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Bride Elena is looking for a big princess dress for her Greek wedding but can it impress her huge entourage?

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May 12, 2021




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Comments 635
Miryam Amar
Miryam Amar 2 days ago
Did she pay in cash?
Lullaby Sorrow
Lullaby Sorrow 2 days ago
Dress number 2 was too plain, and I’ve seen bigger and better dresses on this show and on Gok’s version.
MrsSlocombes PuddyCat
😶 Been to a number of Greek weddings. Always found the money pinning a bit over the top. Certainly would be nice to receive such money. Did find this bride a little overly obsessed with the whole deal though.
S 14 days ago
as a greek with like 2 first cousins i find it too much lol edit: i've also never been to a greek wedding where they pin or throw money on the couple???? is this not a thing in australia?
Ginger Riviera
Ginger Riviera 14 days ago
Second bride's Mom looks so upset and stressed!
Sheeza Malik
Sheeza Malik 15 days ago
everyone shocked after hearing about 400 guests meanwhile me: *laughs in desi*
MrsSlocombes PuddyCat
🤪 Anything more than 200 guests is ridiculous anyway. What a waste of money. But I suppose it gives the parents chance to preen and show off their wealth. Or at least pretend they have some to save face.
Niyati Deepti
Niyati Deepti 18 days ago
Her: If you're not Greek you're gonna find it too much Meanwhile, Indians: You teasing me, you naughty naughty😂
MrsSlocombes PuddyCat
😂 The thought of being in an Indian or Italian or Greek family like this, fills me with absolute dread. I would absolutely HATE it. I value my independence to much.
armys world
armys world 19 days ago
"about 400 people on my wedding" "OMG thats absolutely crazy" Me being an indian be like...
octosmart 13 days ago
@MrsSlocombes PuddyCat it's depends on where u come from but in my country actually the family pay for the wedding they help each other and the groom pays and the bride can help for extra things she wants where I'm from the family collect money as our family is very big. As most brided after the wedding they get full furnished home from the gifts they gate 😂 but that's a teamwork and what family do to each other
MrsSlocombes PuddyCat
😂 Having that many at a wedding, is showing off pure and simple. Chance for the parents to bankrupt themselves, whilst preening to their friends and associates.
octosmart 14 days ago
😂 It's Arab thing too
Sissy Nikolaou
Sissy Nikolaou 21 day ago
Well, I'm Greek too, but no one can have an opinion to my wedding except me and my man.
دفتر وقلم
Those people have bad taste
Maria P.
Maria P. 22 days ago
Well... I AM Greek and I DO find that "too much"... It's not like that anymore. Maybe it is, for the Greeks who live abroad
Fascienne Skytten
Fascienne Skytten 22 days ago
Y'all arguing abt how she "guilt trip a man into a date" I'm here still thinking it's unfair that they put on veil just to get people agree 😂 welp at least this time it's not over their budget
Olia Andrianou
Olia Andrianou 23 days ago
And I was wondering if any of us has ever been on this show...It's clear they are Greeks by the number of relatives attending the show room..😂
Jimena Sandoval Lainez
My freak dress
Katy Marie
Katy Marie 24 days ago
I LOVE her dress! It’s gorgeous 😍🥰
Apple android  Khan
Apple android Khan 27 days ago
The first bride 👰‍♀️ is expressionless . I hate her reaction on the dresses . She has dead expressions
Anamika Kumari
Anamika Kumari 29 days ago
Indian weddings have more than 1000 guests
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea 29 days ago
LMAO when I was younger I thought that it's normal for every wedding to have that part where the couple dance and guests put money on their clothes
Anna Hollifield
Anna Hollifield Month ago
"She doesn't look happy, so I don't like it either" Me. "She looks happy, and so I'm happy. She's a beautiful bride! So, whatever you like babe!" Me also. 😍
Demet Month ago
*Her dress is from a Turkish designer and made in Turkey, it's funny bc Greeks see Turks as their enemies* Is it a coincidence? 😅
Christine Edmondson
Time to stop taking the whole family. Please ladies, remember it's your day. You've got to wear the dress for the most important day of your life!
Roun Man
Roun Man Month ago
I’m surprise they allow this much ppl in the shop during covid.
Marie M
Marie M Month ago
"I come from a huge Greek family" not one Greek accent in site
life is sorted.
life is sorted. Month ago
It's like if in india u invite 400 people to the wedding it's a small get together wedding.....mine had 1200 pple....and it's common....
Tania Ochoa
Tania Ochoa Month ago
Am I the only one that thinks that that dress is really not that big? I've seen quinceañera dresses at least three times bigger.
Shreya Chaudhary
And my Indian ass laughing that there are 400 people in a BIG WEDDING. We have like more than 1000 people in a moderate wedding. Ofcourse before covid 😂😂. Good old days.
Monica Arreguin
Monica Arreguin Month ago
No hate to the bride or her culture, but I would feel like I was at my quinces
smh Month ago
My Prom dress was a ball gown style dress and one day I want my wedding dress to be as big as hers. Beautiful !
Kathleen McKenzie
When I saw Mum AND four aunties were there, I thought they would never find a dress that suited everyone. David pulled it together.
naina s
naina s Month ago
"If you're not Greek you might think it's too much" Laughs in Indian
Lisa Wentworth
Lisa Wentworth 2 months ago
The first one was ill-fitting...the second one fits perfect.
Nah Bruh
Nah Bruh 2 months ago
The poor groom, marrying this trash
Sarah E
Sarah E 2 months ago
A wedding with 400 guests is crazy. I don't even know 400 people! "I give myself full credit for the whole relationship" what a selfish thing to say, as it takes two people to have a relationship. That first dress is way more pink than blush in my opinion. The big Greek entourage was sure focused on the money that she would receive at the wedding, I don't really understand that part of it, but I'm not Greek. The second bride was too focused on what her family felt and not focused enough on what she wanted.
marshhen 2 months ago
Beautiful bride but she has terrible posture. She holds her head very far forward, maybe from alot of time on her phone. It makes her appearance in the dress less impactful. Posture is so important, I know when you are young it seems irrelevant but it becomes a chronic spine problem after a few decades. At this point though, it just makes her less attractive in her wedding gowns.
Sue McDonald
Sue McDonald 2 months ago
the dress swamped her
Casey Defor
Casey Defor 2 months ago
Stop bringing FAMILY TO THIS!!! They have too many opinions and all that matters is your opinion
Samantha Perkins
Samantha Perkins 2 months ago
Doesn't the dress get ruined with so much pinning and jabbing??? 😕 But I guess with the money that she would get she doesn't care.😏
Courtney 2 months ago
just put a hoop skirt on it
Chusone Chu
Chusone Chu 2 months ago
Did I hear 50K?
megha bisht
megha bisht 2 months ago
1000 people.. only Indians can relate to her.
Erika Kozová
Erika Kozová 2 months ago
This was too funny, David finally in his element and that laugh of his at 5:20 😆😆😆
Lilah Devine
Lilah Devine 2 months ago
she has horrible posture
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 2 months ago
How do people even know 1,000 people? Geech
Kayla Campbell-Brown
They need to change David Emmanuel..hes dated and not really any vision with these dresses.. He doesn't offer anything..bring back Gok or even someone new.
Cheri Coffman
Cheri Coffman 2 months ago
I’m thrown off by the lack of a New York or New Jersey accent.
Linda Driggs
Linda Driggs 3 months ago
My f avorite bridal consultant (is that what David & randy are?) Is David! He's classy without over the top. I love how expressive he is. He adds that little finger and I hoot!!!. You're the Man! (or)
lifewithpresh 3 months ago
The dress she chose was beautiful. It reminded me of A Cinderella Story.
Shubha l gowda
Shubha l gowda 3 months ago
God i am Indian and in my wedding there were almost 3 thousand people 😂😂😂😂
Nagato Uzumaki
Nagato Uzumaki 3 months ago
This should be say yes to the veil😭 how do these people change their minds after wearing a veil?
Mina Smith
Mina Smith 3 months ago
Very beautiful dress looks amazing on her
Shania Dirstein
Shania Dirstein 3 months ago
I love the lace along the bottom
Lisa Karlsson
Lisa Karlsson 3 months ago
If you guys are as obsessed with this show as me, you will probably remember the red dress. There was a red dress from this store that also came in white. That dress was BIIIIIIIG and a big blingy. I don’t know if it was too expensive but that dress or something like it wold have been PER-FECT!✌️
Tamanna 3 months ago
We had 1700 people at my wedding and then 2000 at the reception 😂 That’s a big fat Indian wedding. There’s nothing big about 400 Lmao.
Μαρία Τηλιακού
Do you have food and drinks for these people ?
Mariam Shittu
Mariam Shittu 2 months ago
In a proper Nigerian wedding,we don't know how many guests we get
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim 3 months ago
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Bec Thumma
Bec Thumma 3 months ago
Hey Nan, it's not your boxes that are being ticked.
bamnurface 3 months ago
First 40 seconds...My family: You're a grown woman getting married , your mom, grandma , aunt's tell you what to do - you stand up for yourself as an adult and now you're talking back😏
Ioanna Englezakis
Ioanna Englezakis 3 months ago
I'm Greek and my father in law(cypriot)invited the guests 1 200 ...engagement 440🤣😂🤣😂with some extra gate crashers.....got my wedding dress with my mom in law absolutely help and support 😍🥰😍
BRILLIANT DIVA 3 months ago
Don’t the guests also spit on the wedding gown?
Deya Deya
Deya Deya 3 months ago
Me looking at these dresses and drooling.🤤...even tho I can't wear gown at my wedding😭😭😭😭
Catherine 3 months ago
Drink some water every time you hear “Greek,” let’s hydrate people
Dhanashri A
Dhanashri A 3 months ago
Yes please I want Gok ! David is unbearable
Anne Jeppesen
Anne Jeppesen 3 months ago
"it's a wedding dress, not a panto (???) costume" why didn't anyone tell him that in 1981?????
strawberry 3 months ago
Indians - 400 thats a lot 😑😑😑😑👍🏻
Lillygrove sun
Lillygrove sun 3 months ago
I'm not even Greek, and even I would go for the big puff dresses. She's lucky to have a family that will be involved in her wedding plans.
Anne Gunn
Anne Gunn 3 months ago
Very pretty dress and cheap
It´s that weird girl
Why is no one talking about the way the woman said wow when she walked in the store?🤣🤣🤣🤣
Campbroadie 3 months ago
Who is always answering yes when it's not even your wedding dress😏😏😏😂😂
loving nct
loving nct 3 months ago
her eyes smile is so adorable 🥺
N C 3 months ago
you see they say the bigger the dress the more money but sweetie you couldve got a petticoat for under it to make the skirt appear even bigger that's literally what petticoats are for, it makes your skirt fuller gives it a more princess effect
Cindy Vining
Cindy Vining 3 months ago
Dress is gorgeous!!
ELAFI Animal Welfare Awards
I'm Cypriot and no way near as materialistic! There's tradition and then there is greed!
Diamond Heart
Diamond Heart 3 months ago
That second bride..I feel so bad for her. Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Her family just didn’t want to hurt her feelings.
Ananya Joy
Ananya Joy 3 months ago
That bride saying how huge the wedding is, me Indian: really..??? 😂😂😂
BloodLab 3 months ago
He designed princess Diana’s big fat massive drowning puffy wedding dress but can’t find her that kind of dress? 😂
Mariam Shittu
Mariam Shittu 2 months ago
You need to consider the budget and Diana's was probably custom made
RURU 3 months ago
theyre watching out for the budget
debbieomi 3 months ago
Egads! I thought that was the second ugliest wedding dress I've ever seen. First place belongs to a very similar dress that a groom designed and sewed for his almost 400 pound bride. Never on my life have I ever seen a more unhappy bride walk down the aisle. They divorced within 5 years when the "pray away the gay" therapy didn't work.
Danielle King
Danielle King 3 months ago
I'm honestly shocked when he said he was pulling the biggest dress they had in this store, my mind immediately went to "does that mean it's OUTSIDE her budget???" and wow, it was under 2k!
Elizabeth Conder
Elizabeth Conder 3 months ago
Guilt tripped him into a date..? Oh honey 💀
Dharitri 3 months ago
The magic trick 🤣🤣🤣🤣....works everytime !
Sana fiza sana
Sana fiza sana 3 months ago
400 is big Indians. R u going to a birthday party 🎉
Charmi V
Charmi V 3 months ago
“400 people Wow tHAtS CrAzY” Me an Indian- ._.
Debbie Marquis
Debbie Marquis 3 months ago
The veil works everytime..
ward collector
ward collector 3 months ago
400 people huge wedding? axaxaxaxa nice joke
Panda hekayəsi
Panda hekayəsi 3 months ago
That's why we don't take aunts or cousins with us.
E Fonto
E Fonto 3 months ago
They are not Greek, they are Cypriot and yes, there is a difference.
Ramya Smriti Soma
Ramya Smriti Soma 3 months ago
SO the trick up his sleeve was to add a veil. lol these shows are getting ridiculous. They put on the veil and suddenly everyone loves the dress....
Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali 3 months ago
I attended a wedding of 3000 ppl
Anayeli Soria
Anayeli Soria 3 months ago
I have like 8 people I'd like to invite to my wedding...
Yesica Goblirsch
Yesica Goblirsch 3 months ago
The “trick” is typically adding the veil 🤣
Pew Pew
Pew Pew 2 months ago
Was looking for this comment!!
Ida Dennis
Ida Dennis 3 months ago
None None
None None 3 months ago
So no petty coats in the house?
Carenina 3 months ago
A. Thousand. People. Holy Sh**!
You are a star Yep
You are a star Yep 3 months ago
Me as an Indian hearing just 400 guests is just a bit off cz we usually have like 1000 ppl..hehe-
Joselyn Jerusalem
Joselyn Jerusalem 3 months ago
The way she laugh!! so cuteee
babasgirl 3 months ago
in our country we dont put the money in the dress but there will be someone sitting infront of the door who will be receiving the money from guests also while the bride and groom dance people will put money on them and that will be couple of thousands. sometimes it even covers the wedding expenses and on bridal shower we give gifts to the bride who will help her for her future house
M P 3 months ago
Guys I'm Greek, I live in Greece, and I've never heard of the money-on-the-dress tradition😂
ward collector
ward collector 3 months ago
they used to do that in Cyprus, not anymore
Mignon de Jager
Mignon de Jager 3 months ago
Sometimes cultures that are immigrants in another country are somehow more intense and crazy than people who actually still live in their country of origin. Take italians in the United States for example
Stella Aster
Stella Aster 3 months ago
Να πας σε ποντιακό γάμο ή καπου αλλού σε επαρχία. Οι Ελληνες πολλοί δεν κάνουν παραδοσιακούς γάμους πια
Yasmin Zid
Yasmin Zid 3 months ago
Haha the money 'thing' we do it too in my country Tunisia 🇹🇳, but it's only for the bride on her own day, because before the wedding ceremony the bride has a day just for her to celebrate with her family and friends As it is for him too
Gazi I
Gazi I 3 months ago
She is shocked with 400 guests. In Bangladesh if people invites only close ones the list becomes 1000 people 🤣🤣🤣
New Beginnings
New Beginnings 3 months ago
I love that they play ABBA in the background....
Vangie 3 months ago
oh wow a small wedding, only 400? Gee thats like the smallest greek wedding
Nevolet 3 months ago
Sweden cant relate, more than 40 guests is a big wedding here. I wish i had that many friends that wouldnt be considered awkward to invite. If you invite an older friend that youndont currently talk to here it would be considered weird and too personal..and people would be like...eh ok so she has No friends because she invited even me.
Hanna 3 months ago
I hate when cultures have stuff like that tbh. Like for an indian wedding if you want a small one people are gonna think oh shes not proud of her partner or shes embarrassed (or pregnant) and its so annoying. If you wanna have the non-traditional style wedding its always so judged.
Stefani Dorati
Stefani Dorati 3 months ago
I’ve been to a Greek x Swedish wedding, the bride was from Sweden and the groom from Greece. They flew in plenty of guests from Sweden, guess it was a surprise to them xd
Utpal Debnath
Utpal Debnath 3 months ago
David : its a wedding dress not a panda costume 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣