Their gown better than wedding dress
Demia Thomas
Demia Thomas 2 months ago
I know the bride is not talking when she looks like Donald Trump with the orange fake tan on her skin.
Paige S.
Paige S. 2 months ago
The younger sister needs to get over herself. It’s not her wedding
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 2 months ago
The sister 12 ? NOT YOUR WEDDING and ITS HER WEDDING and you are stubborn. Know your place
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 2 months ago
Brandon honey? The Muff was on purpose . It can hold things
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 2 months ago
I had a muff as a flower girl love it for winter
chloe mckeon
chloe mckeon 2 months ago
i don’t have an issue with her having a fake tan, just get one that looks realistic
Megan Norman
Megan Norman 3 months ago
I'm sorry.... she's 21 ???!!!
Barefoot Contessa
Barefoot Contessa 3 months ago
21 wow she’s had a hard life ........ oh wait she’s just been painted in the wrong shade of (not) skin tone
Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes 3 months ago
I hate how Lori was talking about how the bride was being rude about the toga dress and the she proceeded to laugh at the sisters next choice on National television
Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes 3 months ago
I mean if it’s a snow themed wedding I guess the yellow dress will match...
taylorandcarolina 3 months ago
The salesperson says a dead animal, lack of professionalism just for drama for a "reality" show
A K 3 months ago
The muff looks like an upgraded version of handcuffs!!!
Mis Bunny
Mis Bunny 3 months ago
The muff is stupid compared to flowers.
NayaP Phillips
NayaP Phillips 3 months ago
I watch these for Brandon bc he is ICONIC everytime
Jayy 4 months ago
They get the matching hats with those muffs????
Whitney Thomas
Whitney Thomas 4 months ago
I had muffs in my first wedding with flowers draped diagonally down them. It was beautiful!
Black Thorn
Black Thorn 4 months ago
I had to check her age again, because that tan made her look like she's 37, at best. I mean she is obviously beautiful and the tan is her personal choice, but it was still just too much. It just didn't flatter her in my opinion.
Jæ Rich
Jæ Rich 4 months ago
The muff wtf she has no sense in style or anything none of them do
Sumaya Mahomed
Sumaya Mahomed 4 months ago
This bride looks hideous She looks old and look burnt and as though she has dentures on
S Kitty
S Kitty 4 months ago
Honestly the yellow dress didn’t look bad on the little sister. The honey color isn’t terrible.
Sessilee Halverson
Sessilee Halverson 4 months ago
i actually liked the dress she picked lol
ShawnShawn The Leprecaun
Lol if u have a muff should u b wearing a parka or at least a windbreaker?
Mia Tina
Mia Tina 4 months ago
I bet she smells like burned toast
Sully23 4 months ago
So the consultants just kicked professionalism to the curve just because Sydney’s young? Talk about immaturity and a hint of bullying. Sydney presented more maturity than those two consultants combined.
TheGen6Fennekin 4 months ago
The red dress + the muffs make them look like fucking Santa Claus.
British Rain sounds
British Rain sounds 4 months ago
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jenna horner
jenna horner 4 months ago
why was lori making fun of a dress she stocks in her own store?
sab 4 months ago
"I would never wear" honey, it doesn't work that way. She's the bride, if you want to be the in wedding, you wear what she says.
Dr Rohini SR
Dr Rohini SR 4 months ago
Her teeth pops out of her tanned skin 😬
aiden malanaphy
aiden malanaphy 4 months ago
🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊girl cmon you need to STOP
Aûtumn Gâmiñgシ︎
The bride. Is kinda. Rude
Rebecca and Zachary's epic channel
That fur in the muff better be fake or the animal who owned the fur is gonna haunt the wedding
Wanda Robinson
Wanda Robinson 4 months ago
And everyone DOESN’T DO THE “Muff...”????🤔
sab 4 months ago
They don't have a say. If the bride wants the muff than they have to wear it.
Wanda Robinson
Wanda Robinson 4 months ago
The older sister shouldn’t have said little sis looks like a TOGA (whatever THAT IS 🤔🤔🤔
savannah vick
savannah vick 5 months ago
Where does the bride plan to put her bouquet? The bride usually hands it off to the MOH. But if the MOH has her hand shoved in that stupid muff she can’t hold it🤷🏼‍♀️
dVINE 5 months ago
She's 21 here? Damn, the girl should really stop tanning, she looks wayyyyyy older than her age, like 10+ years older
idk why I am here
idk why I am here 5 months ago
I liked Sydney she only said her opinion.
kelleylmiller 5 months ago
The muff.
simin 5 months ago
21? she looks like 40
LoriMinnesota 5 months ago
When I was a kid in the 1970's, our neighbor got married and her bridesmaids carried those stupid muffs. Everyone at the wedding was snickering about it.
Siren BIJ6HLP 5 months ago
The older sister is so mean to the younger sister????
xine91468 5 months ago
My gosh, the bride is so mean to her sister. Freaky? Uh, that fake tan is freaky.
jo egleton
jo egleton 5 months ago
The bride looks like an oompa loompa
Cecily Leatham
Cecily Leatham 5 months ago
Hunny no one is going to be rocking a muff except for people in Russia
Lynnmaria54 5 months ago
Bride to be...your hateful comments to your sister has made thousands of viewers dislike your silly muffs. Every time someone sees a white muff, they will either remember how nasty you were to her or they will tell others with them to view this clip to see your fake tan and mean remarks you made to your sister.
Kathy Radford
Kathy Radford 5 months ago
If I ever got a wedding, I would want the muffs
Melissa Halley
Melissa Halley 5 months ago
Lay off the spray tan
cgaskill13 5 months ago
When I first saw her, I thought she was the mother of the bride.
Johnie McGrath
Johnie McGrath 5 months ago
The whimsical elbow fortunately tremble because postage tellingly attempt absent a bashful atm. complex, wide-eyed sister
Niyah Seion
Niyah Seion 5 months ago
I honestly feel like if someone is getting married, your opinion absolutely doesn’t matter...sorry
Jess Nardone
Jess Nardone 5 months ago
I hate how the consultants asked Sydney what she thought about the purple ball gown, and then made fun of her when she gave her opinion. If you don’t want to hear what she had to say than they should not have asked.
sab 4 months ago
I liked the halter red dress. That would look great with the muff.
Gloria Graham
Gloria Graham 5 months ago
Finally, some pretty dresses.
Gloria Graham
Gloria Graham 5 months ago
Her vision sounds pretty. Best Wishes.
HeyItsGayAgain 5 months ago
You can tell that Sydney is laughing along with the jokes to hide the embarrassment and hurt. I feel her pain, at least a little
Vitian Rivas
Vitian Rivas 5 months ago
Her teeth are super white! Which is not a bad thing except when the tan is a bit much!
Hobi's Rubix Cube
Hobi's Rubix Cube 5 months ago
I get why the sister thought the muff was weird but the muff kinda does go with the "winter" theme
OurCreative Beehive
OurCreative Beehive 5 months ago
A new trend??!! My husband's aunt was married in December in the 60's and she used fake fur muff's with flowers frappes over them for her wedding party.
Lisa Goff
Lisa Goff 5 months ago
The sister needs to see TYRA! child Is stuuuunnnning
Billy in Alabama
Billy in Alabama 5 months ago
Groom! If this bride says such awful things to her SISTER, what’s going to be your fate after you’re married? Watch several times.
Chantell Hanna
Chantell Hanna 5 months ago
Her tan and overly bleached teeth are horrible.