Bride and Groom sing EPIC Thank You Song to Wedding Guests - Best Wedding speech

Jamie and Megan
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Hello everyone!
We hope you enjoy watching our little thank you musical we performed to guests at our wedding in July 2019. It was a lot of fun to write, and as massive musical fans ourselves, we loved every minute.
Wedding Photos at www.jamieandmegan.com
Poem translation at www.jamieandmegan.com/poems
Highlights video
Intro 0:00 (Part of your world-The little Mermaid-Disney)
Ushers 1:20 (Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston)
Bridesmaids 3:18 (Time of your life - Green day)
Best Men 5:06 (Man out of you - Mulan)
Maid of Honour 7:16 (Can you feel the love tonight - Lion King)
Bride's Parents 9:09 (Yellow - Coldplay)
Grooms Parents 11:00 (Hey Jude - Beatles)
Thank you 12:20 (All about you - Mcfly)
Wedding Planner - www.katrinaotterweddings.co.uk
Holywell Hall (venue) - www.holywellhall.co.uk
Photography - www.hannahduffy.com
Flowers - instagram.com/surface_and_soul/
Bridal dress - www.emmabeaumont.com
Videography - www.baxterandted.com
Catering - www.beetrootcatering.co.uk
Wine - instagram.com/morgan_edwards_knutsford
Bride and Groom sing EPIC Thank You Song to Wedding Guests - Best Wedding speech

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Jan 20, 2020




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Jamie and Megan
Jamie and Megan 3 months ago
Wow, this is a bit crazy for us! Thank you all so much! We uploaded the song thinking only our friends and family would watch it, but thank you for enjoying it with us AND for all the lovely comments 🥰 M&J
jclTV 4 hours ago
Best wishes idols 💖💐😇🙏👏
ssential 2 days ago
Bravo!!! Wow! So lovely! I hope you’re enjoying your happily ever after!
Yessenia Escobar
Yessenia Escobar 2 days ago
Omg you two are so amazing! Can I take the idea? Omg I love this so much
as alisetan
as alisetan 5 days ago
Congraturation to both of you!
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller 6 days ago
My brother had a Harry Potter wedding where everyone was sorted in their houses, had hand made wands, and the priest dressed up as dumbeldore.
Shannon Knight
LOVE LOVE LOVE!! You both are such an inspiration
jclTV 4 hours ago
I love this so much... best wishes its better late than never. 🙏😇💐💖
Delphine Ooi
Delphine Ooi 5 hours ago
Amazing!!!! It’s so beautiful and lovely yet so meaningful ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
anna maria
anna maria 6 hours ago
I'm the kind of person who, instead of watching a movie, watches this video 7 times in a row.
Mark 7 hours ago
Absolutely brilliant. Best video I've watched in a long time, if not ever.
Amy McLean - Super Ink Arts dotcom
What a voice!
Yvonne N Ntsomi
Yvonne N Ntsomi 9 hours ago
I'm so glad I had to see this before I get married. This is soooooo in my wedding program ❤️😂😂 this is the most creative thing I've ever seen
Jackie Miyauchi
Jackie Miyauchi 13 hours ago
Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, incredible song.... and you even made me cry. Congratulations to you both and best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness together!
Carl Mahnke
Carl Mahnke 15 hours ago
How the old folks look totally pissed. But inside, they probably liked it though.
Amazon Sales
Amazon Sales 17 hours ago
🌿💚 it's truly amazing...
Tayo Idowu
Tayo Idowu 20 hours ago
This is one of the best ever!!! Brilliant guys
Glarcier 23 hours ago
they should meet up with the singing sisters and sing together
The London Physio
Tarzan needs to slide into my DMs :) Gorgeous bride! Stunning voice. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day w us x
Jamie and Megan
Jamie and Megan 14 hours ago
Aubrey Walker
OMG she needs to be on something!!!! that girls can sing!!!!
AnnaMarie Angeles
Too good to skip❣️❣️❣️🥺🥺🥺🥺
Wonderful Ternate
Wowww... this is sooo goood !!! I've never seen this before, not in movie much less in real life ! Thank you so much for sharing this with us 🤗 hope you guys live happily together ever after 🤗 Love from Indonesia ❤
J J Day ago
Hi Jamie and Megan I know you have had so many comments but I just want to say this is the best thing ever. I have watched this many times over
Nara Lynn
Nara Lynn Day ago
Oh gosh i found it excidently... Love it from Malaysia.
Michelle Berry
S Kel,zwlz was wkz,xelmx2ks,o2 Kel,xeox,epslep,e9ks02l3dl 2.s2pls20
Andri Wirawan
stunning!...so lovely....
Kathy Millspaugh
I’m not crying 😭 .......your crying 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
John Erik Lofthus
#KillingIt😇❤ ❤
John Erik Lofthus
lizette rivadeneira
she kinda sounds like anna kendrick! what an awesome wedding 😍
Apple Mae Delantar
I'm crying, just pop in recommendation😍😭 the best wedding I've ever seen. Congratulations 🎉
adam diaz
adam diaz Day ago
OMG , . . . . . . . . . . I watch this video @ least 3 or 4 times in a week,... puts a smile to my face! Thank you Megan n' Jamie!!
Laura Raymond
How could 2k dislike this???
Ainee Comae De Asis
There's so much love in this wedding!
Ellie Herbert
She is so pretty
Nightcore Virus
Nightcore Virus 2 days ago
That gay part turned me on😂
Matt Jack
Matt Jack 2 days ago
Imagine if Covid 19 would have canceled this gathering!
Jamie and Megan
Oh my goodness! 😮 we hope all the other brides and grooms get their special day soon 🙏🏻
Jan-Elizabeth Marx
dancedance220 2 days ago
She sounds like Julie Andrews!
Jamie and Megan
Best thing anyone could say to me!! Love her!! Thank you xxx
Arthur Young
Arthur Young 2 days ago
I am a grown man, but this is so wholesome and done perfectly, it just gets to me. This is witty, sweet and wonderful from the perfect couple.
Faeryn Wolf
Faeryn Wolf 2 days ago
This is beautiful
asami salami
asami salami 2 days ago
i’m crying...i honestly loved this whole thing! it was so freaking amazing! the songs were so beautiful, emotional, personal and creative & i honestly loved every second of it!
Helen Garcia
Helen Garcia 2 days ago
Crying while watching ..it's the most sincere way of thanking everyone whose been a part of their life...
Laura Hirovanaa
Laura Hirovanaa 2 days ago
Her: Singing amazingly and pointing out to everyone perfectly. Me: Realising she had no notes and knew her lyrics off by ❣️.
Teresa Tomeu
Teresa Tomeu 2 days ago
That was beautiful! I feel like I crashed you’re wedding, but I couldn’t stop watching. Amazing!
Isabelle Ocampo
Isabelle Ocampo 2 days ago
Oh ny goodness, I don't know these people.... But I am touched and crying! It's just beautiful!
Mister MB
Mister MB 3 days ago
Oooooh So Beautiful, more than 5 mil. view's ! I 'am so happy for you !
Kathryn Woods
Kathryn Woods 3 days ago
I Don't know you and we will likely never meet but OH MY GOODNESS!! you have touched my heart. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I am so glad I stumbled upon it. Best wishes to you both for a very happy life!!
persoon zonder naam
Kevin Blance
Kevin Blance 3 days ago
Super human achievement 5 million views. I can claim at least 30 of them. Assume voice and great lyrics. Keep up the good work and best wishes from the 5 million population in new zealand 💕💕
Jana Canipel
Jana Canipel 3 days ago
I am working from home and tried to find something to put on in the background and came across your video.. and yes I couldn’t take my eyes of your performance 👏🏼 Absolutely awesome. Haven’t seen this much joy and happiness in a long time. Felt tearful especially when you sang to your sister. What a special moment 🥰 Wishing you both all the very best 🤗👰🏼🎩
Jamie and Megan
Jamie and Megan 2 days ago
Thank you so much Jana xxx
Stacey Gray
Stacey Gray 3 days ago
Thanks for sharing, I wish you all the best in life.
bambina_ hazzaharold
thank you❤️ i don't even know you guys but this made my day. God bless you.
Tho Metzloff
Tho Metzloff 3 days ago
Wow 😯 thank you for sharing your lovely and beautiful wedding songs. I love all your songs. I had a bad night and your wedding songs made my night good again😘. You both are beautiful and have beautiful families and friends😄. I'm not your friend just a stranger but Congratulations (even though it is months late 😋) BEST WISHES TO YOU BOTH ❤️🎉
Jamie and Megan
Jamie and Megan 2 days ago
Thank you for the lovely comment xxx
Speech Monkey
Speech Monkey 3 days ago
Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple, beautiful ALL. Why, Helloo Tarzan!🥰
Gyru Gonmei
Gyru Gonmei 4 days ago
miranda caffrey
miranda caffrey 4 days ago
Lovely video. You both are beautiful. Congratulations on your life as married couple.
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown 4 days ago
Was debating still doing my wedding, then watched this and was like.. aww hell. fine.
Jamie and Megan
Jamie and Megan 4 days ago
Gem Cottle
Gem Cottle 4 days ago
Genuinely watched this 10 times and gets me every time! Great work!
Аннализа Диокуино
I literally cried
Never Youmind
Never Youmind 4 days ago
As promised here I am back for another view, the 5 millionths!!! Congratulations. I’ll be back again for #6 million!
g bel
g bel 4 days ago
Just watching this makes me so happy!! Keep singing!!
Heidi !!!
Heidi !!! 4 days ago
Is no one going to talk about how beautiful she looks...
Jamie and Megan
Jamie and Megan 4 days ago
Thank you 🙏🏻 xx
Mariella Mamalias
I'm crying and I don't even know you guys
Christian Albert Pata
Lovely 😍❤💒👰🤵
Arlene Alvarez
Arlene Alvarez 4 days ago
amazing and talented couple!
Mariam Emmanuel
Mariam Emmanuel 4 days ago
You honestly look like a real life princess, this is beautiful. I have watched this three times.
Mandy Eisenberg
Mandy Eisenberg 4 days ago
Such an emotional moment! I just uploaded a video to share some emotional wedding moments of mine ❤️ Check it out!
Ryan Kuzel
Ryan Kuzel 4 days ago
Very cool!
Andrew Nabos
Andrew Nabos 4 days ago
What a beautiful moment
Ke ka
Ke ka 4 days ago
That Georgie tarzan dammmn..... i marry him hahaha
M Davidson
M Davidson 5 days ago
absolutely incredible - so touching, I cried and I have no idea who you or any of your guests are.
Dai Davies
Dai Davies 5 days ago
Lexa Mae Quizon
Lexa Mae Quizon 5 days ago
i've watch this twice and it made me cry twice as well..💕
Julie Townsend
Julie Townsend 5 days ago
Amazingly fabulous.
Sabine Bends
Sabine Bends 5 days ago
So much beauty, creativity and talent in one tent! And so much love. I am speechless and crying...
Aga Salim
Aga Salim 5 days ago
Wow! Just wow! You guys are amazing!!! A long overdue congratulations! Be blessed with health and happiness! And hope you all stay safe and healthy during this pandemic! :)
as alisetan
as alisetan 5 days ago
With no reasons im crying while watching this video.
Ni Made Widyani
Ni Made Widyani 5 days ago
Why am i crying 😭❤️ so beautiful wedding party
Barb Ryan
Barb Ryan 5 days ago
Absolutely amazing and so special
Daniel Dmello
Daniel Dmello 5 days ago
This actually looks like a wedding in a Disney movie
Daniel Dmello
Daniel Dmello 5 days ago
IDK who these people are but I hope they invite me for their anniversary celebration
She’s an amazing singer, but don’t understand why she’s not famous (yet.)
Traci Losee
Traci Losee 6 days ago
Beautiful In every Aspect of the Word and the Bride Stunning what a voice Best wishes
Kelli Eelman
Kelli Eelman 6 days ago
This is so amazing!!!!
Babb az66
Babb az66 6 days ago
Amazing congratulations
Jess Priddey
Jess Priddey 6 days ago
this must be like the 15th time i’ve watched this!!! i love it🥺really touched me. so talented megan and jamie❤️
Kristin Tyree
Kristin Tyree 6 days ago
Very adorable. Congrats to the bride and groom.
Kajsa 6 days ago
This is seriously the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!🥰 I really can’t sing but this still just became a new dream of mine💛💛
HK Diva
HK Diva 6 days ago
Bride and groom looks d best in d video . Beautifully done u both Cheers 😘😘
Gloria Ann Alvarado
Cool they married b4 covid19 ! Fantastic Voice! Love her hair do too! Is she the disney singer?! Pardon my ignorace! Beautiful people all over! Gorgeous Maid of Honor! Oh thats proud young looking papa!! Mmm how tender she sings from her heart! Fancy Father & Mother in law!
Rini Huang
Rini Huang 6 days ago
Tear drop on the sister songs 😭😭😭😭😭
Wooly Jenny
Wooly Jenny 6 days ago
One song, cute. 15 mins? Awkward! 🥴
Matt Eckert
Matt Eckert 6 days ago
You both are amazing I love this😁😁
Diane Allen
Diane Allen 6 days ago
WOW what a beautiful way for your guests to remember you both on your wedding day ... And you both are gorgeous and very talented ... Love and peace 💘 💘God bless 🙏👼🙏👼💘
Point Zone
Point Zone 6 days ago
Adrii Casas
Adrii Casas 7 days ago
Adrii Casas
Adrii Casas 7 days ago
KIRSTINE 7 days ago
Alli Miller
Alli Miller 7 days ago
OMG, THAT WAS THEE MOST AWESOMEST, ORIGINAL, PROFESSIONALLY SHOT WEDDING EVER!!! EPIC!!! I cried and laughed like I know you guys!!!! I can TOTALLY see how you guys got so many views! Cheers to a lifetime of happiness ❤❤❤
Cloud Sweeper
Cloud Sweeper 7 days ago
This was like “lightning in a bottle”, a moment of creative genius. May you have many more such moments ...
Martin Straub
Martin Straub 7 days ago
Great Great work :))) !!!
Helena Sara
Helena Sara 7 days ago
50kevind 7 days ago
Loved it. If I was a wedding crasher, this would definitely be the ONE to go to. Must have been the best day ever.
kätrin koort
kätrin koort 7 days ago
That was so sweet and cool. Omg. 😍😍🌹🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺
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