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A true champion has no fear.
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Feb 5, 2018




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Comments 100
Faze Refined
Faze Refined 52 seconds ago
I was that friend
Lslsl Jskskke
Lslsl Jskskke 4 minutes ago
Omfg he sound like Craig from South Park when he voice the little girl
Liam LAU
Liam LAU 4 hours ago
I saw him once
memes Dankシ
memes Dankシ 4 hours ago
3:20 OMG LOL
Seba Elizalde
Seba Elizalde 5 hours ago
Bruh shits funny as hell
thiccboii 8 hours ago
I saw some kids on a trampoline but there also was a tire rim and they double bounced it and hit some kid in the face
Crazy Lemon
Crazy Lemon 8 hours ago
Pro tip: When playing Drop Kick, always have Cory on your team
Joseph Gaking
Joseph Gaking 8 hours ago
What if ur a dumbass 16 year old can I still play
cool jeff Lopez
cool jeff Lopez 10 hours ago
Matt was The Imposter.
EarthyDwolf 44
EarthyDwolf 44 11 hours ago
Who's else is watching this in 2030
CJ Rouse
CJ Rouse 11 hours ago
No fucking way...I played drop kick on the trampoline. Our tramp had a net, we tried to jump as high as we could and kick each other over the top of the net.
roguezombie33 11 hours ago
I just threw up from laughing so hard
Dannielle Bievre
Dannielle Bievre 11 hours ago
Drop kick bros Drop kick bros Melee Drop kick Bros Brawl Drop Kick Br4s Drop Kick Bros Ultimate
Soviet Union President
Kid 0:54
FN God
FN God 12 hours ago
3:30 Matt was not the imposter.
Oscar CHALMERS 15 hours ago
Oh here I’ll show ya
Ashley Marquez
Ashley Marquez 17 hours ago
Kylie Rosellini
Kylie Rosellini 17 hours ago
[come I will Drop kick you]hahah!(he dead boy){were is the other part of his leg 🦵?}
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 18 hours ago
Kick them in the dick
Izzy Kidding
Izzy Kidding 18 hours ago
I swear I have back problems today because of trampolines as a kid.
Alan Cabrera
Alan Cabrera 20 hours ago
Alan Cabrera
Alan Cabrera 20 hours ago
😆😆 lol
how do I delete youtube sad times
I want some socker boobers noe
Declan McKenna
Declan McKenna 22 hours ago
These vids remind me so much of South Park
GarryharveyIII 23 hours ago
On our trampoline we would play a game called assassin and what we would do is you would try knocking people over with your feet last one standing is the assassin for the next round
God Knight
God Knight Day ago
Oh trust me I nearly fucking broke my leg on one of those shitty ass things
Finnaka1245 Day ago
You make me die in laughter 😂
that’s kinda SusSsSsSs
Speed up the video everytime he says “drop kick”
Blackknight Day ago
This accurately describes my friend
Birdo plays
Birdo plays Day ago
Why when they get on the trampoline we don’t see David
FAZE ramen
FAZE ramen Day ago
This was the first episode I ever seen of Brewstew 2 years ago
Crazy plush bros
I’m your biggest fan !!! I liked subbed and shared
You can't wear shoes on a trampoline! unless you are going to do a flip off the tramp onto the ground. Yes we called it the tramp as kids and our parents were like "WTF did you say?"
Brendan Baker
when i was 5 i slipped and fell down the stairs of the bunkbed and broke my femur bone.
A Cringer
A Cringer 2 days ago
Tips for dropkick that are effective have cum on your feet and kick em
Lopez Gonzales
Lopez Gonzales 2 days ago
I think the kid I's called the rich kid
Drago knight
Drago knight 2 days ago
I was that child growing up
Sofia Martin
Sofia Martin 2 days ago
You lost me when you said ' "We all had freainds"
Huss 2 days ago
At 2:50 didnt u say he is a only child
GamingSeizure 2 days ago
I will never forget when me and my friend were on his trampoline (which by the way was right next to a wooden fence) were jumping on the trampoline and he ended up jumping in a way where he was horizontally sideways and he ended up going directly towards the fence and nearly shattering the bones on his feet. Good Times
I’m that friend lol
Tucker C
Tucker C 2 days ago
Why do you have to say someone to buy words
Luck13 2 days ago
why does cory look like wario
Ashley Howell
Ashley Howell 2 days ago
What the hell I'm like when they cause it makes me laugh
DoctorZonk Tv
DoctorZonk Tv 3 days ago
Put rocks on the trampoline for the nice shrapnel
Damien Molland-O'Loughlin
📺 is a way for me to be happy 😃 this week is the best day to come home 🏡 night for dinner 🥘 was a fun game that
Khadijah Donnell
Khadijah Donnell 3 days ago
Luka Milosevich
Luka Milosevich 3 days ago
Bbvv*dcgygbvvvg gh
至高の悟空 3 days ago
Nasty wolverine feet
FæTmÅñ 3 days ago
I still do this with my friends tho
Jayden Zaragoza
Jayden Zaragoza 3 days ago
4:20 why does this girl sound like Craig from south park
Doge 3 days ago
This is last to be alive wins😂😂😂😂
Rogel Dorn
Rogel Dorn 4 days ago
When I was younger we played a game where me and freinds were on the top of a rock that’s by our pool and we’d try to throw each other off
Lonzin Jones
Lonzin Jones 4 days ago
David is me
James McPillar
James McPillar 4 days ago
my sides hurt, vision is blurry, moms looking at me as though i am insane will i roll on the floor in a failing attempt to make the pain of laughing go away
Kingcar 656
Kingcar 656 4 days ago
I still remember the day I played this
Ler Say
Ler Say 4 days ago
jayde cakes
jayde cakes 4 days ago
Shut the hell up with your tamagotchi pokinane
Heather Klein
Heather Klein 4 days ago
Me to I need freinds like this even if one of them have a trampoline lolol
Savage Chewmonster
That’s the third video I hear him say stratosphere
Your GTA 5 Photographer
I completely forgot I had 4 of those holos and my mom threw them out:( because I didn't use pokemon nomore
uzonna 4 days ago
watching this is in 2020 and crying because you can't visit your friends house anymore
Luigi and Mario’s Adventures
Whos watching this as an adult
Scout the Scavenger
0:19. Hey, that's rude, I know that you were just making up some BS. But David and his bunk bed is literally me.
spoiled brat.
Mahmoud Jawhary
Mahmoud Jawhary 4 days ago
I'm the richest kid on the block
7j8x 4 days ago
This is a duplication of me and my friends lmfao
Spongebob Squarepants
I’m eating Burger King while watching all of his vids
Ian Ramirez
Ian Ramirez 4 days ago
I went to my aunts house and she has a trampoline one time we were playing the og games like dead man and popcorn and out of nowhere my 12 yo cousin says let’s wrestle and my stupid 9 yo self said ok and of course I had to wrestle first so I ran at him and looked like Matt when he exploded on impact. Good times
Black Lotus adventures
Hey you want some lemonade/ see’s every body in pain /No ok suit yourself
Albert Felipe
Albert Felipe 4 days ago
I would never play drop kick
Pops 4 days ago
David seems funny So does pickle guy
gaming somthing g ops
hahah but if i where ten 10 could play hahaha
Jack Vernon
Jack Vernon 5 days ago
nice toys
Jaydon Martinez
Jaydon Martinez 5 days ago
I died laughing because I have friends like that
Federation 08
Federation 08 5 days ago
Reminds me of smash
Rose Space9
Rose Space9 5 days ago
I was that kid
Justine Ochoa
Justine Ochoa 5 days ago
i almost choked on a donut of how funny it is,my damn heart hurts because i laughed so hard
Izzy.Bizzyy 5 days ago
I love this video
Kermit the god
Kermit the god 5 days ago
I played this and my friend was pooping on it
Gage P.
Gage P. 5 days ago
5. You must wear shoes
LIGHTNING ! 5 days ago
(0 0). --
Emily Spouse
Emily Spouse 5 days ago
I have a trampoline and I had this game called Ipain. It's where one person sits in the middle with their arm out and they had to trip others while they ran. Rule was no jumping! If you jumped over you were out. Another game was trip and slide. Yes you read that right not slip, trip. So what you to do was trip and slide into the side. I had a net that you could slip into however, one day we didn't have the net and a friend tripped and slid right off the trampoline. Good times.
chief keef
chief keef 5 days ago
I hope one day they all meetup together again
Luka Milosevich
Luka Milosevich 5 days ago
Zachary Clark
Zachary Clark 5 days ago
I deadass did the same thing when I was 9
shockwave 64
shockwave 64 6 days ago
This is wayyyy too accurate. I did the exact same thing when I was a kid. People definitely got hurt! I used a dumbbell tho!!
Ernan Huerta the VI
I'm 11 can I do dropkick? Lmao
yoboi thic
yoboi thic 6 days ago
Can I be a dumbass 13 year old?
Emily F
Emily F 6 days ago
David is basically my son. This is my son: it’s me the whole time
Ricasio Gaming
Ricasio Gaming 6 days ago
3:46 Jesus Christ! 😂 please tell me you didn’t really do that.
WTF Fake News
WTF Fake News 6 days ago
This my favorite one yet
sans lover
sans lover 6 days ago
Joking we ant rich he he
sans lover
sans lover 6 days ago
What I meant was I have five other sibling it's a bit crowded
sans lover
sans lover 6 days ago
Just kidding I have four of those that blank some of that stuff belongs to them but we all share it
sans lover
sans lover 6 days ago
So get dunked on
sans lover
sans lover 6 days ago
And I have two motors motor scooters 5 electric skateboards and a drift trike
sans lover
sans lover 6 days ago
You sure I have 5 Xboxes and a Nintendo and that means I also have five TVs
fivefrench 6 days ago
This is the hardest I have laughed in a while.
lynne jones
lynne jones 6 days ago
why does Michel get bully every episode plis do respect to him
Timothy Tipaz
Timothy Tipaz 6 days ago
I remember playing this game good times
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