Bridal Party Vote Against Bride's Hideous Dress Choice | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Say Yes to the Dress
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Tensions rise as Nicole and her bridal party argues over two short dress options for her country wedding.
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Aug 10, 2019




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Comments 1 621
Alex T
Alex T 14 minutes ago
Biiiiiitch you don't hope to get pregnant when your friend is about to have her wedding and you're a bridesmaid
Alex T
Alex T 16 minutes ago
She's wearing too much white and highlighter on her face
Alex T
Alex T 17 minutes ago
When they introduced the fat bridesmaid, i was immediately like "she's going to be the problem. Bet"
Isabelle Burdge
Isabelle Burdge 22 minutes ago
These are ugly colors and dresses but its HER wedding!
Bridget Palmer
Bridget Palmer 2 hours ago
She's like: I dOnT lIkE tHaT dReSs When they look almost the god dam same
Astrid Birgitte Overn
Sooooo glad I’m not going to that wedding!
MY Online REVIEW 7 hours ago
They Can't relate girl😂 Their girls are just small. Big girls have Big Boobs,I might say
Oblivion.exe 11 hours ago
I still think Robin’s dress was prettier
Oblivion.exe 12 hours ago
Yeah the raspberry and lime green was tacky as hell
Gigi Prabhakaran
Gigi Prabhakaran 18 hours ago
Okay this is oddly specific, but do y’all remember the episode of victorious where she’s selling those nasty pops for some money? Yeah these dresses look like that
Tranquil Atmosphere
Tranquil Atmosphere 20 hours ago
The bride kind of looks like Violet from the walking dead game
Ace Queen
Ace Queen 22 hours ago
Do they not have other dresses like 90 % of the time it's all the same
Isabelle Mwania
That bride should have just stuck with the double color It wasn't bad, and it's what *she* wanted for *her* wedding
Bekah Cobb
Bekah Cobb Day ago
Dude it's about the bride not you
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Day ago
the people coming to pick dresses NEVER Smile and Everyone looks uncomfortable, like Wtf have Some fun
Liberty Bruce
Damn robyn is a mean bitch
Malina 123
Malina 123 Day ago
Colors are raspberry and lime green . They show purple and dark olive green😳
Rebekha o
Rebekha o Day ago
If my bestfriend was happy, fuck, put me in a potato sack. You're happy? Alright. Let's do it.
ngl the first dress w the sash actually looked ok???
M Day ago
When did this air 💀
Alloria Varner
Does everyone one forget that tailoring exits in this show. "My girls would spill out" that's why we aren't getting that dress in that exact size Robin. They would fix the dress to fit you.
Christina Singleton
I feel like a lot of Brides seem to forget something...It’s very important..Everybody say it with me... BRIDESMAIDS 👏ARE👏NOT👏DECORATIONS👏 Yes I understand that the day is all about the Bride...and bridesmaids should not push their opinion on the Bride..But the Bridesmaids are your friends and some are family members...Have a little respect...
Bianca Jimenez
Bianca Jimenez 2 days ago
I can understand her not wanting to wear a strapless I can’t even wear cute strapless shirts or dresses cause of the size of my chest and my chest is smaller than robins
Emma Williams
Emma Williams 2 days ago
5:10 is it just me or did that dress go from red to pink?
Jordyn B
Jordyn B 2 days ago
12 months pregnant what
Maira Latif
Maira Latif 2 days ago
Yeah I do agree the dresses aren’t really my style but she’s the bride and if she likes it that’s all that matters
Kawaii_Karma 2 days ago
The bride has shit taste in colours and dresses
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown 2 days ago
This is exactly why I like having only 1 or 2 girlfriends. LoL way easier to live.
Ella T
Ella T 2 days ago
She could even wear the maternity dress when she is not pregnant. Lol she is pretty fat
Epiphany Day ago
Wow just in case the fatphobia wasn’t clear from the first ‘joke’ you felt the need to spell it out after This is incredibly not it, friend.
War in Christmas Village
Robin needs to quit being a crazy maker for her friend’s wedding and sit down in the pew at the wedding, not the altar.
Thanos 2 days ago
When you only get pregnant so you don’t have to wear a dress you don’t like 👌🏻 classy.
Lillian Bowman
Lillian Bowman 19 hours ago
Damn Thanos be saying the truth.
Hi- I Exist
Hi- I Exist 3 days ago
The dark blue dress looked gorgeous. They all have blondish hair so it matches really well with their hair color, and it has a bit of shape that makes it unique, but not weird, it’s a pretty type of unique.
Will Groody
Will Groody 3 days ago
I think it’s unfair her ‘friend’ Robyn is trying to make the day about her not liking anything, and basically admitting she’s going to want to be pregnant so she can basically make it all about her. As many pint Ed out she said she doesn’t like the original ideas the raspberry and lime, yet she’s wearing an awful dress with all the same colours. It’s similar from Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares USA Flamangos where the owner Adele wore blue throughout and when Gordon put blue in the restaurant she said how much she hated blue. Where it just comes across as petty and vindictive when not getting their own way. I think they’re overbearing to Nicole because she’s so much more pretty, kind and thin, it actually comes across like jealousy. But because she grew up with them she doesn’t want to ditch them and they put her down to stop her going for new friends.
Maggie Bui
Maggie Bui 3 days ago
There wedding dress are so pretty but the bridesmaids dress are so ugly...😑
emilia girl
emilia girl 3 days ago
These women are stuck in the early 2000's lol blue eyeshadow....flowers in one girls hair, another one has a hair bump...wtf..😂
Sam S
Sam S 3 days ago
No one: Robin: those colors are good for a teenagers birthday party Also robin: *is wearing raspberry and lime*
MissIToldYou Sooo
Ughhh all the options are fcking hideous even the 'better ones'😆
Sweymoe Maung
Sweymoe Maung 3 days ago
Tbh if this happaned now or to me i would have straight up say 'bitch this is my wedding if you wanna wear what you want have your own damn wedding"
Julia Stetter
Julia Stetter 3 days ago
Bride: "I'm more lowkey and quiet" Also bride: wE aRE SoUteRN bUT We'rE CLAssY!!!
D V 3 days ago
Sorry straps or not straps will not make any different for robin she just plain fat. And no dress will look good on her. Sorry!
g0at LiCkEr
g0at LiCkEr 3 days ago
Idk, like, all the dresses look really tacky to me
sandy quint
sandy quint 3 days ago
Robyn is so big I doubt people will be able to tell she’s pregnant
lucy phurr
lucy phurr 3 days ago
Imagine how Robin has felt being the ugly friend her whole life.
BabyBlueEyes 4 days ago
“I don’t wanna wear purple” Purple is not raspberry baby 😳
Stargirl 4 days ago
"raspberry and lyyyyyhhhhhmm green"
Maggie E
Maggie E 4 days ago
All of these dresses are hideous oh my god
Alastor 4 days ago
Purple and plain color dresses rarely look good
Sabana Amador
Sabana Amador 4 days ago
The bride was giving me weird vibes when she would talk to the bridesmaid in the middle. like she was being a bitch
Kari Linn
Kari Linn 4 days ago
Bentley Taylor
Bentley Taylor 4 days ago
why are the bridesmaids always toxic?
Kaitlin Ski
Kaitlin Ski 4 days ago
Does Robyn realize it's the dress will be in HER size? She acts like they are gonna try and squish her into a 12!
Shae Flatt
Shae Flatt 4 days ago
Robyn is a bitch. It’s not your wedding, shut the hell up
Lilly Hawkins
Lilly Hawkins 5 days ago
Brides made dresses are so ugly
Bionca Shealey
Bionca Shealey 5 days ago
I’m thinking sorbet the whole time
Supergirl 5 days ago
I really. Really dislike Robyn. She is snobby.
Redgucci Shoes
Redgucci Shoes 5 days ago
I do agree on the color scheme
Jessica Ackley
Jessica Ackley 5 days ago
Robyn can still wear the maternity one either way no one would know the difference
Nyesha Harris
Nyesha Harris 5 days ago
This is why everybody has to have the same shape in my wedding same dress same size
Keisha Iz Awesome
Robyn "Im hoping to be pregnant and it'll probably be bigger" Me "........ GIRL IF YOU DON'T SIT CHO!"
Ebizzill 5 days ago
very awkward episode
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