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Say Yes to the Dress
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Bride Nellie is wedding dress shopping for the second time after her first engagement did not work out. Consultant Zoe is shocked to learn Nellie still keeps her first dress in her closet. Will Nellie find a new dress that convinces her to finally let go of the past?

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Jul 28, 2021




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Comments 574
Ruby 2 days ago
I live in London and honestly if I get married, I won’t be setting foot in this shop and would rather visit the say yes to the dress Lancashire store. All the episodes I see, they never honour the budget. Whereas Gok can always find stunning gowns exactly as the bride wants, and very often under budget! Why even put them in a dress they can’t afford
Ruby 2 days ago
Whyy does this shop always put brides in dresses way over budget?? Like nearly double her budget, it’s so cruel if she fell in love with it and will feel bad
Iwona Dupont
Iwona Dupont 5 days ago
I Love Mama :)
Safakat Siddika
Safakat Siddika 14 days ago
What an absolutely stunning dress!!
Mindful Eats
Mindful Eats 15 days ago
Zoe is great!
Kim Pelders
Kim Pelders 19 days ago
They put her in dresses twice her budget, that's not ok!
god1 19 days ago
the first dress actually looked good, but it's so over the budget...
Lina Sketch
Lina Sketch 21 day ago
"Bride asked to sell her ex-wedding dress to aford a new one" NOPE, SHE DID NOT GO AND ASK FOR THAT, she went in with a small budget and the consultant MADE her sell her dress (which was never on the table) to afford the dress they gave her of double the budget by guilt tripping her and her mom 😡 wtf!
Lina Sketch
Lina Sketch 21 day ago
"The gown they gave me is DOUBLE the amount of the top of my budget, which is ridiculous" EXACTLY, THANK YOU! SPEAK UP!
Sam Tapia
Sam Tapia 25 days ago
What I’ve learned, being a person who as well had a budget when I got my dress, is that you really need to specify what your “max budget” really means. In a lot of these consultants eyes they think that’s just for the DRESS. You need to clarify that budget is for the DRESS, ALTERATIONS, AND VEIL!!!! I’m sure the dress alone was more than likely close to her budget if not her budget exactly, but adding a custom jacket and a cathedral veil will obviously raise the price significantly.
Heidi Schaer
Heidi Schaer 25 days ago
This makes me mad… the way the salesperson is smiling as she tells them the price … girl , stop
Rachel Eales
Rachel Eales 26 days ago
Anmar Blankendal
Anmar Blankendal 26 days ago
Paternity court full episode
mio 27 days ago
the blonde girl is so pretty
Mame Mb
Mame Mb Month ago
Chloe always does that, she always go over budget and make the bride fall in love with the dress until she has no choice then to buy it.
Lovely Isabelle
Lovely Isabelle Month ago
Did she say „thank you Mutter!“ 😳
The consultant always shows expensive dresses and puts bride or family in awkward situation. May be some of them can't even tell that they can't afford it because of show recording...just tel the bride straightforward that these are the dresses within your budget...if you like then choose one..thats all...
Giselle Ali
Giselle Ali Month ago
Guys relax they would have already known the mom was paying or they wouldnt have put her in more expensive dresses.
D Ega R
D Ega R Month ago
I really think about how new fiance need to give her money to buy this dress .... 🙄 Cuz its the new capture, the ring seen like former fiance bought her dress 😑
Carmy Month ago
It is unprofessional to show an overbudget gown, however I feel like clinging to the old dress of a failed relationship could've been detrimental down the line - so I'm kind of glad this happened?? Don't get me wrong they should've definitelt stayed within the range but this wasn't an entirely negative experience either.
Klara Käll
Klara Käll Month ago
I choked when I saw the first one being 1000 over the budget, means u didn’t even try to respect that
Miriam Vicky
Miriam Vicky Month ago
She had this beautiful look of "Mummy Mummy pleaaaaaase" bail me out
Geia25 Month ago
Why even ask what the budget is?? And who is the consultant to push for selling the old wedding dress?? I don't know why everyone doesn't go straight to darling Gok!
FDM 215
FDM 215 Month ago
Why would you keep a wedding dress you'll never wear? The longer you keep it, the less it's worth. That's aside from whether you use the money towards a new dress.
phoenix rise
phoenix rise Month ago
I'm surprised brides still visit this store
Marian J
Marian J Month ago
2nd dress doubles her budget
Marian J
Marian J Month ago
1st dress $1000 over budget🙄😱
Marian J
Marian J Month ago
What an outrageous rudeness
Lakshmi Anilkumar
The consultant is beautiful 💕
Dawn Gay
Dawn Gay Month ago
Wow !
Barbara L
Barbara L Month ago
How much could she get for a dress several years old? Where would she sell it? Not being snarky, I honestly am wondering.
a697ag Month ago
Aunty Gok would have found her a stunning dress at half her budget
S. Constanze
S. Constanze 13 days ago
Guys… it’s just a show!!! It’s made up !!! And of course Gok is brilliant !!!
Alexa Hollis
Alexa Hollis 17 days ago
Yep! So true 👏🏻
Aura Bloodrose
Aura Bloodrose 18 days ago
Not hating on the comment. I completely agree. I'm just amused so many people say this on over budget videos. It's so true!
Michaella Braid
Michaella Braid Month ago
asking someone to sell their old wedding dress is so unprofessional also why are we putting her in a dress she can't afford
Di_Haveahappy Month ago
I can understand $200 max going over budget, but this store goes thousands of dollars over budget. It’s ridiculous. Why do you even ask for their budget in the first place. I would never shop there! Ever! I honestly question the store’s business ethics.
maddi mads
maddi mads Month ago
It always seems like this consultant never stays within budget it’s so annoying
matina Month ago
Istg for the 10000th time, budget exists for a freaking reason. You're literally just disrespecting your freaking customer when you don't have the brains to acknowledge the existence of budget.
Lisa Serrano
Lisa Serrano Month ago
💗its a dream dress
chloé Longang
chloé Longang 2 months ago
Mama so sweet🥺
chloé Longang
chloé Longang 2 months ago
Gok is better
shinkicker 123
shinkicker 123 2 months ago
This store's staff seem very money grabbing not respecting the customer's budget.
harveythepooka 2 months ago
Personally, I don't see why she didn't just wear the dress she already had. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. But I have to wonder if she's really over groom #1 if she's not willing to sell the dress. Also, I wonder at the cost of the dress, the jacket and the veil. I would bet the dress was probably not that much over budget.
Jasmin Daanya
Jasmin Daanya 2 months ago
The first one was so beautiful ..omg
Princess1King2 2 months ago
Hampshire, my home town.
Sparshita Sahu
Sparshita Sahu 2 months ago
The first dress was GORGEOUS! the lace turtle neck thingie and the sleeves made her look like a Disney bride.
bella mead
bella mead 2 months ago
The consultant needs a revamp of her style all over..
fallonmarie 2 months ago
They did her dirty by going over twice her budget..
Bethari Candra Dea Pitaloka
Alison Hazell
Alison Hazell 2 months ago
If I say my budget is X amount of dollars & they continue to bring dresses OVER my budget.....I'M OUT OF THERE! How about a bit of RESPECT FOR THE CUSTOMER PLEASE! Forget your commission & do the right thing by the bride - weddings are stressful enough as it is, without adding UNNECESSARY COSTS!
Smruti anuragini
Smruti anuragini 2 months ago
UK version of this show is always abput money.
S Kitty
S Kitty 2 months ago
The first dress is not that far over-budget, if she sells the old dress she could afford it. I think they showed dresses over-budget because they're expecting her to sell the old one. Honestly wasn't that bothered this time, all the dresses she looked-over were gorgeous. The one she picked is far prettier than the one in her closet anyway, I hope she has a lovely wedding.
alexandriusgirl 2 months ago
The moment the mom said she'd pay, my heart exploded. Nothing like a mother's love ❤️❤️❤️
Karen Jarrett
Karen Jarrett 2 months ago
She looks so absolutely beautiful in that stunning gown. Her Mum is so sweet.
Darla46 2 months ago
Need more Gok episodes!!!!
Zara S
Zara S 2 months ago
This consultant in particular I've seen purposely show brides dresses over budget she knows they'll love and end up committing to. I really dislike her
zipora91 2 months ago
Yeah... Even when I saw her I thought "oh no"... I really don't like the way she tricks the brides always with the price
Ronell Lambert
Ronell Lambert 2 months ago
That dress does look a million dollars!!!! Wow wow!!!!!!
ALKG 2 months ago
Don’t like this consultant, she always finds a dress that is over the budget. Why on earth she does that all the time. Kudos to Ian Stuart the designer. I watch his show on wedding dresses and I’m loving it. Missed his show and I don’t understand why he didn’t do ‘Say yes to the dress’ He and the staff are hilarious. Please TLC signed up Ian Stuart the designer for the show!! I rather go to Ian Stuart bridal store than David Emmanuel.
Venti Breeze
Venti Breeze 2 months ago
That made me cry so sweet of her mom and that veil looked freaking awesome!
womanonabicycle 2 months ago
Budget: £1500 Dress, jacket, veil: £3000 Ouchy ouch. That first dress won't raise more than £500- £1000 second hand. Just disagree with that sales process.
Madelyn L.
Madelyn L. 2 months ago
This is absolute disrespect for the bride. Why don't they just show her dresses in her price range? It's a very bad advertisement for this bridal company when they don't honor the bride's budget. I wouldn't go there.
Mizuho Muhaimin
Mizuho Muhaimin 2 months ago
To anyone who wants to come looking for a wedding dress at the Confetti & Lace boutique, I suggest you prepare a budget of 2000-2500 and above. Because I think most of the dresses there are just expensive. Also, when a consultant asks for your budget, only tell half of the original amount of the budget. If a consultant recommends a dress that is more than that “half” budget, you won’t be upset to pay for it because your budget is more than you informed the consultant. I think this way you can still buy the dream dress within your budget.
R R 2 months ago
Jacket isn't doing much here. It looks bulky. Strapless with veil would have looked so much better
C1ueless :3
C1ueless :3 2 months ago
I don’t get it, was the store going to buy back the first dress? Or how? What if she doesn’t sell it at that price?
Friday 2 months ago
The first one was gorgeous
Tracey Ann Burgess
Tracey Ann Burgess 2 months ago
Such a stunningly original collection. I think she was fortunate to get it at that price and the opportunity to be able to have an appointment with the designer was something she and her entourage will never forget. If they couldn't afford it they wouldn't have paid for it.
yzar007 2 months ago
Why suggest something that’s over budget? It’s so wrong
ibag87 2 months ago
Ok so the dress in her closet is a couple of years old, it will be soooo difficult to sell that one, she will never get the missing 1,200 out of it🤷🏼‍♀️
kelllsey12000 2 months ago
I don’t like that they very so pushy about selling the old gown, even though I do agree it’s unnecessary to have an old gown from another engagement you won’t ever wear. Mum was lovely.
Doc Ride
Doc Ride 2 months ago
How come Ian Stuart didn’t sell her that sample gown and bring it to budget?
Araaayy 2 months ago
I just don’t get why this version of syttd is still up, they’re horrible
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 2 months ago
I really feel like it wasn't the consultant's decision to make to sell the old one AND go over budget..
Anna lee
Anna lee 2 months ago
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A P 2 months ago
I loveeee that first dress!
A P 2 months ago
What nationality is this bride? She sounds Australian.
Jordan Spencer
Jordan Spencer 2 months ago
I can't believe the consultant did that to her,wether she had a dress to sell or not it was wrong of her to put her in a dress that pushed to twice her budget. Lucky she has a great mum.
Jordan Spencer
Jordan Spencer 2 months ago
I don't blame mum for not forking out for a dress again, she really should sell the first one.I don't understand why she would want to keep it.
Megan Fisette
Megan Fisette 2 months ago
I am now divorced. However, I just wanted to say that for my wedding ceremony I spent a substantial amount of money on my dress. But I used money that I had saved up from my job to pay for it myself. I don't understand some brides getting their parents to foot the bill for an expensive dress. So, I do see why her mom did not want to pay for her second dress. These are all my own personal opinions though.
BloodLab 2 months ago
Out of all brides, they decided to scam a bride who is already unlucky enough on her first wedding 😢
Mo Shea
Mo Shea 2 months ago
I seriously cannot stand this consultant. She never ceases to manipulate brides by putting them in dresses WAY over budget and then getting them emotionally attached and smiling while telling them it is completely unaffordable for them.
Faith 2 months ago
Meanwhile me: *dress twice my budget* yeah i’ll still pay and get that dress for me.
Kim Hochoy
Kim Hochoy 2 months ago
What a lovely mom. Refreshing 💛
Trolls call me Karen
I can’t believe she’s buying another dress.
Nalla Miller
Nalla Miller 2 months ago
Oh MOM! How lovely!! I totally understand! I have 4 daughters hahaha! With the venue as they've chosen, this gown could not be more perfect! Absolutely stunning! Well done all!
Martinitime 2 months ago
Always the pressure to up the budget and showing them dresses much more expensive. A total turn off!
Mrs.Chopinski 2 months ago
Did she say in the end 'mater' instead of 'mother'?
Mrs.Chopinski 2 months ago
@Seraph EL oh i thought maybe it was an english slang or something. Thanks for explaining :)
Seraph EL
Seraph EL 2 months ago
She said "Thank you, Mutter." Mutter is german for mother.
Susan 2 months ago
Amazing dresses which are truly breathtaking, but what is it with bridal consultants trying to sell their wares way over budget...like seriously?
Sharon Shulby
Sharon Shulby 2 months ago
Yeah, my Mom wouldn't have bought a second wedding dress for me, either
Gayle White
Gayle White 2 months ago
What a precious sweet and loving mum you have. You are certainly blessed having her as your mum. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anna 2 months ago
Wow, that designer has a lovely vision & she looks great in them all.
Seattle Home
Seattle Home 2 months ago
From one McQuinn to another - Congrats Nellie!
kim michaud
kim michaud 2 months ago
She won't get much for the first dress even though it's never been worn it's considered a used dress
blakrumba 2 months ago
I love that the mom knows her daughter "Hopefully, you only get married once," 🤣 Moms know their kids.
Honest Reviewer
Honest Reviewer 2 months ago
She is still stuck on ex…otherwise that dress would have been gone and sold within a week of that relationship ending.
blakrumba 2 months ago
That old dress is uuuuugly. Sell that ugly thing!
Blue Star
Blue Star 2 months ago
"a leeeeetle over budget" Budget: 1500 Dresses: 2495, 2360
A A 2 months ago
Better without this jacket ..Just this beautiful dresses enough :)
Franca Cece
Franca Cece 2 months ago
This consultant really sucks always pushing over budget
Brianna Stultz
Brianna Stultz 2 months ago
I would have sold the other dress immediately after I called off the engagement.
janine 2 months ago
This is not the first time the shop goes way over budget. Shame on you.
Heena 2 months ago
Finally a dress with sleeves
Jay Buchan
Jay Buchan 2 months ago
Where is Ian designing now i love his work