Bride Feels Guilty About Purchasing $5000 Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Mackenzie Laroe had a wedding dress made for her, but was unhappy with the result. Will she be able to find a ready to wear dress she likes in Bridals by Lori?
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Jan 26, 2019




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Comments 1 219
Jarin Day ago
She looks like the lady version of Thor’s brother
Loool Loool
Loool Loool 2 days ago
Bride: I don’t like my old dress, it’s to simple Consultant: so what are you looking for Bride: simple 🥴
Lisa James
Lisa James 2 days ago
Dad is awesome!
Carlos Centeno
Carlos Centeno 3 days ago
What if michelle branch saw this
Do Na
Do Na 3 days ago
A normal and considerate bride and family. Dad is so sweet. Mom isn't rude. What a miracle. I think she can definitely find a beautiful dress for $2,000 though. A $2,500 dress would've been more reasonable for her to not feel too bad.
Sphinx 1
Sphinx 1 4 days ago
I can sympathize with this bride I would feel bad too but sometimes things doesn't go as planned so you should just let them go if there's nothing more you can do about it and go for what makes you happy, beside her family was so understanding and supportive
Susan Jensen
Susan Jensen 4 days ago
Rich people problems...
Marty UwU
Marty UwU 5 days ago
She’s adorable 🥺🥺
Julia Mihajlovich
Shame that the old dresses were ruined for nothing.
heyitsbibimbap 6 days ago
I love how her dad is prioritizing his daughter's happiness above everything else
Imen Mazhoud
Imen Mazhoud 6 days ago
Her smile! 😍😍
iChloberry 7 days ago
This ad I got was about feminism and it’s a bunch of women saying if we have a job and they tell you to wear a suit you don’t have to because we should wear what we want to work it. I’m out here like: bitch no if they tell you to wear a suit you wear a suit end of story.
Stephanie Nguyen
Stephanie Nguyen 10 days ago
I hate that they showed her out of her price rage!
Dolyttle 11 days ago
Such an awesome dad =)
I'm Short
I'm Short 11 days ago
Shout out to this dad though lmao my dad can’t fuckin stand me
emoticon feliz
emoticon feliz 12 days ago
She is totally me with my mom, I'm always the most concerned about prices when my mom always want to purchase expensive cloths, well my sister is very wastefull too, so is always me feeling guilty because we are spending too much and my dad is always irritated because the amount we spend xd
S T E P H 12 days ago
I would like my teeth to be as straight and white as her’s.
Julys Life
Julys Life 14 days ago
What a good dad. 💜I wish my dad was alive and went with me to the bridal salon to buy me a wedding dress
Abbey Thompson
Abbey Thompson 14 days ago
I like how she’s not a brat and felt bad about how much the dress cost. Trust me I won’t even probably get married 😂
Marcie 15 days ago
This bride is legit a Victoria’s Secret model
Sab’s World
Sab’s World 21 day ago
🌼💕I like how she cares about her dads money and her dad doesn’t even care 💕🌼
Jennie Smythe
Jennie Smythe 22 days ago
Boohoo pity party for no reason. Super annoying
Jessica Noelle
Jessica Noelle 22 days ago
When she said a lot brides design their own dress and then they don’t like it I immediately got worried about the dress I designed for my wedding. 😬
Artsymaria 23 days ago
My Gosh, they're such a beautiful educated family, and they emanate genuine beauty from within as well 🙀😍 May they're lives be full of blessings. Also, they have great taste; love love their wedding atmosphere is being surrounded by mountains
보배 23 days ago
Okay but this is actually disgusting. These bridal shops do it on purpose- they show something way out of the budget (because they know the dad or whoever will cave and pay for something expensive) and deliberately show dresses that the bride would not like in her price range instead of showing nice dresses in the budget. "Show her she cannot put a price on happiness" easy for you to say youre getting the money sis. They have thousands of dresses there was bound to be sOMETHING for her. Smh these bridal shops are manipulative and gross blehh
samantha cisler
samantha cisler 23 days ago
They keep saying "once in a lifetime". I've been married once, and to believe that was my only chance to have this feeling makes me sad. I never got to choose a wedding dress. I never got any of d this experience.
Esther Domingo
Esther Domingo 23 days ago
Her dad be like :”Never thought I’d see this day” My parents can relate on a whole other level
Bianca Teixeira
Bianca Teixeira 25 days ago
It's so interesting how people say it's one of a life time situation but like... it's not... most of those people are getting a divorce
Aditya Kapoor
Aditya Kapoor 25 days ago
How come this dress is even 5K???? After watching this show for years I know people have bought Wedding gowns under 3k and looked Amazing. But this one kinda looks way too cheap to me.
Squiggles 25 days ago
Lori, honey, you and your consultants all have good working brains. Stop giving brides wedding dresses that are over the budget! Why ask the budget if you’re not even gonna take it into consideration?? I honestly love you and the show but c’mon use your brain that was given to you.
Tammy Cambell
Tammy Cambell 26 days ago
OMG...She is beautiful...so gorgeous...and doesn't seem to know it.
evi evi
evi evi 26 days ago
With this body anything she will wear she will be pretty
Puppies4ever TheFam
I like the fact that she is more worried and guilty about her dad paying. Her dad is so laid back and he wants her to look amazing no matter the cost. The pictures she showed of her wedding venue and the Great Smoky Mountains in the background makes it look even better. She is a very classy lady who doesn’t want a dress that shows allot of cleavage. She seems so elegant and modest. Her husband is going to be a very happy guy.
R. Nagarya
R. Nagarya 29 days ago
When you :"feel guilty" that's your conscience saying, this is not the road to go down there is another way. however, nowadays people don't even recognize that their conscience is trying to get their attention to "do the right thing".
Barbara Fischbach
Barbara Fischbach 29 days ago
She’s lovely and genuine.
Amoon SY
Amoon SY 29 days ago
d3v1ka 999
d3v1ka 999 29 days ago
She kinda looks like carly rae jepson
Nisa Hai
Nisa Hai Month ago
That's bullshit ...I've been watching this show for decades ... I've seen hundreds of beautiful gowns similar or more prettier than what she liked under 2k .... Nasty business
Shelbi L.
Shelbi L. Month ago
She deserves her dream dress.....but couldnt she have decided on that before destroying family heirlooms...
no no
no no Month ago
Why tf would they give her a 5000 dollar dress that's over twice the budget??!!
Zanation A.R.M.Y
That's literally me. I like something but then I feel guilty for asking my dad to buy something so expensive and I tell him later that I don't need it, it's too expensive but my dad buts it for me and my happiness. ☺😊❤❤❤
AsianDiva Month ago
That corset neck line is EVERYTHING!!!!!! Hands down the most gorgeous dress on the show 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Rebellious Lost Alien
Her dad is really attractive
banana apples
banana apples Month ago
i have never seen someone with a prettier smile. god.
Queenie Pennington
She’s the best daughter!!!!
Bhav R
Bhav R Month ago
I loved the dad's personality ❤️
Yustine Saptarini J
what a beautiful couple, bride and family
Raevyn Elicia Adams
I love that she's aware of cost. I don't think I could spend that much on a wedding dress but it's her huge day. Don't feel guilty, get the dress that makes you happy and feel like a real bride. Her family is awesome. What a sweet dad.
Vanshika Singh
Vanshika Singh Month ago
The dad looks what Derek from grey anatomy would have looked like 20 years later
African Babe
African Babe Month ago
Wow she has been brought up well good job mum and dad
Genesia Beharry
Genesia Beharry Month ago
I love this first dress however it does look like a nightgown. Just love the smooth silky material and pattern design.but looks too personal.
Wonderful dad and a wonderful daughter... l really loved the family.. no drama.. everything was natural
Sonam Yadav
Sonam Yadav Month ago
This Bride is me. My parents are willing to spend but I always feel guilty about price. I also have a similar feeling about clothes but price disappoints me and in the end I end up buying that.
N M Month ago
The second dress she tried was the best. But dang these prices are insane. I can 100% assure you it costs $500 to make. Even less for the totally simple ones.
BJ Reo
BJ Reo Month ago
I can respect this women! Knowing that Daddy's pocketbook is open wide and being considerate anyway
Asset Yakcm
Asset Yakcm Month ago
The farther is sooooooo sweet
Shania Euni
Shania Euni Month ago
Disgusting dress☹☹
Marina Ashley
Marina Ashley Month ago
Such a wonderful dad 😢❤
Adele Lynn
Adele Lynn Month ago
I say fuck the perfect dress, I want the perfect man!✅✅🔱
we dont talk about what A.R.M.Y stands for
I have dad like this. I cant relate to her. Felt guilty for he always wanna to spend more on me. Im gratefull for my dad, i have many things because of him. Its just.. Sometimes communication and deal doesnt goes smooth. I feel like im too spoiled :(
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