Bride Is Looking for Dresses That Will Go with a Furry Muff | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Say Yes to the Dress
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Samantha Simcik wants the bridesmaids to wear a long red dress that will go with a fur muff for her winter wonderland themed wedding. Will she be able to get her sister on the same page?
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May 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Levi Levi
Levi Levi Day ago
The consultants attitudes is very very disappointing
Karen Ann Volpe
Karen Ann Volpe 2 days ago
That was a very rude comment to say to the bride, if that’s what the bride wants that’s what she wants. I worked in retail & if you don’t have anything nice to say, Don’t say it!
kaitie L
kaitie L 4 days ago
Anyone else low key dislike Brandon?
richard woodruff
richard woodruff 6 days ago
Samantha needs to be quiet she gonna wish she had a sister at her side like that
Amber Nightflower
I keep giggling because In England muff means vagina
ophelia ardern
ophelia ardern 10 days ago
Still can't get over the fact that she's only 21 !
Bubbles 10 days ago
I feel the covid forming with all this handshakes x_x
Nicole Jackson
Nicole Jackson 10 days ago
Oof why is the bride so orange???
Brooklynn Sanders
Brooklynn Sanders 12 days ago
The muff. Doesn't go with the theme of the dress🤨
Laveena Rattii
Laveena Rattii 14 days ago
SHE ACTUALLY HAD THE BRIDESMAIDS WEAR THE MUFF FOR THE WEDDING!!! xpressionphotographyva.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/simcikreddy-sneak-peek/
taylorandcarolina 15 days ago
Why does he say drop waist with the dresses where the waists are natural?
V009j 20 days ago
So many bride that are 19 and 21 ... Why is this a trend
Marybeth Langendorf
The first red dress is gorgeous
Chrys Mendem
Chrys Mendem 22 days ago
Belle M.
Belle M. 23 days ago
The contrast between her fake tan and her bleached teeth is going to make for some regrettable wedding pictures.
l r
l r 25 days ago
Did she say 21??? Cause she looks super old
Yashmitha 27 days ago
the "toga" dress actually looked so pretty on her sister. Also confused why they made a big deal about the yellow dress, they don't carry every dress in every color so they usually put them in different colored dresses anyway??
Aysha S
Aysha S 29 days ago
I’m brown ethnically but she’s browner than me
Emily 102102
Emily 102102 29 days ago
Why everyone hating on the muff?! It’s cute with the winter wonderland theme, like santa!
Martina Scarfia
Martina Scarfia 29 days ago
So many Karen’s in one room.
bella mead
bella mead 29 days ago
Both sisters are really immature
Faten Bk
Faten Bk Month ago
“It’s almost makes you kinda freaky” Your orange face make you really freaky 😏 That horrible Tan make her look in her 40s. and she’s 21 !!!?? When people gonna stop doing things just because they are “trendy” !!! It’s time to STOP the fake tan.
Jennifer Murray
Jennifer Murray Month ago
Bless her little heart, she said,” team muff.” Lmao!!
Matt Chavez
Matt Chavez Month ago
Her tan must be new. It will even out
Anika Maynard
Anika Maynard Month ago
21???? She looks wayy older than that
Sardines and pyjamas
Valeriia Tsyhan
Valeriia Tsyhan Month ago
21?! She looks 50!!!
GABY !!!
GABY !!! Month ago
I really dont like this consultant it just seems like he likes stirring up drama and is just really bitchy to everyone in general
Plippy :p
Plippy :p Month ago
you cant wear a muff if it isnt long sleeves!!! thats like wearing a scarf with sleeveless top
Hope King
Hope King Month ago
For a winter wedding I think the muff is pretty! I might do the same thing someday
Delightful Pisces
Well, I thinks it's safe to say the muff is not a new fashion trend
Abigail Frost
Abigail Frost Month ago
I'm wondering why they have dresses in the store that Lori herself thinks is ugly
Ayeshah Khan
Ayeshah Khan Month ago
The consultants are making fun of her choice yet they were the one who made the dress! No hate to them though
Anna M
Anna M Month ago
"im not on team muff" I hear ya sister, lol
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski Month ago
Her tan looks like shes a chicken nugget with blonde hair
Rck Keller
Rck Keller Month ago
Muffs in a wedding are going to be in a photo link of ridiculous bridesmaids outfits on RUvid
Eva Rose
Eva Rose Month ago
I feel like the only pretty dresses in this store are either red or navy
Claire Severeijns
Every European person ‘she is getting married when she can just drink’
Dontask4salt Month ago
Its a karen meeting
Gabriela Skibińska
The whole thing that the bride choses the bridesmaids dresses is weird sry
Angelalala MEOWZAAA
Uhmmm...where'd her upper lip run off to?😶
jennifer RS
jennifer RS Month ago
Kimberly Arrington
She was just trying to pick stuff her sister likes
frogBISCUITS Month ago
When she introduced herself, I was waiting for her to say "...and today i went outside and rolled around in the dirt until my skin achieved this lovely brown, dirty look!" WHY DOES SHE LOOK SO DIRTY!
Chrysaura Month ago
Um, they are they all acting like that yellow dress isn't one of the only beautiful things in their ugly Bridesmaids salon? It was luminous, intriguing, simple but at least had no hideous accordion ruffles on the neck. It's like the moment ppl go down to the basement they forget what beauty and taste are completely
Mariana Barrera
Mariana Barrera Month ago
The girls in us wear soooo much tan and makeup they look soo full of wrinkles and super old
Littlemiss Hero
Littlemiss Hero Month ago
Please for the love of every... STOP SAYING MUFF
Pookie Monster
Pookie Monster Month ago
The bride looks insane with that tan but honestly its her wedding and her little sister shouldnt have that much pull in opinion. When she gets married she can pick whatever she wants. Id wear a garbage bag for my sister.
Abrielle mara
Abrielle mara Month ago
I kinda liked the yellow dress 😅
Minya Ye
Minya Ye Month ago
She's the tall girl in the oompa loopma's world.
SATHYAN J Month ago
The younger sister is so beautiful. The older one made fun of her and was rude .Sydney seems a nice girl,she wasn't even disrespectful .may be the older one is jealous. But the red dress was so beautiful on her.
zbmxbz Month ago
I'm guessing im not the only one who's british and muff means something quite different hahaa
Stephanie Perez
Stephanie Perez Month ago
ThunderBass 2 months ago
I thought the muff was cute tho...
Samuel CWB
Samuel CWB 2 months ago
Brandon's face in the thumbnail is such a mood
Mohammad Al-Drees
Mohammad Al-Drees 2 months ago
That tan is horrible, she needs to go 3 layers lighter! 😐
Anum Dastgir
Anum Dastgir 2 months ago
They're all sooooo beautiful
j lynn
j lynn 2 months ago
Hi I wanna say hi
Hi I wanna say hi 2 months ago
When the consultants made fun of Sidney’s choice I was like well if you think the dress is ugly then why is it in your store
Jessica Enmark
Jessica Enmark 2 months ago
Sis you look like you've been bathing in self tanning lotion and your laugh sounds like Goofy. Hi-uck
Brenna Ellie
Brenna Ellie 2 months ago
Why they making fun of the muff
Shalom Gabriel
Shalom Gabriel 2 months ago
she looks 21 years old to 60
Squiggles 2 months ago
Why does the bride sound like she has a cold/blocked nose??
alfa7545 2 months ago
Furry muff means something completely different in the UK and I’m honestly creasing 😂😂
Hannah Turnbull
Hannah Turnbull 2 months ago
Sydney's dress looks really good.
Jordan Conklin-Snow
Jordan Conklin-Snow 2 months ago
How are her teeth so white!?
N C 2 months ago
The Bride is so Mean! She keeps on insulting her sister’s taste while flaunting her horrendous fashion sense and hideous tan.
queenjazz1 2 months ago
All those dresses were hideous.
jennykap04 2 months ago
I like the muff with the right outfit. I think she's being mean to the sister.
kaya119 2 months ago
I don't like the fake tan look personally but if that is what she wants to go for, then that is her business. But if she wants it to look less obvious, she should consider bangs to cover her hair line where you can see the difference between the tan and her actual skin color.
PoRkChOpZ 2530
PoRkChOpZ 2530 2 months ago
The bride is ugly n fake on the outside as her inside and it really shows !!
Annushka Noor
Annushka Noor 2 months ago
the brides annoying voice will never leave my head, also she has some nerve calling her sister's choices cheap while sporting that spray tan. It's gonna get allover the muffs
Halsie’s pets
Halsie’s pets 2 months ago
Wait can’t u just ... not where the muff ?
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster 2 months ago
That older sister is a bitch. Making fun of her little sissy in front of everyone? I would never speak to either of my sisters like that!!! She's just horrible.
shrgh 18
shrgh 18 2 months ago
loved the first red dress..all bride's choices were good.. her tan, teeth and muffs are her business... what is so hard to understand about "her day" ... sister's choices were bad and even if they weren't shouldn't have pushed them... irritating brat
Thabo Joy Masiye
Thabo Joy Masiye 2 months ago
Rebecca Biggs
Rebecca Biggs 2 months ago
Mr. Ed called, he wants his teeth back!!!!
Aoibhin Maguire
Aoibhin Maguire 2 months ago
..... hun tan isn’t for you
Alexandra Ajose-Nixon
Alexandra Ajose-Nixon
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