Bride Feels Guilty About Purchasing $5000 Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Mackenzie Laroe had a wedding dress made for her, but was unhappy with the result. Will she be able to find a ready to wear dress she likes in Bridals by Lori?
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Jan 26, 2019

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Comments 1 092
Charlotte Godina
Charlotte Godina 5 hours ago
*Am i the only one who thinks the bride looks like Paris Jackson? Yea? Okay*
Donique Jenkins
Donique Jenkins 20 hours ago
This was so refreshing to watch. Finally a bride who can have anything she wants but is so considerate and respectful of her dad and the money he's willing to spend. She's beautiful inside and out and will look amazing in anything she wears but I'm happy she got what she wanted.
Phils Eyelash
Every time “It might be THE dress!” *checks time stamp* Hehehe nope!
Brittney Hanakowski
Omg she is so pretty in this dress and I have Been watching this show for years now and this is the first one that has felt bad cause it’s so pricy and her dad paying for it but she needs that she was so happy it max me cry almost
Merlene Smith
I love ur father
Merlene Smith
That's a great daughter
PinkTrash Unicorn
Of course they Put her in an expensive dream gown First and then only Show her ugly Dresses afterwards... I'm Sure they would have had something cheaper just as pretty...
Natalie Day ago
The whole wedding industry is a hoax ... 5.000 for that dress come one - sure goods materials and service but in the end you pay most for the wedding - best day of your life bs tax
Cookie 4 days ago
Vinson Huynh
Vinson Huynh 4 days ago
Dads queer. The signs are there
shanny Jackson
shanny Jackson 4 days ago
am i the only one thinking that her husband is gorgeous asf! girl congrats
Brittny Gonzalez
Brittny Gonzalez 5 days ago
The first one is ugly
Mis Boingotlo Polite John
mine was cheap but cutier than this
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
I get it's a business but it's kind of pathetic that they're purposely only giving her dresses that they know aren't anywhere close to what she's looking for so that she buys the expensive one.
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
The top of the first dress looks like the bra they make you wear after breast implants mixed with her moms first sports bra lololol
glorie caballes
glorie caballes 6 days ago
I can see why her dad wants her to have the best dress for her wedding she is a good daughter.
Awww... I Love this one... how her Dad loves her, and wants her to be Happy with the dress... And her Love for him is evident... She thought more of him and what he'd spend opposed to what she wanted.
Gina G
Gina G 7 days ago
Her parents have a massive house overlooking the mountains and she's worried/guilty about spending 5k? Mmmm.
Gabriela Granados
Lori: you really can't put a price on happiness Me: then why don t you sell it for free
d d
d d 7 days ago
Katherine Luna
Katherine Luna 9 days ago
they literally pulled out way over budgeted dresses when in other episodes they pull out beautiful dresses under the said budget. they probably knew that they were loaded and took advantage of the situation, of her wedding being in just a couples of weeks
Craig Brasenell
Craig Brasenell 10 days ago
That dress is ugly in my opinion
general comments
general comments 11 days ago
Google "white prom dress" and you'll find virtually the same dresses for under $200. Label it "wedding dress" and hang in it in a boutique - suddenly a "0" is added on to the price....!!!
Emily Pickett
Emily Pickett 12 days ago
What a gorgeous human being inside and out!
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 14 days ago
Anyone else think the Dad looks like William Defoe?
Mor Xiong
Mor Xiong 14 days ago
I don’t understand why do you ask the bride what their budget is then show them a dress that is almost triple their budget? Stupid. Of course they gonna fall in love with that overpriced dress and feels guilty!
Kelley Spartiatis
Kelley Spartiatis 15 days ago
She deserves the dress because she cares about her dads bank account.
Bere Sanchez
Bere Sanchez 15 days ago
Her dad looks so freaking young and has the voice of an old man what the hell hes so handsome 😍
Kayla Farrell
Kayla Farrell 16 days ago
She’s so lovely to actually respect her dad and his wallet
Joelle Yang
Joelle Yang 16 days ago
She looks like Aubrey from the Lorax 😱
shandekai Sealy
shandekai Sealy 16 days ago
Everyone says once is a life time opportunity hut what about getting married again if the first marriage doesnt work
Emma Karamehic
Emma Karamehic 16 days ago
Dad looks like older Ted Mosby.
Kyoko Kosplay!
Kyoko Kosplay! 16 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks dad looks like an aged Austin Powers???
sanaa hanaa
sanaa hanaa 18 days ago
What is 5k about this dress???? It’s super plain! The material doesn’t even look all that and the mesh look on a bridal is just awful! She’s super stunning though but I feel like a nice lace piece would have looked better on her!
Leidy Aguilar
Leidy Aguilar 19 days ago
I have no idea why i love watching this show,when I'm not even close to getting marry
Alexa the Awesome
Alexa the Awesome 20 days ago
If I felt like her, I would have insisted on paying a portion of the price maybe 🙂
This isZoree
This isZoree 21 day ago
Her dad looks rich man... Or some kind of designer
Fried chicken
Fried chicken 21 day ago
Why does the dad low-key looking like Derek Shepherd? 😓
Shelby Zealand
Shelby Zealand 22 days ago
I love the look of the combined heirloom dress, but wow does this new dress look like it was made with her in mind! Beautiful!
Genesis Mann
Genesis Mann 26 days ago
She's so beautiful dang
JJ Green
JJ Green 26 days ago
I dropped the phone when she said two weeks😂
troye x
troye x 27 days ago
Most beautiful dresses I ever saw on this show
Evelyn peters
Evelyn peters 27 days ago
what a dad!!!!!!
Kacy M
Kacy M 28 days ago
Low key cant believe she cut up two 100 yr old dresses......whyyyy
Nick Butta
Nick Butta 28 days ago
1:10 well several in a lifetime actually
Hannah Carter
Hannah Carter 28 days ago
she is so beautiful...her eyes are like diamonds. she is a sunning human being inside and out
Justin Min
Justin Min 28 days ago
I like the dad a lot
Nana nazima M
Nana nazima M 28 days ago
The dress ĺooks so beautiful
Akhila Martin
Akhila Martin 28 days ago
I hope she will look gorgeous in a ball gown..
Padma Devan
Padma Devan Month ago
She is definitely me. I feel guilty when it's my dad's money. His hard earned money.
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